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What Are 3 Writing Strategies

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  • One writing strategy is to make a rough outline of where you want your writing to go and what points you want to touch on along the way. Then flesh each stage out, keeping the end goal in mind.
  • Another strategy is a brain dump where you sit down and write out any ideas you have so you can see them all in one place, like in a bullet point list. Then you can piece together which ones make the most compelling writing. This strategy is often used to combat writers block.
  • A third strategy is freewriting. Just write with a theme or a beginning idea, then see where your writing ends up. Some authors find it easier to edit their writing into something cohesive after its written, rather than trying to edit themselves while they are writing.
  • Secret Sauce Of Great Writing


    More than 30,000 students and hundreds of 5-star reviews.

    “I watched your whole course and was in AWE the whole time… your words are profound…”— GOLDIE LOPEZ, STUDENT

    “A little gem of a course…” — FRANS DU PLESSIS, STUDENT

    “The best 30 minutes you will ever spend…” — SHARAN HIREMATH, STUDENT

    “Packed with the essentials…” SONIE SANDHU, STUDENT

    “Maximum learning in minimum time…”— RAMIN ASSEMI, STUDENT

    “Taught me three power insights I will never forget…” — REV. STEVE WRIGHT, STUDENT

    “A masterclass… signed up to “Writing With Flair” immediately…” — RICHARD GIBBS, STUDENT

    “Made me realize I need to relearn how to write…”— CECYLIA ANDERSON, STUDENT

    “Zeroed in on the first three elements that can take your writing from good to awesome…”— INDIA STRONGHEART, STUDENT

    “Informative, interesting and inspiring…”— BILL BEXLEY, STUDENT

    Let’s be honest.

    These days, who doesn’t want to be able to break out of their 9-5 jobs and make their mark by writing an outstanding book or creating a magnificent blog read by thousandsif not millionsof people?

    Well, how would you like to write with the style and flair of top journalists on newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and The Economist?

    How would you like to learn to craft sentences with impeccable style and flair from an editor who teaches some of the world’s best journalists how to write better?

  • Simplicity
  • Clarity
  • Elegance
  • The Secret Sauce To Effective Writing

    Word count: 642 words

    Reading time: About 2.5 minutes

    If you want to produce effective writing, stop looking at your writing and start considering what youre actually doing!

    Whats the trick to effective writing? I think the biggest secret is to stop focusing on the product the piece of writing and start looking, instead, at your writing process.

    I know this sounds counterintuitive. If you want more effective writing, doesnt it make sense to concentrate on, well, the words that people are going to read? But compare writing to other fields that require hard work and creativity. Consider, for example, a chef. Any chef needs superior knife skills and a trained palate. But he or she also needs time management, leadership ability, basic accounting and excellent communications.

    In other words, you measure chefs not just by the taste of their sauces but also on they way they run their kitchens. Even the very best food produced by the most incandescently wonderful cooks will suffer if the chef cant keep the food flowing out of the kitchen.

    Its the same with wordsmiths. The secret sauce to effective writing is not so much a buttery condiment as it is a series of choices about your behaviour. Heres a list of behaviours you might want to consider:

    To produce effective writing, you need to adopt the right habits. Identify these habits, practice them and reward yourself for using them. Suddenly, youll discover that you have become an effective writer.

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    Craft Your Cover Letter

    This free short course on writing provided by Udacity is great for business writing in general. This course will show you how to use proven skills to get an edge over your competition. These classes are mostly at the beginner level, but you know what they say about starting with the basics. I cannot remember it, but it seems that would be the best place to start. No? You will cover how to research a company before creating a cover letter aimed specifically for a job at that company. Learn the skills to nail a writing pitch by being authentic and human.

    This course includes key areas of discussion such as:

    • Learning to write a quality cover letter and understand why a cover letter is important.
    • Make the best use of words and your new skills to draft a punchy introduction, body, and conclusion to your cover letter.
    • Learn how to target specific audiences and companies.

