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Mcdonald’s Big Mac Sauce Isn’t Actually A Thousand Island Copycat

How To Make Big Mac Sauce

For a long time, many consumers of the McDonald’s Big Mac thought its Special Sauce was a knock-off of good old Thousand Island, a tangy dressing made with mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, and onions .

According to McDonald’s ingredients list, though, the sauce isn’t the same as the popular dressing because it doesn’t contain any ketchup or any tomatoes at all, for that matter. The pink hue of the sauce likely comes from the addition of turmeric, paprika, and caramel color. Some copycat recipes stay true to this, adding paprika to give the sauce its characteristic color. Others add in a touch of sugar to mimic ketchup’s sweetness, or include French dressing . All the recipes seem to use mayonnaise and pickle relish, though, so at least we can all agree on one thing.

Copycat Mcdonalds Big Mac Sauce Ingredients

This sauce recipe can be made in a cinch! Just mix well and sauce up your meal. You will need:

Wet ingredients: mayonnaise, creamy French dressing, and sweet pickle relish.

Dry ingredients: sugar, paprika, garlic powder, and turmeric.

*For a detailed list of ingredients and measurements, please reference the recipe card down below.

Can You Buy A Bottle Of Big Mac Sauce

Unfortunately, you cannot regularly buy a bottle of Big Mac sauce because stores do not sell it in the United States.

But if you live in Canada, you can purchase Big Mac sauce in McDonalds locations.

In 2017, McDonalds ran a promotion where it released 10,000 bottles in restaurant locations outside the United States, and people resold those bottles on eBay for $1,000!

Additionally, Walmart sells a bottle of Great Value Secret Sauce similar to Big Mac sauce, and people claim its almost identical to McDonalds secret sauce.

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How To Make Big Mac Sauce From Scratch

hereWant a different consistency?

  • Thicker: Decrease the mayo and add some additional sour cream.
  • Thinner: Leave out the sour cream entirely.

Kitchen Tools You Will Need

  • Mixing Bowl – I like to have a variety of sizes on hand, and this set has them all.
  • Whisk – These have held up for over 10 years and are still as good as the day I bought them.
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons – Seasoned cooks may try to eyeball the amounts, but I recommend using the proper tools or it wont taste quite right.

Is There Tomato Sauce On A Big Mac

What is Big Mac sauce made of? Inside McDonald

Big Macs do not include tomato sauce by default. Instead, it includes Big Mac Sauce, dill pickle slices, and onions for seasoning.

That being said, there is nothing stopping you from getting a few sachets of tomato sauce, or asking an employee behind the counter for some and adding it yourself.

In fact, tomato sauce/ketchup does work very well in a Big Mac, and in addition to the Big Mac sauce that comes as standard.

At the same time, if you want to have ketchup instead of Big Mac sauce, you can always ask for this change when you place your order.

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The Birth Of The Big Mac

The Big Mac was first cooked back in 1967 by a franchisee in Pittsburgh named Jim Delligatti. At first, he only served the creation at his restaurants, but the burgers popularity quickly grew.

Within a year, the Big Mac began popping up on McDonalds menu boards across the region and then the country.

In the early days, the Big Mac sauce recipe varied amongst different parts of the US, and it wasnt until 1972 that McDonalds standardized the recipe.

Two years later, the famous jingle was first released, and the rest is the stuff of fast-food legend.

We Made Our Own Homemade Mcdonald’s And Yep Our Diy Big Mac Is Epic

Get ready to be blown away by your very own Big Mac Burger making skills.

It is no secret that here at Delish UK headquarters, we’re kinda obsessed with McDonald’s, so we’re 100% missing our Maccy’s fix while the fast-food chain is currently closed.

And one of the things we’re missing the most is of course the humble Big Mac. From the bun to patty ratio, the perfectly melted cheese, and of course THE BIG MAC SAUCE, we can’t get enough of the burger.

Which is why we decided to recreate our very own Big Mac. And trust us, making one yourself is sooooo rewarding and SO worth it.

Big Mac Sauce

Of course, the most famous part of the Big Mac, is the special sauce. And while many of us thought the sauce was a secret, the recipe has actually been available for years. It consists of store-bought mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish and yellow mustard whisked together with vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika. We’ve also added tomato ketchup to give it that salmon-y pink colour because special sauce doesn’t actually contain any ketchup – YEP!

Building The Burger

For four burgers, you need eight buns, because the Mac uses two bun bases and one bun top, along with two patties. As well as this, those patties are THIN, so we found that weighing out 50g of beef mince mixture, and spreading it into a 12cm ring mould creates that nice thin burger.

Trust us on this one…

large dill pickles, thinly sliced

slices of American cheese

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How To Make It

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you don’t have a pantry full of preservatives and chemical binders, so let me break this down into simple ingredients you’ll understand. Based on the above ingredient list, you will need sweet pickle relish , mayo, vinegar, mustard, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika. That sounds a lot more reasonable, doesn’t it?

