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So far, famous Daves catering reviews have been much appreciable and applause by the customers. They make sure their coming customers will make their way back to their food chain restaurant all over again and again.

The customer service, food offerings and locations of the famous Daves catering and restaurant have always been fun and exciting in so many ways. Delicious barbecues are truly at their best.

In terms of Famous daves delivery service and pick-up options, the staff will bring and prepare your banquet with all the things you need, including cutlery, plates and napkins. Picking up your order goes well and is very easy.

Prices and budget are not on the line as Famous Daves catering offers only the best of their services and products, the price is definitely what you pay for.

Famous Daves catering prices will not compromise your special event. You can expect award-winning food, top-notch packages and top-notch customer service.

They also have catering experts who are happy to help, from understanding the menu to getting a quote and helping you with whatever you need.

So if you have still not acquired the best services of Famous Daves catering, then without wasting any time, visit their official site right now!

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Kinders Exxxtra Hot Bbq Sauce

So many barbecue sauces that brag about being fiery hot only have one dimension and cant bring anything to the table beyond the overbearing heat. Kinders EXXXtra Hot BBQ Sauce is the exception. Yes, the crushed red peppers and the habanero peppers catch your attention but you will still be able to detect the brown sugar and hickory smoke. From fish tacos to hamburgers, this is the barbecue sauce to reach for when you want that kick.

Kinders history dates back to 1946 and three generations of family knowledge is used to create this spectacularly spicy yet balanced sauce.

Ranking Famous Daves Bbq Sauce Flavors Sold In Grocery Stores

Ranking three Famous Daves barbecue sauces we found in local supermarket.- Photo by Yadi Rodriguez, cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio If the coronavirus pandemic has you firing up the grill more than usual rather than visiting your favorite restaurants perhaps youre interested in trying a new barbecue sauce to vary things up.

Earlier this summer we ranked 79 barbecue sauces found at Giant Eagle and today were back with a ranking of sauces made by popular chain Famous Daves. If youre craving your favorite menu items from Famous Daves, you can still enjoy some of their sauces on your own creations.

We found three varieties of Famous Daves BBQ sauces at our local Marcs grocery store, and these sauces are also sold at many Walmart, Meijer and Gordon Food Service stores, and, of course, on Amazon. Four sauces in all are available in retail outlets, or for sale at Famous Daves restaurants.

Being big barbecue fans ourselves, we couldnt help but taste and rank the three Famous Daves sauces we found. Our thoughts are below.


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How To Make Copycat Famous Daves Barbecue Sauce

  • 5½ozyellow onions,thinly sliced
  • 2ozbacon,chopped and cooked crisp
  • 2¼cupscorn syrup,or glucose
  • 1cuptomato paste
  • ¼cupapple,of your choice, chopped
  • ¼cupcoffee liqueur,preferably Kahlua
  • ¼tspground black pepper


  • Heat up your oil in a skillet over low heat then add the onions. Saute for roughly 10 to 15 minutes until deeply caramelized. Adjust your heat as necessary.

  • Into the same skillet, add the garlic, schnapps, raisins, water, and jalapeno. Simmer for 12 minutes or until the mixture thickens.

  • In a blender, pour the onion mixture and add the pineapple juice, balsamic vinegar, apple, lemon juice, molasses, and apple cider vinegar. Puree until smooth.

  • Pour back into the pan and add the remaining ingredients, except liquid smoke and Kahlua.

  • Simmer for 20 minutes, stirring frequently.

  • Add the liquid smoke and Kahlua then mix well.

  • Your barbeque sauce is now ready for use!

  • Nutrition

    How To Make Copycat Famous Dave’s Barbecue Sauce

    Famous Dave
    • 5½ozyellow onions,thinly sliced
    • 2ozbacon,chopped and cooked crisp
    • 2garlic cloves,minced
    • 2¼cupscorn syrup,or glucose
    • 1cuptomato paste
    • ¼cupapple,of your choice, chopped
    • ¼cupcoffee liqueur,preferably Kahlua
    • 4tbsplemon juice
    • 2tbsppickled jalapeno,minced
    • 2tbspapple cider vinegar
    • 2tbspyellow mustard,prepared
    • 1½tbspolive oil
    • 2tspchili powder
    • 1tspchicken consomme powder
    • 1tspliquid smoke
    • ¼tspground black pepper


  • Heat up your oil in a skillet over low heat then add the onions. Saute for roughly 10 to 15 minutes until deeply caramelized. Adjust your heat as necessary.

