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Whats The Difference Between Marinara Sauce And Spaghetti Sauce

How to Cook Homemade Marinara Sauce It’s Easy AF!

Spaghetti sauce and marinara sauce are often used like synonyms but they arent exactly the same . Though they are both tomato based sauces, marinara sauce is a meatless sauce that is slow-simmered and made with tomatoes, garlic, and herbs. Traditional spaghetti sauce is basically a more complex version of marina sauce that has additional spices and is often made with meat and cut up vegetables.

A Delicious Versatile Homemade Sauce

Not many people can resist a good pasta dish. But what good is pasta if you don’t have a great sauce to go with it? I whipped up this Homemade Marinara Sauce to eat with my HOMEMADE TURKEY MEATBALLS. But there really is no stopping how you can serve this marinara sauce. Put it over spaghetti, in pasta casseroles and as a dipping sauce. There is no wrong way to use this at all! If you want to try a little something special for dinner tonight then ditch the canned sauce and try my Homemade Marinara Sauce Recipe!

Magical Flavor Secrets Of This Quick Easy Marinara Sauce

The ingredient list for this recipe is short, but each one is what I call a “magical flavor booster”. Keep these ingredients stocked in your pantry and freezer and you can make this Quick and Easy Marinara Sauce in no time flat.

The recipe starts with pesto, which can add fabulous flavor to so many dishes. I keep jars of pesto in my freezer, either homemade or a good store-bought product. If I don’t have the time, energy, or resources to make my own, I really like the pesto from both Costco and Sam’s Club. They’re reasonably priced, come in a large jar and have a beautiful, fresh green hue. I freeze it, either in small portions or leave it in the large jar, and let it thaw slightly before scooping out what I need, then return it to the freezer.

Pesto has lots of garlic which eliminates the need to peel and mince the cloves so, in addition to being a flavor booster, it’s a great time saver. It’s also loaded with fresh basil and a nice portion of both olive oil and parmesan cheese, which give a great flavor base to dishes like this quick and easy marinara. For this recipe, I sauted the pesto in a bit of olive oil to soften the raw garlic taste and enhance the flavor.

In addition to the pesto, there’s dry Italian seasoning in this recipe. Although I’m a huge fan of fresh herbs, I think a combination of dried herbs like Italian seasoning is an easy way to add an additional layer of flavor.

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Use The Oven To Make The Best Darned Italian American Red Sauce You’ve Ever Tasted

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I’ve been hitting the sauce hard recently.

I’m talking red sauce here. You might know it as gravy. The Italian-American staple that launched a thousand restaurants. While its origins are undoubtedly in Italy, the slow-cooked tomato sauce served in the red-checked tablecloth restaurants up and down the East Coast is as American as it gets.

This isn’t a light and fresh pomodoro sauce. It’s not the kind of sauce you throw together for a weeknight meal. It’s not the sauce you heat up from a jar, and it’s certainly not the marinara sauce that you apply sparingly to perfectly al dente spaghetti.

This is red sauce. The slow-cooked, rib-sticking Italian-American stew designed to fill you up with equal parts flavor and pride. It’s the kind of sauce for which you open up the windows while you’re cooking just to make sure that everyone else in the neighborhood knows what you’re up to. It’s the kind of sauce kids defend the honor of in grade school.* It’s the kind of sauce you want your meatballs swimming in, your chicken parm bathed in, and the sauce that you want not just tossed with your spaghetti, but spooned on top in quantities that’d make a true Italian cry out in distress.

*”My mom cooks her sauce for 5 hours.””Yeah? Well my mom cooks hers for 6 hours.””Well MY mom cooker hers for 7 hours, and she crushes the garlic with her bare hands!”

The kind of sauce that tastes like it took all day to make, because it really took all day to make.

Brown The Tomato Paste Then Add Tomatoes For More Flavor

Super Simple Marinara Sauce Recipe

The concentrated tomato flavor of tomato paste adds richness and depth to this sauce. In many sauces, tomato paste is added late in the game to simmer away as it deepens in flavor. In quick sauces like this one, theres no time for long simmers, so add it earlier in the process.

