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Can Hot Sauce Kill You

Black and Tan Episode 5: Does Spicy Food Increase your Metabolism? Hot Ones Challenge!

yes and no. Theoretically, spicy food could seriously hurt you at high enough levels but your body probably wouldnt let that happen. You would have to keep eating extremely hot food, past the point of sweating, shaking, vomiting, and maybe feeling like you ll pass out. So its safe to say spicy food wont kill you .

Spicy Food May Increase Your Life Expectancy

A large 2015 population study among Chinese adults found that those who consumed spicy foods almost every day had a 14% lower risk of premature death than those who consumed it once per week.

“This is likely due to its anti-inflammatory effect, improved heart health, and decreased obesity,” Shapiro says.

Additionally, the same 2017 study from the University of Vermont found similar findings of life expectancy in the US, Wright says. But overall, it’s important to remember that spicy foods are not a magic wand for health and should be paired with a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine.

“Other lifestyle factors need to be considered,” Wright says. “Adding spicy foods or ingredients to a healthy, well-balanced diet would be the way to go.”

Health Benefits Of Sriracha Sauce

The beneficial ingredients of sriracha sauce are contained in the chili peppers and garlic. Peppers contain capsaicin, which is believed to contain metabolism-increasing and some appetite suppressing properties. A WebMD page on the benefits of eating peppers contains the following quote:

Found in hot peppers , capsaicin has been shown to boost metabolism as well as suppress appetite, at least slightly. Over time, this effect might give you an extra edge when it comes to weight loss. But it wont melt the pounds away.

Research shows that people who dont typically eat spicy foods are most likely to benefit from turning the heat up a notch. Capsaicin seems to affect metabolism by raising body temperature, which uses up more energy.

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Spicy Veggie Bean Chili

Serves: 5Nutrition: 395 calories, 11.9 g fat , 233 mg sodium, 58.5 g carbs, 16.3 g fiber, 8.4 g sugar, 17.2 g protein

This wholesome vegetarian chili is packed full of protein and flavors with a spice blend that will make it hard to put down. Ideal for a cold day to keep you warm today and tomorrow . The fresh veggies, black beans, and quinoa make for a hearty meal that is sure to become a go-to in your house!

Get the recipe at The Glowing Fridge.

Does Hot Sauce Hurt Your Insides

3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Spicy peppers, like the kinds used to make hot sauce, can increase your stomachs acidity and encourage inflammation in your stomach lining. For people who are already prone to heartburn, eating hot sauce can increase your risk. When your stomach lining becomes inflamed, food moves more quickly through your system.

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Spicy Recipes That Fire Up Your Metabolism

Whether you like it mildly spicy or tongue-burning-hot, there are plenty of ways to add some kick to your meals. Along with adding some serious flavor to your diet, spicy food is a great way to boost your metabolism and drop those unwanted pounds!

Peppers contain a chemical called capsaicin which gives them those hot-hot-hot properties we love so much! It has been shown to speed up metabolism and fight off inflammation. Capsaicin is found in a variety of peppers that each have different levels of the chemical. Some of the classic favorites are chili, jalapeno, Tabasco, paprika, bell, and habanero peppers . There are plenty of ways to get some of these spicy little peppers into your meals, such as via powders, sauces, or even whole form but regardless of how you incorporate them, you’re sure to get tons of health benefits.

Metabolism And Body Temperature

When you eat foods flavored with hot sauce, not only does it make you feel tingly and warm on your tongue, you also feel drops of sweat on your forehead, and you can even feel physically hot and start panting on look for air and try to drink water. These sensations have to do with the effects of hot sauce on a key component of metabolism: body temperature. By raising body temperature, hot sauce can accelerate metabolism in small increments, reports the University of New Mexico.

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Is Tabasco Sauce The Same As Hot Sauce

The most important difference between the two is that Tabasco is a brand name, whereas hot sauce is a generic name and can encompass a wide range of different sauces. Thus, Tabasco is hot sauce, but hot sauce is not necessarily Tabasco sauce. Tabasco sauce has been produced by the McIlhenny family for over 100 years.

Does Hot Sauce Make You Lose Weight


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Consequently, can you lose weight with hot sauce?

Hot sauce works to advance weight loss in three ways, says Antoniades: 1. It’s an appetite suppressant.

One may also ask, how much does Hot Sauce speed up your metabolism? Generally, studies have shown that on average a meal containing a spicy dish, like a bowl of chili, can temporarily increase metabolism by about 8 percent over a person’s normal rate, an amount considered fairly negligible.

In this regard, why does hot sauce help you lose weight?

Spicy Foods and Metabolism: How They Work TogetherHot peppers get their kick from a compound known as Capsaicin. It provides the heat you expect from adding peppers or hot sauce to your recipes or meals. That metabolism boost means you‘re burning more calories.

Can Tabasco sauce help you lose weight?

It helps stoke your metabolism. Some studies have shown that capsaicin, the compound that gives chili peppers their spicy kick, creates enough heat to raise your body temperature, which helps you burn more calories — approximately an 8 percent bump — immediately following a meal.

