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Chili Crisp Fever: Hot Sauce Is Hot Stuff In Seattle Right Now

TODAY — Pictured: Hot sauces from “Hot Ones” on Thursday, March 28, 2019 —

Chili crisp fever hit the U.S. starting about three years ago, sending spice-seeking shoppers clamoring for Old Lady Sauce, as people often call the most widely available brand then and now Lao Gan Ma.

The style of sauce, with its crunchy bits of chili, oil florescent with spice, and complex flavors and textures, was long a staple of dim sum tables and other Chinese restaurants, as well as the pantry of many home cooks who use it for everything from noodle dressing to ice cream topping.

But suddenly, it seemed to be everywhere, starting with food publications like Serious Eats and Bon Appétit publishing recipes for homemade versions, then with arrival of the first small batch, all-natural, artisan chili crisp, Fly By Jing.

Like sriracha before it, chili crisps sudden, skyrocketing fame inspired entrepreneurs around the country to craft their own version, and combined with the push to pivot in the pandemic, has bred a new generation of local hot sauces that take inspiration from or at least ride the coattails of chili crisp.

This garlic-heavy chili crisp honors the owners Japanese heritage.

Yank Sing: My Dim Sum Happy Place

By: Ross | Last Major Update: November 17, 2014

A photo posted by Ross Geisel on Nov 11, 2014 at 1:46pm PST

If you have come for Dim Sum then you probably will be happy with the dumplings but it is worth exploring more on the menu. The Chicken in Lettuce cups is comes with piping hot chicken and ice cold iceberg lettuce, an excellent match for the Chili Sauce. The Peking Duck is crispy and delicious and worth a taste, again a dish where it can be hard to find a good version of. Finally, the Szechuan Chicken while not perfect is comforting and a solid balance of sweet, sour and hot.I the end I never love the Dim Sum dessert cart and frankly I can never find room.

Yank Sing has multiple locations but the most well known is in the Rincon Center. Is it more expensive than what traditional Dim Sum costs, yes. Is it worth it, yes.

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Best Type Of Hot Sauce

Tapitio by a long shot

Nope. I refuse to pick a favorite. That is like naming your favorite child./ It just aint done!

Yup. Depends on the dish and what Im in the mood for.

Heres a brand that many people wish they could find again. Only reason I mention it is that it comes from an enterprising family that still runs a restaurant that won a James Beard Foundation Americas Classics Award. Few mom and pop restaurants get that respect. A lot of people on the net literally posted that they mourned its loss. Restaurant still exists. But they made the chili oil literally their secret sauce. It is amazingly tasty, enhances but does not overpower the base food. Does not turn your tongue numb. Is complex with slight hint of smokyness, brandy, shallots, and soy. Sriracha is not in the same league and nothing like this one. Alas, no longer available retail. Kind of surprising that no one has a good clone – people have searched for years and still talk about it.

Good info! Sigh, would have loved to taste it. I love Sriracha for now.

I like going straight to the source by adding cayenne or habanero. Hope get decent plants for garden. Last year plants were poor and late producers.

The differences from Sriracha – no tomato at all. Oil based but potent, so it does not make you drown food in oil – no greasy aftertaste. Less hot than Sriracha. Far more nuanced flavors. FWIW, I am sensitive to MSG and this stuff does not give me that reaction .

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