Once the garlic has become golden brown, carefully, and I repeat, CAREFULLY, add the tomato paste to the oil. Take care so it doesnt splatter, spit, and burn you.

Brown the tomato paste in the oil and garlic for 1 minute. Stir constantly to coax out the tomato pastes richness.

Slowly spoon the crushed tomatoes into the skillet, add the whole, fresh basil stems, season, and simmer for 30 minutes.

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Ways To Use Marinara Sauce:

There are sooo many delicious ways that you can put this marinara recipe to use! For example, feel free to serve it with

  • Pasta: Spaghetti marinara is a classic, of course. But you could stir this sauce into any other kinds of pasta, baked ziti, lasagna and more. Or if you really want to go for the gold, make some homemade pasta!
  • Meat or seafood: You could make Italian meatballs marinara, chicken marinara, shrimp marinara, mussels marinara, or whatever else might sound good!
  • Parmigiana: Im also partial to using this sauce in my favorite baked eggplant Parmesan and chicken Parmesan recipes.
  • Pizza: This recipe can also double as a marinara pizza sauce in any of your favorite pizza or flatbread recipes.
  • Dipping sauce: Its also a fantastic dipping sauce for everything from breadsticks to mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, calamari, toasted ravioli and more.
  • Subs and sandwiches: You know, Joey Tribbiani style. )

To Blend Or Not To Blend

You may notice that youre marinara appears a bit chunky if you like the texture then leave as is. Depending how im serving it i sometimes take the serving for that night and put it in a blender for a bout 30 seconds to get a smooth texture. For a simple spaghetti sauce I like to blend it. If im using it in other dishes or as a dipping sauce Ill leave it as is. Heres a close up of the sauce blended.. for science.

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How Long Should You Cook Marinara


  • Heat olive oil in a large sauce pan. Add onion and garlic.
  • Add wine and scrape up any browned bits. Allow to simmer 5 minutes so wine reduces in half so little liquid is left.
  • Mix in tomatoes, oregano, parsley, thyme, basil, and salt and pepper. Let simmer on low, uncovered for three hours.
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    How To Make Homemade Marinara Sauce

    How to Make the Perfect Marinara Sauce

    Use this basic marinara sauce as a building block for many dishes. Toss with pasta or add to fish and meat dishes. To make it creamy, stir in heavy cream. For a spicy version, add extra crushed red pepper flakes. Or for a briny version, add olives or capers.

    To make marinara sauce, you will need the following main ingredients:

    • Tomatoes you can use canned whole tomatoes or fresh tomatoes.
    • Olive oil adds richness to the sauce.
    • Garlic adds flavor and spice.
    • Onion and carrots add sweetness, which balances the acidity of the tomatoes.
    • Fresh herbs, especially basil keeps the sauce tasting fresh and light.

    For the carrots, we took a tip from Mario Batali he gates the carrot. We loved that the carrot sort of melts into the sauce. You almost dont know its there.

    If you are using canned tomatoes, use canned whole tomatoes. They are much better suited for the sauce than diced.

    We also love to hand-crush the tomatoes. This way, we can control the texture of the sauce. If you prefer, you can use a potato masher or a pair of kitchen shears to break up the whole tomatoes.

    To make the sauce, cook the onions, garlic, and carrots until soft and sweet. Add the tomatoes and let the sauce simmer until reduced. Easy!

