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What Differentiates Your Mambo Sauce From Other Sauces

Uncle Dells Mambo Sauce is different from other mambo sauces because of its versatility. It can be used as much more than just the traditional chicken wing dipping sauceits great on a variety of meats, as a veggie dip, seafood sauce, and more. I feel like its gourmet mambo.

In all honesty, mambo sauce varies from carryout to carryout, which is part of the beauty of it. My moms personal favorite, for example, was from a restaurant near Howard University, where she went to college. Everybody had their favorite and in the end, its all the differences of the sauce that makes the whole mambo experience authentic.

Uncle Dells Mambo Sauce from Andys Factory is available online or at dozens of stores around the DMV area.

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So How Did You Turn This Into A Full

When I decided I wanted to start a serious business, bottling this mambo sauce was the only thing that came to mind. The reaction I received for years from our family and friends about how much they loved the sauce made it easy. I stuck with the name I had been using since I was five, Andys Factory, and incorporated the business in August 2019.

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As A Local How Would You Describe Mambo Sauce And Its Relationship To Dc

Mambo sauce is so DC because thats where it began. For a long time, DC was the only place you could get it. Ive heard stories of people asking family and friends to buy sauce from the carryout before theyd visit them out of town. My Uncle Greg is about 50 now, and he talks about being at different carryouts and finding different foods. There never seems to be a conversation about life at that time that didnt include a story about picking up some carryout.

I think mambo sauce is also intertwined with being a young person in the city from the 80s and 90s. I wont lie, I wasnt all that impressed when my mom and dad talked about it long ago. It took me getting older and seeing the level of change in DC happen before my eyes to really appreciate how they felt and why the sauce was so personal to them.

Dc’s Famous Capital City Mambo Sauce Is Coming To Kfc Restaurants In Select Cities

Amazon.com : Capital City Sweet Hot Mambo Sauce

The iconic D.C. sauce is available for a limited time at select KFC restaurants in the D.C. area, Dallas and Atlanta beginning December 6

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — D.C.’s famous Sweet Hot Capital City® mambo sauce is coming to select KFC restaurants in the Washington,D.C. area, Dallas and Atlanta for a limited time only beginning December 6. Known for its unique sweet, spicy and tangy flavor profile, Sweet Hot Capital City® mambo sauce perfectly complements KFC’s world-famous fried chicken and your favorite sides!

Capital City® is a celebrated Black woman-owned business operated by Arsha Jones, who was born and raised in Washington, D.C., where mambo sauce could be found at nearly every carryout restaurant. After moving to the suburbs with her late husband Charles, she found it hard to get her hands on the D.C. staple, so she developed her own recipe. Ten years later, Capital City® has expanded beyond Arsha’s home kitchen and into the hands of customers across the country.

“KFC has given Capital City® a huge opportunity to highlight a culture that many don’t get a chance to experience,” said Arsha Jones, CEO and Co-Founder of Capital City, LLC. “When visitors think of Washington, D.C., they envision museums, government and politics, but there’s a huge community just beyond those few blocks that has a rich history filled with styles, music, lingo and food all our own. We are proud to be able to partner with KFC to share our culture with more people.”

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More About Where To Buy Mambo Sauce Recipes



  • Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan and cook over low heat, stirring constantly, for about 10 minutes until sauce has thickened.
  • Refrigerate Cool for 1 hour then transfer to an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks. Bring to room temperature before serving.
  • Freeze Cool for 2 hours then transfer to a freezer-safe container and freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw in the refrigerator overnight then bring to room temperature before serving.

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  • Heat to medium and cook, stirring a bit, for 10 minutes to let the flavors combine. Remove from heat.





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Andy Burton The Founder Of Uncle Dell’s Mambo Sauce Tells Us How This Condiment Became A Staple Of Dc’s Culinary History

If DC has a flavor, it is undoubtedly mambo sauce. Just as diverse as the city that created it, mambo sauce is known for its distinctive red-orange color and its sweet-sour flavor that can taste like barbecue sauce, buffalo sauce, or something completely its owndepending on the restaurant that made the condiment.

For those unfamiliar, mambo sauce can be found drizzled on fried chicken, chicken wings, french fries, fried rice, and anything in between. While the sauce is reliably tomato based, the similarities end with that ingredientmambo sauce can be sweet, sour, spicy, thick, bright red, or burnt orange. But regardless of the differences, it remains a staple of DC cuisine.

