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What To Know About Popular Styles Of Sauce


Kansas City Style: The most widely available style of barbeque sauce at grocery stores is at its best a balanced mix of tomato , sweetness, tang and smoke. This is the gloopy reddish-brown sauce you slather all over ribs its great for its strong hold to meats and overall body as well.

Texas Style: Sometimes called mop sauce or mop style, these are sauces with a tomato and vinegar base. Theyre typically much lighter in body than KC-style sauces, but not as light as a Carolinian vinegar sauce. Theyre also applied with a lighter hand than most sauces, and feature lots of garlic, black pepper and worcestershire sauce.

Memphis Style: Memphis barbecue tends to be served sans sauce, but there has been an uptick in Memphis-style barbeque sauces. The sauce is similar to a Kansas City-style barbeque sauce, but with a richer sweetness thanks to molasses and a tad more brightness from a generous addition of vinegar.

Lexington Style : Though some of North Carolinas population may protest, this is essentially an earlier version of the uber-popular Kansas City sauce, sans-spiciness and with a lot more tomato product. If you dont like the spiciness and bite that comes with a lot of KC sauces, this style is for you.

The Rest Of The Vinegar

Lip Lickin’

Barbecue sauces sure love the word “lick.” Well, this is the second brand with it in the title . Of the two, we’d rather lick this one. It’s big on vinegar. Tart, peppery, and tangy. The texture is thin, not gloppedy thick, which was appreciated. While we liked the not-too-sweet factor, it could have used a smokier edge.

Salt Lick

“Out here in Driftwood, Texas since 1967,” the label says. The barbecue joint is still there, too, right outside of Austin. The “lick” part in this case comes from the deer who used to lick the salt and minerals off the ranch’s large rocks. Well, we weren’t so much of the licking deer types with this sauce. It tasted more like honey mustard than barbecue sauce, and looked like it too. “Not what I think of as barbecue sauce,” agreed tasters about this mustard-based sauce. Sweet and sour but not smoky or spiced.

Bone Suckin

This reminded us of Asian sauces like hot and sour or even duck sauce. Uh, should we dip an egg roll in here? “All I taste is sweet,” said one taster. There’s vinegar hiding in there somewhere, but it’s mostly a sweet takeover.

How To Improve A Store

You have run out of your favorite barbecue sauce, and you have guests coming for dinner. The only option is to run down town and grab a bottle of underwhelming store-bought barbecue sauce, which tastes like sweetened tomato paste, to be frank.

Does this mean your BBQ is going to be a monumental disaster? Not at all! There is plenty you can do to improve a store-bought barbecue sauce:

The video below has some good suggestions.

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The Bay Tree Smokey Chipotle Bbq Sauce

Another British offering, The Bay Trees sauce had the lowest number of ingredients out of the top five, which reinforced its homemade, small-batch credentials. The smoky flavour comes naturally from the chipotle chilli pepper, but what really sets it apart from the others is the addition of soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and ginger, which gives it an Asian twist reminiscent of Chinese barbecue. It would make a fantastic marinade for pork, and is possibly better suited to cooking with than straight-up dipping, but the sauce itself is delicious and full of big, bold flavours.

£3.49 from Ocado

Sweet And Sour Bbq Sauce

9 Best Pepsi BBQ Sauce Recipes for Your Cola Fix

I really wanted to try a recipe that had some sour to it. The lemon in this recipe adds a bit of tartness that works well with the vinegar and brings out a nice balance to the sweetness, but it’s the chili sauce that makes the flavor and texture unique. Depending on how long the sauce is reduced, it can be served wet to thick.

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What To Make With Barbecue Sauce

It might be a silly question to ask what to make with barbecue sauce. The obvious answer is barbecue! But theres a lot more to the condiment than just grilling. A good bottle of BBQ can make for some tasty slow cooker meals, like pulled pork. For a quick appetizer, just toss some meatballs in your slow cooker with some barbecue sauce and watch as your guests gobble them down. Better yet, check out our 50+ recipes that call for our best sauce.