  • Into the same skillet, add the garlic, schnapps, raisins, water, and jalapeno. Simmer for 12 minutes or until the mixture thickens.

  • In a blender, pour the onion mixture and add the pineapple juice, balsamic vinegar, apple, lemon juice, molasses, and apple cider vinegar. Puree until smooth.

  • Pour back into the pan and add the remaining ingredients, except liquid smoke and Kahlua.

  • Simmer for 20 minutes, stirring frequently.

  • Add the liquid smoke and Kahlua then mix well.

  • Your barbeque sauce is now ready for use!

  • Nutrition

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    Famous Dave Scoured The Country Tasting Bbq To Improve His Own Recipe

    Disciplined, passionate, and hungry, Famous Dave Anderson finally embarked on his adult journey of fulfillment, setting off on a 25-year tour of sampling myriad smoke shacks and discovering what made their low-overhead offerings so special. Andersons dedicated adventure is how he earned his education in BBQ absorbing meats, sauces, and cornbreads like a human Wet-Nap. According to Famous Daves, Anderson sampled from all the barbecue hotbeds: Memphis, Kansas City, Texas, and even the Carolinas. Placing him in prime position to deliver that Famous Daves punch of flavor thats so beloved today.

    Following that quarter-century of intense barbecue study, Anderson was ready to unleash his skills in the smokehouse. And in 1994, the changing-of-the-BBQ-guard began when Anderson renovated an eight-cabin resort and opened up his first Famous Daves Bar-B-Que franchise. Ready to show the world that his pit-master experience would make winners of us all.

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    The Untold Truth Of Famous Daves

    With barbecue so good that customers dont mind devouring it from a trash can lid, Famous Daves smokehouse succulence blends with a Southern-roadhouse style thats kept Famous Dave Anderson famous since 1994.

    Having expanded to over 180 locations nationwide, the story of Famous Daves is a tale that rises from barbecue obscurity. Starting when their first Famous Daves sprouted in the Upper Midwest a place not previously known for their hickory, mesquite, or brisket, but loaded with the potential for smoked-meat market share.

    Through Andersons vision, Famous Daves succeeded in their pursuit. Blazing a charcoal trail through Americas Dairyland that brought the best of Southern BBQ to the rest of the country. Although the journey would suffer through some financial pitfalls, Famous Daves Bar-B-Que became the culmination of a mission that began long before 1994. Before Anderson was famous, back when his love for barbecue first became an obsession.

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    Jack Daniels Sweet & Spicy Barbecue Sauce

    Yes, Jack Daniels Sweet & Spicy Barbecue Sauce is made with real, genuine Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. No, it wont leave you tipsy, even if you overdose on a trough of barbecue chicken. What makes this sauce notable is the zing you get from the spiciness that tastes like a combination of red pepper and jalapeno. Its not a powerful punch of spicy, but its just enough to make you sit up straight and recognize its presence.

    Additionally, Jack Daniels Sweet & Spicy Barbecue Sauce wins bonus points for its quality ingredients that include dark brown sugar and blackstrap molasses. Obviously, the history of this barbecue sauce doesnt date all the way back to 1866 when Jack Daniel started his distillery business, but its worthy to have the name attached.

    The sauce isnt the best option for pork, but it works well with beef, chicken, and some seafood, specifically shrimp. You can use it as a dipping sauce but it really shines when its used for basting.

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    Kraft Original Barbecue Sauce

    Famous Dave’s DEVIL’S SPIT BBQ Sauce Stealth Chug!!

    If you enjoy ingesting a whole lot of sugar, youll love Kraft Original Barbecue Sauce. In fact, theres so much of it in this sauce that its the first ingredient listed on the bottle. Yuck! Why would they ruin what used to be a totally acceptable barbecue sauce? Adding a little bit of sweetness to your sauce is one thing, but turning into a bottle of nothing but sugar is just plain gross and not what anyone is looking for in a barbecue sauce.

