Moore’s Original Buffalo Wing Sauce

Must Try

Frank’s Redhot Was The Spiciest Of The Bunch With An Acidic Flavor That I Loved

How to Make Slow Cooker Honey Buffalo Wings

I didn’t have to coat my wings in too much of the sauce to get the taste I was hoping for, demonstrating how strong the flavor was.

The spice it offered was almost vinegary, and I enjoyed the refreshing zest.

It tasted just how I expect a Buffalo wing to taste, and I knew people would enjoy the sauce if I served it at a party.

Score: 4/5

Moores Creamy Ranch Buffalo Wings

I do love eating chicken wings. They might be my favorite food. I recently picked up a bottle of Moores Creamy Ranch Buffalo wing sauce. It looked good and thick and flavorful. And boy, was it all that and more. Not so thick that it was gloppy, the sauce stuck to the wings just as you want it to. And flavor? Oh man. A nice mellow Ranch flavor that definitely does not overwhelm, with just a hint of spiciness. This sauce is perfect for a party because its sure to please all of your guests.If Id known just how fantastic Moores Creamy Ranch sauce was I wouldve definitely left the Ranch dressing off my plate. You seriously dont need anything else with these sauced up wings. Just grab a big ole handful of them and a lot of paper towels and get to eating!

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I Poured All Of The Sauces On A Plate So That I Could Compare Them Visually Before Chowing Down

All of the sauces looked similar when I poured them on a plate, though some were thicker than others.

Archie Moore’s and Buffalo Wild Wings were the thickest, while Frank’s was particularly thin. I anticipated the thicker sauces to have the strongest taste.

Together, they looked like a monochromatic paint palette.

Moores Blue Cheese Buffalo Wing Sauce


Very strong blue cheese flavor without the heat of traditional Buffalo wing sauce. This sauce is creamy, thick and rich, and is an amazing addition to your platter of wings for the mild lovers of wings.

A nice balance of flavor without the heavy hot sauce or heavy vinegar flavors.

Heat Level: Almost no heat. Super mild.

Overall flavor: You dont find a blue cheese wing sauce with this much flavor very often. Delicious!

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Authentic Buffalo Wings & Dairy

Buffalo Wings were reportedly invented in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York by Teressa Bellissimo. The Buffalo sauce of these wings contains dairy in the form of butter based on the original recipe. Here is the recipe for Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings if you want to make the originals yourself. In short, authentic Buffalo wings contain butter as an ingredient.

Restaurants & Buffalo Sauce With Dairy

Chain restaurants that serve Buffalo sauce often have the allergen information listed on their websites. Keep in mind that its not uncommon for restaurants to have meals prepared with Buffalo sauce that have dairy, usually in form of butter. Below you will find links to allergen information for popular restaurants that serve meals with Buffalo sauce. You can visit these links to see which foods contain dairy.

For any restaurant not listed above, you can try to find the information online or ask the restaurant for the allergen information for their food.

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With All Of That In Mind I Decided To Try Five Brands Of Buffalo Sauce To Prepare For My Own Football Festivities

I’m not an experienced wing eater, so I was going into the taste test with limited expectations. I figured the sauces would likely taste similar, as most of my experiences blur together.

I chose Sweet Baby Ray’s, Archie Moore’s, Frank’s RedHot, Texas Pete, and Buffalo Wild Wings as my brands.

Although Buffalo Wild Wings has its origins in the restaurant, its sauces are available for purchase in grocery stores and , so I thought it was fair to include.

Week Of Wings 7 Day 1 Moores Original Buffalo And Moores Asian Teriyaki Wing Sauces

Buffalo Wild Wings Mild sauce substitute

Moores Marinades & Sauces out of Birmingham, Alabama, have a stellar lineup of products that you just may not have heard of yet. Or perhaps youve seen them on your grocers shelves but were afraid to try them. Dont be. These Moores people know their stuff!

Moores Original Marinade was introduced over thirty years ago at a steakhouse in the small Alabama town of Jasper. The original hickory marinade, with a delightfully flavorful taste, quickly became well known throughout Alabama and the South.

Along with their Original Marinade, they have their Teriyaki Marinade PLUS, five wing sauces four of which we are featuring in our Week of Wings 7 series here on

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I Was Surprised By How Tangy The Texas Pete Sauce Was

The sauce had an almost citrus-like taste upon the first bite, and it was thinner than some of the other brands. I had to dip it twice to really get the flavor, which was disappointing.

I loved the kick of flavor that the Texas Pete sauce offered, but it was a bit too tangy for my liking.

