How Do You Make Swedish Meatball Sauce

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What Are Swedish Meatballs Made Of

How to make Swedish Meatballs | Homemade Ikea Meatballs

Traditionally, they are made from a mixture of pork and beef, but we used chicken and ground chuck. I just think chicken is a great option for meatballs, and it is a leaner option too.

If you prefer, you can follow this recipe and substitute the pork/beef instead. Or you can use all of one type of meat. Its totally up to you!

What Is Lingonberry Jam

If you have never heard of Lingonberry jam, it tastes like cranberry sauce but with kiss of balancing tartness. Its brightness cuts through the richness of the Swedish Meatballs and is a fabulous side. If you cant find Lingonberry jam then feel free to crack open a can of cranberry sauce for a more authentic Swedish Meatball experience.

Is Cornstarch Better Than Flour For Frying

Frying. Both flour and cornstarch will fry foods, but they do have slight differences. Using cornstarch to fry foods, however, will get you the golden color and extreme crunchiness. This is because cornstarch is almost completely starch whereas flour has a lower starch content because it also has gluten.

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Can I Freeze These Meatballs

Yes yes yes!I usually make a batch in advance and then freeze them when still raw. No need to defrost: cook them like you’d normally do.

You can also try to cook them, then freeze and when you want to consume them, heat them into the oven! I suggest to make gravy afterwards.

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Swedish Meatball Sauce Variations:

Swedish Meatballs

There are quite a few ways you can doctor up this Swedish meatball sauce recipe.

  • Add Worcestershire sauce: 2 teaspoons will make the sauce more flavorful
  • Add soy sauce: 2 teaspoons will add more flavor
  • Add dijon mustard: 1 teaspoon will spice up the sauce nicely
  • Add coconut aminos: 2 teaspoons will enhance the sauce the way Worcestershire sauce does
  • Add sour cream: Add 1/2 cup in addition to the heavy cream or use 1 cup of sour cream in place of the heavy cream.
  • Add shallots: Sauté a minced shallot before making the roux.
  • Add cream of mushroom soup: Whiskin in a can of cream of mushroom in step 3.

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How Do You Make Easy Swedish Meatballs

The next time you are at IKEA, you should take a hard pass on their frozen, bagged, processed, and dare I say American version of Swedish meatballs and make them from scratch at home instead. Why? Because they are really easy, and a thousand percent better.

You can pull the entire recipe together in a few simple steps !

  • Mix your Swedish meatball ingredients in a large bowl and roll them out onto a sheet pan.
  • Fry the meatballs in a large pan.
  • Use the same pan to make your gravy.
  • Add the meatballs back to the pan and serve in that creamy, spiced Swedish meatball sauce!
  • What Do You Serve With Swedish Meatballs

    What you serve with Swedish Meatballs depends on what you are serving them for.

    If you are serving Swedish Meatballs as a dinnertime entree, serve them over egg noodles or on top of mashed potatoes and top with your creamy Swedish Meatball Sauce. If youre serving Swedish Meatballs as a party appetizer, serve them alongside other classic finger foods like Deviled Eggs or Pigs In a Blanket.

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    How Do You Make Authentic Swedish Meatballs

    There isn’t necessarily one single defining recipe for Swedish meatballsthere is a fair amount of variation in terms of what qualifies as “classic”. But, traditionally they include:

    • A mixture of pork and beef
    • Onion
    • Warm spices such as Simply Organic nutmeg and allspice.
    • A cream-based light brown gravy.

    Easy Swedish Meatballs Recipe

    Homemade Meatballs | How to make Swedish Meatballs

    The first thing we need to talk about is the difference between Swedish Meatballs and Italian Meatballs. Because there is a difference!

    Swedish meatballs contain just a touch of all spice for a subtle, yet noticeable difference.

    Both Italian Meatballs and Swedish Meatballs contain both beef and ground pork, along with milk, breadcrumbs and egg for binding.

