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Big John’s Ol’ West Bbq & Dippin Sauce

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I have been making this sauce for over 25 years now. Many people tell me that it is the best BBQ sauce they have ever had. Many say that they have never liked barbeque sauce until they tried Ol’ West. Often they re-order by the case! This sauce is great on chicken, pork, beef, ribs, steaks, chops, burgers, meatloaf, baked beans, spaghetti, fries, deer and even salads. It is thick and does not “run off” food when cooking. It is an excellent “dipping sauce” for many foods including shrimp and onion rings. Try a bottle – you’ll be glad you did. Ol’ West is a blend of great barbeque flavors – not a mass produced bottle of vinegar, corn syrup and tomato paste that has flooded the grocery shelves for years.

Iii Of An Ongoing Series

So much barbecue sauce, so little time. Our box of bottles to try for Barbecue Season 2008 was so heavy, we could hardly lift it. As in previous years, we tested our products on chicken.

This years sauces that more than pass muster* are a widely-varying group of flavor profiles. Read each mini-review for details. This is Page 1 of a two-page article. Click on the black links below to read Page 2.

*The phrase to pass muster, meaning to be acceptable or satisfactory, comes from the military. Troops are gathered in a group to show officers that they are acceptably dressed and equipped. Muster refers to the gathering, so it is especially appropriate for our gathering of barbecue sauces.

Recognizing that preferences vary, we included some sauces this year that might not have passed our moderate sugar standard in previous years. Youll see from our comments what we thought was good, and why people who look for sweeter foods should enjoy them.

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Big Johns Ol West BBQ & Dippin Sauce

INGREDIENTS: Brown sugar, ketchup, prepared mustard, natural smoke flavor, salt, dehydrated garlic, black pepper, hot pepper sauce. CALORIES: 2 tablespoons, 50 calories.

Blenders Barbeque Sauce Marinade & Dip

Original Barbecue, Spicy Barbecue and Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

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Wed pour the thick, rich allspice-flavored Original Barbeque Sauce on almost anything!Photo by Claire Freierman.

Buz & Neds

From Richmond, Virginia, Buz & Neds Real Barbecue Sauce isnt what most folks in our neck of the woods think of as a barbecue sauce. A sweet-and-sour style, it has a heavy vinegar profile and a mild heat, and was a crowd pleaser at our tasting. It can easily become a barbecue salad dressing by whisking in some vegetable or olive oil . The charming wax-like covering over the bottle neck is dipped in the same vat as the bottles of Makers Mark bourbon .

INGREDIENTS: vinegar, tomato paste, sugar, unfiltered honey, molasses, mustard, salt, herbs and spices, garlic, red pepper sauce, corn syrup, onions, tamarind, anchovies, natural smoke. CALORIES: One ounce , 30 calories.

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Big John’s Ol’ West Bbq & Dippin Sauce Exclusively Made In Sd

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Seller:actionfiguresforall99.3%, Location:Aberdeen, South Dakota, US, Ships to: WORLDWIDE, Item:163730728703Big John’s Ol’ West BBQ & Dippin Sauce Exclusively made in SD. Big John’s Ol’ West BBQ & Dippin Sauce is exclusively made in South Dakota. Ol’ West is a blend of great barbeque flavors – not a mass produced bottle of vinegar, corn syrup and tomato paste that has flooded the grocery shelves for years.Condition:New, Product:BBQ & Hot Sauce, UPC:689993930541, MPN:512D, Calories per Serving:2 tbsp = 50 cal, Food Aisle:Pantry, Brand:James Valley Scents See More

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Big Johns Ol West Bbq & Dippin Sauce

Big John

Big John makes a big, smoky, sizzling sauce. Photo by Saidi Granados.

Blenders Barbeque Sauce, Marinade & Dip

Blenders serves up three classic sauces: Original Barbecue, Spicy Barbecue and Chipotle Barbecue. Original is a spectacular allspice-flavored sauce. We give it the gold medal among this years sauces. Wed put it on just about any meat, eggs, turkey sandwiches, and, yes, definitely whisk it into a dip . Theres lots of zing with mild heat: Aunt Pauline Blender created a winner. The Spicy and Chipotle versions keep the same flavor profile but add heat thats moderate, never searing. Interestingly, Chipotle is milder and sweeter than Spicy. The history of the sauce, made in Kansas City, is worth a trip to the website, even if you dont plan to buy it. Jeri Blender says shell never sell the recipe, but she should sell the movie rights to her familys story .

INGREDIENTS: Tomato purée, sugar, distilled vinegar, salt, chile powder, crushed red pepper, spices, celery seed, garlic powder. CALORIES: Two tablespoons , 40 calories.

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