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This Beloved Brand Just Dropped New Keto

Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue Sauce: Hickory & Brown Sugar, Sweet n Spicy and Sweet Golden Mustard

You just know summers in the air when you can smell neighbors grills during evening walks. If youre already prepping for barbecue season andbikini season, one of the most popular BBQ sauce brands in the land has just made thoughts of summer even sweeter with this mornings announcement about their new no-sugar-added selections.

Last May, Sweet Baby Rays ventured into low-carb territory with the launch of two Rays No Sugar Added barbecue sauces, which came in Original and Hickory flavors. Both were gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, keto-friendly, and had just one gram of sugar per two-tablespoon serving.

Now, Rays has come out much earlier in the season to double down on winning over mindful eaters. In a press release on Friday, they announced two new additions to this years Rays No Sugar Added lineup: Sweet & Spicy BBQ and Honey Mustard.

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What can consumers anticipate from these two flavors? They describe Rays No Sugar Added Sweet & Spicy BBQ as the perfect balance of sweet smokiness with a lip-tingling touch of heat, all with 15 calories and one gram of sugar. Meanwhile, they call the Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce a smooth, sweet complement to hot dogs, chicken tenders, and tasty air fryer creations. One serving has 130 calories and zero grams of sugar.

What Can You Add To Sweet Baby Rays

baby rays

. Correspondingly, what can I add to barbecue sauce?

Onion powder, cumin, garlic, peppers: these are all go-to flavors for amping up the flavor profile of a too-bland, too-generic barbecue sauce. My two personal favorite ingredients to add are Worcestershire sauce and plain yellow mustard.

does Sweet Baby Rays have high fructose corn syrup? Two Tablespoons of Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue Sauce have 16 grams of added sugar > > the sauce contains seven sweeteners including High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar and Corn Syrup.

Beside this, does Sweet Baby Rays need refrigeration?

After opening, we suggest keeping the sauce for no longer than 4 months. Always refrigerate sauce after it is opened.

Is Sweet Baby Rays Spicy?

Sweet Baby Rays Sweet& Spicy is the perfect balance of sweetness and spice. I use this for chicken sandwiches, ribs, turkey burgers and dip for chicken strips and nuggets. Sweet Baby Rays is the best BBQ sauce that is out there.

What To Add To Bbq Sauce To Make It Spicy

Or any other spicy condiment, really: swirl in some sambal oelek, gochujang, or harissa. Play with the smoky notes found in a can of adobo sauce, or the citrus flavors in Cuban mojo. Another source of smoky flavor: smoked paprika. Or try hot paprika, if thats more your thing, or chile powder or ground cayenne pepper.

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Is Sweet Baby Rays Dairy

Sweet Baby Rays original barbecue sauce is dairy-free. None of the ingredients listed in the ingredients list contains dairy and are safe to enjoy.

There is only one product in their lineup that contains dairy, their Sweet Red Chili Wing Sauce. Its best to avoid this variety if youre following a dairy-free diet.

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Bbq Sauce Base Categories

Sweet Baby Ray

The three most popular sauce bases in BBQ are tomato, vinegar, and mustard. These are the three ingredients that have helped to define regional BBQ in America. Just as you might call marinara or alfredo the mother sauces of Italian cooking tomato sauces, vinegar sauces, and mustard sauces are the mother sauces of BBQ.

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What Does Mustard Bbq Sauce Taste Like

Mustard bbq sauces are sweet and tangy. The brown sugar makes it sweet and the mustard and vinegar creates the tang. This sauce is slightly spicy due to the cayenne pepper. You can add less cayenne pepper if you dont want as much heat.

Whats in mustard bbq sauce?

  • yellow mustard
  • spices such as cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic
  • sauces such as mustard, ketchup, sriracha, bbq sauce and worcestershire sauce
  • liquid smoke

Umami Smokiness And Seasonings

¼ cup of coconut aminos, a gluten and soy free soy sauce substitute, and 2 tablespoons of garlic-infused olive oil, add some umami flavor to the sauce. I add some smokiness with some smoked paprika, but don’t add too much as the more you add, the more savory the sauce becomes.

I round out the seasonings with dry mustard , an ingredient that can typically be found in the spices section of your grocery store salt, pepper and cayenne.

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How To Make Vegan Barbecue Sauce At Home

NB: if you are feeling lazy to visit your nearest grocery store to buy a bottle of barbecue sauce then you can always try this recipe. Its very easy to make and it takes a short time to prepare.

For this recipe you will need ½ cup of organic ketchup, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon organic brown sugar, 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, water, 1 tablespoon mustard, pepper, smoked paprika, 1 tablespoon vegan Worcestershire, onion powder, garlic powder and chili powder.

