How To Cook Buitoni Alfredo Sauce

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Add Parmesan And Seasoning

Cook with me! Buitoni ravioli

Then, you will add in all of the grated Parmesan cheese followed by the kosher salt and pepper. Stir until the cheese has melted and the sauce is looking perfectly smooth. Then you can add in your pasta and your Tortellini Alfredo is ready!


If your Alfredo sauce is ready well before your noodles, you might find the sauce has thickened. This is why I recommend reserving a cup or so of pasta water once the tortellini has finished cooking. This way, if youd like your sauce just a bit thinner, you can simply add a tablespoon or two of pasta water at a time until it reaches the consistency youd like.

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How To Freeze Alfredo Sauce

You can freeze any food for purposes of extending its storage life. With a dairy-based sauce, however, you have to be more meticulous with the freezing process so as to preserve its freshness and consistency.

  • Prepare the Alfredo sauce for freezing as soon as it is cool enough
  • For faster chilling, refrigerate the entire pan with the sauce before freezing
  • Put the sauce in freezer bags in thin layers so it will freeze up more quickly
  • Suffocate as much air out of the freezer bags before sealing them close
  • Label the freezer bags with the date of preparation and freeze immediately
  • Before using, reheat the frozen Alfredo sauce for up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Do not refreeze once the frozen sauce is reheated or thawed

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How Do You Fix Clumpy Cheese In Alfredo Sauce

Take your pan off the heat and place it in an ice bath. Atomic Kitchen recommends adding an ice cube or two to your sauce to ensure it cools on the double. If the clumps are relatively few, you can pour the whole sauce through a sieve. Whisk the strained sauce vigorously to break up any tiny remaining lumps.

Cajun Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo

Buitoni Pesto Sauce Recipes
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon Cajun spice mix

PREPARE pasta according to package directions drain, reserving ¼ cup of cooking water.

PREHEAT an outdoor grill or grill pan over medium heat.

PLACE shrimp, oil and Cajun spice in a medium bowl mix until thoroughly combined. Grill shrimp on grill for about 2 minutes per side or until opaque.

COMBINE pasta, Alfredo sauce and 2 tablespoons reserved cooking water in a large serving bowl. Top with grilled shrimp. Sprinkle with cheese and oregano.


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Fettuccine Primavera From Buitoni

Mmm! The mix of different vegetables and herbs, the creaminess of evaporated milk, and the combination of cheeses, make this Fettuccine Primavera dish the favorite of all. Take a bit of Italy home!

Provided by Buitoni

1 package BUITONI® Refrigerated Fettuccine, cooked according to package directions, kept hot
¾ cup water
½ cup red bell pepper strips
3 tablespoons butter or margarine
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 cup NESTLE® CARNATION® Evaporated Milk
½ cup chicken broth
½ cup BUITONI® Refrigerated Freshly Shredded Parmesan Cheese
½ cup grated provolone cheese
teaspoon cayenne pepper
Freshly ground black pepper to taste


  • Heat water in medium saucepan to boiling. Add broccoli, carrots and bell pepper. Reduce heat to low cook 5 to 7 minutes. Drain set aside.
  • Melt butter in same saucepan over medium heat stir in flour. Gradually add evaporated milk and chicken broth. Cook, stirring constantly, until mixture comes to a boil and thickens. Stir in Parmesan cheese, provolone cheese, cayenne and black pepper until cheese is melted. Toss with pasta. Add vegetables stir to coat. Serve immediately.

Nutrition Facts : Calories 482.1 calories, Carbohydrate 48.7 g, Cholesterol 133.3 mg, Fat 23.2 g, Fiber 3 g, Protein 21.9 g, SaturatedFat 12.2 g, Sodium 432.2 mg, Sugar 9.1 g

How Do You Make Alfredo Sauce From Scratch


  • Add the cream and butter to a sauce pan over medium heat and bring to a simmer.
  • Whisk in the garlic and simmer for 30 seconds.
  • Turn off the heat and whisk in the Parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper.
  • Continue whisking until cheese has fully melted and sauce is smooth and creamy.
  • Serve immediately.
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    Is Buitoni Sauce Good

    Buitoni sauces are widely popular and enjoyed by customers globally. Each sauce routinely receives high praise and reviews not only on taste and flavor but on the all-natural ingredient list and ease of use.

    And one of the popular and recurring comments that you will often see and hear around the sauce is authenticity.

