Mussels In White Wine Sauce

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Learn To Cook Mussels In Instant Pot Served Just Like In Restaurants With Delicious Garlic White Wine Sauce

How to Make Mussels in White Wine & Garlic Sauce

Learn to cook Mussels just like restaurants with delicious Garlic White Wine Sauce. This is 2-in-1 recipe with complete guide to cleaning mussels and cooking in Instant Pot with amazing citrus, butter, garlic and wine sauce.

Can you believe, I cooked mussels in, everyones new favorite, Instant Pot. Drum-rolls!! Who knew?! The amount of flavor IP creates in 1 minute of cooking mussels is simply amazing. Plus all mussels open, taste buttery delicious and wine sauce is to-die-for good. Can’t beat the results. .

This is my first Mussel’s Recipe on the blog. So, I thought cooking Mussels in white wine sauce is the way to go. Cant go better than white wine, garlic and mussels! Dont you think?! Every seafood restaurant has mussels with white wine dish on the menu. Good news! Now, you can make this restaurant special at home, from scratch, in 30 minutes.

So, Go ahead!!!

Plan a Dinner Date, a Fall Welcome dinner, or call Boss for dinner and get a raise. -) This recipe got you covered. It is quick, easy, delicious and above all takes “intimidation” out of cooking mussels at home! With price of Seafood Dinner in restaurants… Think about the money you will save.

Clearly, we became fan of seafood since we moved to coastal area. Specially, fresh steamed mussels are often on our menu.

So, let’s get started.

How to Buy and Clean Mussels

  • Always buy fresh mussels on the day of cooking.
  • How to Cook Mussels

    How to Serve Mussels?

    With a Crusty Bread:

    With Pasta:


    Buying And Storing Mussels And Clams

    When buying mussels and clams, look for ones with tightly closed shells. They should smell fresh and briny, like the ocean. If youre trying to cut costs, double up on the mussels and skip the clams, as clams are typically more expensive.

    Ask your fishmonger to pack the shellfish on ice, then transfer them to a breathable container when you get home. I recommend a large bowl covered with a damp dishtowel or paper towel, then storing it in the fridge until youre ready to cook.

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    Some Tips For Preparing Mussels In White Wine:

    Preparing mussels involves buying live seafood and keeping it as such until the time you cook it. Live mussels must be firmly closed to the touch when bought, and shells must be intact. In other cases, the mussel is not good for consumption. Ask your grocery rep or fishmonger to help select mussels for you, it will save you time and money.

    At home, store the mussels in a cool location , either fridge or outside if the temperature will be stable enough until cooking time. Very important: if the bag is sealed, you must open the bag to let the mussels breathe as soon as you get home.

    Make sure to rinse the mussels well under cold water and remove the beards. Some stores will do this for you. A useful tool to remove beards is a pair of pliers. No tool in the kitchen comes as handy to do this. At this point you should have healthy, clean mussels ready for cooking.

    For the wine, you will want to find a citrusy variety such as a Sauvignon Blanc. Avoid sweet wines.

    After the mussels are cooked, remove any of the shells that didnt open. These should be discarded and not eaten.

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    How To Cook Mussels

  • Make the sauce: Melt butter in a deep pan with a lid. Add garlic and chilli . Allow to cook for 30 seconds until fragrant then pour in the wine and lemon juice. Bring to a simmer, taste and season with salt and pepper.
  • Prepare the mussels: I prefer to have my fishmonger prepare the mussels for me by debearding and scrubbing them. If youre using whole, fresh mussels, check that they are all still closed and discard any that are open. Add the mussels to the sauce then cover and allow to simmer for 5 minutes or until they are all open. Discard any that arent open. Scatter over the parsley, taste and adjust seasoning if necessary.
  • Serve: Serve with your choice of side dishes but I suggest crusty bread or fries to dip into the delicious sauce.
  • Steamed Mussels With White Wine Sauce

    Mussels in a Creamy White Wine Sauce Recipe ...


    This is a great family favourite. Turn off the mobiles and let the kids do the talking at dinner.

    Preparation time:

    Add all ingredients Select All

    • 100mlCreme Fraiche
    • 2tbspSuperValu Fresh Parsleychopped


  • Melt the butter in a large heavy-based frying pan. Add the onion and garlic and cook for 2 to 3 minutes, then add the mussels and white wine. Place a lid on the pan and cook for 4 to 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. When the mussels are almost open, stir in the creme fraiche and chopped parsley. Put the lid back on and cook until all the mussels have opened .
  • Place in a large serving bowl in the centre of the table and let everyone help themselves. Serve with plenty of good crusty bread to mop up all the delicious juices.
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    A King A Chef And An Underestimated Delicacy

    The mussels in white wine sauce are a traditional Neapolitan recipe, and named in Italy Impepata di Cozze .

    For a long time, the Mussels in white wine sauce has been considered a dish for poor people, unworthy for the nobles tables.

    But the history of this delicious recipe changed thanks two famous foodies: Ferdinand IV of the Kingdom of Naples , and the chef Vincenzo Corrado .

