Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce

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What About Widely Available Brands

Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce

What about the brands you’ll find in most grocery stores? Hershey’s narrowly edged out Smucker’s, though both fell near the bottom of the pack. Both were called “sweet” and “fake tasting” on Hershey’s, the key word was “Tootsie Roll.” But a few tasters conceded that “this is pretty okay, in a too-sweet way.” Smucker’s ran into more textural issues, called “thick and sticky” and “plastic-like.”

Trader Joe’s, though not a particularly high scorer either, did better than both Hershey’s and Smucker’s. Though once again “too sweet,” and “gloppy in a strange puddinglike way,” many tasters felt it had a “genuine chocolate flavor” that the other two lacked.

Cant I Just Buy Some At The Store

This quick hot fudge sauce is ready in just a few minutes. It is the second best fudge sauce recipe!

Well, yes, you could. And Im sure you can find one you really like.

However, I encourage you to make your own. If you dont have time to boil a big old pot of ingredients on the stove for a long time, you can just make some ganache.

I also recommend trying my Quick Hot Fudge Sauce Recipe that takes a couple of shortcuts to get to long-cooked flavor in way less time.

You could also try this great quickie version from my friend Chris. Its an excellent blender hot fudge sauce, so it comes together super fast.

And if you want to go really old school, make some chocolate syrup. I swear it is So Good either on ice cream or in chocolate milk.

This is the fourth recipe I have tried for hot fudge sauce, trying to find the exact right one. This is it! Thank you so much for sharing it! I tried the quick, easy just a few ingredients ones first, because wouldnt it be nice if they were wonderful? But they werent! This is absolute perfection! I made a half recipe, and had a 2 cup glass container. Too bad there was a bit left over after I filled the jar. Just had to lick the bowl! Yummmmm! Whatever will I do with the also rans?


I store the sauce in these canning jars, but I dont process the jars to make the sauce shelf-stable. If you give this sauce as a gift, tell folks it will last a couple of weeks in the refrigerator.

How Much Should I Spend On A Fudge Sauce

Ideally, a fudge sauce is going to live with you for years. Paying more for your product will reward you every time you fast open the lid with increased your speed, better quality accuracy and a sweet view. Again, the average cost of a new fudge sauce is between $$ and $$$. Sure, you get out on some luxury features.

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Best Hot Fudge Recipe

This easy Hot Fudge recipe makes rich, smooth, fudgy, decadent hot fudge sauce in just minutes! Take your ice cream game to the next level with this homemade hot fudge and youll never buy store bought again! So much better!

Planning an ice cream party? Make sure to check out my No Churn Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel Sauce and Strawberry Sauce too!

Three years ago I made probably 20 batches of hot fudge sauce over the course of the summer tweaking the recipe each time until it was absolute perfection. And then I never shared it with you

Here it is today! This hot fudge recipe is my go-to for hot fudge sundaes, ice cream bars, ice cream cakes and any other dessert that needs this decadent, fudgy, rich chocolate sauce to take it to the next level. It really is the best hot fudge Ive ever had!

Why Is There Alcohol In This Ice Cream Sauce

Must get one of these while in town! Sundaes Best Hot ...

Even just a bit of alcohol, whether it be rum or Kahlua or Godiva chocolate or whatever, brings out the alcohol soluble flavors that would otherwise remain locked away.

The entire recipe, and it makes just over a quart, uses only 2 Tablespoons of alcohol. You cant taste it, but you would miss it were it not there.

Thank you so much for this recipeI made a batch and LOVE it!

I **think** that I undercooked the dairy mixtureI was afraid of scorching itI will bravely let it go another few shades darker next time in order to get the chewy factor. I also made bomb hot chocolate using it!

Reader Tangela

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A Note About Measurements

NOTE: Most of my recipes are written by weight and not volume, even the liquids. Even though I try to provide you with volume measurements as well, I encourage you to buy a kitchen scale for ease of measuring, accuracy, and consistency.

This is the scale I use, love, and recommend:

Reviews really help sell the recipe, and negative reviews help me tune into what people really want to have explained better, so any ratings and reviews are helpful!Also feel free to tag me on Instagram at with #pcorecipe so I can find your creation. Thank you!

Hershey’s Hot Fudge Topping 128 Oz

The hot fudge sauce will become too thick to spoon out after refrigeration, so you should place the jar or glass storage dish in a bowl of hot water until enough melts to pour out. If the simplicity cannot induce you to make this dessert your next chocolate indulgence, then the sigh-of-contentment chocolate flavor should.

Smuckers® Hot Fudge Spoonable Ice Cream Topping is rich enough to be called fudge, and smooth enough to be spoonable. Buy Now Hot Fudge Smuckers 051500000489

Looking for a particular Smucker’s product? Simply enter the information below, and we’ll find stores. close to you that carry it. We kindly suggest contacting your local retailer to see if they have the product in stock before making a special trip.

For an extra decadent treat, indulge in the home made hot fudge or bring home a specialty ice cream cake. Americas Best & Top 10, 2014

Peppermint Hot Fudge Sauce ~December is not exactly prime ice cream season, but it is with this sauce in the fridge. The first year I gave this out my friends, equally in love with the sauce as I was, reportedly dispatched husbands to the store for their favorite brands of vanilla.

