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What Is Yakiniku Barbecue Sauce

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Unlike Korean barbecue, yakiniku is not eaten with ssam . Instead, youll be provided with a series of barbecue dipping sauces. These sauces are a substitute for marinades. Once the meat is grilled to your specifications, its dipped directly in these sauces. The most common among these is sweet tare, a mixture of sugar, sake, garlic, black pepper, and ginger.

However, a litany of sauces beyond tare will likely populate the dinner table, including gochujang, a Korean sweet and spicy hot pepper paste sesame oil soy sauce with wasabi and miso dare, a thick miso paste. Miso is often paired with offal, while tare cuts through the richness of fattier meats.

Cooking With Bachan’s Sauce

The real reason you should buy Bachan’s, though, is because this sauce tastes good on literally all food. Obviously, it makes a killer stir-fry sauce and meat or tofu marinade, but it also elevates any vegetable . It’s a bowl-licking-good glaze on salmon. My boyfriend likes to douse his morning egg-and-rice bowl in it, and we’ve also combined it with cream cheese for a super easy, super delicious cracker dip.

If you’re not the best cook or short on time, this bottle is an easy way to score the complexity of a homemade sauce when you don’t have the time or skillset to know which flavors to combine.

In addition to my household’s praise, Bachan’s is highly regarded by chef and editor Chris Kimball Water Robb, the former CEO of Whole Foods and has more than 2,200 five-star reviews on Amazon. In fact, it’s the #1 and #3-selling barbecue sauce on Amazon and the #5 sauce overall.

In addition to its Original flavor, Bachan’s also offers a gluten-free option and a Hot and Spicy. The brand is also set to release an exciting new flavor in early November, which I’ve previewed and is maybe even better than the Original.

What Makes Bachan’s Sauce Different

What makes Bachan’s so much better than other pre-made sauces is it’s able to retain the nuances of its ingredients, like ginger and green onion, and it’s incredibly well-balanced, delivering the perfect amount of umami without being too sweet.

I was originally sent Bachan’s as a press sample when the brand was first launched in 2019, and my boyfriend, exhausted from cooking at the restaurant all week, was so obsessed with the flavor that we went through a single bottle in under two weeks. I quickly signed us up for auto-order to get three new bottles every two months to make sure we always have it on hand when we need to throw dinner together on a time crunch.

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History Of Korean Bbq

Korean BBQ has a fascinating history, and it has come a long way, from its primordial origins to the place where it is now recognized globally.

So, how did Korean BBQ get introduced to the word? Well, here is how it happened.

Its believed that Koreans came from the eastern barbarians of Maek, a group of nomadic people who moved from Central Asia to the east.

The group finally reached Northeast Asia, which is todays Korea. The most interesting thing about this group is that it came with a unique meat dish, which helped them beat the harsh elements they faced during their migration.

The name of this dish was known as Maekjeok, and it consisted of meat cuttings that were already seasoned before being cooked.

Often, the meat was preserved in salt. The Maeks cooking technique was different from the techniques used in traditional Chinese meat dishes, where the meat is seasoned after cooking.

This group pre-seasoned their food because of a simple reasonto save time when it became time to prepare the food since they were always on the move.

This style of eating seasoned meat before being grilled became popular across the Korean peninsula, and many locals adopted it.

The Maekjok is the inspiration behind the bulgogi, and since the bulgogi was marinated and soaked in water, the meat always tasted flavorful, so its no wonder the dish became so popular.

Best Korean Grill To Buy: Cookking

Japanese BBQ Sauce (yakiniku sauce)

This is a smokeless indoor cast aluminum grill, perfect for parties at home.

You use it indoors on the stovetop, and since it has a non-stick surface, you can cook the types of meats you like, including beef, pork, chicken, seafood, but also vegetables.

It has a round shape, just like the built-in table grills you see at restaurants.

Its the type of portable grill you can take with you on the go and also cook outside if you need to on a camping stove.

The center of the pan keeps the meat hot so that you can cook in different sections of the grill.

I really enjoy this affordable grill pan because it has a fat-draining system, so youre left with well-cooked, crispy BBQ meat that still retains juiciness but not all that unhealthy fat.

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What Kind Of Steak Is Best For Japanese Hibachi

NY strip is common because of good marbling. It is tender and holds up well to the heat.

When it comes to steaks, we are picky. It has to have great marbling and great flavor that we can count on. Nothing is worse than getting all excited about steaks on the grill, only to be met with a finished steak that is tough or lacks flavor.

Thats why we trust Certified Angus Beef ® brand when looking for a quality steak.

You may or may not know that Angus is a breed of cattle. You can find Angus beef anywhere. But Certified Angus Beef ® brand beef must meet 10 specific standards for quality.

With these rigorous standards, you know that you are always going to get a consistent, quality product that you can be proud to serve your family.

