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Who doesnt love a good homemade fettuccine alfredo? With comforting noodles and creamy sauce, its the ultimate comfort food! However, it isnt always the most allergy-friendly meal. Searching my recipes for dinner inspiration, I recently realized that Ive got lots of nourishing pasta recipes such as Creamy Tomato Gluten-Free Pasta, 5-Ingredient Creamy Vegan Pasta with Walnut Sauce, and even a Vegan Jalapeño Mac and Cheese. Yet, I seem to have forgotten Fettuccine Alfredo! So, were fixing that today with not 1 but 5 different variations.

Lets get cooking!

How Do You Make Alfredo Sauce With Greek Yogurt

Making sauces with Greek yogurt is easier than you might think.

In a medium saucepan, first melt the butter over medium heat. Then stir in the garlic powder, then add milk or water and stir again. Take it off the heat and allow it to cool for about 2-3 minutes, then whisk in the Greek yogurt a little bit at a time until its fully incorporated.

Next, add the parmesan cheese into the sauce and stir until thats all melted and the sauce if smooth and creamy. Add salt and pepper to taste and add on top of your favorite cooked pasta noodles. Thats really all there is to it!

How To Make Skinny Champagne Alfredo:

  • Cook your gluten-free noodles according to package. Set aside.
  • While the noodles are cooking, melt the butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Once melted, add in the garlic, sage, and onion powder. Cook for 1 minute or until the garlic is fragrant.
  • Add in the champagne and let simmer. Once simmering, remove from the heat for 2 minutes. Then add back to the heat and add in the greek yogurt, parmesan, salt, and pepper. Allow the cheese to melt, but importantly, do not let the sauce simmer or boil after the yogurt is added as it will curdle.
  • Once the cheese is melted, pour the alfredo sauce over the noodles and garnish with more black pepper and parsley. Enjoy!
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    How To Make Alfredo Sauce:

    Alfredo sauce has a béchamel sauce base with garlic and Parmesan cheese mixed in classically. This recipe replaces the cream with greek yogurt to make it healthier while still being creamy.

    Tools used in the making of this Skinny Chicken Alfredo:Cast Iron Skillet: I use this to cook in as cast iron is naturally non stick and you can cook over high heat without worrying about any non stick coatings releasing gases.

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    Greek Yogurt Alfredo Sauce


    Super creamy and rich, this protein-packed Greek Yogurt Alfredo Sauce is so amazing youll ditch store-bought versions for good!

    • 1 ½teaspoonsgarlic powder
    • ½cupmilk or water –
    • ¾cupplain greek yogurt-
    • ½ – cupshredded parmesan cheese
    • salt and pepper to taste
    • optional: ½ teaspoon dried parsley –
    • 8ouncespasta noodles-cooked

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    How To Make Low

    I always recommend having all of the ingredients measured and ready to mix. That way, you wont have to scramble at the last minute.

    If its important to get it right and not make a mistake, double-check all of your items. However, Im actually glad I didnt do that this time, or I wouldnt have discovered this recipe.

    In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine the Greek yogurt, butter, and milk.

    Stir until all of the ingredients are melted and blended. It doesnt take long, so dont leave during the process.

    Add the minced garlic, garlic powder, Parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Stir again.

    As soon as it starts to simmer, remove it from the heat.

    Otherwise, the milk solids will begin to clabber.

    You can mix in cooked turkey, chicken, or ground beef if you like. I used leftover turkey from a holiday meal.

    Other items you can add include vegetables left over from your last meal. I chopped up some tomatoes for my husband and added broccoli to mine.

    Ways To Use Alfredo Sauce

    When you think of Alfredo of course pasta comes to mind, but here are a few more ways to serve Alfredo sauce.

    • As a dip
    • Toss in with cooked veggies
    • Substitute in lasagna versus using a red sauce
    • Base for pizza
    • In soups

    If you dont mind, do me a favor. After you make this Greek Yogurt Alfredo Sauce, snap a picture, and so you can tell me what you think!

    Whats your favorite non traditional way to use Greek yogurt? Let me know in the comments!


