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Joey Chestnut Nashville Hot Chicken Wings

Jungle Jim’s Hot Sauce of the Month July 2017

When I first came across Joey Chestnuts Nashville Hot Chicken Wing Sauce it was on a display at . The flavors all sounded intriguing and different, so I grabbed a few bottles and rushed on home to make some wings. Every sauce has been fantastic, different, and just flat-out tasty. I love Nashville hot chicken, so the idea of putting that same great kicked-up spicy flavor on wings was a must-do for me. Man, was it good!

Joey Chestnuts Nashville Hot Chicken wing sauce is great all around, and not just in taste. It has the perfect consistency, the right stick-to-the-wingsness. This sauce would be great on more than wings too, Heck, drizzle it all over fried chicken and get instant Nashville hot chicken with a twist!

Youll also want to make these awesome wings:

The Enormous Cheese Selection

For the cheese lovers in your life, this is an easy gift. With over 1,400 different types of cheeses at any given moment, there is a cheese out there for any type of palette! Some of my favorites are any type of French Brie, English Cotswold, or a classic sharp cheddar. Find out your loved one’s favorite cheese and set out! Pairing any type of cheese with a baguette, some crackers, or some jam would make a unique gift basket.

Pet Toys Hot Sauce And Jonny Fairplay Teaser

May 26, 2022

What a wild week! This week we sit down with Jessica to teach usabout the new pet toys we’re bringing into the Jungle. We have ateaser appearance by Jonny Fairplay of Survivor then we meet HotSauce Mike from our Eastgate store to test some heat in the studio!Don’t forget to tune into our new segment, “Imports Vs. Domestics,”on this episode!Watch on YouTube here:

About the Podcast

Since Jungle Jims International Market is such a wonderfully mad world of flavors, we decided to create a Podcast to talk about it! Join us on a super safari as we explore the world of food, plus discuss people, art, culture, and more! We’ll also be peeling back the curtain to show you some secrets about Jungle Jim’s. We hope you’re as excited as we are. Stay tuned as we release future episodes.

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Crazy Jerrys Mustard Gas

While delivering sauce to Jungle Jims last month we found this throwback and had to get a bottle of Crazy Jerrys Mustard Gas. I first remember trying this hot sauce as a young lad in Boy Scouts on camping trips when we would try to outdo each other with who could handle the highest heat, but young Ron Fartley could never have imagined eating a full spoonful of this yellow-brown mustard sauce.

Loaded up with extract, this sauce hits you hard and fast, leaving a mustard taste on the tongue, but giving way to an intense chemical-based heat from the oleoresin capsicum.

Definitely appreciate the mustard notes, but oof, this sauce is rough heat-wise. Not as powerful as Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, but not pleasant from a heat perspective and immediately starts to sit in the top of your gut.

Ingredients: Mustard, distilled vinegar, water, oleoresin capsicum, dry mustard, garlic powder, onion powder

Crazy Jerrys Hot Sauce Lineup

The Hot Sauce Mecca: Jungle Jims : hotsauce

Fun fact, Crazy Jerry sold off almost all of his sauce recipes to his distributor in 2018, so hes down to two primary products. The distributor is still creating Mustard Gas, Brain Damage, and other sauces and salsas, but for Crazy Jerry himself, he still sells his Cheap Label Seafood & a Whole Lot More Hot Sauce, which is the original recipe, for $10.50 on his site.

From Crazy Jerry: This Sauce is my baby, I made it in 1976 in my hometown Pensacola, Florida for slurpin oysters. Over the years weve found a lot more uses for it including putting it in Gumbo! Theres no phony baloney stuff in this one, even the lemon juice is 100% juice, its not reconstituted .

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Specialty Soda Six Pack

Choose six specialty sodas and gift them to someone who consider themselves a soda connoisseur, or someone who just likes a good laugh. Some of the options at Jungle Jim’s are pretty wild. Personally, I love a good root beer and they have tons to choose from Boylan and Sioux City are a couple of my favorites! I would also pick up some zany flavors like buffalo wing soda, ranch soda, and even pickle soda as a fun gag gift.

Hot Sauce#2 Jungle Jims Peachy Peach Hot Sauce Review

It took me quite a while to get my head around this sauce.

I know that probably sounds strange to you. Heck, it sounds strange to me.

Let me tell you what I mean.

I bought this sauce expecting it to be sweet and sticky. Most fruit hot sauces pineapple, mango, cherry are sweet and sticky, right? And with a name like Peachy Peach what would you expect? Sweet, sticky, peachy. Right?

But it isnt sweet at all. Or sticky. It not even very peachy.

However, that doesnt mean its not good.

I think my expectations clashing with my taste buds confused me and thats why it took me more than a little while for my head to come around and to warm up to this sauce.

The flavor is mostly vinegar with a touch of spice.

Basketball, Brothers and BeerCan Chicken

A few weeks ago, my brother, Todd, invited me and our parents over to his house to watch the Cards play Basketball on ESPNU and enjoy a couple oven-roasted BeerCan Chickens made by Mom Knowing I was gonna make this sauce #2 on my blog, I grabbed my bottle and took it with me

.And didnt solve a thing.

