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Panda Express Gourmet Chinese Sweet Chili Sauce

Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce Review

Panda Express Gourmet Chinese Sweet Chili Sauce is a delicious alternative to ordinary table sauces that are high in sugar and low on flavor. This gourmet sweet chili sauce adds bold spiciness and tangy sweetness to your favorite food without adding extra calories thanks to its no fat content.

This sauce gives you all the flavorful taste of traditional sweet chili sauce with none of the hassles! Simply pour some over-fried rice, noodles, or vegetables for an authentic Asian dish that will delight your taste buds.

Can I Make Sweet Chili Sauce With A Sugar Substitute


  • You can use honey, but itll change the flavor significantly, so as long as youre OK with that, go for it. The sauce may require a little extra cornstarch to make it thicker as well. Adding honey will make this recipe not vegan.
  • If you want to use brown sugar, you can do that too.
  • If you want to use rice syrup , thats also great. I havent made this recipe with rice syrup before, but it could change the flavor.

Sweet Red Chili Sauce

Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili Sauce is made from sun-ripened whole chili peppers blended with garlic. Its a sweet and savory sauce with mild chili notes. Use Sweet Red Chili Sauce as a versatile, all-purpose sauce in place of standard chili sauce, or serve as a dip for spring rolls, or with shrimp, chicken or vegetables.

Thai Kitchen® Sweet Red Chili Sauce offers a sweet heat and versatile use:Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili Sauce is made with premium-quality sun-ripened whole chili peppers blended with fresh garlic for second-to-none authentic flavor, freshness and quality to Asian-inspired recipes and beyond.Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili Sauce is made with no MSG or artificial flavors added and is gluten free, dairy free and vegan.At Thai Kitchen, our purpose is to authentically deliver the aromatic essences, exotic flavors and abundant textures of Thai cuisine to your tables.There are 6/33.82 fl. oz. plastic bottles per case. Our 33.82 oz. bottle is perfect to have on hand back of house to add a burst of exceptional flavor to recipes.Crafted to inspire chefs, Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili Sauce gives dressings, dips, shrimp and wings a signature blend of flavor. Drizzle on pizza, vegetables or cold sesame salad for an Asian twist to classic favorites.

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Mikes Hot Honey 10 Oz Easy Pour Bottle

  • Easy-pour 10 oz bottle of honey with a kick!
  • Sweet-heat combo of honey infused with chili peppers
  • Quick and easy way to add the perfect kick to your favorite foods.
  • Made with 100% pure honey, real chili peppers, and vinegar. Certified Kosher.
  • All Natural, Gluten-free, and contains no artificial sugar or preservatives

Frozen Bowls Chili Mac Gluten Free : Frank

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Top Sweet Chili Sauce Brands You Will Love To Eat

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top sweet chili sauce brands from all over the world. We hope that you will find your favorite one on this list and try it out tonight!

When you first walk into a restaurant or a food vendor, what is the first thing that catches your eye? It is usually the sauces and condiments that they have on their tables. That is where you start to think about what foods you want to order, which flavors will go well with those dishes, and which ones will make your taste buds sing!

Can I Make This Recipe Gluten Free

The only ingredient with gluten in this sweet chili sauce recipe is soy sauce. You can easily substitute the soy sauce with gluten free tamari sauce, to make sweet chili sauce gluten free. Using soy sauce or tamari sauce will still make sure this recipe is vegan as well. Alternatively, you can leave out the soy sauce and just season it with more salt.

I have also recommended using fish sauce instead of soy sauce for the more authentic Thai/Vietnamese flavor. Nuoc mam and Nam pla are naturally gluten free, but not vegan.

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Short Cut Sweet Chili Sauce

This isnt a from-scratch, authentic sweet chili sauce. Sweet chili sauce is usually made with fresh red chiles, but I rarely see those at the store, so I took a short cut. I used sambal oelek, which is basically just red chiles and vinegar. Since vinegar is another main ingredient in sweet chili sauce, this using sambal oelek is a great shortcut.

Thoughtfully Gifts Master Hot Sauce Collection Gift Set

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Best Of Thailand Sauce

Most sweet chili sauces are made with artificial ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, MSG, or preservatives. They wanted to create an authentic Thai dipping sauce that was healthy for you. So they created Best of Thailand Sweet Chili Sauce which uses only the finest natural ingredients.

This delicious Thai dipping sauce has no refined sugar, no preservatives, and no artificial flavors or colors. Its also gluten-free! You can easily add this tasty dip to any dish from sushi rolls to fried rice without ruining the flavor of your meal or sacrificing on taste!

