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Red Robin Comes From The Song

In the 1940s, Sams Tavern opened in Seattle. Sam, the owner, loved to sing When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin Along with his barbershop quartet. He fell so much in love with this song that he changed the name of his tavern to Sams Red Robin.

Fast forward to 1980, Red Robin opened its first restaurant outside of Washington State in Portland, Oregon. In 1983, Red Robin hatched its colorful mascot, Red and kids started to fall in love with this enchanting robin. Read more about the history of Red Robin by clicking here.

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Red Robin The Banzai Burger

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Menu Description: “Marinated in teriyaki and topped with grilled pineapple, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo. Dude, you’ll be like, ready to ride the pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore after you chomp on this!” Here’s customer choice number one from Red Robin’s huge burger menu. According to Red Robin servers, the beef they use for all their burgers is ground from Angus flank steak. That beef makes a great burger, but it can be hard to find. If you can’t find Angus beef, pick up some ground chuck for this recipe. Make sure the fat content is at least 15 percent, since low-fat ground beef makes burgers that are too dry and short on flavor. I tested a half-dozen popular teriyaki glazes in the stores and nothing comes close to the stuff they use at the restaurant, so I’ve included a recipe here to make your own. Be sure to watch your marinated meat and pineapple slices closely on the grill since the sugar in the teriyaki marinade could burn over the open flame. If you’re grilling outside, keep the lid open. And don’t hit the La-Z-Boy until this burger’s done.

Source: Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 2 by Todd Wilbur.

This recipe is available in

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Copycat Red Robin Campfire Sauce Recipe

It’s no secret that the perfect dipping sauce make the foods we love even better. This is delicious no matter what you serve it with!

If you’re looking for unique flavors you can’t go wrong with the Jezebel sauce or creamy homemade queso, either!

  • So easy!
  • Just 6 ingredients!
  • Perfect on French fries, onion rings, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and just about anything else!

Let’s face it, a good fry sauce can make a restaurant even more popular so imagine what it can do for your homemade burgers and fries! This Copycat Red Robin Campfire sauce recipe is so good you’ll be looking for things to dip in it.

Including fingers.

Y’all, this is on my list of the best dipping sauces ever made.

Red Robin Develops Three New Delivery


GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews today announced the rollout of three new delivery-only brands that build on the company’s off-premise business and continue the company’s brand promise of making memorable connections with its Guests.

The three new delivery-only brands feature a mix of items from Red Robin as well as offerings not featured on the Red Robin menu. The Wing Dept focuses on a variety of wings and sides Fresh Set offers a wide array of fresh green salads, wraps and sandwiches with freshly-prepared sauces and dressings and Chicken Sammy’s offers a selection of tasty chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, homemade kettle chips and more.

The delivery-only brands are the latest in Red Robin’s expansion into off-premise dining. In 2018, Red Robin successfully launched a partnership with Donatos® Pizza featured in select Red Robin locations. As one element of this partnership, Red Robin has featured Donatos as a stand-alone delivery brand in third-party marketplaces for over a year. Based on the success of the program, Red Robin will expand to an additional 120 locations throughout the remainder of 2021.

“We were pleased with the great feedback we received from Guests when we tested the delivery-only brands,” said Paul Murphy, Red Robin President and CEO. “We plan to continue to invest in these new virtual brands and will be introducing new craveable menu items for each brand soon.”

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What Red Robin Restaurants Are Known For

In the United States, Red Robin restaurants are famed as the Gourmet Burger Authority. So, the restaurants of this company serve delicious, high-quality burgers, prepared according to their innovative recipes. Besides, many of its burgers come with the famous Bottomless Steak Fries, which is another iconic meal on the menu.

Red Robin Menu Prices

Given the fact that Red Robin is a chain of casual restaurants, you shouldnt be surprised that the Red Robin prices you are seeing on this page are actually higher than at fast-food restaurants. For example, the prices at Bojangles are much lower than these Red Robin menu prices.

On the other hand, it is surely worth to compare this Red Robin menu with prices against the prices of other American casual restaurants. Indeed, we would compare them with the El Pollo Loco prices, but El Pollo Loco is a Tex-Mex restaurant chain, which doesnt make the comparison that much exact. However, it may seem a great idea to compare these Red Robin prices against the prices at Applebees, a popular American chain of casual restaurants.

In the first place, you can notice that, when comparing the Red Robin menu prices versus those at Applebees, burgers generally cost 1-2 bucks more at Red Robin. Actually, the same can be said about salads and certain desserts. But it is worth to note that the main meals cost around the same. Overall, the prices do not tend to vary much between these two restaurants.

However, one has to say that, unfortunately, there arent many ways to benefit from these Red Robin menu prices. In fact, the only way you can take advantage of the Red Robin prices and make the sum on your check lower is by coming with a group of friends or family and ordering big portions, as they come cheaper this way.