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The Best Old Fashioned Hot Fudge Sauce In The World

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Ice cream sauce fans, get ready to wow your family, your guests, and even yourself with this old fashionedhot fudge sauce recipe in all the land. This deeply flavorful dessert sauce is the same sauce I made in huge quantities at both fine dining restaurants I worked in. Its the kind of sauce that solidifies into chewy goodness in the fridge and melts to pourable perfection when warmed.Hands down my favorite and the best hot fudge sauce recipe for pretty much any of my ice cream recipes, but might I suggest chocolate caramel ice cream or caramel vanilla ice cream?It is seriously the best Ive ever hadnot kidding! Plus you can vary the flavor to suit your taste, too. Enjoy!For ease of browsing, here are all of my dessert sauces. Thanks for stopping by!

Lots of dairy and chocolate all cooked together yield the most delicious and rich hot fudge sauce!

Why The Others Scored Lower

Brownie Sundae’s with Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce

Chocolate fudgean inherently tasty thing, right? Sure, but when it’s in a jar, all sorts of things can go wrong. We found widespread problems in both texture and taste. Many were too oily or separated immediately some were too thick others were thin and runny. A Goldilocks situationyou want it to be just right. Taste-wise? Many had distinctly off flavorsfrom this group, our tasters reported “Band-Aids!”, “barbecue,””burnt coffee,” and “Is this what a cockroach tastes like?” Some didn’t taste like chocolate at all , and some were so sweet as to be off-putting. (“Tootsie roll,””chocolate frosting,” and “Swiss Miss hot chocolate” were often heard.

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How Can I Vary This Recipe

This sauce can be flavored in many ways. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Add a bit of orange zest and/or cinnamon to the boil
  • Switch out the rum for orange liqueur.
  • Use your favorite alcohola liquor or liqueur.
  • Add some peppermint extract.
  • Whisk in powdered freeze-dried raspberries or other freeze-dried fruits.
  • Add some heat in the form of chipotle pepper or smoked hot paprika

Play with this sauce and make it your own.

When you want to relive your visits to the soda fountain where the fudge sauce was thick and rich and tasted of fudge and not brown, then please make it according to the original recipe which calls for light rum and vanilla.

Herrell’s Hot Fudge Original

“Okaythis is hot fudge,” wrote one taster who’d already been through quite a few others. Herrell’s Hot Fudge, from Herrell’s Ice Cream out of Northampton, Mass., was our blowout winneroutscoring the second-place fudge by more than one and a half points. It was called “nicely balanced, fudgy and buttery,” with a “smooth texture and good thickness” it “hardened up just a little” atop ice cream but “remained creamy, just a little chewy and nice.”

“I would buy this!” wrote one taster, and a number agreed.

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Original Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce

The cornerstone of our company stems from a 50+ year old family recipe that combines premium, mouth-watering semi-sweet chocolate, with the highest quality cocoa, pure cane sugar, award-winning NY State Stewarts® milk and sweet Cabot ® butter. Sundaes Best Original Hot Fudge sauce is creamy, smooth and delicious . almost indescribable! Just grab a spoon and dig in! We named it Sundaes Best as a play on words with dressed in Sunday Best clothes that Katie & her Grandma Marge were dressed in for church.

These two chocolate lovers would regularly venture out for a hot fudge sundae dressed in their Sunday Best! And, after one bite we hope youll makes every sundae best! Serving Suggestion: Classic Hot Fudge Sundae using premium vanilla ice cream, Sundaes Best original Hot Fudgde Sauce, sprinkled with walnuts, loaded with fresh whipped cream and dont forget the Maraschino cherry to top it off Really go for the gusto and add a fresh baked brownie for a brownie ala mode out of this world!

Available in our Little Diggers size as a 3-pack or in a 15 ounce jar.Our favorite way to enjoy it..Straight up on a spoon! Have some today!

Tips On Making Hot Fudge Sundae

Sundaes Best

A perfectly cooked hot fudge is thick but should still melt in the mouth. If it is overcooked by even just a little, it becomes extremely sticky. So, here are the best tips on how to cook hot fudge perfectly, plus techniques on making the best sundae experience.

  • Keep the heat low. Do not even let the mixture boil. Cream, sugar, and chocolate, are three ingredients that are sensitive to heat and can easily burn.
  • Do not overcook. You might be tempted to cook it longer than required if it appears thin. But dont worry, the chocolate fudge will thicken as it cools. Once it hits the cold ice cream, itll firm up and become nice and gooey.
  • Keep the ice cream cold until the last minute before you serve it. If youve got extra time on your hands, you can scoop them out the night before. Lay the ice cream balls on parchment paper lined baking sheet and freeze them. This way, they wont melt so easily once the hot fudge is poured over.
  • Have fun with the toppings! You can top your sundae with crushed oreos, caramel chips, butterscotch chips, sprinkles, banana slices, nuts, and even granola, for instance. Or, you can stick to the classic whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherries.