In addition to providing fantastic tasting beef, we love that Certified Angus Beef ® brand works with family farmers and ranchers. So, when you look for that Certified Angus Beef ® brand logo, you can be confident that youre supporting family businesses as well.

You can locate your local Certified Angus Beef ® brand retailer or purchase steaks online and have them shipped to your home.

I Use This Japanese Barbecue Sauce Every Single Day

Ive extolled the virtues of pre-mixed seasonings before. Seasoning and sauce mixes arent just a weapon in the lazy home cooks arsenal theyre also often cheaper than gathering the ingredients for your own seasoning, which may or may not turn out the way you intend. Pre-made mixes can elevate a sad lunch to a flavor-packed standout they can also do some truly revolutionary things to a discount pork shoulder from the grocery store butcher counter. More than that, Ive found that some of my favorite pre-mixed seasonings and sauces are derived from generations-old family recipes, which is charming. Thats certainly the case with Bachans Japanese Barbecue Sauce, a self-described teriyaki-ish barbecue sauce inspired by the founders grandmother.

According to the brands website, matriarch Judy Yokoyama was born in California in 1936 and, during World War II, was imprisoned at Camp Amache internment camp. She survived the camp and went on to start a large, boisterous family, earning the pet name Bachan . Now, the family-owned company is driven by principles that founder Justin Gill, Yokoyamas grandson, calls Bachanisms. Gill writes:

Attending every grandkids sporting event, helping with homework, holding weekly Sunday dinners, she always strengthened her family and offered sage advice. These words of wisdom have lifted up generations, inspiring as a kid, and now encouraging daughters.

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How To Order Yakiniku

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Many yakiniku restaurants offer tabehodai, an all-you-can-eat dinner based on the length of your meal, usually 90 or 120 minutes. You can order as many servings of meat as you want within that time frame. You can also order an à la carte option. Each one comes with a different combination and amount of meat, which you can choose depending on your appetite and budget.

Some restaurants also offer an order by the plate option, which simply allows you to pick a cut of meat and the quantity. Youll then pay for each individual plate, which might be a better option for people who know exactly what they want to eat.

Slow Cooked Pork In Tonkatsu Sauce

Asian-Style BBQ Sauce | Asian Barbecue Sauce | Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipe | Easy BBQ Sauce

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This slow cooked pork in tonkatsu sauce is a brilliant easy recipe that’s so versatile. Prepare the Japanese barbecue sauce the evening before, marinate the pork overnight and then just put in the slow cooker in the morning and come home to an easy dinner of Japanese pulled pork! It’s a perfect easy midweek recipe.

I may have mentioned this before, but I sometimes think pork can be a rather boring meat. Of course, if you like eating the crackling from a joint of roast pork, then I can see that that makes it more interesting. However, as I’m not a fan of crackling myself, I’ve never really enjoyed eating pork as a roast dinner.

However, slow cooked pork with herbs, spices and various condiments is a much more interesting dinner prospect. My favourite way to eat pork is slow cooked in homemade barbecue sauce. The sauce has to be homemade as I find bought barbecue sauces far too sweet.

Now, I do already have a recipe for a more traditional slow cooked pork in bbq sauce so it was time to experiment. I decided to create my own recipe for a slow cooker Japanese bbq pork. The recipe is inspired by the oriental flavours in tonkatsu sauce, which is Japanese bbq sauce. I decided to marinate the pork in the tonkatsu sauce and then slow cook the pork in the tonkatsu sauce.

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Bulgogi Sauce Uses In Recipes

Bulgogi Sauce has undertones of pear, ginger, and garlic, and as a matter of fact, it is delicious. Its a key component in Korean BBQ Beef. This simple dish is created from scratch and enhances the flavor of grilled steak. Slice boneless rib-eye steak into thin strips and marinate in your Bulgogi sauce for at least 2 hours or up to overnight. One tablespoon oil, heated over medium heat in a cast-iron grill pan Cook the beef in a single layer for 2-3 minutes on each side in the pan. Serve with chopped green onions and sesame seeds on top of rice or noodles. Its also great in marinades, dipping sauces, burgers, stir-fry chicken, and pork dishes served with rice or noodles.

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Rest The Bbq Sauce Overnight

Its better to make this sauce the night before rather than using a fresh-made sauce because it allows the flavors in the sauce to develop, especially when using freshly grated garlic, ginger, and fruit juice.

Store it in a refrigerator after use.

Since it contains grated fresh fruits, it will be last in the refrigerator for about a week.

I actually freeze some in a jar.

The oil and sauce will divine, but itll be fine when you shake it.

Besides, you can marinate meat with this BBQ sauce and freeze them.

You cant believe how the meat is tender!