    This course is packed with quizzes, videos from the instructors, lots of great content, and some challenging exercises to practise.

    The secret sauce of great writing

    Designed by Shani Raja, this writing course is tailored to teach the concepts of great writing. These include evocativeness, clarity, elegance, and simplicity. This course will teach the student how to apply these four concepts skillfully.

    Key topics:

    • The secret sauce of flair
    • Elegance exercises
    • How I discovered the sauce
    • The power of simplicity
    • Online video content

    Writing with impact

    Key topics:

    • Quizzes with feedback

    Key topics:

    Writing Articles

    Is There A Secret Sauce Of Great Writing

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    Posted By: Tina Calder13th February 2020

    As a writer, copywriter, content creator and publicist I devour online course about copywriting and content creation. Most weekends you will find me knee deep in an online course of some description when my 7-year old is at his drama class.

    I recently came across a great course on Udemy by ex Wall Street Journal Editor Shani Raja called Secret Sauce of Great Writing . As a journalist of over 20 years what I loved about this course was Shanis ability to break through the noise and take great writing down into 4 essential ingredients.

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    Discover The Alchemy Of Writing

    Do you want your resumes to sparkle in a sea of mediocre job applications? Would you love to write marketing and sales copy that fires up readers? Do you aspire to become an author or blogger with thousands of devoted followers?

    Then imagine how much more likeable and shareable your content would be if you could write with the style and flair of journalists in top global newspapers.

    Over his long and distinguished journalism career, Shani Raja has written for The Economist, reported for Bloomberg News, edited for The Wall Street Journal and taught many high-profile journalists how to write better.

    With close to half a million satisfied students, Shanis online writing programs reveal how first-class journalists perform the magic of transforming lacklustre copy into dazzling proseempowering you to make your own books, blogs and business writing sparkle.

    Begin your exceptional writers journey with Shanis free course, Secret Sauce of Great Writing, where he shares a powerful technique that will instantly upgrade your writing ability. Or go to Shanis premium courses to discover the full suite of elite writing tactics.

    Most great teachers cant write, and most great writers cant teach. Shani Raja is one of the few who excels at both.


    Weh Yeoh
    Social Entrepreneur of the Year, 2019, and TEDx presenter.
    Justin Liang
    Grant Butler
    Kevin Tsai

    Proof The Secret Sauce Works

    This transcript is also available as a PDF download within the files tab.

    Proof the secret sauce works

    My last full-time job as a journalist was as a senior editor for the Wall Street Journal. Now while working at the newspaper, I began to notice something very interesting. Whenever Id edit a reporters article, no matter how much time I spent on the actual edit, Id end up making exactly four types of changes. First, Id make the writing more simple. Second, Id make the writing more clear. Third, Id make the writing more elegant. And fourth, Id make it more evocative.

    Now as I thought about it, it suddenly became obvious to me that this was because those are really the essential four ingredients that give writing a feeling of higher quality. I was so impressed with those ingredients that I started referring to them as the secret sauce of exceptional writing. Again, simplicity, clarity, elegance, and evocativeness.

    Watch now how these four ingredients can transform even the most basic of sentences into something more slick and polished. Take this sentence. It was indicated to the president by his chief advisor that it should be attempted to formulate a decision to act at the earliest opportunity, in the best interests of circumventing what might otherwise result in the country flowering into embarking on a prolonged, extended, and exorbitant military conflagration.

    • Proof The Secret Sauce Works

    You must to access notes.

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    Creative Writing Specialization Best Creative Writing Online Course

    This online writing course focuses on the art of fiction writing, short story writing, and creative nonfiction. It teaches the fundamental principles of good story-telling. This course teaches the writer how to go from having a story idea to generating a plot, crafting a character, and stylizing their writing to make the story cohesive. This creative writing course is ideal for beginners who already have their creative juices flowing but need some help crafting the structure of the story.