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Does Red Robin Have Deep Fried Pickles

Red Robin Pickle Nickels are fried pickles that you simply must try. Red Robins version of fried pickles goes oh so well with the Red Robin Campfire Sauce. If you are lucky you live near a Red Robin, home of the bottomless french fries! If not, you may need to take a journey to this amazing burger place.

What Is The Healthiest Thing To Eat At Pf Changs

Red Robin New Cauliflower Wings with Whiskey River sauce!
  • Egg Drop Soup. P.F. Chang’s. …
  • Shrimp With Lobster Sauce P.F. Chang’s. …
  • Miso Glazed Salmon. P.F. Changs. …
  • The Buddha’s Feast P.F. Changs. …
  • Lobster Avocado Roll. P.F. Changs. …
  • Asian Caesar Salad. P.F. Changs. …
  • Ginger Chicken with Broccoli. P.F. Changs. …
  • Hot and Sour Soup. P.F. Changs.

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Why This Is The Best Campfire Sauce Recipe

There are several other copycat recipes out there for Red Robin dipping sauces, but we found that none of them truly had the same addicting flavor and tang as the original campfire sauce. Instead they tasted like mayonnaise masked with barbecue sauce and chipotle powder, which left a very flat, disappointing taste in our mouths .

So we went to work! We tested rounds of this sauce with different ingredients, brands, spices, and ratios until we had the perfect Red Robin Campfire Sauce. Here are some highlights of the final recipe

  • Tastes like the original
  • Fast and easy
  • Tangy and flavorful without a mayo-y aftertaste
  • Amazing on practically everything

For A Limited Time At Participating Locations Red Robin Is Offering Their New Ultimate Wing Fest With Their Brand New Gourmet Wing And Sauce Bar Lets Explore Whats In This New Red Robin Menu Deal

At Red Robin, theyre known for serving some of the most delicious burgers and sandwiches, offering a total of a whopping 29 burgers and 10 additional sandwiches and wraps. What people overlook sometimes is that the Red Robin menu has some great chicken dishes as well, like Clucks and Fries , various chicken sandwiches, as well as a few chicken wing appetizers.

Recently, Red Robin introduced that, at participating locations and for a limited time only, they would be offering their Gourmet Wing and Sauce Bar for catering and take-out.

Heres whats included in this delicious invention:

  • 50 bone-in chicken wings
  • Teriyaki
  • A little side cup of thin carrot strips
  • This is the perfect menu item for your in-home parties and small get-togethers during these tough times. Its the perfect way to create your very own dining experience at home to help you feel like youre sitting at Red Robin with your families.

    This is also for the people who can never decide what sauce they want on their wings and for those of you who are like me and like to dip everything in everything, but also can never decide, either!

    Upon doing some research, this Gourmet Wing and Sauce Bar serves roughly 10 people. At the location nearest to me, Red Robin is charging $49.99 for this menu item, although prices could vary per location, depending on where you live.

    Let us know if youd try this new Red Robin menu deal or if you already have! Wed love to hear what you think!

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    This Post Is For Informational Purposes Only

    Menus, ingredients, kitchen procedures, management, and restaurants are subject to change at any time. Always read the menu and discuss your dietary needs with the staff before ordering. Make sure that they can accommodate your situation. This post is for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as advice.

    There is always a risk for potential cross-contamination of allergens in any commercial kitchen. If cross-contamination is an issue for you, always speak with the manager to ensure that your meal can be safely prepared. Listings here do not guarantee that a restaurant is safe enough for your individual needs. Only you can make that decision.

    Are Red Robin Onion Rings Good

    My friend

    Its hard for an onion ring to be flat-out bad, but lets just say these bad boys dont live up to Red Robins in-restaurant standards. The packaged version has a fishy and almost chemical odor that makes you wary of taking even a small nibble. If youve got another onion-ring option, definitely go with that.

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    Whats A Good Ranch Dressing

    The Best Ranch Dressings, Ranked

    • 6 Hidden Valley Ranch. Courtesy of Hidden Valley.
    • 5 Newmans Own Ranch. Courtesy of Newmans Own.
    • 4 Briannas Classic Buttermilk Ranch. Courtesy of Briannas.
    • 3 Whole Foods Organic Ranch Dressing. Courtesy of Whole Foods.
    • 2 Trader Joes Organic Ranch Dressing.
    • 1 Kraft Classic Ranch.

    Easy Red Robin Campfire Sauce

    December 11, 2018 by Stephanie Manley, Last Updated August 5, 2020

    Red Robin Campfire sauce is the perfect dipping sauce to prepare for French fries, chicken nuggets, or onion rings. You can even drizzle it on a homemade grilled burger. It is so easy to make, and you will be blown away by the taste of this fantastic sauce.

    Everyone loves unique sauces for dipping. Chick Fil A has the Chick Fil A Sauce, Smashburger has the Smashsauce, and Caines has their amazing sauce as well. Red Robin Campfire sauce deserves to be known as one of those condiments everyone loves. And, there are so many ways to use this sauce.