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Hot Sauce Could Be The Weight

If you love piling the spice on heavy, chances are you’re already aware of the flavorful wonders of hot sauce we’re big fans of sriracha and Tabasco over here. But hot sauce offers more than a little kick to your senses, it can actually be a tasty resource for successful weight loss. Here are five reasons to get spicy.

  • It doesn’t pack on the calories: While certain condiments offer plentiful flavor, hot sauce does the same at a fraction of the calories. It varies from brand to brand, but most hot sauces are approximately six calories per tablespoon.
  • It kicks up your metabolism: Hot sauce offers a boost of vitamin C and capsaicin, a compound found in hot peppers that is responsible for the serious heat. But even better than sheer flavor factor, vitamin C and capsaicin have both been shown to assist in revving up your metabolism.
  • It helps with aging: A large study recently confirmed that individuals who ate spicy food on the regular were more likely to live longer than those who don’t.
  • It helps keep you satisfied: A little goes a long way with hot sauce! For your sodium level’s sake, you definitely shouldn’t douse all your food in it, but by keeping your food spicier, you’ll need to chow down a little more slowly. Hot sauce is a great way to pace yourself if you tend to keep things harried when you’re eating.
  • Do Spicy Foods Boost Your Metabolism

    Generally, studies have shown that on average a meal containing a spicy dish, like a bowl of chili, can temporarily increase metabolism by about 8 percent over a persons normal rate, an amount considered fairly negligible. But besides a slight uptick in metabolism, spicy foods may also increase feelings of satiety.

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    Benefits Of Hot Sauce On Weight Loss:

    1. Contains Fewer Calories

    Hot sauce is generally low in calories, with just 1-tablespoon serving containing just merely 3 calories. If you are watching your weight, you can use hot sauce in place of a higher-calorie seasoning agent, like as butter, to increase depth and flavor in a meal.

    1 tablespoon serving of butter contains 102 calories. Substituting butter with hot sauce at least 3 times a week can set up a calorie deficit that, over a year, can lead to about 4.4 pounds of lost body weight. According to LiveStrong, it takes about 3,500-calorie deficit to lose 1 pound of body weight.

    2. Curbs Your Appetite

    Just a little goes a long way with hot sauce. For your sodium level, you should not douse all your food in it, but by keeping your food spicier, you will need to eat a little more slowly. Hot sauce is a great way to pace yourself, if you tend to eat fast.

    3. Helps Burn Fat

    A 2014 issue published by Progress in Drug Research, reported that those with diets high in capsaicin had less risks of developing obesity and that capsaicin help increased the rate of fat burning. This was proven when capsaicin was taken as a supplement, 1 hour before a moderate-intensity exercise. This is because capsaicin increased your bodys natural fat-burning mechanisms.

    Researchers concluded that including capsaicin, as part of your regular diet, could help reduce the risk of obesity by lowering your risk of weight gain and your body fat levels. Further research is still needed, however.

    Can Hot Sauce Damage Your Stomach


    Although spicy foods dont cause ulcers, they can trigger abdominal pain in some people. One study specifically highlighted that frequent consumption of spicy foods can trigger upper gastrointestinal symptoms in some people with dyspepsia .

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    What You Can Eat To Increase Your Metabolism


    Most of us dont eat much caffeine, but we sure do drink a lot of it. We all know caffeine can give you that needed little bump to get you through the day. And with that little bump comes a little boost in your metabolism.

    According to a study presented in Physiology & Behavior your metabolism can be increased up to 4% with 100mg of caffeine.

    I am sure I dont have to go into a lot of detail to promote caffeine here. Most of us wouldnt stop drinking it no matter what anyone said. So, letting you know that it can give you a tiny jump in your metabolic rate probably has you reaching for a cup of coffee right now.

    Green Tea is also an excellent alternative to coffee for a caffeine boost. It also has other qualities thought to help burn fat and keep you healthy.


    Many fruits have the beneficial substance known as pectin. Pectin can naturally help your thyroid work better by removing toxins that slow your thyroid down. Pectin removes toxins by binding to them and thus allowing toxins to be removed through your digestive and urinary tracts.

    It is especially useful in that it can bind to mercury and lead, and these heavy metals work negatively with your thyroid. According to, one study stated that after intake of citrus pectin subjects excreted up to 150% more mercury in their urine within 24 hours of eating the pectin.

    But experts agree that apples and citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are the best.





    Eat Hot Peppers To Burn Extra Calories Fat

    Dieters Get Boost From Hot Pepper-Like Compound in Study

    Researchers from the University of California Los Angeles tested a compound related to the capsaicin found in hot peppers to see if it could give dieters a boost. It’s called dihydrocapsiate or DCT, and it’s not spicy hot like jalapenos.

    They wanted to see if the pepper-like compound, by heating up the body, could translate to better calorie and fat burning.