    Use this homemade marinara for any of the following recipes:

    Recipe updated, originally posted April 2013. Since posting this in 2013, we have tweaked the recipe to be more clear. Adam and Joanne

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    Caf Tips For Making This Quick Easy Marinara Sauce

    • Use a larger pot than what you think you might need. That way, when the sauce simmers, it won’t make a mess on your stovetop.
    • This recipe calls for both fire-roasted tomatoes and crushed tomatoes. Both can be found in the canned tomato section of almost every grocery store. If you can’t find fire-roasted tomatoes, just use regular diced tomatoes.
    • The crushed red pepper doesn’t make the sauce spicy but rather boosts the flavor of the tomatoes.
    • If not using right away, allow the sauce to cool down for 20-30 minutes, then refrigerate. The sauce will keep well in the refrigerator for 4-5 days.
    • This Quick Easy Marinara Sauce freezes well. Divide into small freezer containers, zip lock bags or glass jars. Just leave a bit of room at the top of the container for expansion in the freezer. For quick thawing, place the container in a bowl of lukewarm water.
    • Use this sauce for spaghetti, lasagna, manicotti, meatball and Italian sausage sandwiches, chicken marinara, pasta bakes, pizza and as a dipping sauce for bread.

    Thought for the day:

    has ordained a way for the love of God to deliver us from the wrath of Godwithout compromising the justice of God.John Piper

    If you enjoyed this recipe, please come back and leave a star rating and review! Its so helpful to other readers to hear your results, adaptations and ideas for variations.

    Do Italians Put Sugar In Spaghetti

    Adding sugar to the tomato sauce is originally from Southern Italians. They used raw or dry end-of-season tomatoes when making the sauce. The sugar serves as a balancing agent for the unripe or dry tomatoes. However, nowadays, it seemed like sugar is not necessary for the tomato sauce.

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    The Best Tomatoes To Use To Make Marinara Sauce:

    Ive been testing and tasting canned tomatoes for a lonnnng time.

    Because basic marinara is well, so basic, it makes sense to use high-quality canned tomatoes.

    You can drive yourself crazy deciding which tomatoes to buy:

    Imported Italian?

    Or how about non-Italian San Marzano tomatoes, grown in California?

    It does gets confusing.

    I recommend buying canned whole plum tomatoes or crushed tomatoes to make homemade tomato sauce.

    They dont necessarily have to be grown in Italy to be good.

    When judging canned tomatoes, look for them to be without hard or yellow spots.

    They should appear bright red in color, not dark red verging on maroon .

    Also check that they smell fresh and fruity, not metallic.

    Ive found this widely available brand to be most consistent in quality and priced right.

    Along with whole tomatoes, tomato puree packed in glass jars like this one rounds out the marinara and adds a good saucy texture.

    How To Make Marinara Pasta Sauce

    Homemade Marinara Sauce Recipe

    Forget jars of red sauce homemade marinara is where its at. This tomato sauce takes 20 minutes to make and requires zero planning. If marinara doesnt already have a spot in your repertoire of easy weeknight recipes, it will soon. Heres a step-by-step look at how to make this super-simple sauce.

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    How Long Should I Cook Tomato Sauce

    Cooking time

    Del Conte explains that to make a good tomato sauce, you can either cook the tomatoes for a very short time or let them bubble for at least 40 minutes, because they only begin to release their acid juices after about 10 minutes, and these take at least half an hours simmering to evaporate.

    How To Make Marinara Sauce With Fresh Tomatoes

    To make this simple marinara sauce, heat a touch of oil in a pot, add some garlic, throw in diced fresh tomatoes and let that all simmer. Not only is cooking going to break these tomatoes down into a smooth sauce and remove those sour tones, but its also going to increase the concentration of lycopene, one of the most potent antioxidants!

    Once youve cooked down the tomatoes into your desired thickness and consistency, add in your flavor makers: basil, parsley, and honey.

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    How To Make Marinara Sauce:

    A saucepan and spatula are all you need to make a homemade marinara sauce that tastes better than any canned version. Watch the Video Tutorial below and you will memorize this recipe in no time.