    To make matters even worse, Kraft attempts to cover up the sweetness by adding an obnoxious level of spiciness. Two problems: First, the spiciness isnt pleasant it tastes like stale black pepper. Secondly, it really doesnt mix well with all the sugar. This stuff is just a disaster. All that sugar cant be too great for your health, either. Avoid it, even if its the cheapest option on the shelf.

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    Dave Anderson Left Famous Daves And Started Jimmies Old Southern Smokehouse Bbq

    If youve ever been tastily blindsided by a place called Jimmies Old Southern Smokehouse BBQ, then you once again have Dave Andersons culinary ingenuity to thank.

    Years of tension between Anderson and the company he started ran hot well before the fire. According to Franchise Times, Anderson disagreed with the companys direction on multiple fronts, and was displeased by how they catered to Wall Street. Unable to recognize his own creation, there was no better place for Anderson to go than someplace new. He didnt suddenly forget how to cook, so once the smoke cleared , the smokehouse returned.

    Anderson and the Famous Daves brass would soon settle their differences and incorporate Jimmies Old Southern Smokehouse BBQ under the Famous Daves flagship.

    Heinz Classic Sweet & Thick Bbq Sauce

    Heinz has been in business since 1869 and has been making its famous ketchup since 1876. Todays Heinz ketchup is by far the most popular brand of ketchup in the United States. Recently, Heinz expanded to offering a new line of barbecue sauces and so far the results have been impressive for being the new kid on the block.

    Heinz Classic Sweet & Thick BBQ Sauce hit shelves in 2017 and its doing a lot right. As the name suggests, this barbecue sauce is sweet and it has a thickness that works especially well when used as a dipping sauce. Its made with cane sugar and a variety of spices including onion and garlic, plus tamarind concentrate.

    Give Heinz a few more years and these ketchup experts will probably be climbing this list. As it stands, this barbecue sauce is slightly heavy on the vinegar taste. Heinz Classic Sweet & Thick BBQ Sauce is good enough to buy, but its still a work in progress as they continue to work on balancing all the flavors.

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    Famous Daves Sugar Free Bbq Sauce

    BBQ Sauce, Sugar Free, Mild, Smoky + Sweet

    Sugar free. Gluten free. Contains bioengineered food ingredients. Dave Anderson, BBQ Hall of Fame. A great tasting, sugar-free version of our most awarded sauce, perfect for the Keto, Paleo and Diabetic members of our ‘cue community! A blend of hand-picked herbs & spices in a Kansas City-style sauce that’s guaranteed to punch up your ribs, chicken, pork, beef or veggies. www.famousbbq.com. 1st place America’s most awarded BBQ brand. Full award-winning flavor. Distributed by Famous Products award-winning quality www.famousbbq.com.

    Nutrition Facts

    Servings Per Container : about 16

    Rundown Of The Many Awards For Famous Dave’s Bbq And Sauces

    Famous Dave

    At Famous Daves, were proud of what we do. From our restaurants to our sauces, we pride ourselves on great service and incredible flavors. But dont just take our word for it. Weve won many awards over the years, cementing our status as expert pitmasters.

    With over 700 awards to our name, here are just some of the awards Famous Dave’s has won.

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    Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue Sauce

    If youre addicted to sweets, go with Sweet Baby Rays. Its not particularly good, mind you, but at least it doesnt pretend to be something its not. Instead of attempting to mask or balance the sweetness, this sauce doubles down on it by combining high fructose corn syrup, molasses, regular corn syrup, white sugar, and pineapple juice concentrate. Honestly, the pineapple flavoring is a quite interesting addition that makes this barbecue sauce unique. If you like your barbecue sauce really, really sweet, you wont be too disappointed by this brand.

    However, not only is Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue Sauce incredibly sweet, it also uses sodium benzoate as a preservative. Sodium benzoate may be linked to everything from ADHD, to obesity, allergies, and even cancer. So, if youre not concerned with that additive , and youre looking to add some exceedingly sweet barbecue sauce to your dinner plate, youve found the holy grail.

    Famous Daves Had Been Struggling In Recent Years

    The mid-2010s for Famous Daves were not banner years. Starting in the second quarter of 2013s fiscal year, revenue at Famous Daves ticked down consistently, quarter-after-quarter. This poor performance led to location closures across the country, plunging their stock price to below $5 per share.

