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Grandmas A Machine But Even She Cant Make A Thousand Jars A Day

How to Bottle and Sell Your Own BBQ Sauce

Right now Grandma probably makes one small batch at a time. Clearly thats fine for family dinners and maybe giving a few jars to friends, but start to think about scale. Either you will have to standardize the recipe and make larger batches in a commercial kitchen or you must be willing to hire a contract manufacturer to produce Grandmas sauce for you. Also, will the sauce need to be refrigerated? These are a few important considerations to make at this stage to ensure you can consistently bring a high-quality product to market.

Find A Kitchen To Make Sauce On A Commercial Or Semi Commercial Scale

21 Ways To Start Selling Hot Sauce Today?

The difficulties of understanding the legal implications of registering a kitchen, either in your home or commercially, are that laws, regulations and inspections by the department of health are different from state to state. These policies may also be different between counties within the state and will certainly be different between each country. Working from home is convenient and less expensive than renting or leasing kitchen space but some of these smaller kitchens, which would be less expensive for a start up business, may not provide for a large scale operation and may not qualify per local jurisdictions.

Find and set up a kitchen for commercial operations

Some local authorities may restrict the use of a home kitchens on a commercial scale so you may need to find some other options like sharing or renting. Regulations such as Article 20-C Food Processor Establishment License require the kitchen space or any area where processing and other food manufacturing takes place to be licensed. This could be a long and costly process and will put a lot of the legal responsibilities on you. Read below on renting or sharing kitchens to bypass some of these regulations.

Article 20-C Licensing


Find your local health department to get your kitchen inspected

This is one of the most important steps to abide by if you plan on entering the hot sauce market if you already own or rent an established kitchen.

Home Processor Exception

How To Bottle And Sell Your Own Bbq Sauce

Besides the general steps for how to start a sauce company, there are special considerations for how to bottle and sell your own BBQ sauce. Depending on the types of BBQ sauce youre selling, youll need to choose between the hot and cold packing methods. Hot packing is ideal for acidic sauces, so if youre selling a vinegar or tomato-based BBQ sauce, this is the packing method for you. If you specialize in Alabama white sauce or Carolina Gold sauce, consider the cold packing method.

BBQ sauce companies can market their products directly to barbecue restaurants. While a BBQ joint may have spectacular smoked meat, that doesnt mean they have a premium sauce to serve it with. Contact local BBQ restaurants and pitch your sauce to them. Becoming the signature barbecue sauce of a local restaurant provides a steady stream of revenue because they will purchase your sauce in bulk. The restaurant may even allow you to sell bottles of your barbecue sauce in their store.

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Make A Hot Sauce With Dry Peppers

Buying ground chili peppers is a cheap and easy way of being able to make your own Hot Sauce if you cant actually grow your own. It is possible to buy chili peppers like Bhut Jolokia in a dried ground form. You can also buy dried whole chili peppers and then grind them in a coffee grinder to get them ready for using in a Hot Sauce.If they feel a bit soft and moist place them in a oven at the lowest possible setting for at least 30 minutes to a few hours to dry them out.

As with all Hot Sauces if you want to be able to keep them long term you still need to add at least 20% vinegar by volume to a Hot Sauce you intend to make. Id suggest first soaking the ground dry chili pepper in the vinegar before you start cooking the sauce.

What Are Some Insider Tips For Jump Starting A Hot Sauce Business

How to Bottle and Sell Your Own Sauce

Business owners can jumpstart their hot sauce business by partnering with a restaurant to create a hot sauce. Paying a restaurant to use the restaurants name may decrease a business profits slightly. If a restaurant uses and advertises the sauce, though, their patrons will be an easy potential market to reach.

If a restaurant wont agree to regularly use a hot sauce, they might be willing to use it in a dish thats prepared for a festival or cooking competition. For example, a restaurant might use a business hot sauce in a chili. Then, the chili may be entered into a cookoff. A winning recipe can bring the restaurant a lot of attention, and an award can immediately increase the reputation of a startup hot sauce business.