  • Place a medium saucepan over medium heat and add 2 Tbsp olive oil. Add diced onion and saute until soft , then stir in garlic for 1 minute until fragrant.
  • Add crushed tomatoes, oregano, salt, and pepper. Simmer partially covered for 15 minutes.
  • Stir in chopped fresh basil and remove from heat.
  • How To Make The Perfect Marinara Sauce

    Marinara Sauce Recipe, How to Make Spaghetti Sauce, Homemade Marinara Sauce

    Nothing accompanies a big plate of pasta better than a heavy layer of red pasta sauce. The tasty, tangy marinara sauce works perfectly with any kind of pasta or as a dipping sauce. You can use fresh tomatoes from the garden or purchase canned crushed tomatoes. If you are short on time, buy the canned variety so you do not have to crush the tomatoes by hand. Lightly sauté minced garlic be careful to not burn it in with white onions then add the crushed tomatoes. Add any dried spices at the beginning of the cooking process then allow the sauce to reduce. Add fresh herbs and black pepper to the reduced mixture and simmer until it reaches your ideal consistency. In this video, Chef Mark will show you how to make the perfect marinara sauce in just a few steps. For more great cooking demonstration videos, .

    black pepper to taste

    Method:1. Heat the olive oil and add the garlic cook over high heat just until the garlic begins to brown2. Add the onions and dry basil and reduce the heat. Continue to cook until the onions turn translucent, approximately 3-4 minutes3. Add the crushed tomatoes return to a simmer, continue to cook until the sauce is hot and the flavors are blended4. Add the basil and season to taste with salt and pepper

    Variations: Add Italian sausage or pepperoni to the sauce above

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    How To Make Marinara Sauce

  • Finely dice onions and shred carrots and soften in a pan.
  • Add your tomatoes and use a wooden spoon to gently break them apart.
  • Simmer your marinara sauce for about 20 minutes, or until it is your desired consistency.
  • You want to make sure that your sauce is a little thinner if it is being used as a pasta sauce, as opposed to a little thicker if you are using it on a pizza or as a dip.

    To store your marinara sauce, it will last about 5-7 days in the fridge in an airtight container. Alternatively, you can freeze it in single serving sizes for up to a year, and just defrost as needed!

    Super Simple Marinara Sauce

    Meet the marinara sauce recipe of my dreams! Ive always been intimidated by marinara, maybe because I love it so much that I was afraid of messing it up. I finally faced my fears and tried making marinara every which way. This version is my favorite, no contest.

    This homemade marinara sauce offers rich and lively tomato flavor. Youll need only five basic pantry ingredients to make this delicious marinara sauce: good canned tomatoes, onion, garlic, dried oregano and olive oil. Thats it!

    This marinara is exceptionally easy to make, too, so its perfect for busy weeknights. You dont even have to chop the onion and garlic. Yep, thats rightjust crank open a can of tomatoes, halve an onion and peel some garlic. Youre ready to go!

    This sauce offers lovely, authentic Italian flavor after a 45-minute simmer. I tried to take shortcuts to make it even faster, but no amount of tomato paste, spices, salt or sugar will make up for lost time.

    Bottom line: Its impossible to achieve enchanting, long-simmered marinara flavor in under 45 minutes. So throw those ingredients in a pot, pour yourself a glass of wine and boil water for pasta. Dinner is almost ready.

    After trying many variations on marinara sauce, I adapted this recipe from Debs tomato sauce with onion and butter, which was originally sourced from Marcella Hazans 1992 cookbook, Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.

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    Why Make Homemade Marinara

    • 6 ingredients. Yep, just canned tomatoes, olive oil, fresh garlic, dried oregano and basil, sugar, and salt.
    • Healthy. This homemade pasta is lower in sugar and sodium than what youll find at the store. Plus, we all know tomatoes are good for you :).
    • Freezer-friendly. Store it for up to 4 months in the freezer.

    Infuse The Oil With Garlic

    Marinara sauce recipe

    Flavor the oil with crushed garlic instead of minced. Flavoring the oil with smashed cloves of garlic infuses flavor with less chance of the garlic burning and becoming bitter, or overtaking the sauce with striking garlic-bit-bites.

    As the garlic steeps in the oil and later cooks in the sauce, it becomes sweet and soft. The smaller bits will likely melt right into the tomato mixture. As for the bigger garlic chunks, fish them out of the sauce after cooking, or leave them in for sweet, jammy surprise bites.

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