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Fish in Tomato Sauce, Keto friendly and so easy to make. èæ±?é±¼ç

Homemade keto spaghetti sauce is a fantastic, low calorie, low sugar, and low carb sauce perfect for a healthy, keto-friendly diet. In fact, this recipe is bursting with flavor and packed full of the good stuff, so its an excellent option for anyone!

Spice it up or thicken it up with just a few tweaks to the original recipe. This recipe is so versatile and that is exactly why we love it! Our recipe is super easy to prepare, and you can use the sauce in many of your favorite Italian-inspired dishes.

Why not bookmark our keto spaghetti sauce for your next low carb dinner?

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How To Use Keto Marinara:

I love this marinara sauce! But I cant take all the credit. The base for this recipe comes from blogs Easy Keto MarinaraSauce. I simply tweaked it a little and added some balsamic vinegar. Trust me, it is amazing. And you need it in your life.

Whether you are counting carbs or not, there are so many delicious ways to use this Keto Marinara. And since it is so easy, this is a great sauce to make up and have on hand for when the mood hits you for some delicious marinara. You may love it enough to simply eat it with a spoon. I know I do.

Just wait my friends there are so many ways to use this fabulous recipe.

Where To Buy Low Carb Marinara:

Most of your local stores probably carry at least one of these options. You can find some of these sauces if not all at the following places.

  • Target
  • Smiths Grocery Store
  • Amazon

So rest assured if you want to buy a keto friendly sauce you should not have to search high and low. However, better yet, just make your own with this Keto Marinara sauce recipe. It can be made ahead and stored in the fridge for 5 days, to be used as you wish on demand. And it costs less!

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How To Shop For Low

If pasta is in your dinner rotation every week, you’re probably buying jarred marinara sauce pretty regularly . And marinara sauce can be a healthy addition to your weeknight meals: it’s often loaded with veggies but lacking in the fat and calories that come with cream-based sauces like alfredo.

The problem is that if you don’t check out the label on the back of your jar, you could be inadvertently wiping out all the health benefits of marinara with sky-high amounts of sugar.

“A serving size of marinara is usually ½ cup,” says Amy Shapiro, RD, CDN, and founder of Real Nutrition. “Aim for a sauce with about 35 to 50 calories, with sugar only coming from the tomatoes.”

According to Shapiro, here’s what to look for when you’re shopping for healthy marinara sauces:

  • The best options contain five grams or less of sugar, and roughly the same amount of carbs. Ideally, you would hit less than 400 milligrams of sodium, too, but it’s pretty hard to find sauces that are low in sugar and sodium unless you’re able to shell out big bucks for organic jars.
  • Look for minimal ingredients. Shapiro says this means only three or four whole foods plus herbs and spices. If sugar is added, it should be far down on the list, not near the top.
  • Organic and local options are good ways to ensure you’re getting a cleaner, less processed sauce, but it’s not a necessity. In fact, Shapiro’s favorite brand isn’t organic, but she says it’s still “simple and downright delicious.”

Carbs In Raos Marinara Sauce


I know, we are talking low carb here so you are wanting the dirt. How many carbs in Raos Marinara sauce? Since a jar of Raos comes in various sizes, I am breaking it down for you by cups.

Raos Sauce Carbs in Marinara

How many carbs in Rao sauce?

5 net carbs per half cup of Raos marinara sauce

Our favorite recipe to use with this Raos sauce is our Keto Tomato Soup recipe. Yes, you can use marinara to make tomato soup. And this recipe is amazing.

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Can You Eat Tomato Sauce On A Keto Diet

Wait a minute, isnt tomato sauce the same as a marinara sauce? Not quite.

I thought the same way too, but my tomato soup nazi chef friend was quick to point out they are entirely different things!

So whats the difference, you ask?

Both are indeed tomato-based sauces, but the main differences lie in the ingredients, the method of cooking, and of course, the taste and texture.

