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Keto Vodka Pasta Sauce Low Carb

Keto Friendly Spaghetti Sauce!!! | Made from scratch served over roasted spaghetti squash

Looking for a yummy keto pasta recipe?

Look no further than this delicious keto vodka pasta sauce recipe.

Tasty vodka pasta sauce over keto friendly pasta noodles.

This will be your new go to meal.

This is in our meal rotation on a weekly basis.

Super easy low carb vodka pasta sauce to please any crowd.

You cant go wrong with this vodka pasta sauce for ketogenic diet.

Makes for quick dinner or lunch.

Make and take to parties even our none keto family and friends love this recipe.

Get ready to make the best low carb keto vodka pasta sauce.

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What Ingredients Do You Need For Keto Marinara

One of the things that make for a good marinara is good ingredients. So lets look at what goes into this low carb version of marinara.

  • Peeled Cento San Marzano Tomatoes : If you want great sauce, start with great tomatoes. These are going to be the best! They have no sugar, and are usually very high quality, sweet, and delicious. Should you opt for a different brand simply look for one that is sugar free. I also recommend steam peeled.
  • Extra virgin olive oil: Adds flavor, and some creaminess.
  • Spices: black pepper, red pepper flakes, fresh garlic, onion powder, dried basil, Italian seasoning, and salt. Enhances the delicious flavors of the tomatoes, and makes for a fantastic sauce.
  • Vinegars: This sauce contains two kinds of vinegar: red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar. Both add depth of flavor to the sauce!

Another Delicious Way To Enjoy A Good Sauce

Eggs in sauce. This is what I called it as a kid, we would have this on a Sunday, its a great lazy email thats easy to whip up.

It involves poaching eggs in the tomato-based sauce and then you dip crusty bread into it I found a great recipe online which also gives you a bit of a background story to where this recipe originated from, you can find it here

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Low Carb Pasta Sauce Options

Thankfully, there are so many sauce options for all of the low carb noodles youll soon be eating! Youll enjoy everything from classic marinara sauce to Alfredo sauce to basil pesto sauce.

Here are some of my favorite keto pasta sauces:

Can You Have Marinara Sauce On Keto

We Taste Tested Keto Pasta Sauces, &  This One Was The Best

You may be wondering what you can put on your fathead dough or mock spaghetti using shirataki noodles to give it that tomatoey flavor youve been missing.

Well, I have good news.

Also, Id like to point out that some brands of marinara sauce are more keto friendly than others. Ill be sure to point out a few of those brands for you at the end of this article.

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Primal Kitchen Tomato Basil Marinara Sauce

If you’ve gone on any kind of restrictive diet, you might already know about this diet-friendly pick from Primal Kitchen, which boasts an impressive roster of health accolades, from being soy- and gluten-free to being certified Paleo and Whole 30 approved. Plus, it’s made with heart-healthy avocado oil instead of canola or soybean oil, so you’ll get an extra boost of good fats.

How To Make Keto Noodles

There are 4 main methods for making keto noodles. Choose your preferred method:

  • Spiralize vegetables. A spiralizer is the easiest way to cut just about any vegetable into a low carb pasta substitute. Simply follow the instructions for your spiralizer to twist your favorite vegetables into homemade keto pasta!
  • Use a mandoline to cut vegetables into sheets for rolls, lasagnas, or casseroles. This technique works well if you dont have a spiralizer or if you want wide low carb noodles for layering. Peel your vegetables if necessary, but vegetables like zucchini dont need to be peeled.
  • Buy low carb pasta alternatives. These can be vegetables that come in noodle shape, like spaghetti squash, or low carb pasta alternatives like shirataki or kelp noodles, etc.
  • Make low carb noodles by making a dough or batter with low carb ingredients like almond or coconut flour. Its tough to get the same texture as wheat pasta, but you can still get pasta that you can twirl and enjoy with sauce.
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    How To Make Keto Spaghetti Sauce

    One of the easiest recipes you could make for dinner or for a quick afternoon lunch involves this keto spaghetti sauce recipe. Not only is this extremely easy to whip up any night of the week, but itll provide loads more flavor than any old store-bought sauce!