    Swedish meatballs are traditionally served in a creamy gravy over egg noodles or mashed potatoes, while Italian meatballs are served with and pasta.

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    How To Make The Best Swedish Meatballs:

    In terms of flavor were using onions and a few spices. Keepin it simple yet flavorful. To make sure the onions dont add too much additional moisture to the meatballs, were sautéing them in a little bit of butter to cook off some of that liquid. The spices used for my swedish meatballs are just a hint of nutmeg, allspice, salt and pepper. Nutmeg and all spice are the heart and soul of a good swedish meatball recipe.

    Now for that texture and moisture. Im using an age-old trick to keep these meatballs nice and tender. This is something I learned from my mom and she from hers. You can never go wrong with a tip thats been passed for generations. All you need is a couple slices of bread soaked in a 3 tablespoons of milk for a few minutes and friends, im telling you, not a dry meatball in sight. The onions that we sautéed also add moisture but just enough.

    Too much moisture in a meatball is a BAD thing.

    I dont like to use too much binder in my meatball recipes because it takes away from the actual MEAT-ball. You know? Just enough to get the job done. A couple slices of bread soaked in milk, an egg, onions, and a few spices.

    Once we mix up the meatballs, were going to sear them in a skillet until all the sides brown up nicely. This helps hold all the juices inside the meatball while gently browning up the outside. Dont worry if they dont cook all the way through, were going to simmer them in the sauce a little later.

    Its kinda better.

    It kinda does.

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    Constructing These Swedish Vittles

    These will come together quick and cook in about 30 min total, so dinner is quick.

  • Mix: In medium sized bowl combine ground beef, panko, parsley, all spicee, nutmeg, onion, garlic powder, salt and pepper and egg. Mix till combined.
  • Roll: Roll into 12 large meatballs or 20 small meatballs. In a large skillet heat olive oil and 1 tablespoon butter.
  • Brown: Add the meatballs and cook turning continuously until brown on each side and cooked through. Transfer to a plate and cover with foil.
  • Sauce: In the same skillet add 4 Tablespoons butter and flour and whisk till it turns brown. Slowly stir in beef broth and heavy cream. Add the worcestershire sauce and mustard and bring to a simmer till it starts to thicken.
  • Simmer: Add the meatballs back to the skillet and simmer for another 1-2 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.
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    Homemade Swedish Meatballs Recipe

    Homemade Swedish Meatballs coated in a simple, but rich gravy sauce that is completely luscious! This from scratch recipe is so easy and even better than the ones you get at IKEA! Serve over mashed potatoes, rice, or egg noodles. Classic comfort food and a great dinner the entire family will ask for again and again!

    If youve never had Swedish Meatballs, your life is just not complete. Really! Tender meatballs coated in a rich, luscious brown gravy and served over mashed potatoes or egg noodles. Sigh. So good.

    Serving Swedish Meatballs With Lingonberry Jam

    How To Make Better

    Serving these meatballs with Lingonberry Jam sure is a tasty tradition!

    We will definitely serve this meal along with this tasty jam going forward. If you cant find it, cranberry sauce or jelly would be equally as delicious. Its just a fun little twist to this delicious appetizer.

    We tried both the jam and cranberry sauce and loved them both! Its such a nice savory sweet flavor combination.

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    Swedish Meatballs In Sauce

    This recipe is close to my heart because my Mom has been making them for years. She has so many great recipes , but this is one of my favorite recipes that she makes.

    Its great because it can be a meal or an appetizer, and the meatball sauce that goes with it is second to none!

    This classic meatball recipe is one that Ive needed to learn for YEARS and Im so glad I finally did. Theyre great for game day, but also amazing served over pasta for a full meal.

    Just try not to pop them all in your mouth while cooking. Thats the biggest hurdle you have to overcome.

    These easy Swedish Meatballs are so good on their own, but theyre just too delicious with that SAUCE! What to even call that sauce? I should just make a bunch and bottle it up because it is amaaaazing.

