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Hard Water Spot Remover With High Gloss Wax Sealants

Cleaning your Boat Wrap using Boat Bling Hot Sauce!
Boat Bling Hot Sauce

Boat Bling Hot Sauce quickly removes hard water spots, scum line, and exhaust residue without stripping your current wax, adding additional wax sealants with each use.

It’s designed for fiberglass, plastic, chrome, glass, and all painted surfaces with a spray on, wipe off application.

Designed for All Watercraft

Give your boat a showroom new look and save time with Boat Bling spray-on products. They’re great for all types of watercraft â fishing, performance, wake, runabout, pontoon, cruiser, and ocean boats and even jet skis.

Boat Bling Sauces are perfect for using with land-based vehicles, like autos, watercraft, RVs, campers, motorcycles, ATVs, and more.


  • Easy spray on, wipe off application
  • Use Hot Sauce after each day on the water
  • Follow up with Boat Bling Quickie Sauce every 3 months
  • Made in the USA

How Does Boat Vinyl Cleaner Work

Theres no definite answer to how boat vinyl cleaners work. But we can describe the way of removing dirt, stains and mildew from your boat seat or vinyl surfaces. Each boat vinyl cleaner has been specially formulated to clean, shine, remove, rejuvenate, and restore.

Your boat cleaner works in different ways, depending on the brand you use, but all come with easy-to-use features. Follow directions or user reviews on actual use and tested results. Most boat vinyl cleaners have non-acid formula or safe chemical ingredients to clean vinyl surfaces in your boat.

Spray Nine Marine Cleaner

Keeping your boats vinyl protected in tough environments can be a difficult task. With Spray Nines marine cleaner, your once faded and damaged vinyl will look and feel brand new with that natural sheen. The Spray Nine cleaner is an effective multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean a variety of boat surfaces such as vinyl, fiberglass, rubber, plastic, canvas, cushions, inflatables, lifejackets, and many more.

Whether you want to remove stubborn stains, yellowing, grease, mold & mildew, bird droppings, algae, or grime, this versatile formula and greaser has you covered. It does all this with ease, thanks to its superior cleaning power.

What I like most about this product is that it acts as a disinfectant and can get rid of germs and bacterial odor with minimal effort. Better yet, it has been rated as the #1 vinyl cleaner by PowerBoat Reports.

  • A multipurpose cleaner that is great for numerous boat cleaning applications
  • Very easy to use and wipe dry
  • Kills germs and bacteria present with ease
  • Cuts through dirt, oil, grime, and grease
  • The formula helps reduce bacteria odor found in textiles and carpets
  • The regular formula might work better than the marine formula

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Meguiars M5716sp Marine Cleaner

If you are looking for a boat vinyl cleaner that offers ultimate surface protection against fading, dying, or cracking, this product from Meguiars is what you need.

One of its interesting features is the UV protection which will enhance the life of your boat vinyl and prevent any fading or cracking. It is made with convenience in mind and offers great cleaning solution while ensuring the protection of the vinyl, as what most boat vinyl protectant reviews mentioned.

This vinyl and rubber cleaner is made of a premium blend of ingredients that offers a great solution for deep cleaning, shine, and protection. What I like most about this boat vinyl cleaner is the fact it leaves a rich, natural sheen compared to most cleaners that leave an artificial or greasy look, making it the best marine vinyl cleaner in the market.

I have tested this marine cleaner and found that its very easy to use. All you need to do is spray the cleaner using the spray trigger, brush it with a medium-bristle brush, and wipe it off. You will be surprised how effectively it will remove dirt and grease spot and leave your boat vinyl sparkling clean.

  • Complex ingredients for cleaning vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces
  • Removes dirt within a short period of time
  • Very easy to use as it comes with a convenient spray trigger to spray on different surfaces
  • Doesnt leave an artificial or greasy/oily residue
  • Not ideal for use on clothes and clear plastic surfaces

Alumi Brite Aluminum Cleaner

Boat Bling Vinyl Sauce, Leather and Capert Cleaner Detailer, 20 oz ...

