How To Make Bourbon Sauce

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Ways To Use Caramel Sauce:

How To Make Bourbon BBQ Sauce

The possibilities are endless! That said, a few of my faves include

  • Ice cream. Always.
  • Chocolate. Brownies, cakes, cookiesyou name it.
  • Fruit. Weve been on a grilled peaches kick this summer, which pair perfectly with this caramel sauce. But apples, pears, pineapple, and bananas fresh or baked all taste fantastic served with this caramel sauce. Or its also delicious drizzled on fruit crisps, crumbles, cobblers, etc.
  • Coffee drinks. If you want to gussy up your coffee the Starbucks way, drizzle a bit of this atop your morning coffee.
  • 1 teaspoon fine sea salt

Ways To Enjoy Bourbon Sauce

  • Drizzle. This sauce successfully elevates the flavors of grilled steak, pork chops, fish or shrimp. We also like it over steamed soy beans instead of the plain soy reduction we use.
  • Toss. Gently toss baked chicken wings or grilled shrimp in bourbon sauce to evenly coat them all over.
  • Brush. Use as a glaze for pan seared salmon, skillet pork chops, thinly sliced ahi tuna, baked pork ribs and more.
  • . To use as a marinade simply add a bit more acidity to the bourbon sauce . Also add a tablespoon or so of neutral cooking oil. These additions will thin it out a bit and get it closer to the ingredient ratio for .

TIP: To make bourbon chicken first cut chicken thighs or breast into bite sized pieces. Toss in corn starch, pan-fry until crispy and drain over paper towels. Make the bourbon sauce as per the instructions above and add the crispy chicken bites to the pan at the stage where you let the sauce simmer to reduce and become sticky. Stir around to make sure each piece of chicken is nicely coated in sauce. Enjoy!

Bourbon chicken wings.

How To Make This Recipe

Making your own barbecue sauce is very easy. It takes 5-10 minutes of prep, and about 10 minutes of cooking time.

The ingredients list may seem a bit long to you, but theyre necessary to develop the depth of flavor that all great barbecue sauces have.

Most of the ingredients are probably already in your pantry or fridge, too!

Heres what youll need:

  • Natural ketchup preferably organic and low in sugar
  • Bourbon

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Bourbon Caramel Sauce Ingredients:

To make this bourbon caramel sauce recipe, you will need:

  • Bourbon: Or whatever kind of whiskey you love best.
  • Sugar: Were going classic with granulated white sugar for this sauce.
  • Water: To mix with the sugar before boiling it.
  • Heavy cream: Room temp , otherwise the hot sugar will seize and clump up when this is added.
  • Butter: Also room temp, please.
  • Vanilla extract: Optional, but I highly recommend adding some for extra flavor.
  • Salt: Add in however much sea salt you would like!

How To Make Caramel Sauce:

Bacon Bourbon BBQ Sauce

To make this salted caramel sauce recipe, simply

  • Start with sugar and water. Give them a quick stir together in a heavy-bottomed saucepan.
  • Wait for the sugar to caramelize. Now its time for the sugar to work its magic! Turn the burner on to medium-high heat. Then wait patiently and do not stir or touch the pan until the sugar has caramelized. Once the sugar reaches a boil, it will go from being completely clear, to a champagne color, to a light golden color, and then to increasingly darker shades of amber within a few minutes. Once the sugar reaches a deep amber color , remove the saucepan from the heat and turn the burner off.
  • Add the remaining ingredients. Slowly and carefully pour the heavy cream into the sugar mixture, whisking as you pour to quickly incorporate the cream. Then add in the butter and whisk until combined. And finally, add in the vanilla, bourbon and sea sea salt, and whisk until combined.
  • Serve or store. Then serve the caramel sauce immediately if you would like, while its nice and hot. Or let the sauce cool until it reaches room temperature , then transfer the sauce to a sealed container and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks.
  • See below for the full recipe!

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    Irresistible Smoky Bourbon Bbq Sauce

    Youll never buy pre-made BBQ sauce again. This smoky bourbon BBQ sauce is irresistibly spicy, tangy and sweet. Its the perfect accompaniment to pulled pork, pork ribs and chicken wings.