    How To Make Swedish Meatballs

    I use a mixture of ground beef and pork in my recipe, but you can use all beef if you dont have or like pork.

    The breadcrumbs are mixed together with milk to make these meatballs extra juicy, keeping them moist while cooking. Let the milk absorb into the mixture before adding in the onion and parsley, then mix well with your hands, pressing the ingredients into the meat. You can roll the mixture into 24 small balls or 16 larger balls.

    I like to use a combination of butter and oil to fry them in for added flavour. Fry in batches of two so they sear nicely, then transfer to a warm plate and cover with foil.

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    Making Them In A Pressure Cooker

    You can make this recipe in a pressure cooker. To do it, follow these steps:

  • Make the meatball mixture as directed and roll into balls.
  • Brown the meatballs to add some sturdiness and color, and then add to the pressure cooker. Depending on your pressure cooker, this step can be done by using the SAUTE function.
  • Make the gravy as directed in the recipe below, but leave out the heavy cream. Instead of adding cream at this stage, add it once the meatballs are cooked, which prevents the chance of curdling the cream.
  • Cook the meatballs on HIGH PRESSURE for 8 minutes, and then let the pressure naturally release.
  • When cooked, stir in the cream, taste the gravy, and adjust with additional salt and pepper.
  • How To Make This Recipe Step By Step

    How to make Swedish Meatballs

    Ive always kind of avoided meatballs because they seem like so much work. Honestly though, theyre a lot easier than I thought!

    Yes, you have to roll up your sleeves and roll them into shape, but its truly not that difficult. This easy recipe takes about 10 minutes more work than my recipes normally require, but since all the recipes on here are intentionally EASY, thats not saying much. Its so worth it, trust me.

    You can do it, and your family and guests will thank you. These juicy meatballs simply cannot be beat.

    Be sure to watch the video for a quick tutorial, and check the recipe card for the full detailed instructions.

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    Swedish Meatball Sauce Ingredients:

    To make this Swedish meatball sauce recipe, you will need:

    • Butter: Use unsalted butter because the beef broth is pretty salty
    • Flour: Combines with the butter to make a roux that will thicken the sauce
    • Beef broth: You can use low sodium if you wish
    • Brown Sugar: Just a couple teaspoons
    • Heavy cream: We like to use all heavy cream instead of sour cream
    • Black pepper: Freshly cracked is best but use what you have

    How To Make Homemade Swedish Meatballs

    Making Swedish Meatballs at home is actually quite easy! Heres what youll need to do

    • Start by combining the breadcrumbs, milk, egg, garlic powder, onion powder and all spice in a bowl and allow the mixture to absorb for about 10 minutes.
    • Once its absorbed a bit, add in the ground beef, ground pork and parsley, mixing with clean hands and shaping into balls.
    • Heat some oil and butter on the stove top and fry the meatballs until cooked through.

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    What Is A Good Side Dish For Swedish Meatballs

    Authentic Swedish Meatballs are traditionally served with potatoes or macaroni. Our Americanized Swedish Meatballs are most often served with egg noodles but they are also delicious with any pasta, mashed potatoes and rice. To complete the meal, they would be fabulous with Cranberry Apple Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad, and/or roasted broccoli,roasted carrots, roasted asparagus, fruit salad, and a big slice of crusty bread. Lingonberry jam is also a traditional accompaniment to Swedish Meatballs.

    How To Cook Swedish Meatballs In The Air Fryer

    Swedish Meatballs

    Preheat the air fryer to 375 F, about 3 minutes. Place meatballs in a single layer in the air fryer basket and lightly spray with cooking oil to coat evenly. Air fry the meatballs for 12-14 minutes until browned and the center of the meatball reaches 160 F as read on a meat thermometer. Shake the basket halfway during cooking to brown evenly.