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Simply Asia Coconut Milk

Simply Asia Coconut Milk is made from fresh, ripe coconut meat. Simply Asia Coconut Milk is an essential pantry staple and can be used in Thai or Indian curries, peanut satay sauce, and in many soups, beverages, and desserts. Use in place of milk or cream for dairy free cooking and baking.Simply Asia® Coconut Milk is crafted with authentic flavor from Thailand: Simply Asia Coconut Milk features a smooth, creamy texture and subtly sweet flavor thats a staple in authentic Thai cooking. By starting with fresh, ripe coconut meat, Simply Asia Coconut Milk delivers good quality and simply rich flavor. Simply Asia Coconut Milk is made with no added MSG, artificial flavors or colors and is gluten free, dairy free and vegan. Simply Asia Coconut Milk is the perfect substitute to milk or cream for dairy-free cooking and baking. There are 24/13.66 fl. oz. tin cans per case. Each 13.66 oz. can delivers approximately five delicious servings. Crafted to inspire chef creativity, Simply Asia Coconut Milk gives creamy texture to everyday cooking including Indian curries, satay sauce and soups.

Storage InstructionsTo maintain the freshest quality possible, refrigerate any unused portion of Simply Asia® Coconut Milk. Unopened Coconut Milk is shelf stable and can be held for use for up to 720 days.

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Homemade Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe

As with most everything, nothing beats homemade and Sweet Chili Sauce is no exception. Not only is it super quick and easy to make, its cheaper, doesnt have any additives or preservatives, you know exactly where the ingredients come from, AND it tastes better than the bottled stuff. Thats a win-win! This homemade sweet chili sauce recipe is sure to become your go-to whenever youre craving this deliciously versatile sauce!

Hot And Sweet Chili Sauce


An old-fashioned chili sauce that is sweet with a touch of heat. A dollop of it at the side of your plate livens up meat pie or meatloaf nicely. A recipe for home canning from Ball and Bernardin.

  • Add vinegar to large stainless-steel pot.
  • Make spice bag with pickling spice, add to pot.
  • Wash, core, peel and chop the tomatoes. Add to pot.
  • Put pot on to start slowly simmering.
  • Wash, seed, chop the red bell pepper, add to pot.
  • Wash, peel, chop the onion, add to pot.
  • Wash, peel, pit, chop the peach, add to pot. Stir.
  • Wash, peel, core, chop the apple, add to pot. Stir.
  • Wash, peel, core, chop the pear, add to pot. Stir.
  • Wash, seed, chop the peppers finely, add to pot.
  • Add the raisins, sugar and salt. Stir all well.
  • Bring pot to a boil. Stir frequently during this phase.
  • Lower to a simmer, and stir occasionally.
  • Let simmer uncovered until sauce is thick enough to form a mound on a spoon: about 1 ½ to 2 hours. When trying to judge this, don’t worry if there is still a little bit of thin looking tomato sauce at the very sides of the pot remember, it’s all going to thicken up a lot anyway once cooled, so don’t try to simmer until you have something with no sauce or it will no longer be a chili *sauce*
  • Discard spice bag.
  • Pack hot into quarter-litre jars or half-litre jars.
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    Frank’s Redhot Sweet Chili Hot Sauce

    Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili Hot Sauce is a pulpy and zesty sauce made with fresh chilies. This fusion sauce is a slightly sweet, full-bodied alternative to traditional hot sauces. Try it as a marinade for your favorite protein or over cream cheese for a tasty dip.

    Water, Sugar, Red Chili Peppers, Salt, Garlic, Modified Food Starch and Acetic Acid.

    Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce

    • Flavor Not your usual hot sauce!! A unique Caribbean/Tex-Mex hybrid made with flavorful habanero peppers and roasted tomatoes.
    • Seasoning Youll want to use it on everything, so be careful if you only get one bottle.
    • Heat Level Medium The flavor that kicks you in the mouth Secret Aardvark is a flavorful sauce made in Portland, Oregon.
    • Ingredients White Wine Vinegar, Roasted Tomatoes, Habanero Peppers, Onion, Carrot, Sugar, Prepared Mustard, Water, Kosher Salt, Cornstarch, Herbs, and Spices.
    • Non GMO, all natural, vegetarian and vegan.

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    Frank’s Red Hot Recipes Cookbook Custom Shaped Board Book Illust Free Shipping

    Then buy some red hot sweet chili flavor hot sauce by franks! Smother your wings in this sauce, or use it to make tangy glazes with some heat. Everyone came up for a sample and we got so many comments on the great flavor and the respite from the mouth burning, tongue tingling hot and spicy. Recipes to spice up that party.

