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Sean Evans Reveals the Season 19 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones

If youve seen Hot Ones, you know that it features some of the worlds hottest sauces, and that Hellfire sauces often make that lineup. Often in one of the hottest positions, including #9, these Hot Ones challenge sauces bring the fiery entertainment home. Can you face off against the hottest hot sauces in existence?

Daves Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce

Heat Level: 650k SHUs

Despite its name, the Ghost Pepper is far from an ephemeral, barely there apparition, the formerly hottest pepper on the planet is the very definition of here and now. This entry is a blend of Naga Jolokia peppers and pepper extract with roasted garlic pulp for a slightly tamer sauce than the million SHU bottles. But not by much. Use it by the drop not the dollop. Buy It

Pringles Scorchin Hot Ones Los Calientes Rojo

Luckily, you wont have to wait as long to snag a pack of Scorchin Hot Ones Los Calientes Rojo Pringles, because these crisps flavored with sweet applewood-smoked red jalapeños and tangy habaneros will be available to buy at Walmart beginning in June 2022. Oh, and dont worry if you need a ranch dipper even Mila Kunis needed the classic cool-down condiment during her episode.

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Want To Try Small Axe Peppers Hottest Hot Sauce

Made with the infamous Ghost Pepper, this sauce is not for the faint of heart. Sure, it isnt going to burn through your soul like the Mad Dog 357 but that doesnt mean it doesnt have a kick. In fact, it could be a great place to start testing your limits before trying some of the disgustingly spicy sauces listed above. So go ahead, give our Ghost Pepper Sauce a try:

Bravado Spice Black Garlic Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

Buy Hot Ones

More products featured on Hot Ones? You bet. They know whats up, and this Bravado Spice Co. sauce is basically the best thing on the planet. Gluten-free, vegan friendly, totally natural, and spicy as a lava hurricane. Theres no official Scoville unit rating, but much like the Torchbearer that we just reviewed, this includes garlic and the Carolina reaper in its sauce. What could be better?

Well, thats what Bravado Spice Co. was wondering, but they figured it outmaple syrup. You read that right, maple syrup is the secret ingredient here. Its what makes it work. Its what takes the heat and makes it a bit more savory, turning it into a versatile sauce that you can marinade with, or just pile it on top of your food to feel the concentrated fire of a dwarf star in your mouth. Be sure to also check out our guide to the best garlic pressers that will make preparing food much easier.

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How To Cook Hot Ones Chicken Bites

You can use an air fryer, oven or microwave to heat your chicken. Whatever method you choose, heat your Hot Ones boneless chicken bites according to the instructions on the package for the best results. While the chicken is heating, you can defrost the Original Hot Ones Hot Sauce in a bowl of warm water. Once the chicken is hot and the sauce is fully thawed, you can toss both together or keep the sauce on the side for dipping.

The chicken can remain frozen until you decide to cook it. Use your oven or air fryer to make the chicken bites extra crispy. Ensure the chickens internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit before you serve it.

The Ghost: 1 Million Scoville Units

Melindas The Ghost has something sweet to it carrots, papaya, lime and passion fruit but the bhut jolokia chile has a brutal bite. At 1 million Scoville units, this slightly tangy hot sauce brings the heat. One Amazon reviewer thinks it hasnt quite reached the melt your face threshold but says its great with eggs and chili.

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Henrys Hot Sauce Carolina Reaper

Scoville units: ~1 millionPeppers used: Carolina Reaper

Unlike a lot of these other hot sauces that seem to come from the mind of a slightly insane dude working from his kitchen, Henrys Hot Sauce is courtesy of an honest-to-god Virginia pepper farm. There, in the Shenandoah Valley, is apparently located the most limestone-rich soil for growing the most perfect hot peppersones the Henry family has cultivated from the world over. No surprise, Henrys sauces use 100% homegrown peppers , and are usually based around one single pepper varietal, like Carolina Reaper, their most extreme offering. Buy it here.

Note: if you go to Henrys website youll see Carolina Reaper listed as limited edition. This is mainly because making sauces with 100% your own ingredients leads to small batches, not because these products are of the only-100-bottles-made-then-gone-forever nature.

Hot Ones Sauce In Canada

Sean Evans Reveals the Season 16 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones

So anyone know good place in Toronto or in Canada? Looking to try 5-6 sauces out with a few friends.

Are the hot ones exclusive sauce like the last dab only available on there website? Can someone recommend a line up.

For sure we want torchbearer garlic reaper sauce

Thank you

Hot Sauces Unlimited is based out of Toronto and usually has the non-exclusive Hot Ones sauces, I got Torchbearer garlic reaper from there!

I don’t know if they have their doors open for customers to check out the warehouse now due to COVID, but it was always fun seeing all the products and talking to George the owner.

For the Heatonist/Hot Ones sauces, Chilly Chiles has them. Its a bit much at $40ish dollars but it comes around the same as if you were ordering from Heatonist’s site:

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Whats The Best Way To Preserve Homemade Hot Sauce Can It Freeze It

If youd like to preserve your hot sauce for longer storage, you can either freeze it or process it in a waterbath canner . A caveat here: the beneficial bacteria created in the fermented version will be killed off by the high heat from the canning process. Itll still be delicious, it just wont add any probiotics into your diet.

