Shit The Bed Hot Sauce

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Bunsters ‘Shit the Bed’ hot sauce challenge
  • Packed this sauce full of veggies and it’s GMO free, gluten free, processed sugar free, preservative and additive free and vegan safe.
  • The addition of Scorpion chilies and a funny name cemented it as a crowd favorite.
  • Hot sauce enthusiasts the world over, who’d been searching for the perfect mix of flavor and heat were won over by this sauce.
  • If you think Sriracha has good flavor, prepare to be blown away by this.
  • It’s jam packed with heat and flavor.

Bunsters Shit The Bed Sauce 12/10


One bottle of the world as finest hot sauce coming right up! Treat yourself or give someone special the gift that keeps on giving. Nothing says I care about you more than a bottle of Shit the Bed hot sauce. Shit the Bed is the only ultra hot sauce with flavour. Loaded with Scorpion chillies orange juice garlic onions lime ginger and herbs this is the one hot sauce hard core chilli heads will keep coming back to. We dont use chilli extracts in our sauces so theres no funny after taste just whole chilli goodness. Finally something hot enough to shut up the person who is never satisfied. Funny branding also makes this a fantastic gift and retailers delight. Warning: This product might make you shit the bed.

A London Man Has Found Out The Hard Way That Shit The Bed Hot Sauce Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin

Christopher Hunt of Honour Oak was rudely awakened in the early hours of this morning by his distraught wife and children covered head to toe in last nights dinner.

Wed been sent a bottle of BunstersShit The Bed hot sauce by a friend in Australia and decided to give it a go with our weekly Fish Fingers and Alphabeti Spaghetti Christopher said.

It was only when I woke up to the wife and kids crying and screaming that I realised just how effective the sauce was.

Christophers dry cleaning bill is estimated to have come to around £5000 and the former family home has been declared uninhabitable by the Environmental Health Agency until further notice.

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Sh*t The Bed Hot Sauce

Date Published:

I once went to a taco buffet and had about 2 plates of tacos and said to myself, “I’m pretty full”, and decided I was done eating. But when the waiter came by and asked if I needed more tacos, I caved under the pressure and got another plate. This will go down as one of the worst decisions of my life. On the way home as I was pulling into my neighborhood I felt the pressure of a thousand suns attempting to force its way out of my anus. As I squealed my tires into the driveway and got out of the car while simultaneously unbuckling my pants, I sprinted faster than Usain Bolt through my home in an attempt to make it to the bathroom in time. But with each step of my jog a little bit of taco sludge made it out of my rectum, thus resetting the mental sign in my head that reads, “No Accidents In 7300 days”.

Would I rather sh*t myself while running to the bathroom, or while I’m laying in bed? That’s the real question. ‘Sh*t The bed’ is a new hot sauce level from a hot sauce company called Bunsters Fresh, with Sh*t The Bed of course being the hottest of their levels, with the other two levels simply named 3/10 and 7/10.

Check out the Shit The Bed hot sauce in action via the video below.

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Bunster has never pitched her products to Coles or Woolworths, making the assumption that they wouldnt be won over by the spicy language.

Speaking to SmartCompany, however, she concedes that the major grocery chains could feasibly stock some of Bunsters other products her milder 7/10 Hot Sauce, Black Label Hot Sauce or Posh BBQ sauce, none of which have profanities on the bottle.

Still, thats not the route she wants to go down just yet. Getting her sauces into the duopoly has never been the dream.

Something that people, especially people starting out in the food business, dont realise is that Coles is one client, Woolworths is one client, she explains.

One person makes a decision to stop stocking your sauce, and youve instantly lost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, she says.

Every independent supermarket is a different person.

Were in 600 supermarkets around Australia 600 people have to decide to delete our product before we lose all of that money. You have way more control over your revenue.

Its been a deliberate strategy to get into independent supermarkets first, she says.

Then, when were ready, we can deal with the big boys If you go straight in with the big boys, they can wipe you out.

Its a strategy that works for those independent stores, too, Bunster says. They know Shit the Bed sauce wont be on the shelves in Coles or Woolies anytime soon, so it brings Bunsters fans in the door.

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Shit The Bed Hot Sauce Gift Pack

Shit the bed hot sauce gift pack. Know someone who LOVES hot sauce?

Treat yourself, or give someone special the gift that keeps on giving. Nothing says “I care about you” more than a Shit the Bed gift pack sauce. You may also want to gift them some NAPISAN!

Shit the Bed is the only ultra hot sauce with flavour. Yes surprisingly it actually tastes nice even though it may destroy your intestinal tract.

Loaded with Scorpion chillies , orange juice, garlic, onions, lime, ginger and herbs this is the one hot sauce hard core chilli heads will keep coming back to.

There are no artificial chilli extracts in this sauce so there’s no funny after taste.

Finally something hot enough to shut up the person who is never satisfied.

Bunsters Aussie Hot Sauce Is Now Ready To Be Shipped To Your Door

  • Very high on the Scoville scale however we donât use the Carolina Reaper pepper as we believe the Trinidad Scorpion tastes better.
  • If you are searching for a great gift for men or a gift for dad, or anyone who likes cooking, making jerky and chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, then this hot sauce gift will impress.
  • It’s for lovers of small batch, craft or artisanal hot sauces.
  • Weâve come a long way from Bunsters kitchen table in Perth, all the way to your kitchen table in America.

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How Renae Bunster Built A Cult Following For Shit The Bed Hot Sauce Albeit Accidentally

Renae Bunster and her range of Bunsters products. Source: supplied.

Food is a tricky business, but when it comes to finding success in the condiments aisle, Perth hot sauce business Bunsters seems to have it made.

The business flagship Shit the Bed Hot Sauce has picked up something of a cult following both in Australia and the US. Sure its got a funny name, but building a brand, and building a business, takes a little more than that, says founder Renae Bunster.

Bunsters Shit the Bed sauce has been a number-one seller on Amazon in the States, and its on the shelves in some 600 independent supermarkets in Australia.

The business generates about $1 million in revenue every year, and its currently in the middle of an equity crowdfunding round. At the time of writing, Bunsters has raised just over $750,000, with 21 days of its campaign still to go.

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