    Famous Daves was backed into a corner and had to find a way out. Putting aside differences to pivot into the future, Famous Daves brought Anderson back on in 2015, a year after they diverged. They unveiled a new parent company, BBQ Holdings, in 2019 and shook up their floor plans. As the changes started to take hold, the future of the company rebounded.

    Anderson has since focused on getting his new BBQ chain, Jimmies Old Southern Smokehouse Barbecue, to take off under the BBQ Holdings brand. But pandemic-related shifts to the economy have changed the restaurant game, and Anderson has pivoted toward running a show with quicker turnaround times and a more convenient drive-thru.

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    Famous Daves Original Location Burned Down

    Twenty years past its inception, Famous Daves first location on Round Lake in Hayward, Wisconsin was lost to fire in the middle of the night in late 2014. Fire crews rushed to the scene but it was a conflagration beyond suppression, with flames licking up to 50 feet into the air, according to Kare11 NBC. Luckily nobody was inside or near the restaurant at the time of the incident, but the loss still weighed heavy as this incident occurred just shy of the Holiday season, leaving 60 employees in the immediate lurch.

    The fire and its resultant destruction wouldnt serve as the establishments lone tragic loss for 2014. Later that year, Famous Dave Anderson would part ways with Famous Daves, citing disagreements in the executive levels approach to business, and would later start up yet another new barbecue joint of his own.

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    Rufus Teague Honey Sweet Bbq Sauce

    Famous Dave’s Rich & Sassy BBQ Sauce square – 16:9 HD

    According to the label, Rufus Teague made some barbecue sauce, put it in a jar, and shared it with his boys. It was so good, his boys pestered him until he made another batch. And from there, this sauce spread from Kansas City to the rest of the country. Give Rufus Teague Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce a taste and you too will be hankering for more once you run out.

    Most barbecue sauces that try to incorporate honey are failures but this one is a home run. It has a sweet taste but the sweetness has depth due to the perfect mix of honey, brown sugar, white sugar, molasses, orange juice concentrate, and raisin paste. Its like an orchestra of heavenly nectar that everyone with a sweet tooth can enjoy.

    The label also says Rufus Teague Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce is damn good. If two words were needed to describe this sauce, those were two wisely chosen words. Its impossible to disagree.

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    Directions To Make Famous Daves Bbq Sauce:

    1. Place bacon in large skillet and fry until crisp drain reserve1 tablespoon of the drippings in skillet.

    2. Add onions to skillet and over medium-high heat caramelize untila dark golden brown. Be careful not to burn reduce heat to mediumlow and deglaze pan with water.

    3. Stir in schnapps, raisins, jalapeno and garlic simmer 10minutes or until mixture has a syrupy consistency stiroccasionally to prevent sticking.

    4. Remove from heat and transfer to blender and add vinegars, juice concentrates, molasses, lemonand lime juices. Puree and return to saucepan.

    5. To saucepan, add corn syrup, tomato paste, brown sugar,Worcestershire sauce, mustard, chili powder, Maggi Seasoning, salt,red pepper flakes, black pepper and cayenne. Mix well and bring tolow boil over medium heat stir frequently.

    6. Reduce heat to low simmer 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

    7. Remove from heat stir in Kahlua and liquid smoke. Cool andtransfer to glass bottle place in refrigerator. When completelycold, cover. Store in refrigerator.

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    Trader Joes Carolina Gold Barbeque Sauce

    Give kudos to Trader Joes for not being bashful about stepping out of the box to create a one-of-a-kind barbecue sauce. This stuff is really unique and really good. While you can put it on a cheeseburger or a sub sandwich, it really stands out when used with chicken. If youre searching for a sauce to use for dipping chicken, this is it.

    Trader Joes Carolina Gold Barbeque Sauce has a strong mustard base but it successfully blends in sweetness from molasses and a subtle hint of smoke. Besides chicken, this is the sauce to use on grilled vegetables. While its absolutely fine on pork and beef, you will appreciate what it can do to take your chicken and vegetables to the next level.

    Unlike many of the competing barbecue sauces, Trader Joes found the optimal balance between being easy enough to pour yet still being thick and creamy enough to use as a dipping sauce.

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