Finding The Best Barbecue Sauce For Your Grill

Claire Krieger/Taste of Home

Whether your grilling, slow cooking or just adding a bit of kick to your bag lunches, the right barbecue sauce is essential for country-style dishes. If you manage to find the right onethe kind with the right amount of sweetness, tang, smokiness and powerful flavoryoure set. But have you been to the grocery store lately? There are more barbecue sauces than you could ever imagine. Dont waste your time trying bottle after bottle of OK saucerely on our Test Kitchen who put 10 big names to the test.

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Memphis Style Bbq Sauce

I originally wanted to find an authentic Memphis style BBQ sauce. While most people think of dry rubs, this recipe brings out some very complex flavors that are commonly found in the Memphis style rubs. This is one of my favorite sauces and it’s now my go-to sauce for pulled pork. This was originally a five star rated sauce that I heated up a little by adding more crushed red pepper. Enjoy!

Campbells Slow Cooker Sauces Apple Bourbon


A unique take on barbecue sauce, this bagged Campbells offering was formulated for super easy-to-make slow-cooked meals, in particular, pulled pork. Simply throw some swine in a crockpot, pour in the sauce, let it cook for seven-to-eight hours on low, and voila: youve got delicious, ready-to-eat, restaurant-quality apple bourbon pulled pork. Toss this stuff in a bun and youre good to go.

Size: 13oz

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What Is The Best Store Bought Barbecue Sauce

7 Kings Hawaiian Original Sweet Pineapple BBQ Sauce. Courtesy of Kings Hawaiian. 6 Bone Suckin Sauce. Courtesy of Bone Suckin Sauce. 5 Kings Hawaiian Smoked Bacon BBQ Sauce. 4 Kraft Hickory Smoke Barbecue Sauce. 3 Bulls-Eye Original BBQ Sauce. 2 Stubbs Original Bar-B-Q Sauce. 1 Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue Sauce.

Four Bone $29.50 Large Party Tray$79.95

Beside this, What comes on Gates Presidential platter?

Large Party Tray. Serves 7-8. Small Party Tray. Serves 4-5. Presidents Choice. Serves 7-8, Includes Chicken & Sausage. 1/2 Pound of Sliced Meat. Beef, Ham, Turkey, Pork. 1 Pound of Sliced Meat. Beef, Ham, Turkey, Pork.

Likewise, How do I get my BBQ sauce in stores?

Contact the state agency that oversees food testing and safety. Create an eye-catching label and logo. Contact local food sellers and see about demonstrating your BBQ sauce in their stores. Retain the services of a specialty food broker.

Also, What comes on a Gates Mixed Plate?

I ordered the Mix Plate and she had the Sausage sandwich. I received a huge portion of beef brisket, smoked ham and several pork ribs along with steak fries and yummy Been to Gates Bar-B-Q? Share your experience!

How much is a slab of ribs at Gates?


Flavor Your Food With A Spice Recommended By A Chef

Barbeque sauce isn’t the only way to spice up your meats and veggies. You can try spice blends and even mix your own to create perfect flavor combinations suited to your palate! Check out this smoked paprika recommended by chef Sara Tercero. You can use it to add a spicy kick to your meals.

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Sweet Baby Rays Original

Overall this BBQ sauce was very well-balanced. A lot of the testers noted it was peppery, sweet, and tangy all at once. One even said it was perfect. This sauce made for an excellent dipping sauce for French fries, but would also go great with pretty much anything you throw on a grill this summer.

Buy:Sweet Baby Rays Original, $2.78 for 18.5 ounces at Walmart

A Sauce Of Some Substance

Memphis Style Barbecue Sauce  Whats for Dinner

Mike was driving home to LA from a business trip to Kansas City. In Arizona he sees an elderly man walking on the side of the road. He stops and asks if he would like a ride.