    Youll start out by adding some olive oil to a pan over medium heat. Make sure to get that pan warm, but not too hot.

    Once the oil starts to shimmer, add the diced onion and cook until translucent. Itll be about 12 minutes.Can you smell the deliciousness yet?!

    After the onion is translucent, stir in the garlic and continue to cook for about two minutes. Get ready for another sensory boost!

    Mix the rest of the ingredients into the pan: diced tomatoes, tomato paste, basil, oregano, salt, and pepper, stirring until all is combined.

    Once everything is in, youll want to bring the heat up until a simmer starts.From there, youll cook the sauce until a desired thickness is reached. I usually cook my keto spaghetti sauce for about 20 minutes.

    And boom! Just like that, your keto spaghetti sauce recipe is ready to be served over your favorite low carb noodles or other low carb vegetables. Easy peasy, spaghetti breezy!

    Is Marinara Sauce Keto Friendly

    Keto Friendly, low carb Zucchini Spaghetti with Alfredo Sauce

    One of the most common missed foods on a ketogenic diet has to be pizza I know it was for me. However, with the explosion of keto, there are easily 100s of keto-friendly pizza recipes and pre-made crusts, but what about the marinara sauce? Can you still have that on keto?

    Whether someone can have marinara sauce on a keto diet will heavily depend on the brand, although most will be ok to consume. While many marinara sauces have added sugars, the average brand has 6 grams of net carbs for a half-cup serving, making it low-carb enough to include in moderation.

    But what should you top your keto-friendly crust with? The cheese is keto-friendly, the toppings are keto-friendly, but what about the sauce? This ultimately led me to search far and wide to find a tomato or marinara sauce I could use, if at all.

    In this article, Ill go over which marinara sauces are best for a ketogenic diet, the difference between marinara and tomato , the health benefits, and some super easy keto friendly recipes to try out.

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    How To Eat Keto Spaghetti Sauce

    So, youve got your keto spaghetti sauce down, now what?! To be honest, this is one of those low carb recipes that can be added to anything and taste delicious.

    The simplest option.Serving this sauce over low carb pastas thatre already prepared and packaged from your local grocery store. When pairing this sauce with a premade low carb spaghetti recipe, dinner will be ready in NO time! Already prepared keto noodles include:

    • Shirataki noodles these are thin, translucent noodles, made from the konjac yam. These noodles are often zero-calorie and very low carb, making them a great option to top with this keto spaghetti sauce! Plus, they come prepared right out of the package for very low maintenance, low carb meal prep. THESE ARE AN ACQUIRED TASTE! Test out these noodles to be sure you enjoy their flavor.
    • Spiralized veggies stick with zucchini, summer squash or butternut squash for low carb options
    • Black bean spaghetti these are higher in TOTAL carbs than the 2 options above, but SO full of protein and a staple in my pantry! If your keto eating plan allows, I recommend giving them a try!

    A little more prep.Keto spaghetti squash is another great option if you want to keep the meal in the veggie family. Spaghetti squash will just need to be roasted in the oven, then scraped into noodles for a carb friendly option that yields a lot of keto pasta!

    Like I said, low carb meal plan ideas abound!

    A Keto Alternative For Spaghetti Spaghetti Squash Is Low Carb

    Winter is coming, and everyone loves to eat comfort foods like a nice warm pasta dish.

    For keto dieters and spaghetti lovers, spaghetti squash is a perfect alternative for traditional spaghetti. This variety of squash is low in carbs, which makes it ideal for the keto diet.

    Keto diet requires a menu that is low in carbs and high in good fat. You need to bring your body into a state of ketosis by consuming a low carb diet.

    To achieve this state, your daily carb intake must not exceed 50 grams. If the carb intake is more than the daily allotted amount, the body will be kicked out of ketosis.