    Provider: Coursera

    Price: Free to audit, with small fees for certificate of completion that vary depending on which course you are taking

    Duration: 6 months

    Certificate on Completion: Yes

    Do You Need Qualifications To Be A Freelance Writer

    Can you solve the secret sauce riddle? – Alex Gendler

    The type of qualifications youll need depends on what kind of freelance writing youre looking to do. Typically youll either need a degree or a portfolio of your work. Regardless of what kind of freelance job youre looking for, youll need one or the other to prove that the client should hire you.

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    Novel Writing 101 Best Online Course For Writing Novels

    Ben Galley, a bestselling author of fantasy and historical fiction, teaches Reedsys online course designed to be short and sweet, requiring only 5 minutes a day for 10 days. A wide variety of lessons are included in this course, including what the journey of writing a book looks like, how to make your novel flow, and how to be as productive as possible.

    Provider: Reedsy

    Duration: 5 minutes a day for 10 days

    Level: Beginner

    Certificate on Completion: Yes

    Secret Sauce Of Great Writing Best Writing Essentials Online Course

    Udemys course is taught by a former Wall Street Journal editor and is one of the most popular courses for developing your own writing style. The course emphasizes the principles of Clarity, Elegance, Simplicity, and Evocativeness in your writing process. It boasts thousands of 5-star reviews and even offers a certificate upon completion.

    Provider: Udemy

    Duration: 15 Lectures, totaling 44 minutes of videos

    Level: Intermediate

    Certificate on Completion: Yes

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    The Secret Sauce Necessary To Succeed At A 30

    Have you ever wondered why one writer succeeds at a 30-day writing challenge and another fails? The answer is simple: mindset.

    Mindset is the secret sauce. Its the characteristic that distinguishes a successful writer from an unsuccessful one.

    Think of mindset as your overall approach to something, like finishing the first draft to a book in a month. Your mindset is based on attitude, which is formed by your beliefs, feelings, thoughts, or ideas about a task, experience, or situation. Your attitude affects your behavior or how you choose to act. Your behavior determines your results.

    And that’s why attitude is essential to successfully completing a 30-day writing challenge .

    Transmedia Storytelling: Narrative Worlds Emerging Technologies And Global Audiences Best Writing Course For Addressing A Global Audience

    Secret Sauce of Great Writing

    This course on transmedia storytelling focuses on how to develop an extensive and detailed world within your writing. It also details strategies on how to market to a broader audience, the principles of which can be applied to almost any kind of entertainment marketing.

    Provider: Coursera

    Price: Free to audit, with small fees for certificate of completion that vary depending on which course you are taking

    Duration: 26 hours

    Certificate on Completion: Yes

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    Do You Know The Secret Sauce That Turns Stories Into Magic

    Let me tell you a story.

    Once there was a writer who had a dream.

    To live, work and thrive by telling stories that made people smile, swoon and weep.

    He was pretty decent at it too, sailing through school on a knack for essays and last-minute term papers that fooled faculty into giving him a generous grade.

    After graduating, he wrote his way into a series of suit-and-tie jobs doing newsletters and assorted copy work that never really rang his creative bell.

    On nights and weekends, however, he wrote novels and screenplays.

    He wrote, and he read everything he could about how to tell stories.

    But after finishing six novels, hed failed to crack the code that would get him published. The feedback was pretty much the same: nice writing, but the story was either too familiar or a little lacking. What it lacked was never specified.

    Something about the dream had eluded him. He could never define what it was.

    Apparently it was a secret, because nobody in the publishing business was talking.

    All he heard was the usual blah-blah about character development and the avoidance of adjectives, but never much on how to differentiate a great story from an average one. The confusion was compounded by the fact that many famous writers were publishing what seemed average stories at best.

    No, they werent better than he was when it came to cobbling together sparkling sentences and paragraphs. But they certainly knew something he didnt.

    But he was starving creatively.