On the other hand, tomato sauce is a bit more complex and typically simmered for much longer for a thicker and richer flavor. Tomato sauces can also end up spicy, meaty, cheesy, or insert other adjectives here, which depends on the chef.

But I digress.

Homemade Keto Marinara Sauce

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This Quick and Easy Homemade Keto Marinara Sauce Recipe made with only 3 Ingredients plus Herbs is a Perfectly Balanced Low Carb Pasta Sauce addition to your Keto Meal Plan. Our Sugar-Free Tomato Sauce is also fully Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, perfect for Diabetics and so Versatile, you can use it not only as a Pasta Sauce but as a Dip or Pizza Topping as well.

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What Is Keto Spaghetti Sauce

Keto spaghetti sauce is a low-carb, no-sugar spaghetti sauce made with Italian herbs and seasoning. This low carb sauce is keto-friendly and is a healthy substitute for standard store-bought pasta sauces.

Keto diets are low carb , with the primary goal of inducing your body to burn through its fat reserves rather than taking on carbohydrates and added sugars as a source of energy.

But are tomatoes keto-friendly? Yes, tomatoes are keto-friendly, as they contain only a few grams of carbohydrates and are drastically lower in sugars than most other fruits.

Store-bought spaghetti sauce is usually relatively high in added sugar. This means that its not often going to be keto-friendly, and youll find there are a ton of carbs in spaghetti sauce you buy at the store!

Of course, if youre on a keto diet, you most likely wont be eating traditional pasta noodles with your no-sugar-added spaghetti sauce either. Dont worry, because there are plenty of delicious low carb alternatives, many of which you can make at home with a spiralizer or a pasta maker. Check out our homemade pasta recipe and try it with almond or coconut flour for a keto alternative, or go straight to keto pasta recipe.

How To Make Keto Tomato Sauce

Homemade Keto Friendly Tomato Sauce

This sauce really couldnt be simpler to make.

To start, heat a good amount of extra virgin olive oil in a saucepan. To the oil, youll add 2-3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped. You want them finely chopped so that theyll disappear into the sauce.

Then, youll add the tomatoes. I like either crushed or whole tomatoes for this recipe. The whole tomatoes break down into a nice, chunky sauce with the help of a potato masher. Or, you can give them a quick blitz with an immersion blender for the smoothest tomato sauce.

After that, flavor the sauce with a generous pink of salt and dash of oregano. Taste for seasoning, and add more salt as needed. Bring the sauce to a gentle simmer, and let it cook for a few minutes to develop the flavor. It will be ready after just 10 minutes. But, if youre looking for a thicker sauce , you can let it simmer longer to reduce even more.

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Can You Eat Cherry Tomatoes On Keto Diet

You should eat cherry tomatoes regularly while remaining in ketosis. Only keep in mind that they contain sugar and have 4.0 g of net carbs per cup. This makes them keto-friendly, but you must keep track of your regular carb intake.

Canned cherry tomatoes are frequently keto-friendly, but read the label to ensure there are no added chemicals or preservatives. If you gently cook them with a good oil like butter or coconut oil, youll get the most nutrients out of them. This aids absorption of vitamins, minerals, and the antioxidant lycopene.

Homemade Keto Friendly Marinara Sauce In 5 Minutes

Our recipe uses a can of crushed, pureed or plum tomatoes but choose the one with no added sugar . It all goes in a blender with a little olive oil and your favorite spices. We love garlic powder, onion powder and some dried herbs. The flavors are fantastic, its way cheaper than buying pre-made jarred sauces, and it doesnt have any added sugar so you can have a great low carb tomato sauce the way you like it. You can also cook the sauce on low simmer for for about 10-15 minutes if you want. This concentrates the flavors a little more and cooks the tomato sauce, especially when youre using it straight for dipping.

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Low Carb Tomato Sauce With No Added Sugar

Everyone is always complaining about how expensive different brands of low carb tomato sauces are. Were say to make your own with our recipe thats keto friendly and no added sugar. Yup, its definitely finished in 5 minutes in the blender and instantly you have a low carb marinara sauce. You an use it for zucchini noodles, dipping or when ever your recipe calls for keto friendly low carb marinara sauce.