    In fact, its something the company prides itself on.

    And even since being acquired by Nestle, there is a real commitment to retain the original recipes and ingredients of the original brand.

    And they commit to No-GMO ingredients and fresh sauces so that means no added preservatives.

    Perhaps the best way to see what people are saying about each sauce is to head over to .

    There you can look for specific feedback from actual customers.

    Dont be surprised to see reviews like this:

    Amazing flavor, taste like homemade and super fresh

    Buitoni Marinara Amazon Customer Review 2019

    Moderate Amount Of Net Carbs

    Buitoni Pasta with Classico Alfredo Sauce & Kraft

    Buitoni Alfredo Sauce contains 4.92g of net carbs per 100g serving. You need to be mindful of its serving size because it has a fair amount of carbs.

    It is important to limit its consumption so you won’t exceed the 20g – 30g daily net carb limit.

    You can calculate your ideal daily net carb allowance by using this keto macros calculator. Then use the serving calculator below to determine a serving size that fits your net carb budget.

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    Recipes That Start With A Jar Of Pesto Sauceyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

    As much as we wish we could waltz into Ina’s garden and pick some fresh veggies with Jeffrey for an al fresco dinner, sometimes, supper looks like a box of pasta, a jar of sauce, and a bag of salad. The Southern Living Test Kitchen pros know that real life is not Barefoot Contessa-esque,


    Baked Tortellini Alfredo With Mushrooms

    If you are ever in a rush and need the makings of quick, satisfying meal, pick up a package of refrigerated tortellini from your grocery store. You can cook it up and add a convenient jarred sauce, make your own alfredo sauce, or drizzle the pasta with olive oil and spices, and top with cherry tomatoes. You get the picture – tortellini to the rescue. For this super-fast variation of tortellini alfredo we start this skillet supper by cooking down a package of cremini mushrooms. Let the mushrooms cook all the way to allow excess moisture to evaporate. For a rich, thick sauce, use a mixture of heavy cream and whole milk for added richness. While pre-shredded parmesan cheese is very convenient, for best results shred your own. Pre-shredded cheese is often coated with preservatives to prevent clumping, which also keeps it from thoroughly melting. After a quick crisp under the broiler, you are ready to serve this baked tortellini alfredo right from the skillet.

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    Can I Use Grated Parmesan Instead Of Shredded For Alfredo Sauce

    Buitoni Chicken &  Prosciutto Tortelloni (9 oz.) Reviews 2020

    Can I Use Grated Parmesan Instead of Shredded for Alfredo Sauce? Grated parmesan can be used instead of shredded in Alfredo sauce. The good thing is that you can expect the sauce will be creamier and more even in texture. You also wont have to worry about the cheese turning chunky if you substitute grated parmesan.

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    How To Make Chicken Bacon Alfredo Dip:

  • It all starts in a skillet. I love to use a cast iron skillet for dips. Sauté chicken breast in a touch of oil and spices until nicely golden brown and fully cooked.
  • The bacon is cooked in another pan, microwave, or oven, or whatever method you prefer until it is nice and crispy. We don’t want floppy bacon. It has to be crispy so it provides a perfect texture to the dip. Chop it into small bite-size pieces.
  • Add the Buitoni Alfredo Sauce. This is when the magic happens! The alfredo sauce transforms the dip and makes it creamy and indulgent.
  • Mozzarella and Buitoni Shredded Parmesan Cheese are added to the dip. The mozzarella melts beautifully and the parmesan cheese gives it the sharp, nutty flavor. They work in perfect harmony. I love to put the dip under a hot broiler so the cheese gets bubbly and melted.
  • Serve it with hot French bread slices or toasted baguettes. Serve warm.
    • French Bread Baguette Slices
  • In 9-inch cast iron skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add cubed chicken and cook for 8-10 minutes or until golden brown and cooked through. Sprinkle with garlic salt and pepper.
  • Cook bacon according to package instructions in another skillet, in the microwave, or in the oven until crispy. Cut into bite-sized pieces. Set aside.
  • Pour Buitoni alfredo sauce on top of chicken and stir. Turn heat to medium-low and cook for 5 minutes. Stir in bacon, reserving some for garnish.
  • Pour cheese over chicken mixture.
  • Keep oven propped open slightly so you can keep an eye on it.
  • Mixing The Pasta And Sauce

