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If you don’t know Keith Habersberger OR The Try Guys, you probably don’t live most of your life on YouTube like me or maybe you’ve never even ventured into the YouTube realm before.

The Try Guys are a team of 4 dudes that split from Buzzfeed in order to fully have control over doing what they love- Making creative content and sharing it with the world. Their videos range from trying crazy tasks that most people will never get the chance to do, to food reviews/hauls, and even interviewing the CEO of YouTube.

Their content has amassed 981,744,787 views with 6.79 Million Subscribers as of this date. But they are ever-changing and thinking of the trends of tomorrow. It’s why myself and so many admire them.

On November 30th, 2019 Keith did a ‘solo’ video on The Try Guys channel that can be found here:

In the description of his video, he says:

Its here folks! The chicken king of the internet officially made a chicken sauce! Buy Keith’s Chicken Sauce here

Keith’s Hot Sauce Trio

  • KEITHS HOT SAUCE | When Keith Habersberger of Try Guys fame set out to make a hot sauce that combined his love for fried chicken, buffalo and ranch, Keiths Chicken Sauce was born. Since then, the line has expanded to include Burger Sauce and now Taco Sauce, rounding out the tasty trifecta of not-too-hot sauces.
  • FLAVORS | Roasted red peppers add sweetness and tang when combined with garlic scapes and chives for Keiths Chicken Sauce. Burger Sauce blends mustard, fig and smoked onion. Taco sauce features a unique combination of peppers, citrus and cinnamon-raisin.
  • HEAT | 3/10 Jalapenos and serranos add mild, just-right spice.
  • SOURCING | Made in Vermont in small batches with farm-fresh ingredients.
  • TRY ON | These sauces are equally good on their namesakes as they are on sandwiches, pizza, salads and more.
  • Love It: 120

About Keith’s Chicken Sauce

Keith Habersberger of The Try Guys is known for his love of fried chicken, especially buffalo wings and ranch. When he challenged HEATONIST to come up with a new hot sauce flavor concept this was a natural place to start. The resulting Keith’s Chicken Sauce channels iconic ranch flavors with dill, parsley, and chives, but sweetens them up with smoked onions, garlic scapes, and Vermont maple syrup. Vinegar, zippy serrano peppers and roasted red pepper add tang while sour cream powder adds a creamy texture that makes this a must-have condiment. Perfect on chicken of all kinds, this sauce cuts through rich foods like fries or a grilled cheese with ease. A must try on pizza! Ingredients: Organic distilled vinegar, serrano peppers, maple wood smoked onions, pure Vermont maple syrup, garlic scapes, roasted red peppers sunflower oil, sour cream powder salt, dill, parsley, chives, black pepper CONTAINS DAIRY Size: 5 oz Watch Keith’s video for the full story of the making of the sauce

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Keiths Chicken Sauce Scoville & Spiciness

We dont know the Scoville of Keiths sauce for sure. If we had to make an educated guess we would say Keiths Chicken Sauce sauce lands between 10,00015,000 SHUs. It has a comfortable kick thats kind on the tongue .

If you wanted to heat this sauce up a bit, try adding a couple drops of something spicier. We find that Keiths Chicken Sauce plays well with others.

Where To Buy Keiths Taco Sauce

The Try Guys Keith Habersberger Shares His Hot Sauce ...

For $12, you can currently buy Keiths Taco Sauce from Heatonist. For now, that is the only official source for the sauce.

This price may seem on the high side for a hot sauce, especially if you are used to picking up Franks for $2.99. However, this sauce contains nothing but high quality, all-natural ingredients.

This is definitely our favorite Keiths sauce to date. While the Burger sauce was good, this sauce is great. It wont last long in the Pepper Geek fridge!

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Keiths Taco Sauce Review And Flavor

Tacos are a regular occurrence at the Pepper Geek household. We love having makeshift street tacos in the kitchen. From pork belly to ground meats, fresh herbs and spicy, tasty cheeseswe always look forward to a good taco night.

However, high quality tacos deserve a high quality sauce, and Keiths Taco Sauce delivers. The complex variety of flavors blend seamlessly, even when eaten right off the spoon. But the sauce really shines on tacos.

Where To Buy Keiths Hot Sauce

Keiths sauce is currently available for purchase at Its $12.00 for a 5 Ounce bottle. You can save $10 off your Heatonist order with our link here.

It is also available on Amazon with free shipping . Were hoping this sauce will start popping up in stores or through other retailers in the future.

Overall, Keith really nailed it by creating a unique, novelty, not-too-hot sauce. Were hoping the rest of The Try Guys will create their own sauces in the future. Be sure to visit Butterfly Bakery of Vermont to check out some of their other creations!

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Keiths Burger Sauce Scoville Scale

If there is one thing we know about Keiths lineup of hot sauces, it is that they arent scorchers. Keith has talked about his aversion to super-spicy foods, so it is no surprise his sauces are on the tame side.

Though there is no official claim, our best estimate is that Keiths Taco Sauce comes in around 3,000-5,000 SHUs on the Scoville Scale. This offers the perfect mouth-warming effect without ruining your taco day.

Keiths Chicken Sauce Review


Keiths sauce is more than a hot sauce. Its a unique condiment that deserves a permanent spot next to the ketchup in your fridge! Have you ever mixed ranch, buffalo sauce, and a few other things in the kitchen to make that perfect chicken-tender-worthy concoction?

Well, Keith and Claire did it for you. The sauce is a pleasant blend of ranch flavors alongside vinegar and Serrano peppers. The flavor balances out with the addition of maple syrup adding just a hint of sweetness.

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Keiths Chicken Sauce Consistency

This sauce is not as creamy as we initially thought it would be. The consistency is comparable to any hot sauce that easily pours from the bottle. However, there is a slight texture from the sour cream powder and herbs.

Personally, I wouldnt use this as a dipping sauce. It works best drizzled on your favorite foods. This sauce would go very well mixed into a thicker base if youre looking for something more dip-worthy.

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The Try Guys Keith Habersberger Restocks Buzzy Hot Sauce After Two

Keith Habersberger, one-fourth of the megawatt team The Try Guys , has launched his very own hot sauce and fans are eating it up.

The $12 bottles of sauce were born of Habersbergers well-established love for fried chicken, and the finished product has accordingly been dubbed Keiths Chicken Sauce. Habersberger created the sauce alongside Heatonist, an online hot sauce retailer that also owns two storefronts in New York City, and which also collaborates with another YouTube star, Sean Evans, host of First We Feasts popular Hot Ones series. On his show, Evans interviews celebrities as they consume increasingly spicier chicken wings, and Heatonist sells a variety of Hot Ones-branded sauces.

For his first run of Keiths Chicken Sauce, Habersberger ordered 10,000 bottles. And everything sold out on Dec. 1, less than two days after launch for a cool $120,000 in sales. Surging demand necessitated a restock that arrived today, with bottles guaranteed to ship and arrive prior to Christmas.

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