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Herrs Bring The Flavor Texas Pete Brings The Heat

Herr’s Hot Sauce Potato Chips

Nottingham, PA Herrs Foods, Inc. has combined forces with TW Garner Food Company to create the next great taste in festive snack foods. The new Herrs Hot Sauce Flavored Potato Chips combine the fresh, great-tasting Herrs Ripple Potato Chips with the famous three-pepper zing of Texas Pete® Hot Sauce.

This new flavor of Herrs chips is guaranteed to be one hot item, said Ed Herr, president of Herrs Products, Inc. Hot sauce lovers, your chip has come in!

Herrs and TW Garner are both family-owned companies with a long history of success with leading brands in their respective food categories. The partnership to create the Hot Sauce Flavored Potato Chips evolved from the growing trend toward flavored chips, and the product was developed in just a few short months.

Texas Pete Hot Sauce fans use our products on a wide variety of snack foods and entrees and everyone loves a tasty potato chip, said Glenn Garner, Director of Marketing for TW Garner Food Company. Were sure consumers will welcome Herrs Hot Sauce Flavored Potato Chips with the authentic spicy taste of Texas Pete built right into a fantastic Herrs potato chip.

The new Herrs Hot Sauce Flavored Potato Chips are available now in stores and vending machines across the United States, and online at www.herrs.com.

How To Bake Bbq Chips

To make baked BBQ chips, preheat your oven to 400F. Line your baking sheets with greased foil for easy clean up.

Place your potato slices in a single layer on the foil then brush each one with oil. Bake until golden brown and crispy, about 10-15 minutes.

Bake time will heavily depend on how accurate your oven is and how thin the slices are. Smaller pieces may bake faster while bigger pieces may need more time.

Once done, toss with your BBQ seasoning.

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How Do You Thinly Slice Potatoes

To thinly slice potatoes to make chips, you need a handheld mandolin. If the potato slices are too thick, they will not crisp up like chips.

Here is the handheld mandoline I use.

No matter which one you buy, please promise me youll use the hand guard.

Trust me a mandoline cut hurts worse than a knife .

About Herrs Foods Inc


A recognized leader in the snack food industry, Herr Foods, Inc. is headquartered in Nottingham, Pa. The family-owned-and-operated company began 64 years ago in Lancaster, PA, and now employs over 1,500 people who make 340 delicious snack products, including a wide variety of potato chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, pork rinds and cheese curls. Herrs products are sold in 28 states and are available in a wide variety of stores and vending machines across the eastern half of the United States, as well as on military bases worldwide. For more information about Herrs®, please visit www.herrs.com and on Facebook/Herrs

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How To Make Bbq Seasoning For Chips

I wanted my next potato chip making adventure to be barbecue .

The seasoning for barbecue chips in general is a little bit tricky because everyones definition of spice is different.

The first recipe I tried had too much paprika in it, but reviews said people loved it while a few others also agreed there was too much. I made a few adjustments and tried again.

It also comes down to which spices you buy. The $1.00 chili powder you buy at the discount store may not be as strong as the fresh chili powder you buy from a specialty spice store.

Feel free to adjust the spices in the recipe to your taste.

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Herr’s Hot Sauce Potato Chips 1 Oz Bags

Price:See on Site

Herr’s Hot Sauce Potato Chips 1 oz Bags – Pack of 42

Discount on Herr’s Hot Sauce Potato Chips 1 oz Bags – Pack of 42 and get fast shipping on best promotion today. Sprinkled with just the right amount of seasoning Herr’s Texas Pete Hot Sauce Potato Chips are the perfect complement to all your cookouts parties and family get-togethers they’re sure to put an exciting spin on any event. Enjoy the taste of genuine Herr’s Texas Pete Hot Sauce Potato Chips! Each bite brings a satisfying crunch and a burst of mouth-watering flavor that’s sure to please! Herr’s Texas Pete Hot Sauce Potato Chips 1 oz bags come in a pack of 42.

Herrs: The Kosher Advantage

Herr’s Texas Pete Hot Sauce Flavored Potato Chips Review

Kosher is a niche market that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Companies recognize the value of the kosher logo as an extremely important tool to enhance their products marketability.

Often labels will sport an O with a U inside. This is the stamp of approval of the largest kosher-certification body, and basically means theres no need to read the label. Wall Street Journal

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How To Make Homemade Bbq Chips

To make homemade BBQ chips, first thinly slice your potatoes. Peeling is optional.

Next, soak your potato slices in water for 30 minutes. Drain then pat completely dry.

While the potatoes are soaking, make your barbecue seasoning. Toss together your paprika, onion powder, brown sugar, garlic powder, salt, and chili powder in a freezer bag or bowl with a lid.

Once you either bake or fry your potato chips, add your chips to your seasoning then shake until coated.

Herrs Launches Flavor Mix Mystery Chip Asking Fansto Guess The Mystery Combination

Nations largest family-owned snack maker invites fans to guess the flavor combination for a chance to win $10,000



Game day is a moment that we all look forward too by preparing our favorites foods and getting together with friends and family. For Fall 2021, Herrs is launching a line of limited time only potato chip and cheese curl flavors that are inspired by the most popular tailgating/home gating foods in America! Score big at your next party by making these quality snacks part of your game day ritual.

Did you solve the mystery? Earlier this summer, Pennsylvania-based Herrs, the nations largest family-owned snack maker, asked fans DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TASTES? to guess what three classic Herrs flavors make up the limited-time Flavor Mix Mystery chip.

The Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia, in partnership with Herrs, distributed backpacks to local families in need to help their children as they prepare to return to school this fall. 500 backpacks filled with school supplies, all provided by Herrs, were available at this annual distribution. Chipper, Herrs mascot, greeted families in attendance!

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How To Fry Bbq Chips

To make fried BBQ chips, fill your deep fryer with vegetable oil then heat to 350F. Place a cooling rack on top of a cookie sheet.

When the oil is ready, fry several chips at a time until golden brown, being careful not to overcrowd the fryer.

Time will vary depending on the size and thickness of the slices, but the average is 3-5 minutes, flipping each chip over halfway through frying.

Once crispy, transfer the chips to the cooling rack for a few minutes to allow them to crisp up then toss in the barbecue seasoning.

Herr’s Texas Pete Hot Sauce Flavored Potato Chips

Hot Sauce Ripple Potato Chips

Taste test: These wide-rippled potato chips had an uneven coating of orange seasoning, with a few green specks here and there. They weren’t the first potato chips we’ve tried that were flavored with Texas Pete sauce, as Lance Thunder makes some too.

Similar snacks

I crunched in and found that these were very crisp and tasty chips with a very nice kick of hot and very tasty seasoning. Not a scary-hot level of heat or anything, but quite respectably hot, and impressively flavorful. The bag included some very large chips near the top, a nice bonus. As if that were not enough, the bag was huge!


Smell test: Very nice, smells exactly like hot sauce.

From the package: Herr’s® brings the flavor. Texas Pete® brings the heat. Hot sauce lovers, your chip has come in. Seasoned with the authentic pepper zing of Texas Peter’s® Hot Sauce, and packed with the real-potato flavor of a Herr’s® Ripple Chip, this bag of chips you hold in your hands is guaranteed to be a hot item. Ed Herr, President

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