    Academic English: Writing Specialization Best Academic Writing Skills Improvement Course

    For those who are interested in going beyond just essay writing, Courseras specialized paid course for Academic English is a great place to start. This course starts off with grammar and punctuation to build a solid foundation for writing, then expands into concepts such as academic research and specific formatting that is required in academia.

    Provider: Coursera

    Duration: 6 Months if you follow their suggested pace of 4 hours per week

    Level: Beginner

    Certificate on Completion: Yes

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    Can I Become A Writer Without A Degree

    Again, depending on what kind of online writing job youre pursuing, a degree may not be required to become a writer. If you already have career experience in writing, you are less likely to need a degree to be successful, but if youre a beginner it may be hard to break into the industry without one. Regardless of whether or not you have a degree, networking within the writing community, utilizing literary agents, and continuing to hone your writing skills are all crucial to success.

    And He Explained Why By Saying:

    Parallelism: The secret to great writing
  • Simplicity: makes writing punchy
  • Clarity: makes it easy to understand
  • Elegance: makes writing flow well
  • Evocativeness: makes prose stimulating
  • Throughout this training Shani revealed some fantastic tactics and reminded me of many rules of journalism that, over the years, have become so embedded in my brain that I dont even think about them as Im using them.

    I would thoroughly recommend doing Shanis 42 minute free course to hear more indepth about why mastering these simple rules can revolutionise your copywriting and content creation.

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    Write A Feature Length Screenplay For Film Or Television Best Online Screenplay Writing Course

    This writing course teaches writers how to develop their idea into a fully-realized screenplay. In 93 hours, it thoroughly covers everything from developing a character and crafting a three-act story arc to the formatting software thats involved in production. It also goes beyond the writing and features information about table reads and script finalization to give you a picture of where youre headed after you finish your screenplay.

    Provider: Coursera

    Price: Free to audit, with small fees for certificate of completion that vary depending on which course you are taking

    Duration: 93 hours

    Certificate on Completion: Yes

    Rating: 4.6

    Evolve Quickly Into An Elite Writer

    Much of the writing we encounter at work or online is often too rambling, confusing, clunky and boring to command attention. Compare such low-quality prose with the mesmerising and electrifying copy you regularly find in top-class newspapers such as The Economist and The Wall Street Journal.

    If you want your writing to be equally concise, crisp, graceful and stimulating, let Shani Raja teach you how top-tier journalists perform the alchemy of producing exceptional writing for millions of global readers. His elite writing tactics will empower you to:

    Produce slick resumes and cover letters

    Devise standout college essays and academic research

    Construct impressive work emails and business reports

    Craft dizzying sales, marketing and website copy

    Compose riveting blogposts and social media content

    Start your writing journey here with Shanis FREE introductory course, Secret Sauce of Great Writing.

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    Supportive Mindset Leads To Success

    As you can see, developing a supportive mindsetan Author Attitudehelps you start and finish a book in 30 days. Then, at the end of the month, you can use the term WOOT to celebrate your success.

    This term is most commonly used to express excitement. So, if you produce the first draft of your book during a 30-day writing event, you should stand up proudly. Then, do the Arsenio Hall rotational hand movement and shout, WOOT! WOOT!

    Get prepped in advance for the event by developing your new mindset. Then put that secret sauce to use to successfully complete the challenge.

    Are you ready to draft your novel in 30 days? Writer’s Digest has you covered with a new kit that includes everything you need to prepare for your upcoming writing endeavors.

    Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer

    Secret Sauce of Great Writing
    • You will receive a Writing With Flair Certificate of Completion after finishing the course.
    • You will learn how to write well from an ex-Wall Street Journal editor.
    • You will discover the “secret sauce” of exceptional writing.
    • You will learn how to make your writing more simple, clear, elegant and evocative.
    • You will learn how to cultivate the unique mindset of an “elite” writer.
    • You will learn how to become a more confident, competent and sophisticated writer.
    • You will discover how to add style to your blogs, books and business writing.

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