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Cholula Chili Lime Hot Sauce

Cholula Hot Sauce Review CHILI LIME EDITION!

Just like the classic Cholula hot sauce but with an added citrusy twist. Great with fish or shrimp tacos and in guacamole.

Best sauce every for Mexican flavour.Quick shipping from these guys too

Cholula The Best

The Original is still the best out there of all hot sauces. The new variations are great.

Exactly what I wanted in a timely manner

Great site. Fully trusted. Will use again

I don’t like it as

I don’t like it as much as the original but the bottle still won’t last long.

I don’t like it as

I don’t like it as much as the original but the bottle still won’t last long.

About Cholula Chili Lime Hot Sauce

Cholula is a famous and popular brand of hot sauces which are widely consumed in Mexico from breakfast to supper. Mildly hot, they are frequently used on eggs and sausages. This lemony version of Cholula’s Original sauce conveys a pleasant hot flavour mixed with spicy overtones, which reminds you of Mexico, and ends up in a distinct fresh lemony fragrance. As a whole, this sauce is well-balanced and will ideally complement your chicken and fish dishes. Used as a seasoning, it will also liven up your salad dressings.

Ingrédients :

Water, Vinegar , peppers , salt, sugar, dried tomato, natural flavor, hydrolized vegetable protein, citric acid, silicon dioxide, spices, garlic and xantahn gum. Contains gmo.

For those who want to invite the heat of Mexico to their table.

150 ml

Cholula 5 Oz Chili Lime Hot Sauce

  • Delivers a balanced, mellow heat and refreshing hint of lime with a smooth, even texture
  • Ideal balance of heat and flavor to complement a variety of entrees without overpowering
  • Made with arbol chiles, piquin peppers, lime, and a signature blend of spices
  • Mild to medium heat makes it the perfect hot sauce for every customer to enjoy
  • Wooden cap and iconic yellow label provide an attractive tabletop presence
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