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Alex Rodriguez and Slice of Sauce on Shark Tank

On Season 12 of Shark Tank, husband and wife team Cole Williams and Emily Williams of Austin, Texas pitched their flavored sliced condiment business Slice of Sauce. They went into the Tank seeking an investment of $200,000 in exchange for ten percent equity.

After the Shark Tank episode originally aired in January 2021, Slice of Sauce is available for pre-order and exclusively on the companys website. Slice of Sauce explains: We have limited inventory but were working as quickly as we can to get you your Slice.

New episodes of Shark Tank air Fridays at 8 pm on ABC, right before 20/20 at 9 pm.

Competitors Of Slice Of Sauce

When it comes to condiments, there are numerous of them on the market and each one has their own unique selling point. For example, Tabasco sauce is famous for its spiciness, while Heinz sells 57 different varieties of ketchup around the world.

So what makes Slice of Sauce so special? Well, as weve mentioned before, this product isnt your usual bottled sauce, but rather dry sauce sheets that are easy to carry around and dont make a mess.

Another thing that makes this product unique is the fact that it doesnt contain any preservatives or artificial flavors

It also doesnt need to be kept in the fridge, which makes it really convenient. You can just throw a couple of sheets in your purse and take them with you wherever you go.

The couple behind Slice of Sauce has done an amazing job at marketing their product and making it stand out from the crowd. But, even though they have a lot of potential, theyre still a small fish in a big pond and theres always room for improvement.

Swimming With The Sharks

Husband and wife team Cody and Emily Williams appeared on “Shark Tank” with an unusual pitch . The couple not only brought an unusual product, but they also had the unusual caveat of having never sold a single unit! What’s even more surprising is that despite seeming a little green in the sales arena, the Williamses had actually been fending off advances from “Shark Tank” for more than two years. As explained in a Tig Talks interview , they were first invited to apply to the show back in 2018 but felt they weren’t ready.

When the couple appeared on “Shark Tank” Season 12 in January 2021, they still had some hiccups in their production process to work through . These all-natural, clean ingredient condiments were being manually produced at the time of the show. Most significantly, while they’d had great success with fundraising and even had a pending deal with Thrive Market, the couple had yet to sell a single unit, they were still “pre-revenue” at the time of taping.

The couple requested $200,000 for 10% equity. Instead, they accepted a deal from guest investor Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez for a $200,000 loan that would convert to 15% equity if the company hit $1.8 million in sales according to Shark Tank Blog.

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Slice Of Sauce Net Worth 2022 What Happened After Shark Tank

Slice Of Sauce is a company founded by the husband-and-wife team, Cody and Emily Williams. The company sells dehydrated condiments packaged into convenient slices.

They appeared on the 10th episode of the 12th Season of the show, Shark Tank.

The couple pitched their business idea to the possible investors with the hopes of securing a deal of at least $200,000 for 10% equity in the company.

Were they offered this deal? Where are they today? Keep reading to find out!

Was Slice Of Sauce Successful

Slice of Sauce Condiment Slices

The sales had definitely increased after the show, but we dont know by how much. The company isnt very active online, so its hard to say how successful they are.

However, we do know that their product is still available for purchase on their website. For now, you need to contact the company directly to order the sauce, but we think that this might change in the future.

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Slice Of Sauce On Shark Tank

On tonights episode of Shark Tank, a husband and wife from Ausin, Texas, make a pitch for their non-traditional condiment brand Slice of Sauce.


Story continues below

Unlike traditional condiments that can be messy and require squeezing, Slice of Sauce offers all the flavor of a traditional condiment in a convenient slice form.

Available in two flavors Classic Ketchup and Spicy Sriracha each Slice of Sauce pack contains five condiment slices for $5.99.

Emily and Cole face five hungry Sharks in the Tank: Mark Cuban, Kevin OLeary, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran and returning guest Shark Alex Rodriguez.

A Closer Look

  • Heres the Slice of Sauce website.
  • Slice of Sauce is also active on and , and .

Image WDTV

How Slice Of Sauce Came To Be

Cole and Emily Williams had spent some time researching the market before accidentally stumbling upon their dried sheet condiment product in 2016.

Accidentally, you ask?

Well, the idea to start Slice of Sauce began in the Williams home kitchen. Emily was experimenting with her dads barbeque sauce recipe, threw the mix into a dehydrator, and instead of the spice rub she was expecting, she got a slice of barbeque sauce which she disappointedly threw into the trash.

However, her chef husband, Cole, believed they had discovered gold. And after some research, they realized that sliced condiments werent yet a thing in the market, so they founded Slice of Sauce.

