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Copycat Salt Lick Bbq Sauce

Trying The Salt Lick’s Bottled BBQ Sauces
Salt LickLaurens Spicy Recipe Bar-B- Que Sauce

  • 1 cup finished sweet and sour dressing
  • 1/3 cup prepared mustard
  • 1 Tbs Vizcaya brand Habanero sauce
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • ½ tsp black pepper
  • ½ tsp cumin
  • ½ tsp Chinese 5 spice
  • 1 Tbs Honey
  • 1 Tbs brown sugar

Place sweet and sour dressing, mustard, Worcestershire, and all spices in pan and simmer over medium-low heat for 10 minutes.Take off of heat and add 1 Tbs of honey, 1 Tbs brown sugar, and 1 Tbs Habanero sauce. Stir until well incorporated.Cool to room temperature then store in a squeeze bottle or any other container in the fridge. Bring to room temperature before use.Sweet and sour dressing

  • ½ cup apple cider vinegar
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 6 oz Dole 100% pineapple juice
  • ¼ tsp ginger

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How Does Salt Licks Spicy Bbq Sauce Taste

I tried this sauce on some chicken and some pork and was completely underwhelmed.

This sauce has a strong mustard base that is slightly sweet and not spicy at all. Come on, this is a sauce out of Texas that calls itself Spicy? What a joke.

On a positive note, if you simply look at this sauce as a thin coating mustard sauce it is not bad, unlike Kinders Zero Sugar Jalapeno sauce which is inedible.

If I wanted a sweet mustard sauce from Salt Lick then I would go with their Honey Pecan which is much healthier.

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Six Treats To Enjoy With Saltlick Bbq Sauce

Let me open up my salt lick cookbook for you and recall all the spicy dishes I made using this super delicious sauce. As far as I remember, there was a time when every other BBQ dish of mine used some amount of salt lick sauce. Thats how crazy I was for its fine taste. But then I restricted the use to only the recipes where it paired best. Here are a dishes that you will enjoy grilling with the salt lick sauce.

1. Pork chops: Even when you are not using other spices and seasonings, using this sauce to flavor your chops is enough to spark your taste buds. What I usually do is make a marinade using this sauce, salt, and some pepper. Then I rub the chops thoroughly with this mixture and let it marinate for 30 minutes in a covered bowl.

After complete marination, I either grill them on the gas grill or charcoal grill whenever we BBQ outside, or I simply bake the chops in the oven. It tastes so amazing that my mouth just started watering while writing about it. I then serve these pork chops with extra salt lick BBQ sauce for dipping.

2. Baby Ribs: Well, it doesnt always have to be baby ribs. Pork or beef ribs of any form can go with the sauce. Along with the salt lick sauce, I add lemon juice, salt, pepper, a little bit of red wine and a pinch of brown sugar to prepare the marinade. Then I dip the ribs in this marinade for better absorption. Sometimes I also add minced garlic to the marinade.

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The Top 50 Texas Bbq Joints

By Dan Goodgame

Dont believe me? Then perhaps youll believe Evan LeRoy, of Austins LeRoy and Lewis . I dont like Salt Licks barbecue sauce, he told me. I love Salt Licks barbecue sauce. The sweet, mustardy concoction bottled by the legendary Driftwood joint was developed from a Southern-leaning family recipe and Texafied with cayenne pepper and other spices. The way it glazes a beef rib is deeply seductive.

Thankfully, more pitmasters are drawing inspiration from the Salt Lick. In Austin, miso, serrano, and lime join forces to brighten the burnt ends at Kemuri Tatsu-ya. In Cleburne, Bare Barbecues Firebox sandwich will have you questioning why it took so long to couple oak-scented brisket with herbaceous chimichurri. And you can thank jalapeño for the bite of the sauce on Slow Bones Texas Nail sandwich, in Dallas. LeRoy and Lewiss signature sauce is ketchup-based, but beet juice and mustard give it a unique earthiness.

Mustard-based sauces are showing up all over Texas. The whole-grain iteration at Houstons Truth Barbeque has become my go-to condiment for just about everything at home. A sweeter version at San Antonios Smoke Shack BBQ is just as addictive. At Doziers BBQ, in Fulshear, the mustard sauce hovers at the acidic end of the spectrum, which works well with the juicy sausages. And over in Houston, at Gatlins BBQ, mustard is the key to a sauce that makes the chicken wings sing.

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Austin Texas And Salt Lick Bbq Sauce

Hello everyone,

So with BBQ season comes BBQ sauces, and everyone always seems to have their favourite. For many, it might be the classic Bulls Eye. For my family, we often take advantage of the 2-pack of Cattleboys at Costco, a great all around sauce. John and I have always enjoyed trying different BBQ sauces from different places. We always end up buying a few sauces wherever we travel California, B.C., Utah there seem to be BBQ sauces everywhere! My brother was kind enough to bring me a BBQ sauce a while back from a small BBQ joint in Natchez, Mississippi which was quite the treat!

When John and I traveled to Texas last March, we hoped we would discover some fantastic BBQ sauces. In our minds anyways, Texas is synonymous with BBQ, so we were excited to see what Texas had to offer.

Now back to the topic of BBQ sauce. John and I immediately loved the Salt Lick BBQ sauce. What was unique about this sauce is that it was a mustard based BBQ sauce as opposed to the tomato based BBQ sauce that we are accustomed to. We happily returned home with bottles of the stuff. As we quickly realized that we couldnt live without our precious Salt Lick mustard based BBQ sauce, John went in search of a solution.