  • 1Figure out how much Alfredo sauce to use. You’ll need the same number of sauce servings as pasta servings. For example, if you made enough pasta for two people, heat enough sauce for two people. Check the nutrition label on the sauce jar to find out how much sauce is in one serving it should be about 1/4 to 1/2 cup per person.
  • 2Pour the sauce into a medium pan or pot. The pot you use needs to be large enough to fit both the Alfredo sauce and the pasta, so choose accordingly.
  • 3Heat the sauce over medium heat. Place the pan on a burner, turn the burner to medium, and let the sauce begin to heat. Stir it occasionally using a spatula or spoon to keep it from scorching on the bottom. It should take about five minutes to heat. Taste the sauce to see if it’s hot before going to the next step.
  • 4Add the pasta to the sauce. Lift the pasta from the pasta pot to the Alfredo pan to mix them together. You can use tongs or a pronged pasta spoon to do the job. Keep going until all of the pasta has been moved from the pot to the pan with the sauce.
  • 5Stir it together and cook for three more minutes. This will give the pasta and the sauce time to combine and take on a nice texture. After three minutes are up, remove the pan from heat. Advertisement
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    Can I Add Veggies Or Meat To Tortellini Alfredo

    If youd like to add a little more sustenance to your Tortellini Alfredo, there are plenty of delicious routes to go!

    Throw in some steamed broccoli, wilted spinach, or pan-seared mushrooms to get your veggie count in for the day.

    If youre thinking more along the lines of a protein-type addition, you can go wrong with sliced chicken breasts or blackened shrimp.

    And, if youre looking for the best of both worlds when it comes to adding both protein and veggies to your Tortellini Alfredo, steamed peas and diced ham most definitely does the trick!

    Tortellini Alfredo With Peas And Bacon

    Buitoni Pasta | Indian Style Pasta Recipe | Herb Chicken Tortellini
    Spinach cheese tortellini, peas, and bacon combined with delicious Alfredo sauce make this recipe a perfect fit for a festive party or a casual get together.

    Provided by Buitoni

    1 package BUITONI® Refrigerated Spinach Cheese Tortellini, prepared according to package directions
    1 cup chopped onion
    1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms
    4 slices lean bacon, coarsely chopped
    1 container BUITONI® Refrigerated Alfredo Sauce
    ½ cup green peas, cooked
    teaspoon ground black pepper
    ¼ cup BUITONI® Freshly Shredded Parmesan Cheese


    • Cook onion, mushrooms and bacon in medium saucepan over medium-high heat until bacon is crisp drain. Add pasta, sauce, peas and pepper cook, stirring occasionally, for 1 minute.
    • Serve with cheese.

    Nutrition Facts : Calories 506.8 calories, Carbohydrate 42.6 g, Cholesterol 85.7 mg, Fat 28.3 g, Fiber 3.5 g, Protein 20 g, SaturatedFat 14.7 g, Sodium 931.1 mg, Sugar 5.4 g

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    Can You Freeze Alfredo Sauce

    I have this uncontrollable habit of preparing Alfredo sauce which is more than necessary. Well, I do not really intend to have any leftover but somehow, I always end up having some extra sauce. I cook only when I find the time, so anything that I put in the fridge, I cant use right away. Can I freeze Alfredo sauce for several weeks and consume it later?

    Yes, you can keep your Alfredo sauce in the freezer for months and use it later for savory dishes such as creamy chicken recipes for dinner. Alfredo sauce will do stay best in the freezer over refrigeration. Freezing alfredo sauce requires special treatment since Alfredo sauce is made up of cream, butter, and cheese. Dairy products go rancid easily, so freeze the sauce as soon as prepared. Freeze it and enjoy it for up to 3 months.

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    How To Thicken Alfredo Sauce 5 Ways

  • Add more cheese. Remove the sauce from the heat and whisk in another handful of grated cheese until it’s melted. Return the sauce to the heat source and heat very gently without boiling.
  • Add cream cheese. This recipe for Cream Cheese Alfredo shows you how to do it.
  • Make a roux of butter and flour, as in this recipe for Buttery Alfredo Sauce.
  • Use cornstarch. If you use low-fat ingredients to make Alfredo sauce, you can thicken it with a teaspoon of cornstarch, as in this recipe for Fettuccine Alfredo II.
  • Add egg yolk, as in this recipe for Fettuccine Alfredo V. To keep the yolk from scrambling, temper it by whisking in a little hot cream, then add the yolk and cream mixture back to the sauce.
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