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Heinz Releases Kits For You To Make Ice Cream From Its Sauces

How to Make Your Own Hot Sauce with the Grow & Make Deluxe Kit

Heinz has released a series of limited edition ‘Heinz Creamz’ kits, which provide everything you need to make your favouritecondiments into, er… ice cream.

Five of Heinz’ most popular sauces have now become the inspiration for ice cream, in celebration of National Ice Cream Month in July.

They also come as part of the company’s Heinz to Home range, which was introduced during the coronavirus pandemic to help shoppers get their mitts on Heinz items – with many struggling to get hold of them either due to shortages or because they have been unable to get to the shop.

Inside each Heinz Creamz kit, which retail at £15 and are available via the Heinz website, you’ll find your sauce of choice, a recipe card, a reusable ice cream tub and a limited edition engraved golden scoop and spoon.

The five flavours to choose from are Heinz Ketchup Creamz, Heinz Salad Creamz, Heinz BBQ Creamz, Heinz Mayo Creamz, and Heinz Saucy Sauce Creamz.

Heinz said on its website: “Your favourite Heinz sauces are now available as Heinz Creamz.

“Grab a kit that includes the accessories you need to make a Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Heinz Classic BBQ, Heinz Saucy Sauce, Heinz Good Mayonnaise or Heinz Salad Cream ice creamz.

“Every kit comes with a delicious, easy to make at home recipe, which can also be found on each product page.”

“This make your own Heinz Creamz kit includes the equipment you need to make a delicious Heinz ketchup ice cream or a refreshing vegan sorbet.”

The Chili Lab Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

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Basic Steps For Making Hot Sauce

If youre feeling overwhelmed, it can help to get a quick overview of the entire process. Youll see that it’s not very hard to make your own hot sauce. Not only are the steps easy, but the recipes are very forgiving, meaning it will still taste great even if you mess up a little while youre still learning. The following steps may vary slightly from recipe to recipe, but this list gives you the basic idea of what to expect when making hot sauce.

  • Clean and sanitize your equipment. Bottles, lids, funnels, pans, and anything else youll be using to make your hot sauce should be clean.
  • Pick your peppers. If needed, look up the pepper on the Scoville scale , so you can choose the right level of hotness for your sauce.
  • Wear gloves. You don’t want to get any oil in your skin.
  • Prepare the peppers. Remove the pepper stems and soak the peppers in a bowl of water for several minutes.
  • Purée the ingredients. Use a blender to purée the peppers and other ingredients in your particular recipe.
  • Add vinegar and heat the mixture. In a saucepan, mix the purée with vinegar, adding any other ingredients the recipe calls for at this point, such as sugar, salt, and spices. Bring the mixture to a boil.
  • Cool and bottle your hot sauce. After your sauce is cool, pour it into the bottles that came with your kit and store them in the refrigerator.

“Hot sauce can be used as an ingredient, condiment, or both.”

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How To Make Hot Sauce: 7 Easy Recipes

Everyone wants to know how to make hot sauce

Well now were going to give you step-by-step on how to make 7 of the most popular kinds of hot sauce out there.

Theres nothing quite like rolling up your sleeves and making your own fresh, delicious hot sauce right from the comfort of your own kitchen!

Before we begin, let me start by pointing out there are two different ways to make hot sauce.

The first is to prepare the ingredients, cook them, blend them, and then put them in a bottle.

The second way is to chop your chilies and then age them often in oak barrels.

This is how the world famous Tabasco Brand hot sauce is made.

The aging process allows the chilies to ferment and extract flavors from the barrel .

However, theres one critical point I want to make

Just because a hot sauce is cooked or fermented doesnt make it better or worse.

There are great cooked hot sauces and there are great fermented hot sauces.

It really just depends on you and which ones you like better. That may take a little bit of taste-testing never a bad thing!

Ok, on to the recipes

Buying Guide For Best Hot Sauce Kits

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit Makes 7 Bottles of DIY Hot ...

Hot sauce is one of those food items thats highly personal. Too hot, too mild, not enough flavor, not the right flavor, and too many flavors are all valid reasons why people give up on finding one that is just right. But don’t despair there’s still hope. A hot sauce kit lets you control the mix so you can create the perfect flavor with the precise amount of sizzle you desire.

A good hot sauce kit comes with ample ingredients, so you can experiment to learn how the process works and tweak a recipe until its exactly the way you like it. It features everything you need to make several bottles, including instructions, and it has a wide enough variety of chili peppers so you can create mild, medium, and hot versions.

To learn more about hot sauce kits and how to use them, keep reading. If you’re ready to jump right in and get cooking, consider one of the highly rated options we’ve listed in this article. Additionally, we’ve slipped a couple of assortments into the mix in case you’d like to sample some top-rated premade hot sauces.

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How To Make Louisiana Hot Sauce

Louisiana hot sauce is one of the simplest types to make. Why?

Because its made from only three ingredients!

These hot sauces are often fermented but you can make a quick cooked version as well.

The most popular version of Louisiana hot sauce is made with Tabasco peppers.