The condiment is traditionally made by carryout spots around the DMV area, but some are packaging the sauce in an effort to expand access to this piece of DCs culinary history. The latest among them is Andy Burton, whose Uncle Dells Mambo Sauce has become one of the best-selling versions of the condiment in the region. After starting his company, Andys Factory, at the tender age of 5, the young entrepreneur has continued to grow his culinary empire under the tutelage of his mother, and with the help of his older brother, Nyles. We chatted with Burton to learn more about his company, his connection to mambo sauce, and the driving force behind his desire to continue this long standing DC food tradition.

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Dcs Capital City Mambo Sauce Expands To Kfc Becomes First Black

D.C.s most famous sauce is coming to a city near you!

Washington, D.C.s Capital City mambo sauce has expanded to KFC.

Arsha Jones is the CEO and co-founder of Capital City, LLC., a company that produces mambo sauce, a beloved D.C. condiment. She founded the company in 2011 alongside her late husband Charles after noticing it was hard to get her hands on the sauce once she moved to the suburbs. A decade later, Jones special brand of the sweet, spicy and tangy chicken wing sauce can be found in stores across the country. Now, Jones has partnered with KFC to bring her Sweet Hot Capital City mambo sauce to select restaurants in the Washington, D.C., Dallas and Atlanta areas.

KFC has given Capital City a huge opportunity to highlight a culture that many dont get a chance to experience. When visitors think of Washington, D.C., they envision museums, government and politics, but theres a huge community just beyond those few blocks that has a rich history filled with styles, music, lingo and food all our own. We are proud to be able to partner with KFC to share our culture with more people, Jones said via statement.

What Is Your History With Mambo Sauce Do You Remember The First Time You Had It


Most of my early experiences eating mambo sauce were with my maternal grandmother. She would go to a carryout in Bladensburg, Maryland and order wings. They always had mambo sauce drizzled on them. I was a picky eater though and wasnt always a fan of the sauce or what it was coveringI was that kid that didnt like mixing foods!

Later, mambo sauce became a staple in our house, but I didnt get the full carryout experience because mom made it at home. I can remember her giving away jars of it at the end of parties because she only put it on fried chicken which we didnt eat that often.

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It Sounds Like Andys Factory Is Truly A Family Affair And Weve Heard Your Brother Plays A Big Part Whats It Like Working With Your Older Sibling

Working with my older brother Nyles is perfect for me. Hes very supportive and he works on the more administrative functions of the business that requires sitting at a desk and more focus. Thats something thats difficult for me to do. I have to keep moving around. So we balance each other out. Its also good to have his support because I am still doing school work and thats been making for a few hectic days here and there.

Now, at almost two years in, I can say it is starting to feel like Im working with both brothers! My little brother, David, hes 8, and is the best taste tester ever. He also likes to tag along with me on deliveries when he can. Im glad to have both of them around.

How To Make Dc Mumbo Sauce

Washington D.C., is the nation’s most international city populated by long term locals and many many imports. Much of the local population comes and goes with the political tides. According to the Washington Post, only 15 percent of the white population was born in D.C., while only 60 percent of the black population was born there.

As a result, there aren’t many indigenous local dishes, but there is one concoction the locals proudly claim as their own: Mumbo Sauce.

Theresa Vargas, in an article in the Washington Post in July 2011, wrote “The Italians may have their marinara and the French their bearnaise, but for many D.C. natives, the sauce that captures the flavor of home is called mumbo. Few can tell you how it’s made or where it originated, but they know this: If you grew up in one of the mostly African American areas of the city, you’ve likely known the taste your entire life. If you didn’t, you probably have no idea what it is.” It is so popular there is even a band named Mumbo Sauce, and another group, Soulful, has an album named Mumbo Sauce .

In Mumbo sauce the tomato base plays bass in the background with the vinegar and sugar playing the lead. Mumbo sauce is most popular on chicken wings, but it works on just about anything deep fried. That may sound odd, but remember, in the Deep South, fried chicken and fish are often served with honey. I’ve always found honey to be a bit cloying, but the vinegar in Mumbo Sauce is a great knife for cutting through fried foods.