Score: 3/5

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Week Of Wings 7 Day 5 The Flaming Chicken Hot Garlic Wing Sauce

The Flaming Chicken Hot Garlic Wings

Hot Garlic Wing Sauce from The Flaming Chicken is a classic cayenne based wing sauce with the required butter flavor of a buffalo style sauce. Bonus, it is loaded with tons of garlic flavor and garlic bits. Its a garlic wing lovers dream sauce. Period.

Brian:I love the big garlic buttery flavor hit from this sauce.The bits of garlic add a nice bite to the mix.This flavor is a 5 out of 5!

The Flaming Chicken Hot Garlic Wing Sauce is loaded with garlic

The garlic aroma and flavor is way up there.The flavor is great, but its also really hot!Too hot for a medium level sauce but delicious.I would call this a 5 out of 5 in flavor too.

The sauce works great on some simple chicken tenders too.

The Flaming Chicken Hot Garlic on grilled tenders

Heat Level: Quite hot for a medium to medium-hot sauce. Hot in a good way its hot wings.

Overall Rating: Our highest rating of five Stars! Great wing sauce flavor and heat. Garlic goodness and heat!

Ingredients:Water, Habanero Pepper, Margarine, Carrot, Scorpion Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Onion, Papaya, Lime Juice, Acetic Acid, Salt, Butter Base, Xanthan Gum, Passion Fruit Juice, Citric Acid, Garlic.

You can purchase The Flaming Chicken Hot Garlic Wing Sauce here, along with their other great flavors.

Disclaimer: We purchased this product for our own personal use and review purposes. No compensation was received. The thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

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Nashville Hot Chicken From Kfc


We dont often post about fast foods our friend Q over at does an awesome job of those reviews but we just had to share this with our readers.

Quick backstory about the recipe: Nashville Hot Chicken originated in the 1930s at Princes Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville, Tennessee.

Hot chicken or Nashville hot chicken is a type of fried chicken that is a local specialty of Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States. In its typical preparation, it is a portion of breast, thigh, or wing that has been marinated in a water-based blend of seasoning, floured, fried, and finally sauced using a paste that has been spiced with cayenne pepper. It is served atop slices of white bread with pickle chips. It is both the application of a spicy paste and the presentation that differentiates it from similar dishes, such as Buffalo wings. Source: Hot Chicken on Wikipedia

Our thoughts on the KFC Nashville Hot Chicken:

First of all, thank you Colonel Sanders for your stamp of approval as evidenced on the sticker on our order:

See, its right there on the sticker.

Well keep this short and sweet spicy.

This is some of the best spicy chicken weve ever had. Without a doubt. Bar none. Period.Ok, you get the idea. We like it.

KFCs Nashville Hot Chicken sauce is a super spicy oil based mixture

Remarkably, KFCs original Extra Crispy Chicken stays well, extra crispy even after being doused with the spicy oil. It must be science!

How its made :

KFC Nashville Hot Chicken

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Moores Original Buffalo Wing Sauce

A classic buffalo sauce of cayenne sauce and butter. Very mild and delicious. Nice balance of cayenne and butter.

Heat Level: Mild yet tangy. Perfect for your next football party. Everyone will love these wings! Mild.

Overall flavor: Delicious! Just what wings should be for your guests. Spectacular and so good. Try this sauce!

Moores Asian Teriyaki Wing Sauce

Sweet and sticky, a dark umami flavor, and a mild heat that tingles the mouth. Marilyn says the heat is kicked up at about a level 2 for her. The red pepper flake profile is strong.

Overall, theres nothing out of place here. Its very sweet, dark, sticky and umami.

Heat Level: Very spicy, dark and delicious! huge favorite.

Overall flavor: Our top rating! This sauce is the best grocery store teriyaki wing sauce weve ever had! Amazing.

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Week of Wings 7 Day 1: Moores Original Buffalo and Teriyaki Wing Sauces

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Datil Dew Inferno Sauce #7

We love Datil pepper based sauces here at Whether its a BBQ sauce, a dry rub, or in this case a sauce that defies description if it showcases the Datil pepper from St. Augustine Florida, we are all in.

Datil Dew Inferno 16 oz bottle

Wanda and Byron Bates have built to showcase their many sauces and pickles, all based around the Datil pepper.

The Datil Dew Inferno sauce is:

Ingredients: Tomato paste, corn syrup, vinegar, salt, onion powder, spice and natural flavors, water, brown sugar, red wine vinegar, Datil and habanero peppers, garlic and salt.

A fine tomato base sauce that has the heat to satisfy any pepper heads palate! Succulent Datil pepper FLAVOR without sacrificing the heat.