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Our Review Of Slice Of Heaven

Slice of Sauce guarantees mess-free eating without compromising on flavor. It also prevents the bread from getting soggy while eating sandwiches and wraps on the go. In 2019, the masterminds behind Slice of Sauce, Emily and Cole Williams, managed to secure a $200,000 investment from former baseball star Alex Rodriguez on Shark Tank.

Slice of Sauce does not intend to supplant a bottle of ketchup totally. Yet, it is an exceptionally helpful, mess-free approach to carry ketchup on travels, while hiking or setting up camp, or for those occasions when you may be stuck having lunch at your desk in the workplace.

The slice comes in four flavors: classic ketchup, Sriracha, Franks Red Hot, and Secret Aardvark . Made from non-GMO fixings, Slice of Sauce is gluten-free and contains no fake flavors, additives, or high-fructose corn syrup. The slices are made by crushing the ingredients sourced locally. The product is, in a real sense, a sheet of ketchup. Utilized as a ketchup substitute, it will rehydrate when set on a protein or something warm, yet not to the extent of dripping.

Additionally, Slice of Sauce lasts for up to one year if stored correctly in the pantry. Refrigeration is not at a requirement. In fact, as this product is specially made to help people travel and have fun while enjoying delicacies, it can be stored anywhere at room temperature without any trouble, unlike most condiments.

Everything About Slice Of Sauce Condiments As Seen On Shark Tank Products

Slice of Sauce Review – its a slice of ketchup – Seen on Shark Tank

We all love our share of ketchup. May it be on burgers, paninis or fries everyone has their own taste. Ketchup is one of the most loved condiments across the glove mainly because the taste amps up the food. The combination of bread, tomato, lettuce, pickles, patty and ketchup is heavenly and makes your mouth water at the sound of it. But the problem arises when the ketchup spills out and falls all over your clothes.

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How Was The Slice Of Sauce Idea Born

Emily Williams, the co-founder, and CEO of Slice of Sauce comes from a hospitality background.

Her father is a restauranteur in Michigan. While helping him braise vegetables for a barbecue sauce one day, her attention was drawn to a handful of unused yet rich in nutrients parts of vegetables.

She immediately mix them, ground them, and dried them to see what will happen. Something amazing happened and she developed a concentrated sheet of spices and flavor to use with other dishes.

Thus the idea for the Slice of Sauce company was born.

Bubblyblaster Bags Two Sharks

Stason Strong and Brad Hall came to the Shark Tank to showcase their signature product BubblyBlaster. This specially designed product fits snuggling on top of a champagne bottle and turns the bottle into a champagne blaster that helps to make celebrations just a bit sweeter. The BubblyBlaster allows those who enjoy celebrating with champagne to be able to get more out of each bottle and make less mess at shaking is not neccessary to turn a bottle into a champagne cannon. Seeking $120,000 in exchange for 20% equity, Stason and Brad are hoping to partner with a Shark who can help them break into new markets with their product.

Does this product have you feeling bubbly inside? #SharkTank

Shark Tank

Confident that they can help both with inventory and marketing, two of BubblyBlasters weak areas, Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez decided to partner together to invest in BubblyBlaster. Excited by the prospect of breaking into the athletic market, Stason and Brad accepted their offer to invest $180,000 in exchange for 30% equity.

What did you think of the businesses on this episode of Shark Tank? If you were a Shark, which of these businesses would you have invested in? Were there any investments made in this episode that you felt could be a poor investment or problematic for the Shark in the future? Start the dialog in the comments below!

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Is Slice Of Sauce Still In Business

Although no official reports or statements can be found on whether Slice of Sauce is closed or not, the companys status has been quite blurry recently. As of late 2021, there have been no updates regarding the product and no order facility.

The companys website is still not accepting orders, and its social media platform has been inactive since 2021. On the bright side, the website does display that Slice of Sauce is coming to a grocery store near you.

But, with no updates and statements, the company might be on the verge of closing off.

Franks Redhot Soon Will Come In Slice Form Thanks To Shark Tank Collab

Slice of Sauce Condiment Slices

Slice of Sauce already has multiple flavors available for pre-order.

Fire up Fatherâs Day with homemade hot sauce

A new no-mess condiment could be a home run for hot sauce fans.

Slice of Sauce has plans to team up with Frankâs Red Hot to combine zesty flavors with an innovative new product.

Husband and wife co-founders Cole and Emily Williams told âGood Morning Americaâ that âitâs a sandwich game changer.â

The pair recently appeared on ABCâs âShark Tankâ and received a $200,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in their business from guest shark and former MLB star-turned-investor, Alex Rodriguez.

The one-of-a-kind pre-sliced and portioned condiment offers a simple approach to adding bold flavor without resulting in a soggy bun.