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    Healthy Greek Yogurt Alfredo

    Healthy Greek Yogurt Alfredo is a lightened up version of the popular Italian dish. Your family will love the cheesy, tangy flavor of the pasta, and you wont have to worry about going back for seconds !

    My husbands aunt made dinner every Sunday for all of the college kids during the first few years of our marriage.

    This recipe for healthy Greek yogurt alfredo, or faux fettuccine as she calls it, was one of my favorites.

    I loved the flavor of the pasta especially because it wasnt as rich as traditional fettuccine alfredo.

    It wasnt until I saw the recipe that I realized the pasta got its distinct flavor from plain yogurt!

    Ive altered the recipe to include Greek yogurt instead of plain, and the flavor is just as good.

    Not only is this a healthy alternative to the traditional recipe , but youll also get extra protein from the yogurt to keep you full for longer!

    How To Reheat Leftover Champagne Alfredo:

    Alfredo Pasta With Broccoli Recipe

    You can reheat your refrigerated leftover champagne sauce in the microwave.

    Place your leftover sauce in a microwave-safe conatiner with its lid loosely fitted on top so that hot air can escape.

    Microwave on high power for 45-60 seconds, depending on how much you are reheating at one time and how hot you like your sauce!

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    Typical Fettuccine Recipes & Why Ours Is Better

    Traditionally, this pasta dish is made with pasta, butter, and Parmesan cheese. Most commonly in American recipes, it also includes milk, cream, flour, and a variety of spices. Not to mention, the sauce is poured over gluten-heavy ribbon pasta. While delicious, the heaviness of this meal can leave you feeling sluggish, and the high fat content, dairy, and gluten can cause gassiness and bloating. Therefore, to achieve the same great flavors but leave you feeling great, we made a few simple swaps to create a gluten-free recipe that will fill you up without slowing you down!

    Healthy Gluten Free Alfredo Sauce

    Top your pasta with this healthier alfredo sauce! This Healthy Gluten Free Alfredo Sauce recipe is lower in fat and calories and higher in protein than traditional alfredo sauce, and its low carb

    The other day one of my students asked me to re-create one of her husbands favorite foods: Alfredo Sauce. She wanted me to develop a lower calorie and healthy alfredo sauce recipe that her whole family could enjoy. I gladly accepted the challenge and created this recipe.

    I usually dont create dairy-based recipes, but since she asked and my husband could taste-test, I gave it a shot. Since I couldnt eat this sauce , I experimented on my husband and he loved it! You could even make this into a dip by reducing the milk and adding some other spices/seasonings!

    I served this sauce over with sautéed onion and zucchini and Al Fresco Chicken Italian Sausage over whole wheat thin spaghetti and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on top.

    I love the Al Fresco Chicken sausages: I have tried the Italian and the Buffalo style and they both are delicious, have natural ingredients, and are lower in calories and fat than many poultry sausages . Plus, they are more affordable than some of the other natural gourmet sausages out there.

    This sauce is thick and tasty! You can adjust the thickness by adding more milk if you want it a bit thinner. Play around with the spices: you can add some basil, oregano, and thyme if you want more Italian herb flavors.

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    How To Make Healthy Fettuccine Alfredo 4 Ways

    Searching for a way to make Fettuccine Alfredo suitable for all your dietary needs? Look no further! Were making this classic comfort food recipe gluten-free, vegetarian, high protein, dairy-free, and everything in between with easy alfredo sauces, pasta alternatives, cooking methods for a crowd-pleasing healthy fettuccine alfredo! Test them all to find your favorite!

    If youre excited for this recipe, be sure to stay tuned. Weve got a whole week of nourishing pasta recipes coming your way!

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    Skinny Fettuccine Alfredo With Spinach

    Skinny Champagne Alfredo
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    This is the best Skinny Fettuccine Alfredo with spinach pasta ever. How awesome it tastes and how easy it is to make.

    The first time I made this pasta I used brown rice pasta that my husband got at the market and it wasnt that great because the pasta consistency was very pasty, but when I used the whole wheat pasta.oh was heaven on earth.

    If you like fettuccine Alfredo you must try this sauce, no joke, it is superb!