Make the sauce simply by mixing the ingredients together, then store it in the refrigerator overnight to allow the flavors to meld. You can enjoy it immediately if you are impatient, but letting it meld makes a big difference.

How To Make A Homemade Big Mac

How To Make Big Mac Sauce

Once you craft your own Special Sauce, you are well on your way to earning your children’s undying love and affection by making them homemade Big Macs! You will want to brush up on my fast food burger recipe to really hit these out of the park. Though I have been known to slather this sauce on larger homemade burger patties too!

To make McDonald’s Big Mac, lightly toast a sesame seed bun, and grab an extra bottom bun to use as the middle piece. Spread the special sauce on the bottom bun, sprinkle with diced onion, shredded lettuce, and top with a slice of American cheese. Place one burger patty on the cheese, then add the middle bun, top with more sauce, lettuce, and add pickles. Finally add the second burger patty, top with the crown of the bun and enjoy!

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How Do You Cook A Big Mac At Mcdonald’s

Season the hamburger patties with salt and pepper, to taste. In a medium sized skillet, cook 13 minutes on each side, or until cooked through. On the first of the two bottom buns, add ½ tablespoon of the Special Sauce, ½ teaspoon of the onion, cup of shredded lettuce, cheese, and one hamburger patty.

Real Food Fast: Homemade Big Mac Recipe

Heres a video dedicated to the beloved flavors of the fast food favorites, the Big Mac. Here are 8 Twisted Big Mac inspired recipes that feature the famous sauce, cheese, and delicious beef. Now you can have your fast food favorite at home! _____ Timestamps: 00:04 Big Mac Fries 01:40 Big Mac Onion Rings 03:03 Giant Quesadilla Big Mac

Kosher salt and fresh-cracked black pepper 1 ½ tbsp. canola oil or butter 4 hamburger buns. For the Toppings 6 hamburger buns 6 slices bacon, cooked 4 ounces crumbled Treasure Cave® Goat Cheese ½ cup fig jam 2 cups arugula. Toppings & Buns 4 tbsp chevre goat cheese 1 handful arugula 1 tsp lemon juice 2 brioche buns.

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Want To Make A Homemade Big Mac

When I originally made this recipe, I wanted to make something low in carbs so I could eat something I loved without the guilt.

Though this is a Keto Big Mac Sauce, this recipe is so amazing, people not counting carbs want it too. SO. If you want to use it for a full-fledged homemade Big Mac experience, no one is judging. Here’s how I would do it:

  • Bun. Sesame seed bun or not, grab a few to add to.
  • Burger. Grab a couple of patties.
  • Lettuce. Add a lot to balance out the heaviness of it.
  • Cheese. Cheddar is best but use your favorite.
  • Onions. Dice them small to make it authentic.
  • Pickles. A burger isn’t a burger without pickles.
  • SAUCE. The most important ingredient. Layer it thick.

A sauce that meets your low carb needs and makes the rest of the family happy? Yes, indeed.

Does Mcdonald Have A Secret Menu


McDonalds secret menu has become the stuff of urban legend. There are the classic cheap workarounds like the scrappy Poor Mans Big Mac, but also the whimsical Land, Sea, and Air Burger, as well as the mythological Monster Mac. However, McDonalds officially denies the existence of a secret menu.

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Where Does Mcdonalds Get Their Big Mac Sauce

Sealright, the company that supplies the Special Sauce, has also had a hand in how much Special Sauce gets put on each Big Mac, as its their specially calibrated equipment that dispenses controlled portions of sauces, condiments and dressings. Thanks to these fancy caulk guns, not only do McDonalds cooks not know

The Original Big Mac Ads Didn’t Call It Special Sauce

In the original 1968 commercial, McDonald’s never mentioned a “special sauce.” They called their new creation “secret” sauce, and as they slowly build the two-patty, three-bun burger, the narrator describes the ingredients with pizzaz. “Pure, beef hamburger sizzling hot a slice of cheddar blend cheese, and some crisp, fresh lettuce” make their appearance on a lightly toasted bun. Then, there it is: Their “own secret sauce” is generously spooned onto the burger. And by generous, we mean a massive amount of sauce. No wonder they needed the middle bun to keep the burger patties from sliding out.

The sauce looks nothing short of amazing, even in the old film. It’s not thick like ketchup or neon-colored like mustard. The pale, pinkish-colored sauce looks a little bit like tartar sauce, but less mayonnaise-like and more spreadable. As they finish building the burger, they add “a little more sauce, just for good flavor” . With that, they announce their newest sandwich: The Big Mac, “for the bigger-than-average appetite.”

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What Goes On A Big Mac

Mouthwatering perfection starts with two 100% pure beef patties and Big Mac® sauce sandwiched between a sesame seed bun. Its topped off with pickles, crisp shredded lettuce, finely chopped onion and American cheese for a 100% beef burger with a taste like no other.