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Write A Business Plan

Once you have a solid sauce recipe , its time to write a business plan for your sauce company. No matter the size of your operation, a business plan allows you to outline goals, projections, and strategies for your sauce company. You can use your business plan to secure financial assistance from banks and investors, and promote your product to local retailers. An effective sauce company business plan includes:

  • Executive Summary – Briefly outline your companys purpose, products, and goals.
  • Company Description – Provide an in-depth look at your companys mission, growth projections, and strategies.
  • Concept and Menu –Detail your products and what makes your brand unique.
  • Management and Ownership Structure – Build your sauce business on a firm foundation by creating a well-thought-out ownership structure and management system.
  • Employees and Staffing Needs – Assess how many employees youll need to bottle your sauce. Even if youre the sole employee at the start, consider what your staffing needs will be as your business grows.
  • You need to identify who your core customer base is and analyze the competitors in your sphere.
  • Advertising and Marketing Campaigns – Research marketing and advertising strategies and come up with a plan to reach your target demographic.
  • Financials – Determine your initial and ongoing expenses. Create a realistic projection of when you can expect to see a return on your initial investment.
  • How To Find A Company To Bottle Your Sauce

    If you’ve created a recipe that people love, selling it could be a great way to get into the food industry. Many people start off small by cooking their recipe at home and selling it to friends and family. As demand grows, you’ll have to let sales plateau or make a change in your production methods. After all, there are only so many bottles of hot sauce you can make in one kitchen.

    Before starting a BBQ sauce business with your own production facilities, there is an intermediate step you can take: hiring a bottling company to prepare, bottle and package your soon-to-be-famous sauce for you. Because the Food & Drug Administration regulates food manufacturing, you should find that the process is similar from one company to another. However, each company has its own requirements, processes and company culture, so it’s important to find the company that best fits your needs.

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    Create Social Media Ads For Your Hot Sauce Brand

    These media-rich digital channels allow you to distribute visually appealing hot sauce content, by both organic & paid means. By adding a few dollars to boost this content, you can target hot sauce lovers to:

    • Take advantage of online deals
    • Know when youve become available in nearby stores
    • Let them know of events youre part of

    There are a number of free tools available for creating ad mocks, such as this Be sure to thoroughly explore your ad targeting options for Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other social channels. And dont forget to retarget. Shoppers that visit your website can be served ads later on, with messages that are specific to their previous experiences.

    For example, you may have run a contest or promotional campaign that led traffic to a specific page on your website. Tools like the or , which must be installed on your website, allow you to build an audience that has visited your pages or taken specific actions and then serve them ads down the road.

    This is especially effective when you have made your way to new shelves and want to promote to those who have heard about you before.

    How To Get Your Product In Stores

    How To Bottle And Sell Your Own BBQ Sauce – TD’s Story

    To get your product in grocery stores, contact local sellers and ask if you can show your product in their store. Small markets are more receptive to emerging brands than chains. We suggest reaching out to local gourmet, specialty, and organic grocers. Offer the product manager a sampler packet of your sauces so they can decide if they meet their clienteles tastes. If they think your product is a good fit for their store, ask to set up a product demonstration booth and provide samples at your booth.

    In-person stores are not your only option. You can sell your sauce on an online wholesalers website. As the largest restaurant supply store, WebstaurantStore is always looking to partner with innovative brands. We can ship your products to 90% of the US in two days and expose millions of visitors to your products each month.

    You can also hire a specialty food broker. A food broker handles the placement and delivery of food products created and advertised by a small business. They are independent agents who work on commission. Get legal advice before contracting with a food broker.

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    Create Unique Partnerships With Complementing Products

    As we covered already, hot sauce is almost always used in conjunction with other foods. Embracing this fact allows you to connect positively with business owners of related products and perhaps partner together for certain projects! Perhaps you meet a queso maker at an event and decide to cross-promote each others products on social media. This can be as simple as bundling a package deal or as creative as mixing ingredients for a rare seasonal item.

    You can instantly double your audience and bring them to your online presence with just a few pieces of cross-channel marketing.

    Pay A Private Labelled Hot Sauce Kitchen To Make A Branded Hot Sauce

    Private label businesses can be an easy and fairly cost effective way of starting up your very own Hot Sauce Brand. They generally operate by offering set Hot Sauce recipes that you can have bottled with a custom label. The custom labels can be either designed by yourself or supplied by the private labelled business. Some of these companies have simple online label generators which consists of a selection of label templates. Some of the companies also provide cheap custom label design for a set fee. You would be suprised to know how many of your favorite Hot Sauce brands are actually made in this type of company.

    An example of a private labelled Hot Sauce manufacturer is Branded Sauces.

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    Plastic Vs Glass Sauce Bottles

    Plastic bottles are cheaper than glass bottles and are usually cold filled, meaning the manufacturer dispenses the sauce into the bottle once its cooled. Cold filling saves money on chilling equipment, and it also protects you and your staff from burns. However, unless the manufacturer uses a blast chiller, cold filling exposes your sauce to bacteria. You may have to add flavor-altering chemicals and preservatives to your plastic bottled sauces. If youre starting a hot sauce business, glass bottles are your only viable option, since peppers are acidic and can dissolve plastic bottles into your hot sauce.