    You can omit the Manchego and blue cheese and just leave the Parmesan cheese. I just like cheese WAY TOO MUCH, either way, it will still be an awesome sauce.

    Anyhow, I hope you try this Alfredo pasta and if you do let me know how you liked it.


    Before and after blending all of the ingredients in the food processor. You can see that I add it some Manchego and blue cheese. Like I said, I love any kind of cheese!! and by the way, you can also use your food blender if you dont have a food processor.

    I made this dish twice within a week. The first time I made the Alfredo sauce I served it with rice brown spaghetti, left picture, which wasnt our favorite but the second time around I used whole wheat linguine and it was way better. Adding frozen spinach to the sauce was just GENIUS 🙂


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    Skinny Scallop Alfredo: Recipe Highlights

    While you can certainly eat this warm, I prefer it chilled. To achieve that, I cook the pasta ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator until Im ready. Honestly cooking the pasta is that hardest part, and that is only because you have to wait for the water to boil. Im sometimes an impatient wench.


    I use frozen bay scallops that I get from PeaPod theyre tiny, bite-sized ones. When youre ready to cook the scallops, the entire process takes less than 10 minutes. Heat up a small amount of oil in a skillet, toss in the scallops and seasoning, then cook for about five minutes. Once they turn a whitish color and are little firmer, theyre probably done. If you overcook them they can get rubbery, so be mindful and remove from the heat when done. Lets be honest, Ill still eat a rubbery scallop, which is better than no scallop at all.


    When mixing the sauce, I use a separate bowl and combine the yogurt, parmesan, basil, milk and the seasonings. Next, I add the pasta and broccoli. Lastly, I add the scallops so as not to tear them up trying to coat everything with the sauce. Its pretty simple. I guess I could have called it the EASY Skinny Scallop Alfredo.

    Heres A Video Showing How To Make Greek Yogurt Alfredo:

    To make the alfredo sauce, you first melt some butter and add minced garlic. Warm it for a few seconds. Add some white wine . Heat it up to a simmer.

    Then remove it from the heat, let it cool a tiny bit and then stir in Greek yogurt, salt, pepper, and shredded Parmesan cheese.

    Put the pan on low heat, stirring until the Parmesan has been incorporated in, but dont let it reach a simmer. Yogurt is finicky at higher temperatures and could easily curdle on you.

    In fact, you should be careful about how you add the finished sauce to your noodles for that very reason. If you drain your noodles and return them to the still very hot cooking pot and then add your Greek yogurt sauce, the heat could cause curdling.

    Instead, drain the noodles and transfer them to a room temperature serving bowl. Stir them around for 30 seconds or so to cool them a bit. Then add the sauce, stir, and serve. Note that if something goes wrong and it does curdle, no worries. Its perfectly safe to eat. And itll still be tasty too, just kind of clumpy as though you added garlicky Parmesan-flavored ricotta to your noodles instead of sauce.


    • 1/4 tsp. coarse black pepper

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    Greek Yogurt Fettuccini Alfredo

    If you are a fan of creamy, tart, Greek yogurt, this high protein, Greek Yogurt Fettuccini Alfredo is for you. Our lighter version of the traditional American trattoria dish is as easy to make… as it is delicious to eat! As rich and creamy tasting as plain Greek yogurt is, even when whole milk it is lower in fat than the usual heavy cream, and beating in the salted pasta water to give it the right consistency, along with the Parmesan adds an amazing amount of extra flavor. Better yet, whip up the sauce while the pasta is cooking adding the cooking water as you go. The sauce will be ready when the pasta is. So easy, so fast, so good!

    • 1 pound whole wheat fettuccini
    • 1½ cups whole milk Greek yogurt
    • 1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan, or to taste
    • 3 tablespoons garlic, minced
    • ¼ cup fresh parsley, chopped
    • 1 teaspoons salt

    *per serving

    Skinny Chicken And Broccoli Alfredo

    Skinny Spinach Artichoke Dip

    Skinny Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo is everything you love about alfredo, but without all the fat and calories!

    The near constant dreariness around here is making me regress slightly and crave comfort foods, like the Skinny Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo I made for dinner tonight.