    It is said The King of Naples was crazy for mussels, and he uses to ask for them, taking advantage of their poor fame on the sacred days, when the meat and rich foods were forbidden by the church.

    Particularly, Impepata di Cozze, prepared just with a few ingredients was considered an appropriate dish to not offend the clergy.

    Corrado Vincenzo was a philosopher and an Italian scholar, but above all one of the most famous chefs of that time, and he uses to cook for the most influential aristocratic families of Naples.

    In his Cookbook Il Cuoco Gentile published on 1773, a pillar of the Southern-Italian cuisine, Corrado , making it popular among the nobles.

    What To Serve With Mussels In White Wine Sauce

    While the mussels are steaming in white wine and chicken bone broth, an optional step is to boil some of your favorite spaghetti or linguine if serving the mussels on pasta sounds appealing.

    Otherwise, you may choose to enjoy the mussels in white wine sauce on their own and savor the flavors of fresh lemon, butter, garlic, and parsley in every bite. Pure heaven.

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    What You Need For Steamed Mussels

    Fundamentally, the only ingredients you need to make really tasty mussels is garlic, white wine and butter or olive oil. Everything else you see below are extras that add an extra element of flavour, but they arent mandatory.

    White wine really is the ingredient that makes all the difference here. Wine adds complexity and flavour to the sauce of an otherwise very simple recipe. Non alcoholic sub low sodium chicken broth/stock.

    How To Cook Mussels In White Wine

    Mussels in White Wine Sauce

    Assuming your mussels are already debearded, here are the simple steps to follow.

    Step One: Get out a skillet or saucepan and melt butter over medium-high heat. Once melted, add onions, garlic, and salt. Sauté until translucent. Step Two: Add sun-dried tomatoes and red pepper flakes to the mix. Saute until fragrant, for about thirty seconds.

    Step Three Your mussels are ready to be placed in the pan. Pour white wine and Kettle & Fire Chicken Bone Broth over the mussels, cover with a lid, and let it cook for five minutes. If youre going to boil some pasta, now is the time.

    Step Four As the mussels are cooking, shake the pan once or twice with the lid on to evenly distribute the liquid over the mussels.

    Step Five Once the five minutes are up, open the lid and check to see if the mussels have all opened. Discard any mussels with shells that remain tightly closed. There should be few, if any, of them. If too many of the mussels are still closed, cook for an extra 1-2 minutes.

    Step Six Once mussels are cooked and still in the pot, squeeze fresh lemon juice and garnish with chopped parsley. Serve directly from the pot, or if using pasta, serve over spaghetti or linguine with the leftover mussel sauce.

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    Mussels In White Wine Sauce

    • Difficulty: Basic

    When cooking mussels you dont have to worry too much. We give you this simple recipe, which is ready in just 20 minutes, and is equally simple and delicious. Its got white wine sauce, a touch of chili flakes, and garlic. Simple flavors that go together very well in an elegant dish!

    How To Select And Clean Mussels

    To avoid any foodborne illness, I strongly suggest buying living mussels from certified sellers.

    Once the mussels are cleaned and dead, you want to cook them as soon as possible, and anyway within a few hours.

    Store the living mussels in the fridge, into an uncovered glass bowl full of water.

    Just before cooking mussels, select them, and discard any broken mussel.

    Now, rinse and scrub the shells to eliminate any trace of seaweed or debris.

    After that, grab a mussel press it gently but firmly with your fingers, and pull the little string that sticks out from the shell discarding it.

    Repeat this step for any mussel.

    Finally, rinse toughly the mussels until the water comes clean, and store them in the fridge until ready to cook them.

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    How To Make Your Mussels

    Wash your mussels under cool water, set aside. In a deep pot with a drizzle of olive oil, sweat out shallot, garlic and red pepper flakes. Season with salt and pepper.

    Next, add in your wine and reduce for 2-3 minutes minutes. Then add in your cream and melt in your butter.

    Once your sauce is all combined and the butter is melted throughout, add in the mussels, and stir well to toss with the sauce. Cover with a lid and steam until your mussels open, about 5-6 minutes.

    Remove the lid and turn off the heat. Toss in chopped parsley, lemon zest, lemon juice, stir and serve with lemon wedges, fresh parsley, freshly cracked pepper and crusty bread to dip into all that saucy goodness!

    This Dish Is Simple Elegant And Delicious Mussels Are Quickly Steamed In A Spicy Garlic White Wine Sauce And Served With Angel Hair Pasta For The Perfect Finish

    Mussels in White Wine Sauce

    Do you ever look around you and wonder how anyone ever keeps up with it all? Ive come to the conclusion that they just dont. Its truly not possible for me to accomplish everything in one day that I want to accomplish. Type A? Check. Check. Check.

    Keeping myself and my aspirations in check is the bigger issue. But lets talk about food shall we?

    Mussels. They illicit more ewws and uh-uhs from my family and extended family than most things so I decided that it was an adventure bite that had to be mastered. Thus I force fed them to my in-laws when they came to see our house once we got moved in. Grin.