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Mambo Sauce Presale Codes & Passwords

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When Did You First Start Making Mambo Sauce What Was The Inspiration For It

Capital City Mambo Sauce

I first started making mambo sauce myself in 2015 for a school assignment. Ive been homeschooled my whole life, and an assignment actually gave me the push I needed to start my company when I was five. By 2015, I turned to my mom to find new inspiration for this updated assignment, and she explained the concept of franchising to meI interpreted the concept as a way for people to create a new business without necessarily having an original idea of their own. My mom asked me what in our household I thought I could franchise and make my own. I picked mambo sauce.

It was an easy choice. So many of my friends and family already knew and loved our mambo sauce. I decided it would be a good product for my business project. But my mom wouldnt just hand over her recipeinstead, she had me watch her make it in small batch after small batch. I then had to do the math and the adjustments to make a big batch.

After Id perfected my own recipe, my mom made me make flyers, design a logo, and create a small business planthe whole nine yards. I even had to do a mock sales presentation at my table with some homeschool moms we knew giving feedback on how I could improve before the big sale day. It paid off. When we went to the first pop-up shop, I sold completely out in a few hours. I had about 30 jars I think.

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Capital City Mambo Sauce Now Available At Some Kfc Locations

KFC has added Capital City Mambo Sauce to the menu at locations in Maryland, as well as KFC restaurants in Dallas and Atlanta.

The sauce will be available as a condiment for a limited time.

Capital City Mambo Sauce is entrepreneur Arsha Jones version of the hot and sweet sauce that gained fame at D.C. chicken wing restaurants in the 1950s. She founded the business 10 years ago and now ships the sauce to buyers nationally.

It is also sold at several major grocery stores and retailers.

Jones was born and raised in D.C., and after moving to the suburbs, found it hard to get her hands on the D.C. staple, so she developed her own recipe. Her business has grown from a home-kitchen operation to a commercially-produced brand.

KFC has given Capital City a huge opportunity to highlight a culture that many dont get a chance to experience, Jones said. When visitors think of Washington, D.C., the envision museums, government and politics, but theres a huge community just beyond those few blocks that has a rich history filled with styles, music, lingo and food all our own.

Arsha has created a successful business with this ridiculously delicious sauce, and we are proud to partner with her to give even more people a chance to try it, said Kevin Hochman, president of KFC U.S.

How To Get A Mambo Sauce Promo Code

There are several different ways to get Mambo Sauce presale tickets during the Mambo Sauce presale including the American Express presale, Amex presale, Ticketmaster presale, Live Nation presale, Citi presale, Capitol One presale, or Chase presale. You may find a Mambo Sauce promo code to an upcoming event.

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How To Meet Mambo Sauce

Foodinati Capital City Mambo Sauce Review

Many people would drop everything if they learned they could meet their childhood idol? Now you may be able to meet Mambo Sauce in person at an event. Meeting Mambo Sauce may be available as part of a meet and greet package where you may be able to meet Mambo Sauce and take a photo and be the talk of the town with all your friends.

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Where Can I Buy Mumbo Sauce In Dc

Best Mumbo Sauce in Washington, DC

  • Yums II Carryout. 0.1 mi. 165 reviews. $ Chinese, Fast Food.
  • Henrys Soul Cafe. 0.6 mi. 191 reviews.
  • Jerrys Carry Out. 0.6 mi. 34 reviews.
  • China Town Carryout. 1.4 mi. 91 reviews.
  • KoChix. 0.8 mi. 333 reviews.
  • Howard China. 1.1 mi. 61 reviews.
  • Good Hope Carry-Out. 3.9 mi. 26 reviews.
  • Wings N More Wings. 3.1 mi. 24 reviews.

What Does Mambo Sauce Mean To Dc

Mambo sauce is the key that unlocks Washington DCs food subculture. If you look deep enough, youll find that mambo sauce exploded in carryouts throughout the region. A sauce that grew up in the kitchens of DC locals gained its popularity when carryouts realized they could put mambo sauce on everything and they would have an instant customer base.

Mambo sauce is important to DC, and its not something thats easily shared. Some locals have got to know you really well before they share it with you, and thats why we want to share this little piece of DC with you. When you taste Joys Mambo Sauce, you can see the real people who live in DC every day, generations with mambo sauce in their blood.When you buy Joys Mambo Sauce, youre not just a customer youre family. Three wings and fried rice with mambo sauce? You can whip it up at home. This sauce matters. Its our heritage. Its our business. Its our culture. Check out JoysMamboSauce.com or shop with us for a portrait of DC.

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