    »Want to try something a little different? Try this Alabama White BBQ Sauce!

    I suppose Id say Im a bit picky when it comes to BBQ sauce. I have tried many different BBQ sauces, looking for the perfect one, but until I made my own at home, nothing was quite right.

    Many that you buy in the store tend to be too sweet for my taste. I dont like overly sugary sauce. Thats what makes this smoky bourbon BBQ sauce so great. Its got the perfect level of sweetness, balanced with smoke and vinegar.

    The benefits of making BBQ sauce yourself at home are that you can make only how much you need, decide how spicy you want it to be, and set the level of salt and sugar to suit your preferences. Dont be afraid to adjust the measurements of this recipe to suit your tastes.

    I try to always keep the ingredients needed for this sauce on hand so I can make it any time I need barbecue sauce. Its only takes about 30 minutes to make and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

    Can I Make A Sweet Sticky Spicy Bourbon Glaze In Advance

    ABSOLUTELY! This sauce may be prepared several hours in advance in fact. This is especially helpful if you will be preparing for a dinner party, and will need additional time to prep other dishes. When finished cooking, simply transfer the cooled glaze to a covered jar or sauce boat, and store it at room temperature until you are ready to use it. If refrigerating for use another day, bring to room temperature before using.

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    Expert Tips For Making This Bourbon Glaze

    • Make Lots: This is a great recipe to make and present as a hostess gift.
    • Try Whiskey: This is a great recipe to make with Whiskey too.
    • Honey: Feel free to add a little honey or maple to the mix.
    • Bacon: I loved to add a little crumbled up bacon to top off any dish I make with this sauce, they go together like peas and carrots.


    If youve tried this recipe, please rate it in the comment section below.

    The Big Deal With A Bourbon Glaze For Chicken Or Fish Is The Super Short Cooking Time

    How to Make Bourbon Whiskey BBQ Sauce | BBQ Recipe |

    Sweet, Sticky, Spicy Bourbon Glaze is what takes everyday proteins such as salmon and chicken and even a spiral baked ham from ordinary to extraordinary. Does this dish of Browned Butter Seared Scallops look inviting? In addition to a luscious bed of Oven Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Sherry and Cream, we topped these deep sea gems off with a light drizzle of sweet, sticky, spicy bourbon glaze.

    The big deal with a glaze is the cooking time which takes only about 15 minutes on the stove-top. The bourbon simmers with light brown sugar and other ingredients until it reduces into a sweet and sticky syrupy glaze. The glaze is removed from the heat and is ready to use in about 20 minutes after having time to thicken up.

    Because of this, you can make the bourbon glaze in advance for a truly quick meal. It stores refrigerated, and can be brought to room temperature before to serving. It adds a unique sweet-salty-savory ‘Umami’ component to grilled meats and vegetables that will wow you into adding it to your arsenal of recipes. And it’s a SERIOUS bourbon sauce for chicken.

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    When Should I Brush On My Barbecue Sauce

    Theres a significant difference between most marinades and sauces. And that difference is usually sugar. A marinade infuses the meat, while a sauce goes on at the end so that it doesnt burn up in the cooking process. In general, you can start brushing your barbecue sauce on the meat about 20-30 minutes before its ready to come off the grill, especially if youre using indirect heat. If youve got a big old fire raging, you might want to wait until the last 10 minutes. With a sauce thats as tasty as this, youre likely going to want to slather it all over everything youre cooking. But restraint is keybrush on just enough to get the flavor and pass more at the table. No burning, just lip-smacking taste.

    Storage Freezing And Reheating Instructions

    • Store in an airtight container or secure mason jar the fridge for up to 1 month.
    • Freeze in an airtight, freezer-safe plastic bag or container for up to 6 months.
    • Reheat by allowing frozen barbecue sauce to thaw in the fridge overnight, then letting the chilled sauce come to room temperature on the counter. You can also warm in the microwave or on the stovetop until warmed through, but not boiling.