âSlice of Sauce and Frankâs RedHot is a dynamite combo and we are thrilled about the partnership,â the Williamsâ said. âItâs the perfect layering of new and nostalgia, taking the famous bold buffalo flavor people know and love from Frankâs but now in a convenient sliced form.â

Their product is currently fulfilling pre-orders since the âShark Tankâ debut earlier this month for its Classic Ketchup and Spicy Sriracha as well as special collabs with Franks RedHot Original Cayenne and Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce.

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The Slice Is Created By Dehydrating Sauces

In order to create a Slice of Sauce, the company takes tomatoes and fewer than 10 other ingredients in order to create the flavor for the slices. According to the website, they use careful dehydration and some special dance moves to create the condiment slice.

The product is also completely allergen-free. The process of creating the slice does not use wheat/gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish or shellfish.

The slice of sauce never drips, so it will not get messy like normal sauce might.

The Slices Do Not Need To Be Refrigerated

According to the company website, there are a number of reasons that the slices could be the sauce of choice for a consumer.

The website says they have big flavor, no mess, no high fructose corn syrup, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and needs no refrigeration. At the time of writing, the slices can be pre-ordered and cost $5.99 for eight slices.

Tune in to Shark Tank to see if the Sharks bite on the offer to join in on Slice of Sauce.

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What Is A Slice Of Sauce

Slice of Sauce is a food and beverage services startup based in Austin, Texas, United States, founded in 2016 by both husband and wife.

A slice of Sauce is a traditional bottled condiment served with mess-free slices. This product is Non-GMO, no HFCS, no preservatives, Vegan, and Gluten-Free so that there is no problem related to health issues.

It delivers flavor-packed solutions to soggy sandwiches, and its tasty, fresh, and clean. The taste rises with burgers, wraps, tacos, and more.

A slice of sauce was accidentally made in the kitchen through a natural method. Natural ingredients and Vegetables have been used in making this.

Its one pack contains 8 pieces and it gives happiness to the people. If you are vegan then this could be perfect for you.

A slice of Sauce is a type of sauce that is completely different from other sauces it looks like bread but its taste is like sauce.

There is no spot-related problem in taking the slice of sauce during travel or office time as it is not like liquid.

The shelf life of this product is 12 months which is a very good thing and people can buy it for food in Bulkas.

Slice Of Sauce: Shark Tank Update

These 3 Pitches Will Make You HUNGRY | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

Slice of Sauce- what is it? Slice of Sauce is famous for its ketchup and Sauce Slices. Slice of Sauce transforms traditional condiments into sandwiches, burgers, and wraps slices. With the help of these ingredients, these slices add the best flavors to ensure to give a consistent taste in every bite of it.

The slice of Sauce is shelf-stable and doesnt require any refrigeration. With the help of this, it managed to secure and maintain business relationships with a few major brands. Also, to increase the business and its growth, Slice of Sauce appeared on Shark Tank America for an investment.

Slice of sauce at a Glance:-

Idea Dehydrated condiments packaged into convenient slices
Founders Cole Williams and Emily Williams
Asked For
$200,000 as debt which converts to 20% equity when 1.8 million in sales is reached

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Slice Of Sauce Before Shark Tank

Both the founders did a lot of research in the market before starting the Slice of Sauce company, their product became accidental.

The founder had to do a lot of research to get his product in the market but he could not find any product like his product.

The founder ran a Kickstarter campaign in 2018 under the name of the creator Bos Fine Foods and raised $30,000 in funds in 4 days.

The founder had invested $120,000 in this startup at the initial time and then raised $500,000 from Fundraise.

Had invested $300,000 in Friend & Family round convertible note with $3 million caps followed by $100,000 investment from Techstars. Together, they are valued at $5 million, but the founder stated a $2 million valuation with a discount.

Slice Of Sauce Secures Shark Tank Investment To Bring Mess

Related tags:condiments,

The exchange for a 15% stake in the company for the funds is higher than the duos original pitch of $200,000 for 10%, and is a bit of a double-edged sword as a convertible note that will convert to equity only if the company hits $1.8m in online sales otherwise it will stay as debt against the business.

Despite the offers contingencies and that it was more dilutive than the Williams opening ask, Emily Williams said on the show that she has no regrets. She added to FoodNavigator-USA that the deal was great, and she and Cole are eager to work with Rodriguez, who she described as kind, really excited about the product, and having lit up when he heard their pitch.

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Who Owns Slice Of Sauce

Slice of Sauce is owned by Texas-based husband and wife duo Cole Williams and Emily Williams, who both enjoyed careers in the health sector before starting this venture.

Emily Williams holds a Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University and a Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Pre-Medical Studies. Her co-founder and husband, Cole Williams, is qualified in the fields of health, wellness, fitness, and private culinary arts. The husband-and-wife team both appeared on Shark Tank in their capacity as the sliced condiment companys founders in 2021.

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