    Regular spaghetti is high in carbs and therefore is not allowed on the keto diet, but you do not have to miss out on your favorite dish replace it with spaghetti squash.

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    Carbs In Spaghetti Squash

    One cup of cooked spaghetti squash has 9.7 grams of total carbs. The amount of fiber is a little over 2 grams, making the net carb count 7.53 grams.

    You can enjoy it in low carb recipes as a delicious substitute for regular spaghetti. It contains much lower carbs than the other winter squashes.

    Spaghetti squash is an excellent keto replacement for spaghetti as it is fantastic comfort food.

    You can use it for all the recipes that are usually made with wheat spaghetti you can enjoy the same dishes with fewer carbs, more fiber, and a boost of veggies.

    Keto Spaghetti Sauce Tweaks

    Target Keto Shopping List  MidgetMomma

    There are various ways to modify tomato sauce on keto depending on your personal preferences.

    • For a slightly creamy and buttery marinara sauce with a spicy kick, add ¼ cup of unsalted butter and ½ teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes.
    • For a meatier taste, you may add grass-fed ground beef or your favorite ground meat. It doesnt matter whether youre using the sauce for spaghetti or mainly for dipping . Adding meat will also satisfy your carnivore cravings!
    • For a richer taste, add parmesan cheese while simmering the sauce.

    Now youre ready to prep your very own spaghetti sauce without sugar. Feel free to adjust the taste if desired. We hope that this recipe helps control your carb count and stay healthy. Enjoy!

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    Tips To Make The Best Low Carb Spaghetti

    • Feel free to change up the protein in the spaghetti sauce. Chopped chicken breast, ground turkey, and lean sausage can all be used. Alternatively, omit the meat completely.
    • Do not overcook your keto spaghetti. Unlike wheat based spaghetti, its best enjoyed al dente, and should not require more than 12 minutes to be boiled.
    • For a tomato-free spaghetti, stir through alfredo sauce instead of the spaghetti sauce.

    Storing And Freezing Keto Chicken Spaghetti

    • To store: Leftover spaghetti should be stored in the refrigerator, covered. It will keep well for up to 5 days. For the best flavor and texture, keep the sauce and spaghetti separate.
    • To freeze: Place the cooked spaghetti in a ziplock bag and place the sauce in a shallow container. Store them both in the freezer and they will keep well for up to 6 months.
    • Reheating: Either microwave for 1-2 minutes or place it in a saucepan and heat up over the stove.

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    Is Canned Tomato Sauce Keto

    Both tomato sauce and marinara use tomatoes as a base, but tomato sauce will typically have extra ingredients.

    Its hard to say whether a tomato sauce at a restaurant is keto-friendly, but since many people have access to canned tomato sauce, lets focus on that.

    However, when eating out, use your best judgment when it comes to tomato sauce. Most commercial tomato sauces are likely to have added sugars.

    Is canned tomato sauce keto friendly? Tomato sauce is moderately keto-friendly, depending on the preparation and brand. Most people will be able to fit one to two servings of tomato sauce within their daily carbohydrate budget.

    How To Use Keto Marinara:


    I love this marinara sauce! But I cant take all the credit. The base for this recipe comes from Ibreatheimhungry.com blogs Easy Keto MarinaraSauce. I simply tweaked it a little and added some balsamic vinegar. Trust me, it is amazing. And you need it in your life.

    Whether you are counting carbs or not, there are so many delicious ways to use this Keto Marinara. And since it is so easy, this is a great sauce to make up and have on hand for when the mood hits you for some delicious marinara. You may love it enough to simply eat it with a spoon. I know I do.

    Just wait my friends there are so many ways to use this fabulous recipe.

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    About Keto Marinara Sauce

    Everyone loves Italian dinner night. Keto pizza, lasagna, and chicken parmesan sing with this delicious sugar-free marinara sauce. Low-carb pasta substitutes like spaghetti squash, zoodles , and shirataki noodles have found the perfect accompaniment in this sauce.

