Trailer Park Boys Hot Sauce

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Trailer Park Boys Hot Sauce

Trailer Park Boys – Green Bastard Hot Sauce

Meh. The name of the sauce describes it perfectly.

Haven’t tried it, but every “merchandise” sauce I’ve ever had is pretty much garbage.

My buddy reviewed it on his Hot Sauce Done Quick Youtube channel. He wasnt a fan. Sounds pretty meh.

I have it! It’s not spicy at all, but super garlicky. It works well as a dipping sauce and I could see it working reeeaalllyyy well as a mild wing sauce.

I can’t imagine it’s any good. They have really whored out that show in the last few years and slap the brand on a bunch of mediocre, overpriced products.

Yep. Aaaaaand can confirm that the hot sauce is another one of those shitty products. I said I wouldn’t support them anymore after the freedom 35 beer and the shitty whiskey but tried one last time and was dissapointed.

I’m a TPB fan and a hot sauce fan, so it was worth it for me to get a limited edition numbered first batch bottle with a chance of it being autographed as well . Got the bottle on my shelf. The price was hefty and the sauce was 5/10 being tasty but watery and not very spicy. Don’t expect it to be a very interesting sauce. I would not buy a sauce like that again, but for a limited edition novelty item from a show I love it was still worth it.

I still consumed it all and enjoyed it despite it’s flaws.

Best used on a food that can absorb it.

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The Trailer Park Boys And Coney Island Saucery Are Fired Up To Announce The Launch Of Their Tasty Hot Sauce

The Trailer Park Boys and Coney Island Saucery have joined forces to release a delicious hot sauce that will bring a thrill ride to your mouth. Trailer Park Boys Deeecent Hot Sauce is a Louisiana style, garlic flavored hot sauce with a silky texture and the right amount of heat. Made with fresh all natural ingredients, created by hot sauce fans for hot sauce fans.

The residents of Sunnyvale Trailer Park are buds with Tod and Aaron from Coney Island Saucery. The Boys needed something tasty to perk up their uninspired meals of pepperoni sticks and Randys dirty ol blue jay burgers. Thus was bornt Trailer Park Boys Deeecent Hot Sauce, a sauce specifically created by Coney Island Saucery for the refined tastes of TPB fans everywhere.

We are very f***ing excited to have our own hot sauce coming from the Coney Island Saucery. Its the decentest, most scrumpdilly sauce youll ever drive into your liquor soaked tongue cave.-Ricky, Julian & Bubbles goes live at noon today. Be the FIRST to get your hands on the FIRST BATCH of Trailer Park Boys Deeecent Hot Sauce. Limited Numbered Bottles. Single run original label art. Every pre-order gets a chance to win 1 of 24 signed bottles by Ricky, Julian and Bubbles

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Is It Safe To Buy Trailer Park Boys Deeecent Hot Sauce Vegan Gluten Free 5 Fl Oz On Desertcart

Trailer Park Boys Deeecent... Hot Sauce

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Coney Island Hot Sauce

Always thrilled to partner with the best in the industry Aaron really knocked it out of the park with this one. Check out Coney Island SauceryTrailer Park Boys hot sauce. The flavor will make you slap YA Grams!! Order at


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Trailer Park Boys Deeecent Hot Sauce From Coney Island Saucery

Matt Mild & Medium Vids

A big thank you to Aaron from Coney Island Saucery for sending me a bottle of their Trailer Park Boys Deeecent Hot Sauce to try out.

If you didnt know, Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian mockumentary TV series currently showing on Netflix & Deeecent Hot Sauce is the sauce for the show. Its Louisiana style, garlic forward with a silky texture and a 4/20 level of heat. Made with fresh all natural ingredients by hot sauce fans for hot sauce fans.

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Trailer Park Boys Deeecent Hot Sauce

Deeecent hot sauce, ya know what I’m sayin? A garlic forward Louisiana style sauce that, according to Bubbles is “Scrumpdilly!!” Heat level: 4/20

Ingredients: Cayenne base , garlic, vegetable oil blend , water, natural flavour, pea protein, sunflower lecithin, lactic acid, annatto extract , distilled vinegar, basil. Net weight: 200 ml

Manufactured by Coney Island Saucery

Trailer Park Boys Deeecent… Hot Sauce

Love that sauce!! don’t change the recipe, for me it’s just the right hotness and vinegary taste But unfortunately the shipping cost is the same price as the price of the hot sauce that’s the only thing i don’t like

TPB Deeecent Hot Sauce – Buttery and Lacking that Zing!

To be honest, after trying the whiskey they make, I figured this product would be amazing. A little on the pricey side, but i thought it would be worth it. It has a very distinct buttery taste that makes it like mild hot sauce mixed with melted butter. No real zing or pow to make it any different than your favorite buffalo wing sauce. I was kinda disappointed and would not buy again. I hate to leave a lackluster review, but it is what it is I guess…. way she goes?

Knock Knock: How Trailer Park Boys Went From Cult To Consumer

Trailer Park Boys Hot Sauce – Fan Taste Test

License Global: How has Trailer Park Boys gone from cult following to comedy icon over the years?

Sheila Roberts: Its almost like the story of the little engine that could. The Trailer Park Boys started as a Canadian mockumentary in 2001 on Showcase and spawned into something wonderful that took everyone by surprise. We like to think that people came together to watch this show of misfits because people can easily relate to the personalities in Sunnyvale. Fans will always say they know someone exactly like one of the characters. It was definitely word-of-mouth marketing, and those in the know passed it along. Today we are exhibited in over 150 countries across the globe. Actor Mike Smith, who plays Bubbles, describes the show as The Waltons with guns and drugs and liquor.

LG: How have you approached the licensing program given the diverse nature and geography of fans worldwide?

We look to strategic partners who are true fans of the brand. If you dont get the brand, you wont be able to make meaningful products and genuinely speak to the fans. We never look to go with the biggest player in a category. Instead, we are committed to finding a fit that is real and enhances the fun and craziness of the show. We know we have found a great partnership when our licensees recite lines from the show during a brainstorm.

LG: This is an adult comedy, so how has that created opportunities or barriers when creating consumer products?

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