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Hot Ones Classic Consistency

Hot Ones Classic hot sauce is on the thinner side in terms of consistency. There are bits of peppers, seeds, and garlic that give the sauce some texture, but it is still susceptible to the over-pour. Thankfully, Hot Ones thought of this and the bottles are now equipped with a dasher top. This is the little plastic top over the bottles spout that allows less sauce to come out when pouring.

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The Full List Of Hot Ones Sauces From All Seasons Of The Show

Hot Ones. Its the show with hot questions and even hotter wings, but its also the show that started it all for Heatsupply. It gave us the idea to sell the hot sauces we saw on the show, but couldnt find anywhere in Europe. By now we have a lot of Hot Ones sauces on our webshop, but we wanted to recollect all the sauces that were in all the seasons of the show. Thats why we created this full list of Hot Ones sauces. You can also directly go to each sauce we offer that was in the show!

Why Is Wendys Chili So Good

Buy Hot Ones Last Dab XXX Hot Sauce Online in Philippines. B07ZJW5W57

Wendys uses more than one kind of bean in their chili Red kidney beans are what bring that hearty taste to chili. They are often confused with pinto beans, but they are, in fact, a separate type of bean. More beans means flavor, so their different varieties of beans just means that Wendys chili is extra delicious.

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The Classic Pepper X Edition

One of the exciting experiments from from Hot Ones, The Classic Pepper X edition spices up the relatively tame Classic using the Pepper X peppers from the Last Dab. We have finally tried it thanks to the Hot Ones subscription box! Check out our in-depth analysis and taste test here.

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Cratejoy Hot Sauce Of The Month Club

Cratejoys Hot Sauce Of The Month Club is another subscription offering that lets you select the level of heat, and frequency and amount shipped. Often shipped with a variety of supplementary sample packets, the clubs boxes come in one- or three-bottle allotments ranging from $14 to $29. On the first of each month, Cratejoy ships your choice of a box containing sauces that fall under Mild/Medium, Classic, and Extra Hot the latter of which is something of this outfits specialty. This also includes other items that hot sauces aficionados are sure to appreciate, such as has unique sauces, curry pastes, habanero sauces, and Mexican verde-style hot sauces.

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Dingo Sauce Co Widow Maker


Now we take a voyage down under to the outback of Australia, where theyve somehow packed six super spicy peppers into one dynamite bottle. If weve learned anything about Australia over the years its that its hot down there, full of extremes and bizarre creatures. This sauce is no different. Much like the very large, dangerous and other-worldly creatures that call AUS their home, the peppers inside this bottle span from climate zones across Western Australia, giving this sauce a variety of heat profiles. Mix in a little apple cider vinegar, citrus and a dash of sea salt and youve got a spice thatll blow you away.

Heavenly Heat Meet Your Maker Retribution Sauce

Sean Evans Reveals the Season 18 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones

Scoville units: ~6 millionPeppers used: Ghost peppers

Sold in a hand-crafted wood coffin, Meet Your Maker has a base of fresh, pureed ghost peppers and a 5-million Scoville ghost pepper extract blended with dried ground ghost peppers, then combined together. James Wreck Beckthe Hot Sauce Boss of iBurn in Houston, who once penned an extract misuse manifesto called Stop Spicy Stupiditymay be one of the few humans who has tried both this and Black Mamba 6, believing Meet Your Maker to be hotter. He might be right, as Heavenly Heat actually makes you agree to a product waiver before purchasing this product! Buy it here.

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The Hot Sauce Is Manufactured By Heatonist Specifically For Children

Hot Ones,the show with hot questions and even hotter wings, is expanding its growing platform with a hot sauce for kids. As a self-proclaimed lover of spice who cant handle much spice, I cringe thinking about small children ingesting some of the spicer varieties of hot sauce, but the Hot Ones folks have created one mild enough for youngsters.

Named The Green, the hot sauce is manufactured by Heatonist, and is reportedly the brands most mild sauce yet, with nutritious ingredients. The sauce includes include green apple, apple juice, sweet onion, lime juice, baby spinach, apple cider vinegar, jalapeño peppers, banana, kosher salt, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh basil. Additionally, there is no added sugar.

Hot Ones told Thrillist that The Green is different from your average mild hot sauce because, the mild flavor profile allows kids to be introduced to the flavorful world of hot sauce, without the leveled up heat that exists in most commercially mild hot sauces on the market, before adding, The Green is big on flavor and mild on spice, allowing anyone who prefers less heat to still shake up meal time with tart and sweet green apple and just a hint of warmth from jalapeño.

Hot Ones also shared that a couple of 12-year-old taste testers loved The Green, saying Its a tiny bit sweet and a little bit spicy. Its really good. And apparently, the sauce is good on everything from nuggets to scrambled eggs to PB& Js.

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Flashbang Hot Sauce Explained

Flashbang Hot Sauce is one of the hottest sauces out there you can get your hands on. It will surely push your taste buds to their limits and your tolerance to hot spices and peppers with this grenade-like mixture.