    “DCT caused an increase in calories burned after a test meal,” study author David Heber, MD, PhD, founding director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, tells WebMD. The boost, however, was modest — translating to about 100 extra calories a day for a 110-pound woman and 200 extra calories for a 200-pound man, he says. Fat burning was up a bit, too.

    The findings were presented Tuesday at EB2010, the annual Experimental Biology meeting here.

    This latest research follows other studies finding hot peppers may boost metabolism or dampen appetite.

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    Which Hot Sauce Is Best For Weight Loss

    The healthy hot sauces you should put on everything

  • McIlhenny Co. Tabasco Pepper Sauce, $4.
  • True Made Foods Veracha, $10. Angela Lemond RDN, loves this vegetable sriracha.
  • Trader Joes Jalapeno Sauce, $4.
  • Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce, $9.
  • Cholula Hot Sauce, $3. How a dietitian spends $30 at Whole Foods:
  • Does Eating Spicy Food Help You Lose Weight

    How to Increase your Metabolism | how to Boost Metabolism | REAL SOLUTION!!!

    Many of us have a love-hate relationship when it comes to spicy food. Either you’re smothering everything you eat with hot sauce, or you’re shying away from a korma. But could a little red pepper or two in your meals actually be good for you? It’s time to turn up the heat.

    Reviewed byDr Sarah Jarvis MBE
    10-Apr-18·4 mins read

    Many of us understandably avoid meals containing chilli, due to the effects of capsaicin and the reactions it can cause in our mouths and digestive system. However, there are claims that spicy food can actually boost your metabolism and help with weight loss. So what does the evidence show?

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    What Determines Your Metabolism


    As with many parts of our bodies, our genetics can often determine how well our version works. It is possible for you to inherit the predisposition for a slower or faster metabolism.

    We have all met that person who can eat and eat and never gain a pound. Often times it is a handicap for them. I have known young men and women that just cant gain weight no matter how hard they try. I have even seem them turn to body building and drinking protein shakes on top of eating regularly to try to bulk up, and still not see many results.

    And then there are other people who have to work their butts off and eat nothing just to lose one pound. I fall more into this category myself. I have to exercise excessively and barely eat anything to lose weight, but on the other hand I can gain weight very easilysadly, too easily. But that is what my genes gave me, so I have to deal with it.

    Just like with many systems and organs in your body, as you get older things begin to slow down. This is also true with your metabolism.

    This can make it harder to lose or maintain your weight as you get older. It does not make it impossible, but may require a lot more effort for much smaller results.


    Getting good, regular sleep is important to maintaining a healthy metabolism. Sleeping well, and for the correct amount of time, on a regular basis, is important to many working parts of your body. Sleep is how we recharge, and without it we cant expect our bodies to run efficiently.


    What Are The 5 Foods That Burn Belly Fat

    Eight Delicious Foods That Help Fight Belly Fat

    • Belly Fat-Fighting Foods.
    • Chocolate Skim Milk.
    • Green Tea.
    • Citrus. Supermarket shocker: Vitamin C in colorful produce, like oranges and red peppers can help you zap up to 30 percent more fat during exercise, research from Arizona State University at Mesa suggests.


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    Does Cayenne Pepper Raise Body Temperature

    Not directly, but it can cause an indirect increase in body temperature. Whether its cayenne powder or whole chili peppers like jalapeno, habanero, and ghost, all of these foods are high in capsaicin. This compound activates the TRPV1 proteins on the nerves in the same way that heat does. Since your body thinks its hot, reactions like sweating and flushing can result, which may raise your core body temperature slightly.

    Since sensitivity to capsaicin varies by individual, not everyone will experience a reaction to the capsaicin in hot sauce and others foods, at least when consumed in moderation. Therefore, not everyone experiences an indirect increase in their body temperature.

    For some people the feeling of heat from hot sauce is pleasurable, since it triggers the increase in endorphins. For others, bodys reactions to the perceived burning result in unpleasant side effects, including sore throat, heartburn, and digestive issues.

    What We Have Learned

    Is Hot Sauce Good For You?

    There are many factors involved in your metabolic rate. Some of these are out of your control, but there are many ways for you to try to boost your metabolism and keep your thyroid healthy.

    It is important to exercise regularly, get enough sleep on a regular basis, and eat foods that promote your thyroid and metabolism.

    There are a lot of healthy food options available. You could build a very complete menu around the foods discussed above.

    Chili peppers and the capsaicin they produce are one of the best ways to give a boost to your metabolism. Not only can they increase your metabolism between 8 and 25 percent, but the effects also last for three hours after ingestion.

    Another really great thing about capsaicin is that you can easily add it to any meal. All you need is a bottle of your favorite hot sauce. Hot sauce comes in all kinds of flavors and heat intensity, that can compliment anything you are eating.

    So, even if you dont eat sushi or kale as often as you should, you can rest a little easier knowing you can at least give yourself a boost with some hot sauce. You can also try to add fresh or dried peppers, or chili powder to as many meals as often as possible. Not only are they good for your metabolism, but they offer a ton of other health benefits too.

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