With a silent nod of thanks, the elder got into the car.

Driving on, Mike tries in vain to make a bit of small talk with the man. The old man just sat silently, looking intently at everything he saw, studying every little detail, until he noticed a brown bag on the seat next to Mike.

What in bag? asked the old man.

Mike looked down at the brown bag and said, Its a bottle of barbecue sauce from Arthur Bryants. I got it for my wife.

The old timer was silent for another moment or two. Then speaking with quiet wisdom, he said:

Good trade


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Joes Kansas Bbq Sauce

First of all, we would like to inform you that this bbq sauce for sale provides you with all the necessary ingredients. All the ingredients are original and make it more delicious for you. Moreover, this bbq sauce is built by Joes Kansas brand. This brand always provides its users with a high-quality product. Furthermore, if we discuss the use of this sauce. You can use it comfortably on burgers, french fries and chickens ribs as well. In other words, it is a complete sauce to use on regular basis.

Most importantly, you may find this best smokey bbq sauce a little bit costly. But the sauce worth it as well. Its taste and smoke flavours make it a top-rated bbq sauce. Moreover, it is probably the best choice for restaurant use. If you are an owner of a restaurant and want to provide your costumers with delicious food. We suggest you this best-rated bbq sauce. We will enlight the ingredients of this sauce to inspire you.


  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder

The sauce contains all these ingredients inside it and many other ingredients in little amount. All the included ingredients make it a delicious and flavourful bbq sauce. Most importantly, we recommend you use the sauce according to the taste. As using it in high amount will make it spicier and may change its taste as well.

About the Product

2 Bottles of Sauce



Bulls Eye Original Bbq Sauce

Though a bit heavier in high fructose corn syrup than youd like, Bulls Eyes sauce is a great grocery store sauce pickup. Serious Eats, Cooks Illustrated and Americas Test Kitchen spoke of it too, but the sauce is as balanced as it gets without making it yourself it sits in the middle on the sweetness scale, its smokier than most store-bought bottles, its not overly spicy and it has enough body to cling to whatever you baste it to. If you can get past the ingredient list, its great.

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Sweet Baby Rays Original Bbq Sauce

Unheard of in the UK until a few years ago, Sweet Baby Ray’s is now an incredibly popular choice among people looking to bring a flavour of American barbecue into their British homes. The sauce itself was described as refined, smooth and very nicely balanced by our tasting panel, and was particularly popular with the sweet-toothed judges thanks to the inclusion of pineapple juice. Mustard seeds gave it a nice little kick of heat, and the smokiness wasnt too overpowering.

£3 from Sainsburys

Asian Style Bbq Sauce


This recipe for bbq sauce has been around for decades, and we often call it Edmondson Secret Sauce. This barbecue recipe creates a sweet and salty sauce that is Asian in style. The original version of this recipe rose in popularity during the 1960s as Asian style cuisine fused with Californian flavors.

The Asian flavor comes from the soy sauce, the sweetness from the brown sugar and ketchup, and the spice is from the ginger. Optionally, a fruit preserve can be added for a fruity taste with more sugar. It’s very easy to make the sauce, and as long as you have all the ingredients on hand, you can make it in about 10 minutes. For those wanting a Sweet Asian BBQ sauce, this hits the mark.

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Main Ingredients And Calories

As youve seen just above, the main ingredients of BBQ sauces determine their flavors. The most common ingredients, are tomato paste, vinegar, and spices such as black pepper or mustard. Some BBQ sauces are made from artificial ingredients but the best sauces are made from healthy ingredients . Walden Farms BBQ sauce and Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Original BBQ sauce are examples of formulas without unhealthy ingredients.

The 15 Best Bbq Sauces You Can Buy At The Grocery Store

Your grilling game is only as solid as your sauce. But with so many BBQ sauces to choose from, its tough to know if you should shop by what youre cooking, who youre serving or the price point. So, in order to make your decision a little easier, we’re highlighting our 15 favorite grocery store BBQ sauces.