Tips For Making And Storing Homemade Big Mac Sauce

McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce Easy Recipe – Big Mac Sauce Ingredients
  • Try to make-ahead for the best taste. Like many sauces, it can take time for all the flavors in a homemade secret sauce to blend. Make the sauce at least a few hours before you plan to use it and keep it covered in the fridge.
  • Dont use cold sauce. Remove a small portion of the sauce from the refrigerator and let it warm up while you cook. Just remember to throw away any remaining warm sauce to avoid getting sick.

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Use this sauce for the best homemade Big Mac burgers or a tasty sandwich.

I hope you give this recipe a try and be sure to check out my many other copycat recipes, and you can be the judge on how close they taste to what is in the restaurant.

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The Ingredients In The Secret Big Mac Sauce Aren’t That Secret Anymore

For years, McDonald’s protected the ingredients list of the Big Mac Special Sauce like a closely-guarded government secret. Although there is no shortage of copycat recipes available online, McDonald’s Executive Chef Dan Coudreaut demystified the process when he answered a customer-submitted question and made the sauce on YouTube in 2012. “Quite honestly,” he explains, “the ingredients have been available in the restaurant or… on the internet for many years, so it’s not really a secret.”

Coudreaut walks us through a version of the Big Mac sauce made with store-bought mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, classic yellow mustard, white wine vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika for both color and flavor. Whisk it all together in a bowl and voila: homemade Special Sauce made with ingredients you can find at your grocery store. Unfortunately, Coudreaut didn’t provide measurements, and we’re not even sure how authentic this sauce really is. While a lot of the ingredients are similar to the ones listed on McDonald’s website, we’re missing quite a few things, like soybean oil, salt, sugar, turmeric, and unidentified “spices,” which surely contribute to that one-of-a-kind flavor.

What Do You Use This Skinny Big Mac Sauce For

This Skinny Big Mac Sauce is basically a copy-cat version of the classic McDonalds Special Sauce just made lighter! You wont believe that 2 Tbsp of this AMAZING sauce is only 1 Smartpoint!!! Thats right.now run and go make it!!

It makes for the BEST salad dressing on my Big Mac Salad.

Its also perfect for dippin fries, chicken tenders, or as a spread for your sandwiches or hamburgers!

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Mcdonalds Big Mac Special Flavor

How To Make A Big Mac + Mac Sauce

There is no more iconic burger in the world than McDonalds Big Mac. Immortalized with its own jingle and seared into the memories of hundreds of millions of people worldwide, the Big Mac is a symbol of Americana that is equally recognizable whether you are in Philadelphia or The Philippines.

There is no doubt that what elevates the Big Mac from just a double burger with cheese to the ultimate quick-serve burger is the Big Mac secret sauce. The Big Mac sauce is creamy with just a bit of tang and spice that works well with the richness of the meat and cheese.

Believe it or not, you can purchase Big Mac sauce on its own, but it will cost you. McDonalds is making limited quantities available to consumers, but when they are gone, they are gone.

Bottles of the sauce are fetching ridiculous prices of up to 10,000 dollars on sites such as eBay.

The good news is that you dont have to take out a loan to enjoy Big Mac sauce at home. This quick and easy recipe will show you how to make homemade Big Mac sauce just as good as the original.

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A Better Big Mac Recipe

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You can build a better Big Mac by taking the great original concept and fixing up everything that’s wrong with the execution. The final result is a sandwich that’s truly worthy of the title of American Icon. Two all-beef patties diminutive in size but massive in flavor. Fresh, crisp lettuce shredded just before serving. American cheese melted to its gloriously gooey fullest. Sharp pickles. Onions carefully guided to tame their pungency and bring out their natural sweetness. All on a soft triple-decker sesame seed bun.

Note: Store-bought ground beef can be substituted for the short rib. Mac Sauce can be used as soon as its made, but it gets mellower if you let it sit in the fridge at least overnight in a covered container.

  • 3.2 ounces boneless beef short rib, well-chilled
  • 1/4 cup finely minced onion
  • 1 teaspoon onion grated on a microplane grater
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons sweet pickle relish
  • 1 teaspoon yellow mustard
  • 1/4 teaspoon marmite, vegemite, or Maggi seasoning
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric
  • 1 whole Wonderbread brand hamburger bun, plus 1 bottom bun
  • 2 tablespoons sesame seeds
  • 1/4 cup shredded iceberg lettuce
  • 4 dill pickle slices
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 slice American cheese

How To Make Big Mac Sauce

This sauce contains only a few ingredients: Mayonnaise, pickle relish, onion, mustard, white vinegar, sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and paprika. Optional: For some added flavor I also like to add some ketchup. For another delicious, smoky flavor variation you can add some barbecue sauce.

To make this sauce simply combine all of the ingredients in a bowl, cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving, preferably overnight to allow the flavors enough time to meld.

Store your sauce covered in the fridge where it will keep for up to 2 weeks. Give it a shake before serving.


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