    Homemade Bourbon Barbecue Sauce

    Its not even summer yet, and Im already in BBQ mode! Ive been thinking of a million and one ways to use this barbecue sauce. I guess thats what a freezing cold winter will do to a person.

    Full disclosure that I am a major condiment lover. I love to dunk and dip everything in sauces. But I have never tried making a homemade version of one of my favorite condiments barbecue sauce.

    Making your own barbecue sauce at home is super easy! It doesnt require much effort, only needs one pot, calls for less than 20 minutes of cooking time, and you can customize it to your liking. Just throw all of the ingredients into a saucepan and let it simmer. This barbecue sauce is sweeter than it is spicy however you can always spice it up by adding some cayenne pepper and paprika.

    Best of all, you should have all of the ingredients for this sauce already in your pantry.

    How To Cook Steak In A Skillet

    Maple Bourbon Barbecue Sauce

    Please whip out your cast iron skillet because that is the best tool for preparing a good steak.

    • Were going to salt our steaks and let them sit for about 20 minutes. When ready to get started, fire up the stovetop and set your cast iron skillet over the heat.
    • Rub the steaks with dijon mustard on both sides and add to the skillet, two steaks at a time, and a tablespoon of butter.
    • In the meantime, put together the bourbon sauce by combining soy sauce, light brown sugar, bourbon, and dried herbs in a mixing bowl.
    • Remove steaks from the pan and deglaze the skillet with the bourbon sauce.
    • Stir in half & half or light cream and continue to cook for 1 to 2 more minutes, or until sauce has slightly thickened.
    • Remove skillet from heat, place steaks back in skillet and turn to coat with the sauce.

    Serve with Lemon Butter Green Beans and ENJOY!

    How To Make Bourbon Barbecue Sauce

    The easy homemade bourbon barbecue sauce starts with onion and garlic sautéed in a bit of oil. Then, the remaining ingredients ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, salt, pepper, chili powder, and, of course, bourbon are added. Thats it! Just stir or whisk well so everything is combined, and let it simmer for 15 minutes.

    Make a large batch, and keep it in the fridge for up to 4 weeks or freeze any leftovers.

    Serve this sauce on wings, sandwiches, fries, or chicken tenders. Enjoy!

    How To Make A Bourbon Glaze

    Reducing a sauce can be intimidating for novice cooks, but it is actually dead simple. Basically, the longer the sauce cooks, the more water evaporates. The more water that evaporates, the thicker the sauce gets. Easy peasy, right?

    To make this bourbon glaze you simply add all of the ingredients to a small saucepan and bring to a boil. As the mixture boils the sauce will thicken. It is done when it is the consistency of maple syrup.

    TIP: If a reduction gets too thick you can thin it out by adding a couple of dribbles of water. If it is too thin, just simmer it longer to evaporate more liquid.

    How Long Does It Keep For

    If you have a leftover quantity or are simply interested in making a double batch to have on hand, you can store the bourbon sauce refrigerated in an air tight container or small jar. It will save well for at least a month. Bring it to room temperature before using or warm it up over low heat in a sauce pan.

    Common Questions About This Recipe

    How to Make BBQ Sauce – Honey Bourbon Barbecue Sauce Recipe HOMEMADE


    This recipe can be stored in your fridge for up to three months in an airtight container or jar.


    No need to go top shelf here. You will get all the flavor you need from a general use bourbon such as Jim Bean.


    Absolutely, there are some great sugar free and keto/paleo options for different sauces out there. Such as:


    Definitely, you can increase or decrease the amounts to make it appropriate for your family.


    The alcohol burns off and evaporates during the cooking process. There may be trace elements left depending how long you cook it for but for all intent and purposes it is gone.


    Sure, it is great to make it ahead and use it when you are ready to prepare dinner.


    Bourbon Glaze is great on salmon, chops, steak,chicken, ribs, you name it.

    A Sweet Sticky Spicy Bourbon Glaze Adds A Unique Sweet

    What Is The BEST Bourbon Glaze Or Sauce Recipe?