  • 1clovegrated or pressed garlic
  • 1tspgrated ginger
  • ¼cupgrated fruit or 100% fruit juice see the list in the article *edited the amount
  • 1/2cupdark soy sauce
  • 2tbsproasted sesame oil
  • 2tbspwhite roasted sesame seeds
  • dried red hot chili pepper optional

How To Prepare This Slow Cooker Tonkatsu Pork

Kikkoman Katsu Sauce, Japanese Steak &  Cutlet Sauce 11.75 ...

This recipe is very simple to prepare. Just mix together all the ingredients. Pour them over the pork. Let it marinate overnight or for a few hours if possible.

Then, just cook on low for 8 hours.

When the pork is ready, take it out of the slow cooker and shred with two fork, removing any large pieces of fat as you shred it.

If you want to serve the sauce on the pork, simmer it to reduce a little. Stir in some cornflour dissolved in water to thicken it if necessary. Depending on the kind of slow cooker you have, you may be able to reduce the sauce in the slow cooker. If you can’t do this, just transfer the sauce to a small saucepan and reduce it on the hob.

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What To Order At A Japanese Barbecue Restaurant

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The most common cuts youll encounter at a yakiniku restaurant include beef tongue , boneless short rib , shoulder , chuck , tenderloin , and skirt steak . Offal , the internal organs of cows, is also popular. Youll likely see intestine, tripe, liver, and stomach on the menu.

As in a Korean barbecue restaurant, youll order various cuts of meat to grill at your table. Side dishes like miso soup, eggplant, kimchi, and rice are also eaten with yakiniku. Keep in mind that the most traditional yakiniku restaurants will only serve beef no pork or seafood.

The grill itself looks a little different than what youll encounter at a Korean barbecue restaurant. Yakiniku grills are circular and sunken in the center of the table.

Ingredients For Slow Cooker Tonkatsu Pork

To make this slow cooked pork in tonkatsu sauce you’ll need:

  • Pork – You can use pork shoulder or leg. Choose something that is good for slow cooking.
  • Condiments – Ketchup, light soy sauce, rice wine, Worcestershire sauce, pomegranate molasses, mustard. Pomegranate molasses may sound like an unusual ingredient for a Japanese sauce. However it does add a sweet-sourness that goes very well in this particular sauce.
  • Garlic – Use a fresh clove of garlic or a garlic puree
  • Ginger – As with the garlic, you can use freshly grated root ginger or a puree.
  • Cornflour – This is if you want to reduce and thicken the sauce after removing the pork from the slow cooker.

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The Best Japanese Bbq Recipes For Summer

There is something about Japanese BBQ that makes it perfect for the summer months. These recipes are ideal for making at home or on vacation and will please your crew and keep a smile on every face.

Whether you prefer beef, chicken, or pork, there is a recipe here that will please everyone in the family. We encourage you to experiment, explore new flavors, and to mix and match until you find the perfect combination of recipes for your gang.

No matter what you choose, its hard to go wrong when serving Japanese BBQ.

to learn how to use an electric grill.

Why Is Korean Food So Bad

Is Bachan’s The Original Japanese Barbecue Sauce Worth it?

Why is Korean food bad? 99% of all Korean food consists of these ingredients soy sauce, garlic, onions, gochujang, and sesame oil. When seasoned, its basically lets throw water, ingredients and gochujang. Beef, pork and chicken dishes are either simply fried or seasoned with more gochujang or not seasoned at all.

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What To Serve With Hibachi Steak

We like to serve this hibachi steak with white rice and grilled vegetables.

Grilled onions, mushrooms, and zucchini that have been brushed with a mixture of oil and soy sauce are a great accompaniment.

If you want to get really fancy, grill up some shrimp to go along with your steak for a full blown hibachi surf and turf!

About Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce

Bachan’s was founded by Justin Gill, a Japanese American who grew up eating and gifting friends his family’s homemade sauce. It became so popular among those that tried it that he decided to launch a business with it. As it’s a family recipe, Gill named the brand after his bachan, or his grandmother.

The sauce, which uses less than 10 ingredients, hits somewhere between a less-sweet teriyaki and a more-complex shoyu sauce. Its ingredients are all non-GMO and mostly organic, and it’s cold-filled, which means they don’t need to use preservatives or additives. And of equal importance, it has ridiculously cute packaging.

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Difference Between Korean Bbq And Japanese Bbq Explained

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Have you ever tasted Korean BBQ? Theres something very satisfying about sitting around the table with your friends and cooking your own marinated cuts of meat just the way you like.

But, if you love the strong flavor of beef, you might like Japanese BBQ more because it focuses on the pure meaty flavor and gives you tasty dipping sauces to dip into, if you want.

Today I want to talk about all the differences between Japanese and Korean BBQ.

Korean and Japanese barbecue are similar because they are both distinct indoor grilling methods using specialty grills.

In this post we’ll cover:

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