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How To Prepare Canned Sardines In Tomato Sauce

Review of Crown Prince sardines in tomato sauce. Quality product since 1948.

Before talking about preparing canned sardine in tomato sauce let me tell you before how Tunisian eat sardine and harissa and you will see how can be easy to prepare a canned sardine dish.

We just mix the canned sardine and the harissa into a dish and that’s all, we eat with bread. it takes 2 min to prepare this dish, so for our recipe canned sardine with tomato sauce, if you want to use a ready-made sauce you only need a plate and fork and mix the canned sardine and your sauce, you don’t even need to season, some sauces are ready to season it.

But if you want to make your fresh tomato sauce keep reading we will make some a Great one.

Different Kinds Of Sardines

When trying to understand the sardine fish, its best to know that there are about 6 kinds of fish referred to as sardines in different parts of the world.

In fact, think of sardines as a category as opposed to a word referring to a fish.

  • Pilchard: the word is frequently used in Europe to refer to the sardines.
  • White sardine and slender white sardine
  • Brisling sardine

Now, this is among the best and most popular canned sardines you will ever find in the market today. This might be attributed to the fact that the sardines are stored in the extra virgin oil.

They are the most loved choice because and for that reason you can have the sauce as packed in water, dipped into extra virgin oil, the EVO packed in with lemon and those in marina sauce. The popular one though is the one packed in extra virgin oil.

In this case, the fish is cleaned of the scales, tails and heads. Luckily, they have minimal bones which are ideal for those who dont like eating bones. The skin is however left for you to obtain the health benefits. The olive oil also enhances the nutritious benefits of the meal.

The fish is sourced in California coast which is famous for being a house of sea creatures. The other thing that makes the sardines adorable is that since they are whole, they hold together in the can. This feature is best for those who love seeing what they are eating.

2. Crown Prince Skinless & Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil

3. King Oscar Sardines Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Brisling Sardines

Top 10 Best Canned Sardines For Delightful Meals 2022

Instead of having to spend hours preparing and cook the fish, you can simply get these best canned sardines for a quick yet delicious meal. Yes, you didnt hear me wrong many canned food types can actually be quite tasty if you choose the right one.

Of course, I understand that you might be concerned that canned fish can be stale or bland. After all, canned food has never been famous for being a restaurant-grade type of meal.

However, Ive also made sure to test out these products as carefully as possible. Therefore, I can guarantee that all the canned sardines mentioned in my review will be delicious enough that they will taste like theyre made with love right within your cozy kitchen.

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Factors To Consider When Buying Canned Sardines

Crown Prince Sardines in Tomato Sauce, 15 Oz

If you are afraid to try the canned sardines because you didnt have a great experience once you ate one here is something you need to know.

There are various other canned sardines that are tasty and mild. Maybe you should try the different ones before you conclude that this isnt for you.

  • Ensure you buy only the one with actual sardines

Something that most people dont understand is that most of the fish sold as sardines arent the actual sardines.

The sardines differ depending on which part of the world they were caught. The herrings, pilchards, sprad and iwashi are all types of sardines.

Check your container to know where it was caught from. They slightly differ in flavor. You may not like the ones caught in Norway but enjoy the ones in North America and vice versa. This is all just a personal preference.

  • What is the fish preserved in?

The medium of preservation matters. Generally, the fish is normally salted then preserved in different mediums. The standard form of preservation is olive oil which doesnt influence the flavor but enhances the omega 3 fatty acids.

Other mediums include water, tomato sauce, hydrogenated oils among others.

Before you buy the sardine confirm which ingredients are used in the preservation. The only seasoning should be salt and preservation oil. Extra seasoning may influence the taste.

  • The sardines size
  • How do you intend to prepare it?

The Storage

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How To Eat Sardines

The versatility of sardines makes it ideal for use. You may use sardine as a snack, salad, sandwich or generally as part of the main meal.

  • Place the sardines on a plate then drizzle some balsamic vinegar over it before you begin eating.
  • Take your sardine and together with slices of avocado wrap it in a romaine lettuce.
  • If you intend to cook with the sardines, remember, they act as your flavor enhancers. Make sure they are your salty addition to the meal.
  • If you are eating salad, for example, a few pieces of sardines will add flavor and nutrients to your meal. People commonly use it when they intend to eat a light Greek salad so that they can consume the vital nutrients.
  • For you who has a problem eating the sardine alone, mix it in fritters and you will receive the exact benefits.
  • Grill the fresh or canned sardines for the enhancement of flavors.
  • You can even chop them into small pieces then add to your pasta sauce for enhanced flavor.
  • Alternatively, serve it with cheese and bread during the cocktail hour.
  • Use it to make the Mediterranean casserole.


Bumble Bee Boneless And Skinless 44

Scrumptious and flavorful, these canned sardines from Bumble Bee have such a tasty and distinct sardines flavor that youll find yourself keep coming back for more. Containing no skin and bones whatsoever, this canned food will make an exceptional meal for virtually anyone.

