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Best & Easy copycat recipe of famous Marie Sharp’s Habanero Hot Sauce from Belize!

Smokin’ Marie Habanero Pepper Sauce

Every bottle was wrapped with care. 10/5. Five is not enough stars.

I dont know how people can eat without Marie Sharps? Its a staple in my household – we all use it on everything! Shopping on this site is great. Good prices and it arrives quickly.

Great taste! Love the sauce. This is something I would purchase again!

The sauce has a little bit of everything, sweet, savory, heat, and complex flavor.

One of the few hot sauces whose bottle heads toward empty whenever I use it. Many have flavor, many have pleasant heat. Few have both.

This is absolutely delicious! I make my own habanero/mayo sauce and this will be better than my original. Love it, thank you.

After traveling to Belize and enjoying Marie Sharps products there, Ive been looking for them here in the USA. Finding them online is wonderful! These products are so good. I use the Season-All to marinade chicken. I use the hot sauce on everything . The mango has great flavor and is a little sweet. The Original has such good flavor – I like the mild so I can use more of it without the heat overpowering.

I use it on all kinds of different foods. It lends a wonderful strong smoke flavor and spicy enough to let you know that it is there

Take A Tour Of Marie Sharps Factory

You can visit Maries factory in the Stann Creek District of Belize. Drive through habanero and fruit orchards to the modern facility where workers produce Maries fine food products. Take a tour, sample some sauces and buy some goodies at the factory store. The prices are lower than they are for the same products in stores. Ultimately, Mrs. Marie Sharp is an inspiration. You can see why she deserves to have her sauce placed prominently on every table in Belize.

How A Belizean Hot Sauce Became A Global Sensation

When you visit Belize, you might notice that a bottle of is on every table in every restaurant, diner and bar. How did this popular sharp, named after its founder Marie Sharp, become a global sensation? In 1980, Marie Sharp was in her kitchen working on a sauce made from various fruits, habanero peppers, vegetables and spices from her farm. She came up with a concoction that she thought was pretty good, and most of her neighbors agreed. Marie began selling her tasty sauce to local restaurants. She cooked the sauce in her kitchen and had one family member as an assistant. Today, Marie Sharp employs 20 people at her factory in the Stann Creek District. The factory distributes sauces, jams and other products to restaurants all over Belize, Central America, and the world.

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Jelly Jam Chutney And Salsa

In 1982, finding that the farm had surplus fruit, Sharp visited local markets to get ideas of what products she and other farmers might be able to produce to increase their sales. Discovering that all the commercially produced jams, jellies and were manufactured from non-tropical fruits, she recognized an opportunity. Experimenting with recipes, Sharp developed a product with higher fruit content than the US Food and Drug Administration required and began marketing her products made without preservatives. Marie Sharp’s produces many types of preserves which are marketed locally and internationally.

Where To Buy Marie Sharps Belize Hot Sauce

Marie Sharp

While Ill always recommend visiting the factory in Stann Creek, Belize as the best way to pick up a bottle of Marie Sharps many sauces, jams, seasonings, and drinksits actually almost too easy to get yourself a bottle.

Theyre almost all on Amazon! Take a look:

Theres even a 6-pack pepper sauce sampler for your one-stop shopping needs.

Its just that easy.

Yes, youd be hard-pressed to find a more single-estate, artisanal pepper sauce anywhere. But, rather than be trendy and grow a hipster beard, the Fiery Lady Marie Sharp simply does what shes been doing since 1981: proudly producing farm-to-bottle pepper sauce thats the quintessential taste of Belize.


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The Hot Sauce Of Belize: Marie Sharps Hot Sauce

Belize is known for a lot of things, and one of them is for its very own and authentic Marie Sharps Hot Sauce. Whether you have visited Belize or have been living here your entire life you can agree that is an unbelizable delicacy that you must add to every meal.

The beginning of this spicy and tasty hot sauce began back in 1980 when Mrs. Marie Sharp came up with some recipes for sauces, jams, and jellies while experimenting with fresh Habanero peppers, vegetables, and fruits from her farm. She was overwhelmed with positive feedback and encouragement when neighbors and friends tasted them. That was when she decided to turn it into a family business. At first, they started Marie Sharp Hot Sauce production in a small kitchen with help from relatives and an employee. Throughout the years, Marie Sharp Hot Sauce was recognized both locally and internationally for her production of a spectacular selection of pepper sauces, all of which are loved for their exquisite flavor and heat levels. Today it has grown to over 20 employees in their factory in Stann Creek, Belize, manufacturing for the local and international markets. Marie Sharps family-owned business takes great pride and honor in producing products with the highest quality, living up to their slogan, Proud Products of Belize.

Hilary Clintons Favorite Hot Sauce

Already the recipient of several international awards including the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame, Marie Sharps signature line of homemade hot sauces is probably Belizes most famous export. And one of Marie Sharps most enthusiastic fans is the former presidential candidate and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In her new book, What Happened, Clinton lovingly describes how she fell in love with the signature hot sauce. In 1992, after one of her employees returned from Belize with four bottles of Marie Sharps, Clinton began liberally applying the hot sauce on all of her food. According to Clinton, she would wake up in the morning and apply hot sauce on her breakfast, convinced that it was providing a critical boost to her immune system.

Now age 69, Hillary Clinton was the first female presidential candidate from a major party when she competed for the office in 2016. Following a grueling schedule, Clinton stumbled when leaving the 9/11 Memorial during the campaign, a well-publicized event that may have contributed to her electoral defeat. Despite the literal misstep, Clinton returned to the campaign trail just three days later, apparently strengthened by liberal helpings of Marie Sharps hot sauce.

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Proud Product Of Belize

The phenomenon started in 1981, the year of Belizes Independence. Since then the country, as well as the hot sauce, have evolved and flourished together. It seems like there is a bottle of Marie Sharps hot sauce on every table in every home and in every restaurant in Belize. Today Marie Sharp Hot Sauces are known all over the world.

Why You Have To Do The Marie Sharps Factory Tour In Belize

Marie Sharps Habanero Hot Sauce Review

The word factory calls to mind a giant industrial complex with machines churning out thousands of gallons of product. The factory that makes Marie Sharps famous sauces is Belizean in scale, a small and friendly workshop with just two dozen employees. In typical Belize fashion, the employees are more than happy to greet visitors and explain how their famous sauces are made.

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