Sweet Baby Rays Got Its Start In A Barbecue Sauce Competition

Maple BBQ Turkey Breasts

Larry Raymond was a young Chicago restaurateur before he was a barbecue sauce inventor. He did, however, have a family recipe for sweet and tangy barbecue sauce that he tinkered with starting around 1982, according to the Chicago Tribune. He had properly adjusted the recipe enough by 1985 that he decided to enter it into a local barbecue competition called the Mike Royko Rib-off. Sweet Baby Rays company history notes that the competition was at the time the largest rib cook-off in the country.

Raymond landed in second place out of 700 contestants. A second place finish was more than enough. After all, the Rib-off had a reputation for crowning future barbecue stars. It was started by a popular Chicago columnist named Mike Royko, and in the first year of the competition in 1982, the winner out of 400 participants was Charlie Robinson. Robinson would go on to start a beloved barbecue chain of his own and sell a branded sauce within a year of winning, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Raymond found similarly quick success after being in the Mike Royko Rib-off. Sweet Baby Rays barbecue sauce was incorporated by Larry, his brother Dave, and a childhood friend named Mike OBrien a year after coming in second place.

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I Like Bbq Sauce With A More Smoky Flavor How Can I Achieve That

The smoked paprika is meant to give this recipe a smoky flavor, and for us, its just the right amount. If you usually prefer a more smoky sauce, you can add 1-3 teaspoons of liquid smoke to the recipe to help boost that smokiness. I would start with 1 teaspoon and build from there based on preference!

Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue Sauce

The ingredients that are used to make Sweet Baby Rays original barbecue sauce are vegan in nature, there are no animal products that are used. The bottle emphasises that the sauce has natural flavours added to it of which some people tend to question what the natural flavours are but Sweet Baby Rays clearly stated that the natural flavours do not contain any animal products so there is no nothing to be scared of. Therefore one can safely conclude that sweet baby rays barbecue sauce is vegan.

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Which Flavors Of Sweet Baby Rays Sauces Are Not Gluten

According to the Sweet Baby Rays website, these are the sauces that are not considered gluten-free. If you follow a gluten-free diet, its a good idea to avoid these options.

  • Sweet Red Chili Wing Sauce
  • Sweet Teriyaki Marinade

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If you love Sweet Baby Rays, I hope that this information has helped you determine whether this is a good condiment for you to add to your diet.

Depending on the flavors, you can safely enjoy this sauce on a gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan diet. Just be sure to review ingredients lists thoroughly before buying.

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    Sweet Baby Rays Gets Its Heat From The Addition Of Tabasco Sauce

    The original Sweet Baby Rays recipe is well known for its sweetness. Some on Reddit have gone so far as to say that, Its just sweet and thats it, no flavor besides that.Others on Reddit have compared it to corn syrup. According to the Chicago Tribune, Larry intentionally made it sweet to match with the name that had already been chosen, and because other chefs had recommended to do so. Still, theres a little kick of spice in there, too, and that originally came from McIlhennys Tabasco from Avery Island, Louisiana.

    It is a unique blend of sweet, hot, and smoke designed to complement food flavor and not dominate it, Dave Raymond told the Chicago Tribune. Used straight from the fridge it is spicier, but milder when heated. The addition of Tabasco gives a little acidity from the vinegar and a mid-level spicy heat from the Capsicum frutescens peppers. Other sauces use bell peppers, curry powder or cayenne red pepper, which are cheaper ingredients without the same bite, Raymond said.

    The Founder Went On To Start Another Barbecue Business Under The Sweet Baby Rays Name

    While Sweet Baby Ray the person may no longer be involved with Sweet Baby Rays the sauce, he still can capitalize on the name recognition. As part of the terms of the sale to Kens Foods, Raymond kept the rights to the Sweet Baby Rays name, and he used it to start a catering company and a restaurant.

    In 2005, the same year of the sale, Raymond opened a barbecue restaurant in Wood Dale, just outside of Chicago. Then he purchased True Cuisine Catering in 2010 to go along with Sweet Baby Rays barbecue catering company. Duce Raymond, who is in business with Dave, added in his line of barbecue sauces: Duces Wild BBQ Sauces. Combined, the businesses are called SBR Events Group, Duce Raymond explained to Chi Thee Wed.

    The old and new Sweet Baby Rays businesses are still deeply intertwined. SBR Events Group promotes its use of Sweet Baby Rays barbecue sauce along with Duces Wild BBQ Sauces. The restaurant in Wood Dale also has ten Sweet Baby Rays house barbecue sauces exclusive to the location. The restaurants website nods to Dave Raymonds former sauce business, though it leaves Larry, the original sauce recipe creator, out of it and instead mentions how Dave and his friend and partner Mike OBrien went on to build the most popular barbecue sauce brand in history.

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    Sweet Baby Ethan’s Bbq Sauce

    This low FODMAP barbecue sauce doesn’t really taste like Sweet Baby Ray’s. Yet, as it was largely inspired by it, I told my husband, Jeff, I wanted to name it “Sweet Baby Ethan’s BBQ Sauce” after our 3-year-old son.