    Easy keto meals like these are perfect for sharing, even for people who arent on a keto diet. Invite the family over, and get ready for a keto-friendly feast.

    What Is A Ketogenic Diet

    A ketogenic diet primarily consists of 80-90% fat, 10-20% carbohydrate, and 2-5% protein, and is practiced by many for weight loss, type 2 diabetes, epilepsy, and seizures.Weight loss can be a goal of people on a ketogenic diet, but the diet’s popularity has led to an ethical debate over who should be encouraged to eat the diet.Some say that, while a diet should help the overweight and obese lose weight, a ketogenic diet may be dangerous to the health of those without serious medical conditions, since it contains such low levels of carbohydrates.

    • Acid Reflux

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    Can You Eat Marinara Or Tomato Sauce On Keto

    Simply put, it depends on the sauce. Many are loaded with sugar, which makes them too carb heavy for keto.

    Obviously, this Keto Marinara sauce is one you can definitely eat on a keto friendly diet.

    Tomatoes work for a keto friendly diet. However, a lot of sauces will have added sugar, which is not.

    How To Make Sure Your Sauce Is Keto:

    • Make This Keto Marinara Recipe- It has only 3 net grams of carbohydrates. Is delicious, and easy.

    But if you buy marinara:

    • Check Ingredients On Back Of The Label
    • Make Sure There Are No Added Sugars

    You can find marinara that doesnt contain sugar, and will be keto friendly.

    I love to make my own low carb marinara sauce because it is so easy and I can have the final say as to what goes into my body.

    How Do You Store Marinara Sauce

    Yo Mamas Keto Friendly Marinara Pasta Sauce

    To store Marinara sauce is extra easy.

    As this Low Carb Pasta Sauce is perfect for your Meal Preps, it is great to double the recipe and store it in smaller mason jars, which you can use as portions.

    Alternatively, the big Mason Jar of this Sugar-Free Spaghetti Sauce can be perfectly stored for the whole family in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days.

    Anything longer, I would suggest freezing.

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    Keto Ramen Chicken Noodles Recipe

    Perfectly tasty, those Keto Ramen Chicken Noodles are filled with flavors all over. Add whatever you want and make it as colorful you wish, it will never be the same as last time. Loved by all, those Keto Ramen Noodles are a must on a regular basis.

    This homemade easy to do Keto Sushi Recipe with Cauliflower is the perfect dinner or lunch option full of healthiness and as little calories as you can have.

    What To Serve With Keto Tomato Sauce

    Try this tomato sauce with zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash for a perfectly low-carb pasta.

    Its also great with these fan-favorite keto meatballs, and as a part of this Keto Lasagna with Zucchini Noodles.

    Keto marinara is perfect as a dipping sauce for these cheesy keto garlic breadsticks.

    And, if you simmer it a little longer to thicken it up, it turns into the perfect sauce to use on keto pizza!

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    How Many Carbs Are In Marinara Sauce

    While different canned marinara sauces will have different carb counts, after reviewing half a dozen different popular brands, heres what I found.

    Remember that it is per 1/2 cup and not the entire jar. A whole jar of marinara will have ~6 servings, which means there are 36 grams of net carbs per jar of marinara sauce.

    Will You Be Making Keto Spaghetti Sauce

    Keto-Friendly Pasta & Arrabbiata Sauce with Sucuk | Combining Turkish & Italian Flavors

    Homemade keto spaghetti sauce is a fantastic, low calorie, low sugar, and low carb sauce perfect for a healthy, keto-friendly diet. In fact, this recipe is bursting with flavor and packed full of the good stuff, so its an excellent option for anyone!

    Spice it up or thicken it up with just a few tweaks to the original recipe. This recipe is so versatile and that is exactly why we love it! Our recipe is super easy to prepare, and you can use the sauce in many of your favorite Italian-inspired dishes.

    Why not bookmark our keto spaghetti sauce for your next low carb dinner?

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