Keto And Low Carb Pasta Noodles Spaghetti Gnocchi Variations


Are you trying to reduce your carb intake but love pasta? There are many Low Carb and Keto Noodles options and alternatives that taste great, filling, and easy to make.

Various dishes prepared with Low Carb and Keto Spaghetti, Gnocchi, Pasta, Noodles variation as well as recipes on how to make your own Egg Keto Noodles, Keto Fiber Noodles and more.

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How To Make Easy Keto Tomato Sauce

  • Use canned tomatoes. You can use pureed, chopped or whole tomatoes. Just make sure it has no added sugar and very little natural sugar.
  • The spices is what gives the tomato sauce so much flavor. We love using garlic powder, onion powder, dried herbs and a touch of red chili flakes. If you dont like heat, its optional.
  • Add the tomatoes, olive oil and spices to a blender. Pulse for a few minutes and done!
  • All recipe details are in the recipe box below.
  • How Many Carbs Are In Tomato Sauce

    While different canned tomato sauces will have different carb counts, after reviewing half a dozen different popular brands, heres what I found.

    Remember that it is per 1/4 cup, and not can. The typical can will have ~7 servings, which means there are 28 grams of net carbs per can of tomato sauce.

    Here are a few different brands to illustrate.

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    Difference Between Tomato Sauce Vs Marinara Sauce

    It is a common misconception that marinara sauce and tomato sauce are identical and can be interchanged freely. The truth is they have many things that separate them.

    Tomato sauce, however, requires a few more steps and a lot of seasoning and balancing. Further, a tomato sauce is typically blended making it thicker and smoother.

    No Added Sugar Or Preservatives

    Keto Tomato Sauce | Low Carb Pasta Sauce | Paleo Marinara | How to Make Keto Sauce| Easy Keto Recipe

    Why does this homemade tomato sauce taste different from the store-bought kind? It all comes down to added sugar and preservatives present in most pasta sauces found in the grocery store.

    If you want to make your sauce a bit sweeter while keeping it keto-friendly, you can add sugar alternatives such as liquid monk fruit extract,Stevia, or Swerve.

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    Keto Tomato Ketchup Sauce For Variety

    In the first two months of keto, I felt like giving in so many times because I found the foods boring and we were basically living on meat, eggs and cheese.

    Eventually, we began making much more complex recipes and so many different condiments which changed my mindset about the keto lifestyle.

    I can say that we have both tried so many different diets, fads and lifestyles and none of them has ever been as sustainable as I find the keto lifestyle to be. Ahhhhh, back to the sauce.

    Every time I felt like I couldnt eat keto anymore, I develop a new recipe that brings me back. This time, it was tomato ketchup sauce.

    Other Diets This Recipe Is Good For

    • Vegan This low carb marinara is only made from spices and tomatoes.
    • Vegetarian No meat products in this sauce recipe, just tomatoes, and spices.
    • Paleo This is a delicious low carb marinara sauce to put on many things.
    • Gluten-free Only tomatoes and spices and no gluten products.
    • Dairy-free There is no dairy in this keto spaghetti sauce.
    • Nut-free No worries if you have a nut allergy, there are not any nuts.
    • Sugar-free There is not any sugar in keto marinara sauce.

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    General Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

    In addition to being a keto-friendly fruit, tomatoes are jam-packed with other health benefits to consider: tomatoes provide us with vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, folate, and antioxidants. Whether youre sticking strictly to the keto diet or just trying to feel a bit better about your food habits, the best kind of health care you can give yourself is preventive care – considering what your body needs to thrive and enjoying delicious meals that support your health.

    Is Spaghetti Sauce Keto

    Hunts Organic Tomato Sauce, Keto Friendly, 15 oz, 12 Pack ...

