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Lotties Traditional Barbados Yellow Hot Pepper Sauce

Lottie’s Traditonal Barbados Hot Sauce Review


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An Amazing Hot Sauce From Barbados

Since its getting colder for much of the U.S. so lets warm up the kitchen and make some Bajan hot sauce! This is a unique hot sauce to the Bajan/Barbadian culture. The bright yellow color comes from turmeric in addition of mustard the yellow prepared variety. Mustard is not usual ingredient found in other Caribbean type of sauces. The distinct hot flavor of scotch bonnets really shine and work well with the addition mustard. If scotch bonnets are hard to get in your area you could use habanero peppers but our preference is the scotch bonnet for authentic flavor.


This hot sauce is great with all kinds of food. I use it as a table sauce for anything that could use the addition of a spicy heat. Of course, seafood is a perfect match since it is a Caribbean style sauce. Bajan hot sauce will elevate the flavor of simple grilled chicken breasts or thighs. Bajan sauce is especially good with fried foods as the tardiness from mustard, lime and vinegar cut through the greasiness.

This sauce has several variation changing from kitchen to kitchen and home to home. However our version is simple with limited ingredients to let the peppers shine. Variations include added culantro , ginger, or rum however we really prefer the simple is best approach in this particular sauce.

Furthermore this is an easy to make hot sauce that will add some tropical sunshine to your cooking. For more information on tourism and cuisine in Barbados please visit Barbados.org

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