    Any kind of glaze or sauce used to enhance a protein or vegetable should check off boxes in several categories without ‘over-doing’ it. For example, you probably wouldn’t put BBQ sauce on cooked carrots. BBQ sauce is delicious yes, but works best on grilled meats like chicken and ribs where fats and collagens broken down in the cooking process work with sugar in the BBQ sauce to develop that sought after deep and crusty ‘bark’ we all know and love. And for those same chicken and ribs, a drizzle of honey that by itself and would surely make the carrots shine, mightn’t be enough to intensify the richness and splendor of grilled or smoked meats. A Sweet, Sticky, Spicy Bourbon Glaze lends flavor to more than one foodstuff. A Sweet, Sticky, Spicy Bourbon Glaze imparts an imperial and umami flavor profile BEAUTIFULLY to practically all vegetables, grilled meats, fish, and poultry. It’s THE BEST singular sauce or glaze for everything. How? The breakdown of sugars in the bourbon and aromatics react with mustard to add tanginess, red pepper flakes or cayenne for balancing heat, and Worcestershire to bolster the other ingredients, creating a “flavor harmony.” What is created is a glaze that is not too spicy, not too sweet, and not too tangy, rather something just about right according to the human palate. Right for every vegetable and right for every protein.

    How To Use A Bourbon Glaze

    This bourbon glaze can be painted on your favorite meat prior to baking or grilling, but keep in mind it is a sugar-based sauce which can burn easily at higher temperatures if you don’t watch it.

    My favorite way to use it is to paint it on the meat as it cooks, adding additional layers. Entrees such as homemade burgers, grilled chicken, or grilled steak are a perfect pairing with this glaze. However, it can also be used to coat grilled corn on the cob as well!

    A Sweet Sticky Spicy Bourbon Glaze Is My Go

    Crazy-delicious Bourbon Glaze is just that – a crazy-delicious sweet, sticky, mildly spicy glaze for just about anything and everything. It is super fantastic as a bourbon glaze for chicken and for fish. I recently swapped out my favorite barbecue sauce for this glaze and basted my Oven Baked Deep South Barbecue Ribs until the glaze became viscous. Those ribs were MEAN and AMAZING!

    With the hot temperatures outside, I’ve been reluctant to spend time outside, on the deck in front of a 500 degree grill, and almost as reluctant to turn the oven on inside for any meal that may take longer than 15 to 20 minutes to prepare. And besides the hot, hot temperatures, it’s summer. My time is better spent with a cocktail in hand, poolside than with an apron on. I want ‘dinner party quality, with everyday easy’ dishes that look beautiful and taste AMAZING. A Sweet, Sticky, Spicy Bourbon Glaze is my go-to fabulous finishing sauce for…well, everything.

    Does Bourbon Bbq Sauce Have Alcohol

    Bourbon BBQ Sauce

    Some, but not much. Alcohol evaporates as the sauce boils. The amount of alcohol that remains in food after it is cooked depends on a variety of things like how long it is cooked, the size of the pot , and the other ingredients in the recipe.

    Anecdotal evidence: we’ve eaten a lot of bourbon bbq sauce and not felt the tiniest bit funny’ afterward.

    Homemade Bourbon Bbq Sauce

    Homemade Bourbon BBQ Sauce is an easy homemade bbq sauce recipe thats sweet and smoky with no refined sugar and big bourbon flavor!

    How was your Fourth of July? We had a great time as we were in Boise soaking up the sun. We went Class 4 river rafting, which I was a bit apprehensive about.

    Two years ago we went Class 3 river rafting and it was fairly mild. Id heard Class 4 was much more intense, but it wasnt bad at all. We had a great guide with us, so all we had to do was follow her instructions to stay out of the way of rocks and stay in the raft.

    It was a total blast.

    If I had been home for the holiday, you better believe I would have been grilling. I had a batch of this bourbon bbq sauce in the fridge, and I would have loved to put it to use!

    Have you ever made homemade bbq sauce? Its a game changer. Most store bought barbecue sauces on the market are full of preservatives and especially sugar. This recipe contains no refined sugar and its completely customizable to suit your taste.

    While I dont drink bourbon, I love cooking with it because it adds a great depth of flavor.

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