But you can really use any type of hot pepper you want!

Louisiana Hot Sauce Ingredients

  • 1 Pound Chili Peppers chopped
  • 2 Cups White Vinegar
  • Add all the ingredients to a pan over medium high heat.
  • Simmer for 10 minutes until the chilies are soft.
  • Let the mixture cool to room temperature, then blend till smooth.
  • Strain the mixture and bottle.

Because of the vinegar, this hot sauce will keep for months.

How To Make Caribbean Hot Sauce

Caribbean hot sauce is identified by two main factors, the use of very spicy peppers, and the inclusion of sweet fruit like mangos or peaches.

Classic Caribbean hot sauces often use scotch bonnet peppers, a very hot pepper- so use sparingly.

Caribbean Hot Sauce Ingredients

Add all the ingredients to a pan over medium high heat. Simmer for 10 minutes until the chilies are soft. Let the mixture cool to room temperature, then blend till smooth. Strain the mixture and bottle. Add additional vinegar to get the perfect consistency / taste.

Refrigerate this hot sauce, use within a few days.

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Quite Possibly The Perfect Gift Make Fresh Gourmet Quality Hot Sauce At Home In About 10 Minutes

We designed the first and only complete hot sauce kit with chef quality ingredients, labels, stainless funnel, woozy bottles and a gourmet spice blend.

Make and bottle your first batch in less than 10 minutes.

Learn all about the proper peppers and simple trick to make and bottle fresh hot sauce.

Never has it been so easy to craft fresh hot sauce at home.

Experiment with peppers and ingredients, super simple recipes to get you started making fresh sauce.

Ready to give gift box.

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Hot Sauce Kit By Diy Gift Kits

HOW TO MAKE HOT SAUCE | DIY kit review & demo

We all know that person that simply loves little spicy flair in almost any meal. With this product, they can prepare and enjoy their food with a spiciness and hotness on a daily level. This Hot Sauce kit is the perfect gift for people like that. The kit can make up to 7 gourmet, delicious hot sauces. Each one comes with a different taste and heat level. The kit itself features everything a person needs to make a sauce. It features gloves, ingredients, and bottles for storing. It is truly an all-inclusive kit so the user would not worry about anything missing while preparing their favorite dish.

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Recipe For Spicy Success

Hot sauce is one of those popular foods that many enjoy but few have tried to make. This convenient kit makes preparation easy with clear instructions.

There are four recipes in the kit, but each follows the same eight-step process. You dont need to be a celebrity chef or have a Ph.D. in spice-ology to ace this recipe you simply combine the ingredients on a stove top and then mix them all in a blender to create a smooth, delicious sauce. The kit even includes pH strips to make sure your sauce is maximizing its shelf life and flavor. Science!

The kit includes easy-to-follow recipes.

How To Make Mexican Hot Sauce

Mexican hot sauce is differentiated from other sauces by the use of dried chili peppers.

The hot sauce also includes the addition of onions, tomatoes, oregano, and cumin to round out the flavor.

Mexican Hot Sauce Ingredients

  • 1 Pound Dried Chili Peppers chopped, A mix of Guajillo Peppers, Pasilla Chili Peppers, New Mexico Red Chili Peppers
  • 5 Garlic Cloves minced

Add all the ingredients to a pan over medium high heat. Simmer for 10 minutes until the chilies are soft. Let the mixture cool to room temperature, then blend till smooth. Add additional vinegar to get the perfect consistency / taste. Strain the mixture and bottle.

Refrigerate this hot sauce, use within a few days.

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The Best Hot Sauce Kit

Hot sauce definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all food. While you might like yours extra-hot, the rest of your family might do better with a medium or mild sauce. Instead of having to buy a bunch of individual bottles, a hot sauce kit offers a selection of several sauces that usually vary in terms of the heat they provide. Some kits even allow you to make your own hot sauce, so you’re able to customize just how hot it is. Best of all, hot sauce is a pretty versatile condiment, so there’s no shortage of ways to use it in your kitchen. Mix in a marinade for your favorite chicken or meat dish, sprinkle some over your morning eggs, add some to homemade taco fillings, or make your own hot wings for the big game — the possibilities are endless.

Our shopping guide is full of tips that can help you find the best hot sauce kit for your kitchen. We’ve even included a few specific product recommendations, like our top pick from Zombie Cajun, which includes four bottles of hot sauce with delicious Louisiana-style cayenne flavor.

Considerations when choosing hot sauce kits


The heat in a hot sauce comes from peppers, but the type of peppers used determines how hot the sauce actually is. Pay attention to the peppers used in bottled sauces or the peppers included in make-your-own hot sauce kits to be sure that it has the amount of heat you prefer.






Sanitizing powder

to sanitize all the equipment you’ll be using.



A funnel

Personalized Hot Sauce Making Kit

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit
Personalized Hot Sauce Making Kit has been discontinued

Alas, it is no more.