Living near the sea means I can sail as often as I want. It also means that frequent washing is necessary just to keep my boat clean and clear of any dirt and unwanted things that may stick to its body.

This cleaner is highly concentrated to defeat oxidation as well as the accumulation of stain and grime. Due to its brightening effect, you can fight dullness and greying that can happen on the aluminum surface.

Aside from aluminum, it can work on brass, copper, and silver. You can use it on tank trailers, pontoons, canoes, running boards, lamps, splash guards, and aluminum wheels.

Yes, its capable of taking care of land vehicles too. It removes diesel soot, fuel stains, and road film in no time. Theres also no chance it would cause harm to any kind of metals.

  • Can be used on different kinds of metal without harming them
  • Suitable for running boards, lamps, splash guards, and more
  • Can remove diesel soot, fuel stains, road film
  • Delivered bottle may be half-full

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Quality Chemical Aluminum Brightener

What I like about this product is that it acts quickly. I dont have to figure out how to reach the right mixture ratio which is provided by the manufacturer. The one part solution mixed with four parts water is powerful enough to enhance the looks of my aluminum pontoon.

I think it gives the best value for what you paid for as you can dilute it. Once youre done with the mixture, spray it on the surface. Soaking time should be around two to five minutes before you can rinse it off.

It is a highly concentrated cleaner that works with wetting agents to overcome the toughest cleaning job. It can prevent corrosion and correct discolored surfaces, stains, and oxidation. With these abilities, your boat will shine in just one cleaning session.

The need to scrub depends on the condition of your aluminum pontoon or boat. If you have been careful with maintenance, deposits can be removed by spraying and rinsing. But if the thing that needs cleaning has existed for a long time, you will need to get a scrub to attain the best result.

Thats why its the right aluminum pontoon cleaner for me. I can get rid of build-up thats stuck for ages on every aluminum surface. It makes maintaining my pontoon as well as cleaning my cars wheel disc so easy.

  • Not suitable for polished aluminum, anodized aluminum, and other materials

Meguiars M5716 Marine Vinyl Cleaner

Ive been using Meguiars M5716SP cleaner and protectant for the past few years. It effectively cleans, restores, and protects my boats vinyl and rubber surfaces. Rekindling color coats with a new rich and natural glossy look, it is even better than a 3M marine vinyl cleaner.

With premium ingredients and a specially-formulated blend, it deeply cleans and restores surfaces to a natural shiny look. It is friendly as an all-in-one product for both car and boat vinyl, seats stitches, as well as rubber surfaces. It comes with a convenient spray trigger for easy use.

This cleaner has a complex blend that includes conditioners and UV protection qualities to prevent surfaces from getting damaged. Ive never experienced any drying, fading, and/or cracking while leaving my car and boat under extremely hot, humid conditions while using this product. Plus, it does not contain bleach, which otherwise would have damaged my vinyl and rubber surfaces.

  • All-in-one product that can deeply clean and restore a natural sheen
  • Friendly for boat seat stitching and rubber surfaces as it does not contain bleach
  • Comes with premium ingredients to withstand severe marine environments
  • A convenient trigger that allows easy spraying
  • Spraying directly onto the surface leads to over-saturation and a strong odor

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M Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax 09030 For Boats

Due to its small size, you might tend to think that this paste wax shouldnt be at the top of the list of products that you ought to bear in mind. Well, well argue with that statement and tell you that this wax does a great job when it comes to protecting both fiberglass and gel coat hulls, but also topside paints.

The blend contains carnauba and a variety of other substances that all work together in improving the state of your boats surface and giving it a high gloss and a deep shine, too. You can apply the product using your hand or a buffer as per your needs and preferences.

The best thing about the unit is that it contains silicones that make it impossible for saltwater or rain to affect the surface of your boat. Naturally, it is going to be removed after a while, but for a period of at least six to eight weeks, your watercraft will be adequately protected.