Packed in pure olive oil, the sardines boast a tender texture that can complement a wide range of dishes such as sandwiches, salad, pasta, crackers, pizza, etc. Furthermore, the olive oil stored within the can is also an excellent source of omega-3, which is extremely beneficial to your health.

Moreover, the Bumble Bee canned sardines contain virtually no carbohydrate, which means that this tasty meal is ideal for Keto diets. Containing up to 21 grams of protein, this ready-made food will provide you with the nutrients you need to stay healthy and energetic.

Key Features:

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Health Benefits Of Eating Sardines

  • A high content of omega 3

Most people are deficient in omega 3 fatty acids yet its vital for our bodies. Sardines are the powerhouse of omega 3 fatty acids.

A single can serving can provide up to 1300 milligrams. The best part is that the sardine will provide 2 parts of the omega 3 called EPA & DHA.

These are vital components of reducing inflammation. What makes this function good is that it reduces the risk of developing heart diseases, your brain functions better and it ultimately lowers the risk of getting the terminal illnesses.

The omega 3 also helps alleviate depression, fight some cancers, arthritis and heart diseases. For more omega 3 fatty acids eat more walnuts, flaxseeds and chia seeds.

  • Its rich in essential nutrients

The sardines also contain vitamin B and D, selenium, calcium and proteins.

  • It keeps your bones healthy

For a healthy skeletal structure, you need various minerals and vitamins this is something sardines are proud to poses.

It has calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D which your bones need. The combination of these three makes it easy for bone metabolism which helps in the development of new bones.

  • Controls the blood sugar

They are packed with essential fats that regulate the absorption of sugar into your body. The protein and high fats slow down the consumption of glucose into the body.

This factor makes it vital for those who have diabetes or are experiencing metabolic problems.

  • Promotes weight loss
  • Its low in mercury and other pollutants

Adriatic Sardina Wild Caught 37

Crown Prince Brisling Sardines in extra virgin olive oil

If youre looking for canned sardines high in omega-3 like most top-tier canned salmon, this product from Adriatic Sardina will be the perfect choice. Featuring plump whole sardines and extra virgin olive oil, these cans of sardine are an excellent source of high-quality omega-3 oil.

Made from wild-caught sardines, the canned food consists of all-natural ingredients. Furthermore, its virtually free of sugars and other artificial flavors. Therefore, this pack of canned sardines from Adriatic Sardina can provide a fresh and delicious taste.

In terms of nutritional values, these canned sardines also prove to be a natural source of vitamin B12, selenium, vitamin D, calcium, as well as iron. As a result, you can easily incorporate this into your daily meal and can still expect to have a balanced and healthy diet.

Key Features:

Sardina pilchardus , olive oil , salt

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Which Are The Best Canned Sardines To Buy

The best canned sardines you can try in 2022 are the Nuri Portuguese and the Adriatic Sardina. Both of these canned sardines are exceptionally fresh and delicious. Furthermore, they contain various nutritional benefits that will ensure your meal is as healthy as possible.

Handpicked Pilchard sardines

Canned Sardines In Tomato Sauce Recipe

I’m going to show you how to make canned sardines in tomato sauce. This recipe is for busy people. Just 20 min and your dish will be ready, and if you use canned sauce like chili sauce or any other ready-made sauce that you can eat without cooking, so you can prepare your recipe in just 5 min.

So like usual, let’s answer a few questions then Jump to the recipe.

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Nutritional Facts Of Canned Sardines

Sardines are generally packed with omega 3 fatty acids and thats the reason why they are so popular today.

Aside from that, they are also packed with vitamin D. The question of whether the sardine fish is healthy or not is a question of how much you consume in a day.

The calorie contents can vastly surpass the required level making it rather unhealthy instead.

Notice that, depending on the size of the fish, an ounce serving consist of one or 2 sardines and when this is preserved in the oil an ounce adds up to about 59 calories. The same ounce when preserved in tomato sauce will add to about 52 calories.

Sodium consumption is also a factor of consideration. Where an ounce of the serving contains about 6-8% of the required sodium consumption.

Your canned sardines that contain about 3.75 ounces contains about 191 calories but the same can also contain 22.7g of protein and 10.5g of fat.

Note that. the can wont deliver carbohydrates, sugar or fiber. However, it has the ideal required protein consumption per day.

  • Its a pack of favorable fats

We all know that the sardines are packed with omega 3 fatty acids. The fatty acids lower cholesterol level in the blood and fight inflammation among other benefits. An ounce of sardines delivers about .27 grams of omega 3 fatty acids.

One other important fact is that it is low in mercury

This is a power house for vitamins.

Vitamin D is also consumed from this sardine naturally. This helps in maintaining strong bones.