    The good news is after a flop of a recipe when we tried grilling them a year or so ago I decided that I should follow someone elses recipe before I started getting jiggy with them at home. Giada to the rescue again!

    I figured the gal probably knew what she was talking about and indeed these turned out amazing. My only beef is that this scrubbing mussels, removing beards , boiling water, making sauce, chopping shallots, sweating, chopping parsley, slicing bread, trying to vacuum the living room before my in-laws showed up, rocking a screaming baby on my hip..did not indeed feel like Weeknights With Giada. It felt like Weeknights With A Crazy Person. So after we smack our pretty little Italian and tell her shes nuts for thinking an average person could make this for the first time on a weeknight, well tell her that its a good thing she can cook.

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    How Do I Clean Them

    Once you are about 20 minutes away from when you want to start cooking, place the mussels in a bowl of water. This will allow them to spit out any sand they might have in their shell. Note: Don’t store them in fresh water for long. This step is only to rid them of sand that might be inside the shells.

    Look at the difference of what was left behind after 20 minutes. If you skip this step, you’ll probably be eating this with your seafood:

    Go through the mussels. If there are barnacles, scrub them with a stiff brush. If there are beards, gently pull them out. Also, food safety is key here so keep an eye out for cracked shells, mussels that are partly open or fully open all of these should be discarded.

    How To Cook Mussels In White Wine Sauce

  • Add the mussels in a large bowl and pour water until covered.
  • Wash them thoroughly and throw away the opened mussels.
  • Heat a skillet over medium heat and melt the butter. Add the garlic, chili flakes, lemon zest, and stir. Pour the white wine and bring it to a boil. Add the mussels and cover them with a lid for the next 2-5 minutes.
  • Remove the lid, add parsley, and continue cooking the mussels for 1 more minute.
  • You can serve the mussels with toast bread!
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    How Do You Make A Creamy White Wine Pasta Sauce

    It all comes down to three simple ingredients. White wine, whipping cream, and Parmesan cheese. Without whipping cream and Parmesan cheese, the sauce is too thin and doesnt have the same hearty flavor and texture you need. You can easily thicken whipping/heavy cream by simmering on the stovetop. You wont get the right consistency with light cream or half and half. The cream is the vehicle, the wine, garlic, butter, and herbs bring all the flavor.

    Creating A Richer Sauce

    Mussels in White Wine Sauce Recipe: Bits & Pieces – Season 1, Ep. 9

    The white wine sauce for this dish is absolutely amazing as is. But if you want to make it even richer, simply replace the olive oil with unsalted butter!

    Youll want to add the butter to the pan first. Once its completely melted, then you can add the shallots and proceed with the recipe as usual.

    Keep in mind that this will increase the saturated fat of the dish.

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    How Do You Make Mussels In White Wine And Garlic Sauce

    • Clean your mussels: Soak your mussels in a bowl of cold water for at least 30 minutes. After, remove the beards from the mussels by carefully and gently removing it with your finger or cutting them with a sharp knife.
    • Make your sauce: In a pot with a lid, add olive oil and heat over medium-high heat. Add your diced shallots and cook for about 5 minutes. Add your diced garlic and then cook for another 2-3 minutes until the garlic is fragrant. Add your wine, vinegar, salt, black pepper, and red pepper flakes and bring the sauce to a boil.
    • Cook the mussels: Once the sauce is boiling, reduce the heat to bring it to a simmer and add your mussels. Cover the pot with a lid and allow the mussels to cook for about 8-10 minutes, until they are all opened up. Shake the pot occasionally to move the mussels around.
    • Add the butter: Once the mussels are done cooking, remove them from the pot using a slotted spoon. Add to the sauce one stick of unsalted butter and parsley. Allow the sauce to simmer for about 5-10 minutes, until the butter is fully melted and the sauce has slightly thickened. After, pour the sauce on top of the mussels and serve!

    What Kind Of Mussels Should I Buy

    Farm-raised mussels are significantly cleaner and just as flavorful. You should buy 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of mussels per person for a main-course serving. The most common type is the black-colored blue mussel, but green-shelled New Zealand mussels are popular, too.

    Ask your fishmonger for rope-grown mussels if you can find them since they tend to be even less gritty. Rope-growing mussels is a technique used by many mussel farmers. In late spring, when mussels begin to spawn and the sea temperatures rise, farmers drop old rope into the water, which is kept afloat by buoys. The larvae naturally settle onto the rope surface and grow. It normally takes one to two years for them to reach maturity.

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    The Best Part Is The Sauce

    It might be totally inappropriate to say this, but for me, the best part of every mussel recipe Ive every tried or ordered is the SAUCE.

    As the mussels cook, they drop an astonishing amount of liquid which is essentially real seafood stock. The BEST stock one could ever ask for!

    So when the mussel juices mingles with everything else in the pot, you end up with the most outrageously tasty sauce to dunk bread into!! Nagi x

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