The attached version is my adapted version, for both a single serving and a batch for canning. It also incorporates some of the modifications that John and I made as we created our sauce.

Bon appetit,

Directions for dressing:

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Smoked Pork Ribs + Salt Lick Bbq Sauce

Since visiting Austin last year, Ive been haunted with memories of The Salt Lick. We witnessed the infamous lines and made the right decision to place an order to go and skipped the hour-plus wait to be seated. My only regret about the visit was not bringing back a bottle of their BBQ sauce to enjoy at home, and since then Ive been attempting to recreate it.

Smoking pork ribs at home has been no problem with my stovetop indoor smoker. When at a BBQ restaurant, I refuse to order ribs when its much more cost efficient to make it at home. I rub the ribs with a seasoning before cooking and its ready to go. But replicating the BBQ sauce was different. I only knew that Salt Licks BBQ sauce was yellow due to the primary ingredient being mustard.

Ive played around with the recipe, substituting the amounts of brown sugar and sometimes replacing it with molasses. For an added kick, half of the vinegar can be replaced with beer. And the cheaper the beer, the better.

This recipe works best of made at least a day in advance to let the flavors meld.

Reviews From Amazon Customers

I wanted to see what other people thought about this sauce so I checked out the customer reviews on Amazon. There were only 15 reviews for this sauce on Amazon as of November, 2021 so it is far from being a robust data set.

The takeaway from this limited data set is that people are split on whether this is a good sauce or not.

Some of the Positive comments left by Amazon customers include:

  • Love this barbecue sauce. Really not spicy but interesting complex flavors, mustardy and not sweet or gloppy at all.
  • I put the stuff on everything, a little bit high in calories but worth it!

Many of the negative comments were about bottles arriving broken but there were some negative comments about the sauce itself which are given below.

  • Be warned it is not typical BBQ sauce! It is soybean oil based high fat slime that contains 14 grams fat per two tablespoons!
  • I have an original bottle from the Actual Spot in Driftwood, TX. NOT THE SAME SAUCE AT ALL. I mean it is sold as so, but this one is much sweeter, not spicy, and leaning towards a stronger honey mustard flavor.

Between both the positive and negative comments there appears to be agreement that this is a high calorie, slightly sweet mustard sauce that is absolutely not spicy.

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Classic Salt Lick Bbq Sauce Recipe

Who else is a big fan of classic Salt Lick BBQ sauce? My hand is certainly raised high in the air. Among all the BBQ sauces I have ever used, salt lick comes closest to my ideal flavor experience.

The sauce has a rich and creamy texture with a sweet and sour taste. It complements the glaze of the meat super nicely. Right after salt lick BBQ sauce came out in stores, everyone wanted to get their hands on it. However, barbeque sauce made at home is what we all desire, especially health freaks like me. So, I ventured to find a recipe for myself, and luckily I found a perfect one which is free from all the preservatives used in regularly manufactured salt lick sauce.

Back in 1967 The Salt Lick began its legacy of offering the finest delicacy in Texas, the salt lick BBQ. The barbeque chain set started a new endeavor of making BBQ sauces in Texas and became popular everywhere. Saltlick barbeque sauce from this food chain became more popular of all the salt lick recipes.

The chain offers a number of meals made out of this special sauce, ranging from briskets to ribs to pulled meat. The ready-to-go barbeque sauces from the chain are available in both the regular and spicy versions.

Where Tradition Meets Perfection

The Salt Lick Original BBQ Sauce 12oz

The Salt Lick BBQ had humble beginnings, starting with just a homemade pit, hungry neighbors, and a passion for delicious southern cooking. Now a top U.S. barbeque restaurant, The Salt Lick BBQ owes its success to a history of dedicated pitmasters and meticulous recipes that have stood the test of time. Whether you prefer their classic original BBQ sauce recipe or its spicy, habanero variation, our three BBQ sauce infused chocolate truffles capture the tradition that built The Salt Lick BBQ.

Hailing from the Texas Hill Country, The Salt Licks BBQ sauces are inspired by fundamental Texas flavors and spices. Our Original BBQ sauce chocolate truffle blends milk chocolate with their classic sauce, balancing flavors of mustard, vinegar, sugar, and a little spice. Adding chipotle peppers to the original recipe, our Chipotle BBQ sauce chocolate truffle stays true to tradition, with a hint of smokiness in dark chocolate that sends your tastebuds right to the barbeque pit. For those who crave some heat, our Spicy BBQ sauce chocolate truffle is infused with habanero peppers, adding that extra kick to your plate of delicious smoked meats.

Dig in and satisfy your barbeque cravings with our Salt Lick BBQ sauce collection.

This barbeque sauce infused 9 piece chocolate truffle collection includes:

  • 3 Original BBQ sauce truffles
  • 3 Chipotle BBQ sauce truffles
  • 3 Spicy BBQ sauce truffles

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Salt Lick Rub And Bbq Sauce


Salt Lick Barbecue in Driftwood, Texas, knows its stuff! The Original Dry Rub for BBQ Pit & Grill is a perfect blend of salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper and spices. Rub some of this seasoning into the dry meat and let stand before cooking. Yum!

The original, secret-recipe sauce has its roots in South Carolina and Georgia, but was Texafied by adding local ingredients such as cayenne pepper and more. The mustard base and a sugar content allow for perfect caramelization. Use for smoking, grilling, as a salad dressing, a dipping sauce just about anything! Made famous at the Salt Lick Restaurant in Driftwood, Texas. 12 oz.

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