Are Sardines In Tomato Sauce Good For You

Crown Prince Sardines in Tomato Sauce, 15

to be clear I don’t have big health or medical background but, but if I need to answer a question like that I always go and search online in some health and medical blogs like or

according to, the canned sardine is a very healthy choice rich in proteins,omega3, and much more vitamins, But if you have f you have high blood pressure or gout or are susceptible to kidney stones, you may need to avoid canned sardine. You Can Read The Whole Posts Here.

A serving of four sardines contains:

Sardines are very rich in vitamins:

As you can see sardines are very rich in protein vitamins and very low carb food and also very rich in vitamins and minerals.

So we can say now that sardine in tomato sauce is very good for you.

So let’s continue to see how we can make this Rich recipe.

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Sardines In Tomato Sauce

Our Sardines in Tomato Sauce are packed using only the highest quality Pilchard sardines. These sardines have a slightly firm texture and a pleasing mild flavor. Great in casseroles or served heated over rice.

Sardines in Tomato Sauce

  • Hand-packed Pilchard sardines in tomato sauce
  • Contains 470 mg omega-3 per serving
  • Excellent source of protein and calcium Low Fat
  • Available in 7.5-ounce cans
  • Wild Caught, Product of Thailand
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Excellent source of protein, calcium and iron
  • Good source of vitamin D Low fat
  • Available in 15-ounce cans
  • Wild Caught, Product of Morocco
  • Refrigerate after opening

What Can I Make With Canned Sardines

Just like fresh fish canned sardine can used in tons of recipes just check this list and soon I will publish all these recipes in more details:

You can Top the pizza with canned sardine before or after baking it gives you an amazing taste.

Simply add sardine to your salad, mixed with corn and lettuce and other fresh vegetables will give you an awesome fresh salad.

Sardines work wonders in so many types of pasta dishes.

Like much other seafood sardines will work well in a tortilla.

Simply chili sauce or tomato sauce on toast topping with sardine then girl, it’s a super delicious snack.

and the list will not end ever, I don’t know the secret about the canned sardine but I know that he makes all the recipe delicious.

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How To Make Canned Sardines In Tomato Sauce

The canned sardine is ready for cooked fish so you don’t need to cook them in any way. So let’s only make simple tomato sauce then add the sardine.

  • in a frying pan heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
  • add the onion and garlic and stir until becoming soft and golden brown, about 3 -4 minutes
  • add 1 tablespoon ready-make tomato sauce and stir for 2 minutes.
  • now add the diced tomato and stir, season with salt, black pepper, and paprika.
  • cook for 10 min until the diced tomato become smooth and combine with all ingredient, you will get a thin mixture.

Here your tomato sauce is ready, now to add the sardine just crush the cane on the tomato sauce, some people drain the sardine from their oil, I refer eat it with the oil is very tasty.

  • add one cane of sardine.
  • add 1 teaspoon lemon juice and sprinkle the chopped parsley on top.
  • Serve immediately with bread.

Wild Planet Extra Virgin Olive Oil 44

Quinoa Sardine Tabbouleh

Featuring a refreshing hint of lemony taste, these canned sardines from Wild Planet will ensure that every bite of this dish is an absolute delight. Made from wild-caught sardines along the California coastline , the product offers a fresh-from-the-sea flavor that will satisfy even the pickiest eater.

Considerably low in calories and fat, the Wild Planet canned sardines are an ideal choice for those trying to lose a pound or two. Additionally, the product is quite rich in protein, iron, phosphorus, and calcium, thus providing your body with beneficial nutrients and minerals to keep it healthy.

Furthermore, these high-quality sardines are packed in extra virgin olive oil. Therefore, the fish can boast a tender and moist texture. Dont worry the meat of the fish is firm enough that you can use it as toppings on salad, pizzas, pasta, or sandwiches.

Key Features:

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Season Club Tomato 4375

For those who are not a fan of bones and skin, the Season tomato canned sardines would be an ideal choice to try. Having been carefully de-skinned and deboned, the fish offer a soft and tender texture that is ideal for even young children.

Aside from the meaty and scrumptious fish, this canned food features an amazing tomato sauce that will make your dish even better. Furthermore, the product also contains up to 800 milligrams of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Want a richer flavor from tomato sauce? All you need to do is mix some delicious canned tomatoes into this product. Your canned sardines will end up tasting like homemade food prepared with love.

Key Features:

Crown Prince Ocean Prince 425

If you love to enjoy your sardines with both skin and bones intact, you should check out this product from Crown Prince. Featuring hand-packed pilchard sardines in water, the product will let you fully enjoy the flavors of the fish.

Having been verified as a non-GMO project, the Crown Prince canned sardines contain no artificial or genetically modified ingredients. Therefore, you can rest assured that the delicious flavors from the food are 100% natural.

Furthermore, this product is also an outstanding source of omega-3 as one can of these sardines contains up to 3,775 milligrams of this fatty acid. Additionally, the ready-made meal proves to be quite rich in protein, calcium, iron, and vitamin D as well.

Key Features:

Sardines, water

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