    Upon hearing this, Ethan seemed rather pleased however, Jeff thought I might get sued by Sweet Baby Ray’s, so I am unofficially naming it “Sweet Baby Ethan’s” and officially naming it “Low FODMAP BBQ Sauce ,” which is no where near as cool as “Sweet Baby Ethan’s” but more legally sound and SEO friendly, I suppose.

    To Make This Homemade Sweet Barbecue Sauce You Will Need:

    Maple BBQ sauce Cooking Wild with Ray
    • ketchup
    • kosher salt
    • black pepper

    Pantry ingredients. What could be better? I love making food from what I find in my pantry or fridge. It makes me feel chef-y. Its like Im on Chopped or something. Pulling off a dinner with only having onion, lemon, vegetable stock and chicken thighs is what I live for!

    In a mixing bowl, measure and add 1-1/4 cups ketchup , 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup red wine vinegar and 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce.

    Next, measure and add 1-1/2 cups dark brown sugar, 2-1/2 teaspoons dried mustard, 2 teaspoons paprika, 1-1/2 teaspoons of kosher salt and 3/4 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper.

    Before you say anything, YES, thats whole lotta dark brown sugar, Im aware. However, the brown sugar is crucial so the vinegar is balanced while still making this sauce sweet.

    Then stir until the sugar is dissolve and the seasonings mixed throughout.

    Once the barbecue sauce is mixed thoroughly, you can store it a large glass jar or container and refrigerate for at least a couple hours.

    Do Not Skip This Step!

    Youll notice if you taste this sauce right away, its not quite ready for slathering on ribs or chicken. Its so important that you refrigerating this sweet barbecue sauce overnight because it will allow the flavors to develop. In a pinch, 2 to 4 hours will do.

    Enjoy! And if you give this Homemade Sweet Barbecue Sauce recipe a try, let me know! Snap a photo and tag me on or !

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    This Is Sweet Baby Ray’s Most Underrated Bbq Sauce

    Americans like barbecue and all the sauces that make this meal so finger licking good. In 2019, 8.82 million Americans used at least 4 bottles of the sweet and savory sauce we brush on our barbecue meats as they grill . And among those brands we purchase, Sweet Baby Rays barbecue sauce consistently ranks on lists of best barbecue sauces. Just do an internet search and you will find that food sites like Delish, Taste of Home, and the Kitchn, to name a few, rank the original flavor among the best. And it’s easy to understand why.

    Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce got its big break when it won a rib contest in the Midwest . After its fateful victory, the now-famous brand decided to go commercial and ultimately developed a suite of sauces, expanding from its classic original barbecue to variations that include a Hawaiian flavor, Sweet & Spicy, Maple, Hickory & Brown Sugar, and more. The sauce’s moniker is a hat tip to the creator’s little brother who was nicknamed Sweet Baby Ray, and aptly so. The collection of sauces range in flavor, but there is a definite sweetness to each. However, there’s one Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce whose taste rises to the top, head and shoulders above the rest but never seems to get the love it deserves. In fact, this sauce is probably the most underrated in the Sweet Baby Ray collection. Which one is it?

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    Recipe Testing And Reality

    We know it is hard to compete with high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar, but we absolutely LOVE our healthier version. It has incredible flavor, and we feel that it comes pretty darn close to being labeled a WFPB copycat version of Sweet Baby Rays.

    One of the things we are most proud of is that it does NOT have a ketchup base as nearly every other BBQ sauce out there does. This loveliness is made from scratch and the flavor is yummilicous!

    Ill let Mom tell you more!

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    Sweet Baby Rays Took Its Name From A Basketball Nickname

    Theres a story behind every beloved product name. Sometimes that story is manufactured, other times the name has an endearing history. In the case of Sweet Baby Rays, the name came before there was even an inkling of starting a barbecue sauce company, Dave Raymond told the Chicago Tribune in 1990.

    According to legend, Daves brother Larry, named the sauce in honor of Daves childhood nickname, Baby Ray. Dave earned the nickname while playing basketball on Chicagos west side as a kid. In a short documentary, Dave Raymond said that he grew up in a place where you had to either kinda be in a gang or play sports to go out, and basketball was a big part of his life. His brother was called Ray , so the younger Dave became Baby Ray.

    One day, he told the documentarians, Daves team was playing a bigger and older team. He made a fancy move during shooting drills, and one of the guys said, Hey, thats sweet, Baby Ray. That stuck, and it eventually lost the pause between sweet and Baby Ray. Larry went with the nickname when he entered the familys barbecue sauce into the Mike Royko Rib-off, and the rest is history. Since the early days of the company, Dave has been the face of the brand thats named after him.

    What is the most popular thing to add to meats cooked outdoors?

    BBQ Sauces

    Its true, the most popular thing to add to the plethora of meats cooked outdoors is BBQ sauce. If you had guessed ketchup, believe it or not, you would be wrong.

    $pend Wisely My Friends..

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