Todd thought it was horrible and needed several drinks to get the taste out of his mouth.

Dad thought is was wonderful and proceeded to drench every piece of chicken he ate in yellow goop.

For my part, I thought the chicken was the best thing I had tried it on yet. I think that it might be even better as a marinade or a glaze grilled on the chicken.

Oh, and the Cards won! So it was a good, good night.

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About Too Hot Tuesday

Too Hot Tuesday is a weekly series dedicated to highlighting other small-batch hot sauce makers with high to super hot heat. Have a sauce you think we should highlight? Let us know!

For the latest in hot sauce maker features, be sure to , smash the like button, and hit the bell to make sure you are notified immediately whenever we release a new video!

Other Small Batch Hot Sauce Makers from Too Hot Tuesday

Back & Hotter Than Ever

Jungle Jim’s Holiday Hot Sauce Recommendations

Hot sauce, salsas, mustards, rubs, hot sauce, marinades, beef jerky, and, oh, did we mention hot sauce? Enjoy more samples, more fiery foods, and more heat with brand new competitions, newly-imagined WOFI awards, and plenty of the spicy foods that you love! Join us at the Oscar Event Center at Jungle Jims Fairfield to sample and celebrate hundreds of fiery foods and, most of all, to have fun!

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Four Points By Sheraton Cincinnati North

7500 Tylers Place Boulevard,West Chester, OH, 45069

Four Points by Sheraton Cincinnati North is centrally located between Dayton and Cincinnati, minutes from the Voice of America Center, Cincinnati Premium Outlets, and Miami Valley Gaming. Enjoy fast & free WiFi, free parking, and local Best Brews® craft beer during your stay at our West Chester hotel.

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Hot Ones Hot Sauce Brings The Heat To The Hot Sauce Department

One of the hottest phenomenons to hit the internet in the past couple of years is Hot Ones, put together by the mad geniuses at First We Feast. The premise is deceptively simple: a person of some notoriety is asked questions as they eat wings with hot sauce that gets increasingly hot as the interview progresses. Each of the hot sauces is featured, and then the hunt begins.

Not long ago, we decided to devote some space to the hot sauces featured on Hot Ones, and well, its been going great. Its been awesome to see so many photos show up on social media! Keep tagging us and trying these hot sauces well keep the shelves stocked!

So you can imagine our excitement when we finally the First We Feast Hot Ones branded hot sauces, Hot Ones and The Last Dab, their collaborations with Heatonist. We think theyre must have for fans of the show, and fans of hot sauce in general.

Homeboys Fiery Chipotle This one brings the heat and the flavor. Pineapple and lime mix with ghost and habanero peppers for one HOT and delicious sauce.

The Last Dab Heatonist sought out something crazy for this one, working with Puckerbutt pepper purveyor Ed Currie and Pepper X, his latest painfully hot creation. This one sneaks up on you, providing a heat that builds and builds until its almost too much.

If you think you have what it takes , we think you need to come in for a bottle or two of each and take your own Hot Ones-style challenge.

As always, keep it flavorful, and keep it hot.

Don M.

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Holiday Inn At Centre Park Of West Chester

Jungle Jim Cincinnati

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Talking Local Hot Sauce And Cutting The Big Cheese The Jungle Jim’s Podcast

  • Food

This week, we’re cutting into the Big Cheese at the Eastgate store. Learn about our 727 lb. block of cheese and how to make it from our experts, Jake and Somer. I bet you’ve never heard the word “truckle” until this podcast. Then, we’re joined by Farmer Nate of Farmer Nate’s sauces, now available at both Jungle Jim’s locations. Nate shares his flavor-first techniques and why he’s quickly becoming a favorite at many tables. Lastly, the director of development, Phill, joins us for more Jungle knowledge in a segment that I’m calling “Phillarious” until someone tells me not to. Time codes: 3:33 – Cheese interviews 19:44 – Farmer Nate’s Sauces 43:52 – Phill returns

Hot Sauces #14 48 Weekend Of Fire 2013

I actually tried several more than are listed here but Im afraid my enthusiasm outstripped my record keeping and I cant remember the names. No worries, Ill get to them eventually. Theres always Weekend of Fire 2014, 2015, 2016

The tasting basically followed our path from booth to booth as we made our way around the room so that is how I have divided up the list. I enjoyed them all but Im only going to comment on a few.

Race City Sauce Works

  • Hot Sauce #14 Jalapeño Sour Apple Pepper Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #15 Carolina Cayenne Pepper Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #16 The Green Fairy Absinthe & Herb Inferno
  • Hot Sauce #17 Appalachian Moonshine Black Cherry
  • Hot Sauce #18 Owem G. Willikers Chocolaty Chile Elixirs Salted Caramel White Chocolate Formula
  • Hot Sauce #19 Owem G. Willikers Chocolaty Chile Elixirs Toasted Marshmallow Dark Chocolate Formula

What a way to start the day. SIX new sauces. This is a combination of first booth, a very friendly and generous vendor and way, way too many excellent sauces to try. And we tried maybe 1/3 of the sauces they had on the table. Read those names again. They are as good as they sound. Better, even. Trust me when I say this, I am already saving up money to buy EVERYTHING Race City makes next year.

Cajun Island

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