    Glass bottles are perfect for the hot fill technique, which dispenses sauce at a high temperature. Hot filling prevents bacteria development so you can forgo unhealthful and flavor-altering preservatives. Acidic ingredients wont break down glass bottles. While they may be more expensive to purchase, fill, and ship, if youre creating a niche and premium sauce brand, glass bottles suit your product and your target audiences expectations.

    How Competitive Is The Hot Sauce Market

    How to Bottle and Sell Your Own BBQ Sauce

    This growth in the market is met with an intense growth of competition, which in this industry means contending with some of the heaviest hitters in food. Giants like Kraft Heinz Co. & Clorox Co. dominate the market with multiple product lines and target markets.

    A few of the biggest hot sauce brands we may all be familiar with include:

  • Cholula Best known for its perfect blend of heat and tang.
  • Franks RedHot The put-on-anything spicy buffalo flavor.
  • Huy Fong Sriracha A global favorite hot sauce, found in almost any kitchen.
  • Tabasco A generational sensation, Tabasco will be celebrating its 152nd birthday this year.
  • Texas Pete From North Carolina? Thats right. The mild and flavorful hot sauce was born outside of Texas for the BBQ lovers that wanted a bit more of a kick.
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    Why Do You Heat Hot Sauce Before Bottling

    Many sauce makers will bring their sauce to a vigorous boil for the second time just before bottling so that the Hot Sauce is at the required 120°C/248 °F when it is bottled. While sterilizing your bottles its a good idea to also sterilize any funnels and poring equipment to be used for filling the bottles.

    Great Reviews From Sauce People:

    Ive put 40 pages of really good quality content into a universally readable PDF eBook with tons of recommendations and ideas and the feedback has been amazing so far. The highlight of running this site was when Dave Sweet Baby Raymond asked me to call him up to talk shop. When I called him, we chatted for about 30 minutes he said theres a lot of good logical advice in the book. I asked him for a quote that I could put on the site, and he said you got some good stuff in there for sure. Haa ha! What a great guy!

    Brian, you got some good stuff in there for sure

    Dave Sweet Baby Ray Raymond

    A great guide for sauce entrepreneurs and anyone looking to market their specialty food product.

    Beth Granai, Outta the Park BBQ Sauce

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    Keep Track Of You Hot Sauce Creations

    Creating hot sauce in the kitchen can be a science and if you dont carefully document your creationsa great hot sauce recipe can be lost and forgotten forever. I am always experimenting with different recipes to create an original hot sauce and often fail to log what I have done. Now! I have created and use the Hot Sauce Recipe Worksheet to record and file all of my recipes. . Now that you have managed all your great hot sauce recipes its time to mass produce them.

    Update! 7/14/21! Now a fillable PDF!

    What Is A Co

    15-Year-Old Entrepreneur Runs Her Own Sauce Business

    A co-packer is an established food manufacturing company that businesses pay to produce their products. Also known as co-manufacturing, co-packers own heavy-duty equipment that streamlines food production. Co-packers either manufacture your product line for you, or they can package your finished product. Most co-packers offer various service packages, so their customers decide how many logistical details they want to handle themselves.

    For example, one client may pay a co-packer to bottle and package their BBQ sauce. Another customer may only want to pay for bottling and will handle the packaging and shipping themselves. A third customer may have the co-packer handle everything from making their hot sauce to shipping it to their clients.

    Working with a co-manufacturer is a cost-effective way to bring your product to market without having to build your own manufacturing facility. It also saves labor costs such as wages, benefits, and training. According to a Contract Packaging survey, 85% of respondents believed co-packing effectively cut costs and brought their margins up, and 68% reported increased business flexibility.

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    Make Samples Of Your Product

    Once your packaging is ready, it is time to make samples of your products. This is to enable you to take pictures that you can use for marketing your new product.

    Your samples will also serve as the tester product that you can send to consumers to convert them to customers.

    Free samples may be in smaller bottles or perhaps in sachets. While the samples for your pictures should be in the original bottles you plan to sell it in.

    Once your samples are ready and good to go, it is time to take pictures of your products.

    Your primary mode of selling is via an online store but we will get to the physical store sales in a bit.

    If you do not have the funds to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your sample products.

    Consider using your iPhone camera and a lightbox. Purchase a Lightbox from

    Getting a good picture of your products is critical.

    Because those pictures are probably the first impression people will have of your product before they even taste it.

    If your picture is of poor quality, they may lose interest even before they have tasted your hot sauce.

    Take a look at the picture below and see what yours should look like.

    Sienas sauce is a company owned by Tyla Simone Crayton 17 year old high school student, she created the recipe when she was 8 years old. It is sold in over 70 stores in the US.

    Now that you have your product picture all sorted, you are now ready for the next step which is building your business website.

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