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G. Love & Special Sauce – Baby’s Got Sauce

G. Love & Special Sauce is an alternative hip-hop band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are known for their unique, “sloppy”, and “laid back” blues sound that encompasses classic R& B. The band features Garrett Dutton, better known as G. Love, Jeffrey Clemens on drums, Mark Boyce on keyboards, and Timo Shanko on bass.The band formed in January 1993 when Dutton was performing at a Boston bar, The Tam O’Shanter. Here he met drummer Jeffrey Clemens. Dutton and Clemens began working as a duo, and were joined a few months later by bassist Jim Prescott and became the house band at The Plough and Stars in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1994, they released their self titled debut album on Okeh Records. On the strength of the single “Cold Beverage”, due in part to the song’s rotation on MTV, the album nearly went gold. After which, trying to capitalize on the success of the album, the group toured heavily, eventually landing a spot on the H.O.R.D.E. tour.

G Love And Special Sauce

G. Love and Special Sauce
G. Love and Special Sauce

G. Love and Special Sauce is the debut album by G. Love & Special Sauce released on May 10, 1994, via Epic Records. The album was certified Gold after selling 500,000 copies. It contains the song “Cold Beverage,” which became a college-radio staple, as well as “Baby’s Got Sauce,” which Seattle’s KEXP-FM 90.3 called the song of the year.

G Love & Special Sauce

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G. Love & Special Sauce are a Philadelphia-based trio whose laid-back, sloppy blues sound is quite unique, as it encompasses the sound/production of classic R& B and recent rap artists . The group — G. Love on guitar/vocals/harmonica, Jeff Clemens on drums, and Jim Prescott on upright bass — released their self-titled debut in 1994 on OKeh/Epic. It received enthusiastic reviews and nearly went gold on the strength of the MTV-spun video for “Cold Beverage.” The group toured heavily, also landing a subsequent spot on the H.O.R.D.E. tour, and found a receptive young audience. They followed up this success with the more mature Coast to Coast Motel in 1995. Although it didn’t sell as well as the debut, it was definitely a stronger album. On tour, the group nearly broke up due to …

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The enigmatically smooth and uber-cool Garrett G. Love Dutton is one of Philadelphias funkiest performers of laid back, alternative hip-hop blues . As an insatiable musical omnivore, G. Love somehow manages to synthesize his iconic influences by shedding their layers to find that harmonic convergence where song and listener bare their souls to each other speaking nothing but the raw-boned truth. On their latest release, Fixin to Die, G. Love has done just that he has mined the sonic ore of his heroes only to emerge with a fresh lode of precious stones.

He explains, Its a nod back and a step forward. Its a return to the roots of what made me G. Love in the first place. I fell in love with and learned music as a teenager, which is such a developmentally pivotal point in ones life. That point when you decide you wanna play guitar, right? I was 16 when I discovered folk music, the blues, and Bob Dylan and that was simply the backbone for everything that followed for me musically. I mean, this is my second decade as a recording and touring musician. Im looking into the next phase of my career, and although at heart Ive always been a roots musician I want to emphasis it more now. I want to carry on the tradition not in a nostalgic way, but by keeping it fresh, real and unexpected, and we did it with Fixin to Die.

The Best Of G Love And Special Sauce Review

G. Love &  Special Sauce will be cooking at Fairfield ...

While major chart success has eluded G. Love for the length of his career, he has earned an impressive live following and even more impressive album sales with his uniquely 1990s blend of hip-hop, blues, and chill-out funk. Assembling a worthy career compilation should have been a no-brainer, though it seems the folks at Epic spent no more time than necessary putting The Best of G. Love and Special Sauce together. Favorites like the smooth, name-dropping exercise “Blues Music” and “I-76,” the ultimate homage to the group’s hometown of Philadelphia, are of course here, but at only 11 tracks, the disc kind of leaves you hanging. What, no extra bonus tracks, new cuts, or raving live performances could be found? A good sampler for initiates, but no doubt there are way better G. Love CD-R samplers in 1,000 college dorm rooms across the Northeast.

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