  • Protects against dirt, saltwater, and water contaminants
  • Easy to apply even by people less skilled in this
  • Enhances the colors and graphics on your boat


  • It doesnt apply as easily as some liquid waxes, at least in the opinion of some customers
  • It costs a pretty penny compared to other options out there

Types Of Aluminum Boat Cleaners

Best boat hull cleaner home made or store bought who will win

Choosing the right aluminum boat cleaner is based on the situation of your boat or pontoon.


It is a string type cleaner that cleans and restores aluminum to its original version. When your boat looks old and worn out because of outdoor factors, you should choose this one.

It can polish off coatings that cause a dull appearance and allow the original luster to resurface.


This type of cleaner will show you how to polish aluminum boat to mirror finish. Its mild compared to the restorative type so it wont cause any damage. It also helps in wiping away mild dirt and stain.

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Best For Fiberglass Boats: Star Brite Premium Restorer Wax


  • Easy application

  • Those looking to apply wax to non-fiberglass surfaces would have to either use multiple waxes or go with something more versatile

The heavy-duty Premium Restorer Wax from Star Brite provides a one-step formula to quickly remove heavy oxidation and chalk that might mar your boats surface, leaving behind a durable, protective coating thatll keep out stains and fight UV damage. Ideal for colored fiberglass hulls, the powerful formula doesnt require hard rubbing or buffing and can be applied by hand or with a buffer.

Star Brite Premium Restorer Wax

This made-in-the-USA boat wax for oxidation is superb for dealing with colored fiberglass hulls. Many boat hobbyists choose this product because it is dependable on enhancing the gloss while providing an excellent shield against UV exposure and stains.

You should remember that it is crucial to thoroughly wash the surface before applying the wax. This is to properly get rid of the grit and dirt. Make sure to shake the bottle well before applying the wax. Then, apply the wax uniformly in a circular and overlapping motion. Use a tidy fabric when applying to a small spot. You need to rub thoroughly to eliminate the stain, oxidation, and chalk. This must be done while the polish is drenched.

In addition, it is necessary to do more rubbing and more wax applications for an oxidized surface. However, avoid doing a hard rubbing on most surfaces. You can make the application process less burdensome by using a buffer. As this boat hull wax is prone to drying quickly, you must wipe it using a tidy, dry fabric or towel. his product is your best bet if you prefer easy steps to tidy, seal, and shield your vessel. It is a must-buy to revive the gloss of your old watercraft. Owners of old boats find this wax quite helpful.

  • Not practical for extra heavy oxidized gel coat

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Products Boat Cleaning Spray

If your worried about stains and yellowing on your boats vinyl surfaces, this boat cleaning spray will take care of them for you. The product safely cleans and offers superior protection against harmful UV rays that can cause cracking and drying.

I especially love the fact that its made in the US and is safe to use on Eisenglass and Strataglass boat windows, hulls, windshields, interior, and weather enclosures.

Another great feature is that it doesnt contain any alcohol, making it really safe to use. It also doesnt contain any bleach, so you dont have to worry about the cleaner damaging or making your vinyl surfaces dull.

  • Easy to spray on a variety of surfaces
  • Requires patience to eliminate stain completely

Best Budget: Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Quick Spray Wax

Boat Bling HS


  • This wax is used more to maintain an overall shine, not full-on protection

Applied via an easy-to-use spray bottle, the Meguiars Mirror Glaze Quick Spray Wax comes in 16-ounce containers that let you use the wax quicklyjust spray and wipe. The formula provides high-quality carnauba wax protection and adds a deep gloss while simultaneously cleaning the surface to remove water spots and light contamination. Compatible with fiberglass, gel coats, painted surfaces like aluminum, stainless steel, clear plastic, and other non-porous surfaces, you can apply on wet or dry conditions, making it one of the more versatile options available.

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M Marine 16904 Vinyl Cleaner

This 3M Marine vinyl cleaner and restorer is a top-rated interior care and all-purpose household cleaner. It is a great product that shines, conditions, and protects marine and household surfaces, such as vinyl, rubber, and plastic. It deeply cleans dirt and grime and restores natural sheen for an overall surface protection, leaving behind only a fresh lemon scent.