I mentioned earlier to not let the Inferno name scare you away and now I will mention that #7 on the bottle is also a bit over-stated. This sauce is not a 7 out of 10 in heat. Im not sure why they have a #7 on the label.

Datil Dew Inferno sauce is dark mahogany colored with a light-medium consistency.

Heat Level: Spicy, hot, sweet, heat.

We cooked up some wings using our standard bake and deep-fry method . We then tossed them into the Datil Dew Inferno sauce, and for the pretty pictures, we painted on even more sauce!

Hot wings glazed with Datil Dew Inferno then brushed with more sauce.

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The Wolfe Pit Grilled Buffalo Wings

In this cooking video The Wolfe Pit shows you how to grill Buffalo Wings using the Original Buffalo Wing recipe from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York. If you like fried Buffalo Wings you will LOVE Grilled Buffalo Wings.

Be sure and visit and check out Larrys other great recipes and videos at his blog:

Malcom Reed has a great and simple Caribbean style sauce on his grilled wings.

Chicken Wings Are A Staple Of Any Super Bowl Celebration

Whether you’re cheering on your team from home or from the stadium, odds are you’ll be munching on some chicken wings at some point during the game.

In fact, according to the National Chicken Council’s annual Wing report, Americans will likely eat more than 1.4 billion chicken wings during the Super Bowl 2020.

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Peanut Butter Wings From Micah Of Grilling And Smoking

Micah does a Wings Wednesday series on YouTube. Always a good watch and usually a good recipe. Here is Micahs take on Peanut Butter Wings.

pretty good, maybe doctor it up for a little more spice something completely different.

Like me, Micah is on a quest to find the best mustard based wings recipe so if you have any suggestions, let us know!

Check out his other Wings Wednesdays and subscribe to Micah at

Vortex Indirect Heat Grilling Device


This is the Small Vortex for Akorns, Med-Large Eggs, 18.5 and 22.5 Weber Kettles, and Kamado Joes

Overall rating: Ranking right up there with cast iron grill grates, this simple cone produces great results! A 5 Star grilling product if Ive ever seen one. A must have.

Vortex is a cone shaped device that allows for either direct heat or indirect heat in a controlled environment.

You build your charcoal fire in the middle of the Vortex, and with the help of the domed lid of your grill, you get a nice indirect heat zone around the perimeter of the grate.

Simply put, small end up is for indirect heat, and large end up is for direct heat. The uses can get more complicated and more versatile as you will see.

But for now, were looking for the perfect grilled crispy chicken wing!

Great quality of build and the welded seams are tight.

The pic above is at a weird angle. The Vortex is not as tiny as it appears here, but I wanted to show off the nice welds, and quality of build of this all stainless steel device.

Hot Whang! and Hot Ass Whang! Chicken Rubs.

We are grilling our wings today with Mad Hunky Brand Meat Seasonings Hot Whang! Chicken Rub. Yea, thats a mouth full. And Rich Tirpak at was kind enough to toss in a sample of Hot Ass Whang! Rub for us to try.

One of these thangs is not like the other. Sort of close up of the rubs.

See what I did there? One of these thangs is better than the other. While both rubs are top notch, we did have a favorite.

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Customers Also Viewed These Products

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Finally An Action Shot

Arranging the wings around the Vortex, with bone ends in, allows the intense heat from the Vortex to circulate around the wings via the dome. There is no need to flip, turn, or just plain ol mess with the wings while they get all crispy and done.

Youll notice our air temp probe is in place , and we use our ThermaPen to check the temps of the wings Vortex or no Vortex, you dont grill chicken without knowing the meat is at 165º or better when done.

Finished Hot Whang! Chicken Rub wings

These wings were savory with a nice dry crunch to them. The heat level was disappointing Hot Whang! was not. Mild heat lovers would be happy with it though. Hot Whang! has a delicious flavor, and as a dry rub seasoning, it really does shine. Just not enough for us. Average.

Finished Hot Ass Whang! Chicken Rub wings

We only had one question about these Hot Ass Whang! wings why didnt we make more? Of the 3 versions here, these hot little wingies stole the show. While just a bit hotter than the original Hot Whang! rub there was so much more flavor. More sweet, more heat, and more savory goodness.

Hot Ass Whang! Chicken Rub was the big winner here.

Heat Level: Medium to medium hot, these dry crunchy spicy wings are winners. Best dry rubbed wings so far this year!

Finished Hot Whang! Chicken Rub wings wet and sticky style

These wings are the original Hot Whang! Chicken Rub with the addition of spritzing on liquid to keep them moist and sticky.

Vortex grilled dry rubbed chicken wings trio

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