  • Make the creamy gravy sauce. In the same skillet, add olive oil and heat over medium-high heat for one minute. Stir in the flour, it should start to bubble and thicken. Whisk in beef broth and heavy cream. Keep stirring to combine until uniform and thickened, about 1 minute. Stir in dijon mustard and Worcestershire sauce and season with salt and pepper.
  • Toss in the meatballs. Add the meatballs into the skillet and toss well to coat. Cover the lid and cook over medium-heat until meatballs are cooked through, about 5 more minutes. Then continue to stir the cream sauce until thickened to a desired consistency, about 2 minutes.
  • Serve. Garnish with parsley and serve immediately as an appetizer on it’s own or over a bowl of mashed potatoes, cooked pasta, or rice.
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    Tips To Make It Faster

    FROZEN MEATBALLS: When youre not in the mood for making homemade meatballs, or maybe you just dont have the time using frozen, store bought meatballs will work too! Just defrost/microwave the meatballs prior to adding to the gravy.

    FREEZER INSTRUCTIONS: You can also pre-cook the Swedish meatballs, let them cool, then freeze them for up to 3 months. This makes it super easy to whip this dinner up on a busy weeknight!

    NO SOUR CREAM: If you dont have sour cream for the gravy, you can also use plain Greek yogurt.

    More Ground Beef Recipes:

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    • 1CBeef Broth ~ I love Better than Bullion ~ its deelish!
    • salt and pepper to taste
    • Optional ~ Sour Creamthis will make your Swedish Meatballs more like a Stroganoff.
  • Optional ~ Sour Creamthis will make your Swedish Meatballs more like a Stroganoff.
  • In skillet, stir flour and butter over medium heat until browned. Slowly whisk in Half & Half and Broth salt and pepper.
  • Bring to a boil. Cook, stirring until thickened and smooth. if gravy has lumps you can pour through a strainer. Add meatballs to sauce and heat to serving temp. or cool and reheat later. Psst.can be frozen for later too! Serve over noodles or rice. Makes 6 8 servings.
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    Tips For Perfect Swedish Meatballs

    • Refrigerate Meatballs Before Cooking: If you have time, throw your meatballs in the fridge for 30 minutes before you fry them. This will keep them from falling apart or flattening while they cook.
    • Dont Make Meatballs Too Large: If you make your meatballs thicker than 1 1/2 inches, it will be difficult to cook them evenly.
    • Avoid Crowding the Pan: Its a good idea to separate your meatballs into batches. They wont cook right if you stuff them all into your skillet at once.
    • Turn Meatballs as They Cook: In order to get your meatballs nice and brown all around, make sure you turn them constantly as you fry them.

    What Is The Best Way To Brown Meatballs


    Broiler PanPlace them under the broiler and cook about eight to 10 minutes, turning once, until theyve reached a nice brown color. Finish cooking them in a sauce, or turn the oven down and bake them until theyre cooked through. Monitor the meatballs as they broil to ensure they dont blacken instead of brown.

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    Are Ikea Meatballs Horse Meat

    As soon as we received information from the Czech authorities, we stopped sales of that particular production batch, Ikea spokeswoman Ylva Magnusson told the Journal. Our own checks have shown no traces of horse meat. Ikea is the latest retailer to be swept up in the ever-widening European horse meat scandal.

    Storing And Freezing Instructions

    • How to store: Store Swedish meatballs in an airtight container and place in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. To reheat, simply reheat in a shallow saucepan on the stove over medium-low heat until warmed through . You may need to add a little water if the sauce thickened up too much in the refrigerator.
    • How to freeze: You can freeze uncooked Swedish meatballs by placing them on a large half sheet baking pan lined with parchment paper. Then transfer to the freezer and freeze until hard, about 1 hour. Then transfer the meatballs to a freezer bag or freezer-safe airtight container and store in the freezer for up to 3 months. You can also freeze cooked meatballs in the same way, although I would recommend not cooking them first as you want to use all the meatball juices to flavour the sauce.
    • How to use from frozen: Allow the meatballs to thaw overnight in the refrigerator first, then cook as per recipe instructions on the stove.

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