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Simple Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry

House of Tsang authentic Asian sauces

Simple Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry prepared and cooked in minutes with no marinading needed! Crunchy green broccoli and tender crispy chicken stir fried in a beautifully flavoured teriyaki sauce. A hint of garlic adds a twist on a traditional Japanese inspired dish. Better than any teriyaki sauce found in a bottle.

Spicy Baked Korean Teriyaki Chicken Wings

Im working with House of Tsang® to bring you this Spicy Baked Korean Teriyaki Chicken Wings recipe today. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Fork Knife Swoon!

Sticky, spicy, Asian sauce-slathered goodness, comin at you today!

My husband happens to be one of those rare souls who actively dislikes football season. Luckily, he has many other wonderful qualities to make up for this glaring imperfection, and I can usually still convince him to watch Sunday games with me if I whip up a few game day snack bribes to distract him from the action onscreen.

These baked Korean teriyaki chicken wings a spicy, Asian twist on classic chicken wings are one of our favorites. Packed with flavor, theyre fairly healthy , always a husband/crowd-pleaser, and are so, so easy.

Im almost embarrassed to tell you just how easy these baked wings are to whip up

Because not only does this recipe require only four ingredients, most of the flavor of these wings comes from just one store-bought sauce: House of Tsangs Korean Teriyaki sauce.

Its a sauce beaming with garlic, and soy, and sesame, that tastes authentic and gives off the impression that youve been slaving over dozens of ingredients to create it but in reality, is simply one, very flavorful bottle of yum, that when combined with a splash of spicy chili sauce, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds, makes for chicken wing magic.

And is my go-to sauce to brush atop Asian chicken wings.

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