This superb 3M marine vinyl cleaner, conditioner and protector for boats can even rejuvenate rubber and plastic surfaces. I love gripping its uniquely-shaped bottle, which ensures an easy spray. Moreover, it features an effective formula with a neat one-step process for cleaning boat surfaces. Boat owners are fond of using it as their boat upholstery cleaner, finely cleaning and shining vinyl surfaces.

I am a bit wary, though, as its drawback is on restoring vinyl colors that have faded from sun bleaching. I have observed after several years of use, that it can clean but not restore, which seems misleading. Nonetheless, it is still the best cleaning product I have ever used, in terms of price and convenience.

  • A cleaner and restorer that rejuvenates vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces
  • Easy spray formula with one step process from a uniquely-shaped bottle
  • A marine vinyl cleaner and restorer with a fresh lemon scent
  • Boat owners love it as their best boat upholstery cleaner for new, richer sheen
  • Unable to restore vinyl surface colors that faded from sun bleaching.

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Growth hacking es, sin duda, uno de los términos de mayor actualidad en el marketing digital, el perfil del growth hacker es muy demandado por lo que representa, acciones de marketing con pocos recursos que contribuyen favorablemente al crecimiento de la actividad. En general, las compañías apuestan por las estrategias relacionadas con esa asociación, solicitando expertos en la disciplina.

Te contamos cuales son los aspectos relacionados con el concepto de growth hacking, definiendo exactamente qué es y cuál es el perfil del growth hacker, además de repasar algunas de las estrategias de mayor éxito.

Contenidos de esta publicación

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Star Brite Mold And Mildew Stain Remover

This mold and mildew stain remover by Star Brite helps you deal with exposure to extreme marine conditions, which makes boat seats and cushions prone to mold and mildew stains. Hence, you no more the worry about how to clean vinyl boat seats of mildew. This stain remover and cleaner with a high-alkaline, triple-action formula containing buffered-bleach will wipe out all mold and mildew stains.

This stain remover brand has chelating agents that lift ground-in dirt and surfactants that can cut grease and grime. It is very useful on boat carpets, getting rid of mildew and mold. Quickly remove unsightly mold and mildew stains from fiberglass, vinyl, plastic, wood, concrete, tile, and more with this. The specially buffered formula is good for vinyl upholstery or threads though designed for tough marine environments.

You need to wait until the stain disappears. I would suggest not rinsing it immediately for several rounds of application until the stain disappears completely. Make sure you rinse it thoroughly and wipe it dry to avoid degradation of the surface and stitching. I dont like applying this product repeatedly and do heavy scrubbing to remove the stain.

  • Useful for marine boats, homes, and RVs under tougher marine environments
  • High-alkaline, triple-action, and buffered formula to remove mold and mildew stains
  • Using this on your boat seats or upholstery will not harm stitching or threads
  • Proudly made in the USA

Marykate On And Off Hull And Bottom Cleaner

Boat Bling HS-0128 Hot Sauce Hard Water Spot Remover, Gallon Refill Reviews

If youre looking for a more powerful hull cleaner, then the MaryKate On and Off Hull and Bottom Cleaner might be the one for you.

What I loved about the MaryKate cleaner is that its an acid-based cleaner which is specially formulated to thoroughly clean your boats hull, especially those tough-to-remove stains that cant be removed by other cleaners.

I also loved how safe it is to use for fiberglass hulls, especially for its gel coat. The MaryKate cleaner is formulated so it deep cleans your hulls gel coat, ensuring that all stains are thoroughly removed.

Moreover, I also liked the easy-to-use nature of this cleaner. With its brush-on, rinse-off design, the MaryKate cleaner makes cleaning your boat hull easier and hassle-free. It can also soften barnacle rings and zebra mussels for easier removal later on.

  • The brush-on, rinse-off formula makes it easy to apply and use
  • Highly effective at removing even the toughest stains
  • Comes with a multipurpose formulation which is especially effective for fiberglass cleaning
  • Its made of non-biodegradable ingredients, so its not safe for use while on or near the water

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