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Bbq Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

Testing Primal Kitchen BBQ Sauce!

This mini BBQ Bacon Wrapped meatloaf appetizer will win over everyone at your summer party! Featuring The New Primal Whole30 approved Classic BBQ Sauce.

If you wouldve told me Id be snacking on bbq bacon wrapped meatloaf, I wouldve thought you were crazy! Luckily for me, through years of trial and error Ive found out that good quality animal proteins make me function best. For me, that means following a mix of paleo, whole30 and low-carb eating and I love it!

I also love that I can have a BBQ sauce that tastes so flavorful thats infused with bone broth AND is Whole30 Approved since it has no junky ingredients. I promise if you make these BBQ bacon wrapped meatloaf youll have friends for life and theyll want the recipe!

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The key to making this bacon so crispy is to make sure you make the meatloaf small enough so that it cooks through without burning the bacon. THEN you can pop it under the broiler for a few minutes to crisp it up just right.

Let’s Get More Hands In The Kitchen And Faces Around The Table

The New Primal was started by Jason Burke, who grew up with a love of good food thanks to his mother’s home cooking. Once a young working professional, Jason had trouble finding tasty snacks, and the vending machine at work was no help.

Health-minded but ever-carnivorous, Jason vegan making his own jerky – with grass-fed beef, simple spices, and a counter-top dehydrator to keep in his desk drawer. The New Primal launched in 2012.

Today, The New Primal aims to offer irresistible ways to get more hands in the kitchen and faces around the table. Continuing with the Company’s flagship jerky, The New Primal expanded to include its Noble Made sauces and seasonings and can be found online and in many national retailers across the United States.

The New Primal Classic Bbq Sauce 368g

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Looking for a versatile BBQ sauce that can take your meals from ordinary to extraordinary? Look no further than The New Primal Noble Made Classic BBQ Sauce. Made with all-natural ingredients, including pineapple juice for a slightly sweet kick, this gluten-free and paleo-approved sauce is perfect for everything from Taco Tuesday to Meatless Monday. So don’t settle for ordinary, make your meals extra special with The New Primal Classic BBQ Sauce.


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The New Primal Sauce Bbq Classique 368g

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Vous recherchez une sauce barbecue polyvalente qui peut faire passer vos repas de l’ordinaire à l’extraordinaire ? Ne cherchez plus : The New Primal Sauce BBQ classique Noble Made. Composée d’ingrédients entièrement naturels, dont du jus d’ananas pour une touche légèrement sucrée, cette sauce sans gluten et paléo est parfaite pour tout, du mardi des tacos au lundi sans viande. Ne vous contentez pas de l’ordinaire, rendez vos repas encore plus spéciaux avec la sauce BBQ classique de The New Primal .


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