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    Why Is Red Robin Closing

    American burger chain Red Robin says it will be closing all of its Alberta stores by Dec. In an email to Global News, Red Robin communications director Kevin Caulfield said that the closures are part of a reassessment of Red Robins real estate portfolio. Caulfield said that each location employs about 75 people.

    Why Are Chicken Wings So Fatty

    Red Robin Scorpion Wings Review

    Approximately 65 percent of the calories in hot wings comes from fat, mostly due to the frying process and the fatty skin on the chicken wings. One serving of chicken wings contains 4 grams of saturated fat, the dangerous fat that can lead to cholesterol buildup in the blood vessels if consumed in excess.

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    Red Robin Is Launching These Two New Menu Items This Spring

    Red Robin is ready to embrace the cauliflower craze. For a limited time this spring, this chain restaurant is adding two new cauliflower-centric items to its menu: cauliflower “wings” and a cauliflower-crust pizza.

    The new “wings” offer a plant-based alternative to traditional chicken wings. This item features breaded cauliflower florets paired with the customers’ choice of sauce and its garnishes, which include Buzz, Island Heat, Banzai, or Whiskey River BBQ .

    The cauliflower pizza is part of Red Robin’s new partnership with Donatos Pizza, which is made and served at select locations. You’ll now be able to swap in the cauliflower crust option for a limited time.

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    So what spurred Red Robin to embrace these healthier menu items? The chain decided to conduct a survey that showed consumers are willing to add more veggies to their plates, but the options to do so are lagging at restaurants.

    Based on the results, as many as three-quarters of adults who used to dislike veggies now love them, with broccoli, spinach, asparagus, avocado, and cauliflower being the top veggies they warmed to over the years. It was also apparent that those who hesitate to add more veggies into their diets do so because it can be harder to make vegetables taste good at home and it isn’t always easy finding restaurants that have tasty plant-based options.

    Copycat Red Robin Onion Ring Sauce

    Posted on Published:

    Find out how to make your own delicious Red Robin Onion Ring Sauce at home with just 2 ingredients! Just like the Campfire Sauce that is served with a tower of onion rings at the restaurant. Also makes a great fry sauce.

    This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on these links, I get a small percentage back at no cost to you! For more information see my disclosure policy.

    Fry sauce is kind of a big deal at my house. We are definitely all about dipping sauces for almost everything!

    Apparently a recipe for it appeared in a New Orleans cookbook in 1900, but became popular when served in a Salt Lake City restaurant called Arctic Circle in the 1950s.

    When visiting a Red Robin location near Disneyland, we happened to order the Towering Onion Rings.

    The sauce that was served along side our appetizer looked and tasted a lot like the fry sauce we knew, but better!

    I decided to take a chance and ask our server what was in the sauce. I was surprised that it was just two ingredients. Two!

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    How Do I Eat Healthy At Red Robin

    Know Your Buns, or lack thereof.

    • Wedgie style wrap it in fresh lettuce and unload those carbs!
    • Ask for it open-faced Enjoy half the bun. # …
    • Skip the Bun Go naked and the full monty can save you 150-220 calories.
    • Go Gluten-Free For just a little extra dough.
    • Ask for a Tavern Bun Save up to 150 calories.

    Is Red Robin Going Out Of Business

    Franks Famous Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce 354ml

    Though Red Robin has bounced back slightly after sales plummeted by half during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the chain recently announced that five locations have closed their doors for good. Just under 550 Red Robin locations across the country remain after two others shut down earlier this year.

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    Red Robin Banzai Burger Copycat Recipe

    To quote a friend, Sometimes you just need a great burger. I couldnt agree more.

    Todd and I have our favorite burger joints, and Red Robin is one of them. Todd orders the same burger every. single. time. The Banzai Burger. His favorite. One day he said, Hey, you should really try and make it here at home. More convenient, cheaper, and full control over beef quality. I accepted the challenge and presented him with my copycat version of his beloved Banzai Burger. Knowing he is the ultimate Banzai Burger critic, I waited a little nervously. He took a bite, his eyes lit up, and he announced: This is every bit as good! I dont even feel the need to go to Red Robin anymore for this!

    So lets get to that recipe, shall we?

    But firstthe History of the Hamburger!

    Ground meat has been eaten for centuries. We know it dates back to at least the 12th century with Ghengis Khan.

    The armies of Genghis Khan would use scraps of mutton and form them into patties. In order to tenderize the tough meat, they would put the patties under their saddles as they rode into battle and then eat the meat raw.

    Next we have Khublilai Khan, Genghis grandson.

    Hamburg, Germany

    And so, without further ado the Red Robin Banzai Burger Copycat Recipe!

    Alright, first lets make the Homemade Teriyaki Sauce. Youll remember that recipe from when I posted it several weeks ago. Yep, thats the one. Its a winner. And dont worry, its super quick and easy.

    Place the beef patty on the bottom half.

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