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The Best Barbecue Sauces Ranked

Barbecue season is upon us!

Barbecue season approaches, and with so many barbecue sauces on the market, it can feel impossible to choose. The Delish team rounded up 12 of America’s most popular brands to see which are up to snuff. Turns out barbecue sauces are a lot like snowflakes, no barbecue sauce is alike. Also, some barbecue sauces are gross.

Not all barbecue sauces need sugar to be sweet and this gluten-free and vegan-friendly maple flavor sauce proves that.

BUY NOWG Hughes Smokehouse BBQ Sauce, $4

This whiskey maple sauce from Rufus Teague will taste so good you won’t be able to put even the worst of barbecue down once it’s topped with this.

BUY NOWRufus Teague Whiskey Maple BBQ Sauce, $5

This family-owned barbecue sauce brand has been bottled since 1990 and the delicious taste proves why it’s been around so long.

BUY NOWWilliamson Bros. Original Bar-B-Q Sauce, $5

Though it’s name is “Carolina Sweet,” you won’t have to worry about this sauce being too sweet to eat.

BUY NOWSticky Fingers Smokehouse Carolina Sweet Barbecue Sauce, $3

Looking for a barbecue sauce that’s delicious and organic? This Mild flavor from Kinder’s will definitely do the trick. And while it is a barbecue sauce, if you wanted to opt to have it as a dipping sauce instead, you won’t be disappointed.

BUY NOWKinder’s Organic Mild BBQ Sauce, $5

BUY NOWBachan’s Original Japanese Barbecue Sauce, $14

BUY NOWSweet Baby Ray’s Honey Chipotle Barbecue Sauce, $3

BUY NOWJones Bar-B-Q Sweet & Tangy Sauce, $7

Rufus Teague Blazin Hot Sauce

Crock Pot Apple Butter Barbecue Meatballs

Its not that hot, which is just what it ought to be. Rufus Teagues sauces are typically well-balanced and non-destructive to your health. Theyre also available in grocery stores across the country. This one is made with totally natural ingredients and contains more interesting ingredients than most sauces do, homemade or bottled. The heat stems from chili peppers and chipotles, but it isnt an overly aggressive burn. If the burn proves too much, consider tossing a couple pads of butter into a saucepan with it.

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Open Pit Barbecue Sauce

If you need a simple, inexpensive option to keep in the pantry for the BBQ season, then try Open Pits Original Barbecue Sauce.

We would definitely recommend it for those who prefer more of a tang to their sauce as it is a vinegar-based recipe with a strong taste. It is also slightly spicy, but they do offer it in six flavors. We liked the Original and the Honey recipe the best, but you can also try the Sweet, Hickory, Onion, and Char-Grill recipes.

We like it for average use, but it certainly isnt comparable to the Blues Hog sauce at the top of our list. The ingredients arent very natural, and while it does taste good, we recommend more natural sauces if youre serious about your BBQ experience.

Dont Forget To Consider The Packaging

The cheapest, lowest quality BBQ sauces usually come in a plastic container with a squeeze-top lid, and since BBQ sauce isnt really intended as a dipping sauce but rather a spreading sauce, we avoid brands that use this type of packaging .

Glass jars are best, but plastic jars with a twist-off lid are fine, too.

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Blues Hog Sauce Bbq Original

This sauce comes from BBQ legend Bill Arnold in Tennessee. He has participated and won many BBQ contests, and his sauce is praised by professionals and amateurs alike.

The proportions recipe may be secret, but on the label, you still see what he uses in the mixture. It has brown sugar, ketchup, apple cider vinegar and chili powder to name a few. We found it to be a healthy mixture of both sweet and spicy, with just a hint of smoke in the original recipe.

If youre interested, Bill also has a dry rub that is equally as tasty. Use it as a dry marinade for pulled pork or ribs and let your taste buds do the rest.

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