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I Made A Few Minor Adjustments To The Sausage Meatball Recipe Though

Emeril (18) Kicked Up Large Meatballs with Sauce

The Hubby cant eat too much pork, so I used turkey sausage. I was a little short on the anise seed, and am not a huge anise person anyway, so I cut that down a bit. And, unfortunately, my grocery store did not have Emerils Italian Essence, so I had to use Italian seasoning. Yes, I did chop five cups of onions and thirty cloves of gaahhhlic! And boy oh boy, if you came near any of us you would know that I did.

But oh my goodness, these meatballs are tasty!! Everyone loved them, and the recipe made A TON! It makes 22 large meatballs, feeding the six of us, plus some meatballs for my moms when she took The Bug for a few days. I froze enough meatballs to make some sammies for the three of us one night, AND I still have a huge plastic storage bag full of sauce in my freezer. But any mama who is 6 months pregnant loves having yummy, homemade food like this stored away. So nope, not gonna say that you could cut the recipe in half. If you are going to make them, just make it all and freeze the leftovers totally worth it!

And Emeril, I thought you might like to know, these sausage meatballs

are totally Bug-Approved!!

I mentioned an opportunity for you to win an Emeril cookbook of your own. Well, all you have to do is join us during our #SundaySupper chat . In order to submit your entry, I need you to do two things:

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I Decided Pauls Make The Whole Crew Happy Sausage Meatballs And Red Gravy Would Be The Perfect Christmas Eve Eve Sunday Supper

Especially since we dont eat meat on Christmas Eve, consuming a big carb-fest instead. With all the cooking going on to serve dinner for 11 people the next day, this was actually something I could prep a day in advance. Just reheat it and boil up some pasta when its time to eat. What really draws me to the sausage meatball recipe is that it doesnt not call for breadcrumbs, like most meatball recipes Ive seen . So its gluten free, without needing to make any changes or buy special ingredients!!

Sausage Meatballs With Red Gravy

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Sausage meatballs with red gravy is a crowd pleasing, gluten free, comfort food dinner that the whole gang will love!

Before sharing the delicious sausage meatballs with red gravy recipe, I have a Christmas poem to share.

Twas the Sunday before Christmas Eve

and the house was all snug.

But I still had to feed Hubby, Mom

Sam, Mom-in-Law and The Bug.

I had to satisfy this group

Before we got into our beds,

With Christmas Eve preparations

I went through the list,

To find just what to cook.

Its pierogies, fish, and cookies

That the next day we will eat.

So for today what would be perfect

Is garlic, spice, sauce and meat!

What could I make in advance,

so I would not go crazy?

Why, its Pauls Make the Whole Crew Happy

Sausage Meatballs with Red Gravy!

OK, enough with the cheesy rhyme, because its #SundaySupper time! . This week, we are having a New Years Eve Potluck, featuring recipes by the amazing Emeril Lagasse from Emerils Potluck and Emerils Kicked-Up Sandwiches cookbooks! If you have ever watched Emeril on television , you know that he is all about celebrating any special event with food and family. So it makes perfect sense for #SundaySupper to celebrate something as fun and exciting as ringing in a 2013 with Emeril and his kicked up recipes.

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