    Our spaghetti sauce recipe is definitely keto-friendly, as there is no added sugar, and tomatoes are naturally low in carbs.

    However, if youre buying spaghetti sauce from the store, theres likely a lot of added sugar in there, making it not so keto-friendly.

    Its not impossible to find low carb spaghetti sauce in the store, but its much easier to prepare it at home!

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    Keto Pasta Carbonara Recipe

    Make the Best Keto Pasta Carbonara with Low Carb Homemade Noodles and Crispy Bacon Bits as your Italian Classic Easy Family Dinner or a Keto Meal Plans for the week.Our Gluten-Free, Low Carb, Trim Healthy Mama, Grain-Free Pasta Carbonara made with Homemade Low Carb Pasta and topped with Grated Parmesan Cheese will be your go-to recipe everyone will love.

    What Can I Do With Leftover Keto Spaghetti Sauce

    Any leftover keto spaghetti sauce will keep for a few days in the refrigerator just make sure you transfer it to a resealable container. Its easy to reheat the sauce later all you need to do is pour the sauce back into a saucepan and slowly heat it on the stovetop. Add a few fresh herbs if you want to top up the flavors again.

    Freeze your sauce for later too. Transfer your keto tomato sauce leftovers to a resealable bag or plastic container, then place them into the freezer. Defrost the sauce naturally on the side or put it in the microwave on low power to defrost. Simmer on the stovetop to reheat through to the center.

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    How Do You Store Marinara Sauce

    To store Marinara sauce is extra easy.

    As this Low Carb Pasta Sauce is perfect for your Meal Preps, it is great to double the recipe and store it in smaller mason jars, which you can use as portions.

    Alternatively, the big Mason Jar of this Sugar-Free Spaghetti Sauce can be perfectly stored for the whole family in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days.

    Anything longer, I would suggest freezing.

    Carbs In Tomato Sauce

    How to Pressure Can Tomato Sauce. It’s Organic and “KETO friendly” “No Sugar Added” Part 2

    Almost all of the carbs from a no sugar added can of tomato sauce comes from the tomatoes. Tomatoes are relatively low in carbs but they still contain a decent amount for a keto diet. That said, they are a fruit that you can eat but you need to eat them in moderation. Since tomatoes themselves have a decent number of carbs, we need to make sure we pick a can of tomato sauce with zero added sugar.

    For this example, I will be using Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce as our example. The serving size in one can of this tomato sauce is 1/4 of a cup. That said, there are 3 and 1/2 servings in one can of Muir Glen Tomato Sauce. One serving contains 25 calories, 0 fat, 5 total carbs, 1 gram of fiber, and less than one gram of protein.

    This equates to roughly 4 net carbs per serving and 14 net carbs per can. As you can see tomato sauce does contain a fair bit of carbs. Of course, it could be worse but you certainly want to be mindful of how much you consume.

    That said if you play your cards right you can certainly enjoy some tomato sauce on the keto diet. If you are looking to make some keto pasta sauce just make sure to use keto-friendly ingredients. Thankfully, there are a ton of great keto pasta sauce recipes online. On the other hand, if you are looking for an already made keto pasta sauce, then there are a few companies that make some low-carb tomato-based pasta sauces.

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    Ingredients In Homemade Keto Tomato Sauce

    This keto tomato sauce is as simple as it gets with just 5 essential ingredients.

    • tomatoes Crushed San Marzano tomatoes are great if you can find them, or choose your preferred brand
    • olive oil Extra virgin is great in this recipe.
    • garlic Youll need 2-3 cloves.
    • oregano Fresh is great if you have, otherwise dried oregano is just fine
    • a healthy pinch of salt

    Thats the basics, but you can also add some optional ingredients if you like

    • red pepper flakes How much you add will depend on how hot your pepper flakes are, and how spicy you like your sauce
    • basil Adding fresh basil toward the end of cooking adds a lovely fresh flavor
    • butter Optional, adding a bit of butter to the sauce rounds out the flaco rand adds creaminess

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