    Seasoned chicken, steamed broccoli & tender pasta are enveloped in a light-yet-luscious alfredo sauce dreamed up by Courtney at Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life. Love that girls recipes!

    This is the kind of meal that makes you sit back and sigh with satisfaction when youre done. Healthy, filling, and indulgent tasting. Seriously yummy stuff!

    Start by cooking 1/2 box short pasta in salted, boiling water. Dont forget to salt the water with at least a Tablespoon of salt it makes all the flavor difference in the world. Before draining the pasta, reserve about 1/2 cup of the cooking water. Youll use it in a bit.


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    Greek Yogurt Sauce For Light Chicken Alfredo

    Traditionally, this pasta recipe would be made with cream cheese or heavy cream but using Greek Yogurt keeps this recipe light yet delicious.

    I typically use a low-fat plain Greek yogurt for this Light Chicken Alfredo.

    Add 1/2 cup parmesan cheese, soy sauce, and pepper. Stir together then remove from heat.

    Time to add the pre-cooked fettuccine noodles to the sauté pan with the Greek yogurt mixture.

    Then, mix until each noodle is covered with the sauce.

    Toss Alfredo sauce with fettuccini noodles, steamed broccoli, and chicken.

    PRO TIP: To easily steam broccoli, place in a microwave-safe dish with water covering the bottom. Cover. Heat for 5-6 minutes or until broccoli is fork-tender.

    Serve topped with remaining 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese.

    I also love to top this dish with red pepper flakes or cracked black pepper for extra flavor. I admit I wasnt sure how low sodium, low-fat fettuccini recipe with greek yogurt pasta sauce would turn outbut its pretty amazing!

    I hope your family enjoys this Healthy chicken Alfredo with broccoli as much as mine

    Looking for other Greek Yogurt recipes? Here are a few to check out:

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    Ingredients For Greek Yogurt Alfredo Sauce

    Oil for this recipe we are using extra virgin


    Milk we are using skim

    Broth you can use veggie or chicken broth, measurements are the same for both

    Greek Yogurt Our favorite is FAGE Total Plain Greek Yogurt! Be sure you allow some time for it to come to room temperature before using

    Garlic Mince fresh garlic cloves or use store-bought when in a pinch. You can also swap this for garlic powder, as the flavor will be slightly different.

    Cheese Grab some freshly grated Parmesan, the cheesy the better right?

    Spices: Italian seasoning, black pepper, and salt.

    What Makes This Sauce Skinny

    Greek Yogurt Alfredo Sauce

    So what gives this recipe the right to be called skinny?

    Well, instead of using heavy creams and a whole mess of cheeses, I swapped those artery-cloggers with some plain greek yogurt and just 1 cup of shredded parmesan cheese.

    You still get the creaminess but without the guilt.

    It sounds amazing because it is!

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    What Can I Use Instead Of Heavy Cream For Alfredo Sauce

    Instead of heavy cream, today, were using a combination of broth , skim milk , and non fat plain greek yogurt .

    This combination allows us to create a SUPER creamy sauce with just a fraction of the calories.

    I mean. Theres a time and place for the full fat, heavy cream alfredo sauce, because it IS delicious, but spring is literally right around the corner, so something light was a must.

    This Healthy Alfredo Sauce is lightened up with skim milk and your choice of broth , but is kept creamy with the help of non fat plain greek yogurt, and just a teeny tiny touch of parmesan cheese.

    Healthy Alfredo Sauce? Gimme.

    The weather around here Wisconsin is seriously messing with me. One day its 55 and sunny and literally the next day its below freezing and snowing.

    I really dont mind the winter weather for the most part, mainly because there is nothing cuter than watching Teddy romp around in the snow.


    Im ready for some consistency and Im ready for cute dress, flip flop weather. Anyone with me?

    Im also ready I think to move past the stick-to-your-ribs, ultra warm and cozy recipes and move on to the bright, sunny, refreshing recipes. The best part about spring is that you can still have a little of both, right?

    This Healthy Alfredo Sauce is the p.e.r.f.e.c.t. combination.

    Its still warm and cozy, but its totally light.

    Did I mention its easy, too?!

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