If you are looking for the ultimate hot sauce/hot pepper challenge, we think you are going to like this, because Flashbang Hot Sauce is one of the best options out there. Furthermore, of course, there are hotter foods in the world, about which we are going to talk later in this article.

The reason why this hot sauce is shaped like a stun grenade is that it will cause a flash explosion in your mouth thanks to its deadly mixture. It is going to dominate your taste buds which may cause them to feel numb for about two weeks. One of the possible side effects is the loss of the ability to taste. But of course, do not worry. This will only be temporary. If you are wondering how your body gets affected by the hot spices or peppers, we have mentioned it here in this post!

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Last Dab Chile De Arbol Special Edition

The final new Hot Ones hot sauce is a mild version of the Last Dab using Chile De Arbol peppers. This sauce allows us to enjoy more of the delicious flavor of the Last Dab without having to have a glass of milk on standby.

The Chile De Arbol peppers in this sauce are chopped roughly, giving this sauce a new level of chunkiness. The flavor is also very much different from the Reduxx version but still has that savory mustard profile. This sauce is great for Indian food and will not make your tongue catch fire.

Best Overall: Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce

Hot Ones Season 9 Combo Pack

Size: 4 fluid ounces | Sugar: N/A | Heat rating: Medium

If you love hot sauce, why not make your own? This handy kit includes two different spice blends that will let you make two different 4-ounce bottles of hot sauce. One spice mix is fruity and smoky, while the other has citrus and herbal notes. It only takes a few minutes to prep the hot sauce mix, and then it needs to age for three daysâso youâll have your own hot sauce blend in no time. The bottles with corks are included, along with a fine-mesh strainer and a stainless steel funnel, so you can continue experimenting with your own spice mixes after youâve made and used your first batches.

If the kit gets you inspired to make your own hot sauce, your possibilities are endless. Trevor Sullivan, owner of Pingala Cafe and Broccoli Barâtwo vegan hotspots in Vermontâoften uses hot sauce to heat up his dishes. He recommends making this tropical hot sauce:

Heat coconut oil in a pan and throw in a fistful of coriander seed. Just as the coriander finishes toasting, add carrot, onion, garlic, and fresh ginger and allow to sweat. After some caramelization on the onion, add a 2:1 ratio of water to white vinegar. Bring to a simmer. After the carrot is cooked through, transfer ingredients to a high-powered blender and add in fresh habanero peppersâseeds and all. Season with salt to taste. Should be the viscosity of Sriracha.

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What Is The Texture Like

Well, because this is made from fresh ingredients, the sauce is a little on the thin side. It also comes with peppers, seeds and garlic mixed in that give it that extra crunch when you bite into it.

However, these bottles come with a dasher top that will allow you to control the flow of this sauce from your bottle onto your pizza or breakfast. This is great if you are slightly nervous about lashing this onto your breakfast or pizza, especially if you are new to the concept of hot sauce.

The Last Dab Apollo Scoville Rating

Seeing as the Carolina Reaper and Pepper X peppers are the Apollo peppers parents, this sauce is ferociously spicy. However, the exact Scoville rating is still TBA. For now, well give our best guess based on previous Last Dab Scoville ratings and the Apollo peppers origin. Check back for updates here as we learn more from official sources.

Simply put, Last Dab Apollo likely has a Scoville rating of 2.5 million+ SHUs, though an official rating has yet to be announced. After tasting, I wouldnt be surprised by a Scoville rating in this territory. However, the Pepper Geeks both agreed that The Constrictor hot sauce, made of reapers, was hotter.

See where some other superhot sauces stack up on the Scoville scale.

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Take The Hellfire Hot Ones Hot Sauce Challenge

Test yourself with one of these famous hot sauces featured on Hot Ones, or get a Hot Ones Sauce Pack and bring these saucy stars home for your own searing hot, screaming face, crying in pain hot sauce challenge. Use caution and be ready to face the hottest pepper sauces anywhere.

Kranked. Award-winning heat from Carolina Reapers and black garlic, Kranked is easily the best-tasting super hot sauce out there. One of our most famous hot sauces on Hot Ones, it was featured in season 16 at spot #9. Krank up the Scoville scale with this challenging creation from Hellfire.

Fear This! Another award-winning Hellfire sauce featured on Hot Ones, Fear This! has a high mash content of Carolina Reapers blended with spices, lime, and ginger. Hotter than ghost peppers, the Reaper peaks at 2.2 million Scoville units. This blistering beauty was seen in season 8, at position #9.

Fiery Fool. A pure 80% mash of the worlds hottest peppers make Fiery Fool famous for sheer lava heat without the use of pepper extracts or food additives. Fiery Fool is one of the worlds hottest hot sauces without these additions, and was a blazing challenge on season 6 of Hot Ones in spot #9.

Devils Blend Roasted Reaper. While not the hottest sauce in season 14 of Hot Ones in spot #4, this is another example of a delicious sauce made from fire-roasted hot peppers, with the sweetness of apples, lime, and spices. Healthy and addictive, the sweet, sharp flavor of this blend blows away the warm-up rounds.

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