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Fudge Fatale: The Ultimate Chocolate Sauce

“Generic chocolate” seemed to be the consensus of our tasters”not too dark,””like melted Hershey’s kisses,””like weak cocoa powder.” Still, it had a texture that many tasters preferred to all the others, called “deliciously smooth” “it thickened nicely on the ice cream,” one wrote, “which I love.”

Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce Factory Open Houses

Sundaes Best Hot FudgeSauce will host an open house and pop-up shop at their manufacturing facility on Dec. 4, 5, and 18, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Celebrating 20 years in business, owner Katie Camarro and friends will be on hand with product displays and gift ideas for everyone on your

Saratoga TODAY

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Nothing Compares To A Hot Fudge Sundae Especially When The Hot Fudge Sauce Is Homemade And So Rich Thick And Velvety Youll Love This Easy Recipe

Hi again! Its me, with another awesome addition to your recipe collection.

Hot fudge sauce!

There is something you should know about me. Confession time: I can be pretty boring when it comes to ordering desserts, especially in the summertime. Sure, I whip up all kinds of unique creations for the website. But on hot summer nights, when we go out for ice cream, Im nothing but a one-trick pony. I almost always get the same thing, every time.

Hot fudge sundae, man. I cannot resist.

There is just something about the contrast of cold against hot, sweet against rich, vanilla against chocolate. Im completely powerless against the charms of a hot fudge sundae.

So when I posted that amazing no-churn vanilla ice cream last week? I had an ulterior motive all along. It was really all about the hot fudge sauce.

Can you blame me? Just look at how well they go together. These two were meant to be!

As you can see in the video below, its dangerously simple to make.

Just a handful of pantry staples, simmered and stirred together, yield a tall jar of magnificently thick, rich hot fudge sauce. Itll keep for weeks in the fridge, just microwave it, 20 seconds at a time to bring it back to velvety-warm life.

It makes a great gift too! I know its early yet, but I always like to make mental note of those kinds of treats that can be tucked into Christmas stockings a few months down the line.

More great summer recipes on my !

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Best Fudge Sauce Reviews In 2021

Sundae with Espresso Hot Fudge Sauce
  • One 10 ounce jar of original hot fudge
  • See nutrition facts panel for allergens
  • You will receive Jar of Coop’s Hot Fudge and Jar of Coop’s Salted Caramel
  • Try it as a topping on your favorite ice cream, brownies, pies or cake
  • Each batch is hand made in Massachusetts
  • Coop’s Salted Caramel is a 2015 Sofi* gold winning product
  • Absolutely no Gluten, GMOs, Preservatives, Corn Syrup, or Artificial Flavors
  • Ghirardelli Hot Fudge Milk Chocolate 23 Ounce Squeeze Bottle
  • Bold chocolate brownie notes come together with hints of salt and a delicate creamy caramel finish
  • Made with real milk chocolate
  • Custom-made to easily fit into your bottle warmers
  • Allows greater control for plate-scraping desserts, drink topping, and decorating
  • No hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrup allowed in any food
  • No bleached or bromated flour
  • No synthetic nitrates or nitrites
  • Contains 6- 11.75 Ounce Jar of Smucker’s Hot Fudge Topping
  • Rich and smooth hot fudge topping
  • Fudge flavored topping in a convenient spoonable jar
  • Perfect for an ice cream sundae or your favorite snack
  • Perfect for an ice cream sundae or your favorite snack

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Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce Factory Open House

    GANSEVOORT Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce will host an open house and pop-up shop at their manufacturing facility on Saturday, Nov. 20 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Celebrating 20 years in business, owner Katie Camarro and friends will be on hand with product displays and gift ideas for everyone on your list.

    Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce kitchen is located in Gansevoort at 23 Northern Pines Rd, 1st floor, Bldg. 2, across from Saratoga Restaurant Supply. For more information visit or call 518-584-4036

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The Only Hot Fudge Recipe You’ll Ever Need

If you ever thought that the best hot fudge you could get at home was the kind that squirts out of a bottle, we’d just like to say welcome. Welcome to the first day of your real ice cream sundae life. We have found a hot fudge recipe for you that’s so simple, so good, so chocolatey, you will never resort to the squirt bottle kind again. Today, with this recipe in hand, your desserts just got a whole lot sweeter.

While you can make a decent sundae with store-bought hot fudge, it pales in comparison to one that’s homemade. Homemade hot fudge, like the recipe we have for you below, is made with real chocolate. And to make that chocolate even richer, cocoa powder is added to the mix. Plus, there’s butter. Butter makes everything better.

Equipped with this rich, chocolatey hot fudge sauce you’re going to be eating real ice cream sundaes from here on out. That’s good news. And we have even better news. You can make a big batch of this chocolate sauce and store it in the fridge. It’ll keep for a couple of months, and just needs to be reheated on the stove — or even more quickly in the microwave — when the craving should strike. It’s as easy as popping the cap off a bottle, but a whole lot more rewarding. Take another look at this hot fudge to really understand what we mean.

See what it does for a sundae? Now, go make this decadently rich hot fudge recipe by Brown Eyed Baker — it’s the only one your sundae will ever need.

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