Oh no! Looks like Personalized Hot Sauce Making Kit is out of stock
Personalized Hot Sauce Making Kit is temporarily unavailable


Personalized Hot Sauce Making Kit is not currently for sale


  • Carolina Reaper Pepper Puree, 2 oz
  • Naga Morich Pepper Puree, 2 oz
  • Habanero Pepper Puree, 2 oz

Hot Sauce Making Tools

  • 3 Boston Round Bottles, 8 oz
  • 3 Personalized Labels
  • Official Man Crates Instruction/Recipe Book


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Bunsters Hot Sauce Making Kit:

For the lazy hot sauce lover in your life, this no-cook hot sauce making kit features pour and shake recipes and supplies for a beginner hot sauce maker.

The Creator of Bunsters originated in Australia, and she has traveled the world to perfect her hot sauce recipes for this kit.

Using simple ingredients typically found in most kitchens , you can mix, shake, and pour your custom blend of Bunsters Hot Sauce.

Included in Kit:

  • 4 Different Ages Pepper Mashes
  • Bonus Ghost Pepper for increased heat!

Using this kit, you can customize your hot sauce blends and then even label and professionally wrap your bottles to gift them to friends and family.

This unique kit comes with four mini skull-shaped jars for making deadly hot sauce blends.

Featured Peppers: Jamaican Allspice, Red Cayenne, Guajillo, and Chipotle. This kit includes recipes for a variety of sauces, including Sweet Heat, Cajun Lovers, and Caribbean hot sauces.

With four kinds of dried peppers and five different spice blends included in this kit, you can create unique customized combinations of hot sauces to then bottle and label as gifts. The package alone would make an excellent gift for the skull-loving hot sauce eater in your life.

Included in Kit:

This Is The Ultimate Kit That Every Hot Sauce Fan Needs On Their Shelf

  • If youre looking for a gift for that mate, dad, brother or uncle who loves hot sauce, you can order online today.
  • They will love you forever if you give the gift of never having to endure another crappy bottle of hot sauce ever again… AND think how much they’ll love you by saving them a heap of money on hot sauce in the future.

‘Keep it Guarantee’ is a Money Back Guarantee that’s really nice and simple. We’re so confident that youll love your Bunsters order so much, were not gonna play games

  • Order any of our sauces from this site, and if you dont like it, you can keep it

  • Email us and well give you a full refund right away

  • To protect ourselves against fraudsters, the guarantee is only valid once per customer, and only up to 90 days after the purchase date
  • No questions, no forms and no returns are necessary
  • You can even keep the open bottle

  • That’s our KEEP IT guarantee

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How To Make Thai Hot Sauce

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Thai Hot sauce is also called Nam Phrik.

There are thousands of variations of Thai hot sauce, many having an amazing mixture of additional ingredients.

The popularity of this hot sauce stems from the fact that in Thailand, its often used as both an ingredient and a condiment in cooking.

Thai hot sauce is identified from the inclusion of fish Sauce, garlic, and sugar to give it a level of sweetness and flavor depth.

The fish sauce is salty, so use sparingly.

Thai Hot Sauce Ingredients

  • Add all the ingredients to a pan over medium high heat.
  • Simmer for 10 minutes until the chilies are soft.
  • Let the mixture cool to room temperature, then blend till smooth.
  • Add additional vinegar to get the perfect consistency / taste.
  • Strain the mixture and bottle.

Refrigerate this hot sauce. Because of the vinegar, this hot sauce will keep for months.

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Fermented Hot Sauce Kit

The best hot sauces are fermented. Whether your favorite is mild, refreshing and green, or smoky, blazing hot and red, theres no limit on all the different ways to customize homemade hot sauce. Fermenting your hot sauces gives them an umami depth, knocks just a bit of the edge off the chiles, and marries all the flavors for complex hot sauces youll want to put on everything.

Experiment with different combinations for endless spicy possibilities. From jalapeños, to habaneros fermented with fruit, to poblanos and hatch chiles theres no wrong way to get your high-heat fix.

Included in the Fermenter Hot Sauce Kit:

  • 1/2 Gallon Glass Fermenting Jar

  • Glass Fermentation Weight

  • Lid with Airlock

  • Kosher Salt

Detailed Information About Hot Sauce Kit By Diy Gift Kits

All of the peppers included are of the highest quality. They are grown from 5th generation Pepper farmers from Boulder, CO. Not only are the pepper of high quality but are all natural and 100% GMO-free. If making 7 bottles of spicy sauce is not enough, the kit also comes with a recipe card to make many different kinds of sauces! The whole kit costs only $39.99 and there is an option for the Deluxe version which costs $49.95.

If there is someone who loves to cook and loves a bit of heat in their meals, then this is the perfect gift for them. This product can be bought for any foodie or culinary chef. The best thing about this kit is the number of things a person gets for its value. For only $40 there are ingredients for seven tasty, gourmet, all natural hot sauces! Making the sauce from the comfort of the home is even easier with the step-by-step instruction manual. As an added bonus there is a packet of Ghost pepper powder for an added ‘extra hot & deadly’ feeling to the sauce.

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