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    How Can I Make This Recipe

    Sweet chili sauce is easy. Weve already established that. It comes together in just 10 minutes and you can store it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

    One of the ingredients to make this is pickled red chili. Its pretty time consuming to make your own fresh chili paste and pickle it to make this recipe. But thankfully there is a readily available ingredient, which is a shortcut to help you make authentic sweet chili sauce.

    And thats SAMBAL OELEK!Its an Asian chili sauce made with red chili peppers and rice vinegar. I always have a bottle of it in my fridge because I use it all the time when cooking curries or stir-fries.

    Sambal Oelek used to be a little tougher to find, unless you had easy access to an Asian grocery store, but now you can easily find them in most supermarkets. Just check the Asian food aisle in your local supermarket. There are two types of Sambl oelek

    • Regular chili sambal oelek that I use for this recipe and,
    • Chili garlic sambal oelek

    For the most authentic flavor, use the regular sambal oelek. But if thats not available, you can use the garlic version too. Just make sure to cut down the amount of garlic cloves in the recipe by half.

    Another ingredient that I use to make sweet chili sauce is soy sauce OR fish sauce. Both of these ingredients help season the sauce and add another level of flavor to it. I love adding fish sauce for a more authentic Thai or Vietnamese flavor flair with a nice little umami kick too.

    Heres A Tip: Use Fresh Red Chillies

    I like to use fresh red chillies. It enhances the flaming red colour and leaves that spicy tingle on the tongue. Thai red chillies are what I recommend. They are super spicy though, so be careful.

    If youd like to reduce the heat, slit them open and remove the seeds because the seeds have the most heat in them. Mince the chillies or put them in the food processor. However, dont make it a very fine paste. Keep it chunky for texture.

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    Are There Any Sweet Chili Sauce Substitutes

    There isnt really a substitute for this one of a kind sauce. You could mix some sriracha with honey for a sweet and spicy substitute, but thats just not the same.

    But the good news is that this sweet chili sauce can be cooked in just 10 minutes , and its ready to be enjoyed as soon as it cools down. Plus, with all the substitutions available, you can readily make this sweet chili sauce with what you have in your pantry.

    What Makes A Great Hot Sauce Brand Marketing Strategies For Growing Your Business


    The key to success in the competitive world of hot sauce brands is to have a clear brand identity. To create a great hot sauce brand, you must figure out why your product stands out from the competition and how you can best showcase it. In order to gain market share, many companies often use tricks such as adding sugar or other flavor enhancers to their products. This can be seen as a shortcut that comes at the cost of quality and customer satisfaction. Brands that have a clear identity and communicate it consistently with their customers will have more success in the long run than those that use shady marketing methods.

    There are many different types of dipping sauces, but some are more common than others. One of the most popular types of dipping sauce is the sweet chili sauce. There are many different variations on this sauce, but some popular options include sriracha sweet chili, hoisin sweet chili, and sesame sweet chili.

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    How To Make Homemade Sweet Chili Sauce Step By Step Photos

    Combine 1/4 cup rice vinegar, 1/4 cup cup sugar, 1/4 cup water, and 1 Tbsp sambal oelek in a small sauce pot.

    This is what sambal oelek looks like. This is the same brand that makes the most popular brand of sriracha, so you can usually find it in stores that sell sriracha. Its just a mixture of red chiles and vinegar. Super simple, but really good, and extremely versatile! I put it on everything. 🙂

    This is the rice vinegar I use. Its important to use rice vinegar because it is more mild than other types of vinegar and will make the sauce tangy without being overly sour. I do not suggest using a different type of vinegar.

    Heat and stir the mixture in the sauce pot over medium heat until the sugar fully dissolves and the mixture looks clear. This should happen very quickly, within a few minutes.

    Dissolve 1/2 Tbsp cornstarch in 1 Tbsp water, then pour that into the sauce pot. Continue to stir and cook over medium heat until it comes back up to a simmer. The cornstarch mixture will make the sauce look cloudy and white, but that will change

    When the sauce reaches a simmer, the cornstarch will thicken the sauce. At this point youll also notice the cornstarch going from white and cloudy to clear. And now your Easy Sweet Chili Sauce is finished!

    You can either use the sauce immediately, or refrigerate it and use it within a week.

    Substitute For Fresh Chillies

    If you cant find fresh red chillies, just use the good old dried red chillies. Soak the dried chillies in warm water to rehydrate them and then grind them up. When your sauce is ready, you should see tiny pieces of chilli and minced garlic floating around. These little bits are the life of the sauce.

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