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How To Store The Syrup

Homemade Dark Chocolate Syrup | Better than Hersheys | Chocolate Sauce Recipe ~ The Terrace Kitchen

Once the syrup has cooled, you can scrape it out of the saucepan and into your airtight container. Store it in the refrigerator for up to a week. Its so easy to make, dont worry about running out of it! Add it to milk for delicious chocolate milk, or drizzle it on Brownie Rocky Road Ice Cream Cake! Enjoy it on all your favorite treats!

How To Make Homemade Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

Have you seen the price of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup lately? At my two favorite grocery stores, the price was over $5 for a 24-ounce bottle!

While I was trying to decide if I really needed to add the Hershey’s Syrup to my cart, I took a minute to flip over the bottle and read the ingredients: high fructose corn syrup, salt, monoglycerides, diglycerides, polysorbate 60, artificial flavors

Yes, cocoa and water were also included, but I decided I shouldn’t spend $5 to buy all those chemicals.

Haiden and Piper like to have chocolate milk with their vitamins at breakfast, and I wanted an easy way to keep giving it to them. Plus my husband enjoys a little chocolate syrup on his ice cream, and it’s an easy way to dress up a dessert.

In other words, I wasn’t giving up our chocolate syrup. It was just time to learn how to make homemade chocolate syrup for myself!

Chocolate Milk With Chocolate Syrup

This chocolate sauce is basically a replacement for Hersheys Chocolate Syrup. To make some of the most decadent and rich chocolate milk of your life, just add 2-3 tablespoons to 8 ounces of cold milk. Stir and enjoy it! Easy peasy! If you want a simpler version of a delicious Homemade Chocolate Milk, < try this one!

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Candy Cane Kiss Brownies

I know plenty of people who love candy canes and plenty of people who avoid them.

Theyre pretty hard and stick to your teeth, which is why I love Hershey Candy Cane Kisses.

Youll get the same minty flavor without needing to floss, not to mention the added creaminess!

If you dont want to use shortening for the frosting, try using coconut oil instead.

I would add half the amount and check the consistency before adding in the rest.

Is Hershey’s Syrup Real Chocolate

Homemade Hershey

There are a few versions of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, one of which only contains 5 simple ingredients and doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup. I’ve yet to come across their “Simply 5” chocolate syrup, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. However, the more common Hershey’s syrup that you’ll find contains high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, water, cocoa, and sugar. I wouldn’t consider it real chocolate, but instead would call it a chocolate-flavored syrup. I gotta say, though, they definitely did well in the taste department!

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Looking For More Of The Best Chocolate Milk Recipes

As mentioned earlier, making your own chocolate milk is probably your best bet when it comes to making it fit your nutritional needs. This syrup recipe is great because it can be added to milk in your desired amount. The same goes for my chocolate milk powder. With no preservatives, you know exactly what is going in the powder and you can tweak it as you see fit.

Directions For Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup Recipe:

  • Use a big saucepan at least 2 quarts. This will expand when boiling, and overflows will make a big mess on your stovetop!
  • Combine the cocoa powder, water, sugar and salt in a saucepan over medium heat. Mix with a whisk until smooth.
  • Stir constantly with a whisk or a wooden spoon until it boils.
  • Allow it to boil for 1-2 minutes.
  • Remove from heat.
  • Add vanilla.
  • Syrup will be very thin/watery. Allow to cool completely and it will thicken to about the same consistency as Hershey’s syrup.

Store the homemade Hershey’s chocolate syrup in a mason jar or any other container. It will keep for several weeks in the fridge.

If you want to be really sneaky, pour the cooled syrup into an empty or almost-empty Hershey’s syrup container and see if anyone notices the difference!

Pouring the homemade syrup into an empty Hershey’s syrup container also makes it much easier to pour out.

Note: I only used about 1/2 1 teaspoon of the homemade chocolate syrup in a cup of milk to make chocolate milk for Haiden and Piper when they were toddlers. .

Now that they’re older, I add closer to a tablespoon per cup of milk to make chocolate milk. As with the brand-name chocolate syrup, you can experiment with the proportions to get the taste you’re looking for.

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Is This Chocolate Sauce Or Hot Fudge Sauce

The difference between chocolate sauce and hot fudge sauce is that hot fudge usually uses cream and butter, making it thicker than chocolate sauce, which uses sugar and water. So, technically this is chocolate sauce, but it definitely thickens up as it cools, so its like in-between. Basically, perfect. It tastes even better than Hersheys syrup!

Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

How to make Homemade HERSHEYS CHOCOLATE SYRUP/SAUCE in just 10 Minutes

This recipe is similar to the peanut butter blossoms, only theyre a mint-flavored sugar cookie with chopped Hersheys Candy Cane Kisses.

Much like that peanut butter version, these need to be rolled into balls and baked just like that, so they dont spread too much.

Since the cookies have chopped up chocolate inside, and youll add an extra to the top, you dont really need the added extract in the dough.

It should be plenty minty without it.

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How To Serve This Chocolate Sauce

This is a fabulous chocolate sauce for cheesecake or drizzled over ice cream, apple slices, brownies, cookies, anything! You can even use it to drizzle in glasses for the homemade bushwacker recipe or top your bushwacker with the chocolate sauce.

But in my opinion, the most important thing to serve with this chocolate sauce is this Easy Ice Cream Pie. If you make the chocolate sauce and you don’t make that ice cream cake, you are severely missing out!

Another idea is to make s’mores using this sauce. Here’s how:

  • Spread the chocolate sauce onto the inside of half of a graham cracker and set aside.
  • On the other half of a graham cracker, place a large marshmallow.
  • Microwave for 10-30 seconds — depending on your microwave — until it puffs up.
  • Remove from the microwave and smash the chocolate covered graham cracker on top. Enjoy!
  • You can also make apple nachos with it by drizzling the warm chocolate sauce over sliced apples. Sprinkle with chopped nuts for a little extra protein, and enjoy!

    Final thoughts:

    If you’ve ever wondered how to make chocolate sauce with chocolate chips, now ya know! It’s definitely more saucy than it is thick, so take that into consideration when you are preparing this.

    You can eat this homemade chocolate sauce over ice cream or cheesecake, with strawberries or apple slices for dipping, spoon over apple slices, or whatever. I love making apple nachos with sliced apples, this chocolate sauce, and some chopped nuts .


    Are Chocolate Sauce And Chocolate Syrup The Same Thing

    There are so many kinds of chocolate sauces on the market. Some are called “sauce”, some are called “syrups”. Some go by “hot fudge”. It gets confusing. I would say that chocolate syrup is usually a runnier consistency and often doesn’t contain milk or dairy products. Store-bought chocolate sauces and hot fudge sauces are often thicker in consistency and are made that way by the addition of cream or other dairy products. However, you can easily make your own, homemade chocolate sauce or hot fudge sauce at home and omit the dairy.

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    Best Recipes With Hershey Kisses

    Given how many flavors there are now, its not too difficult to find some fantastic recipes with Hershey Kisses.

    Flavors include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and peppermint, caramel-filled, and chocolate with almonds.

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    Plus, Hershey does some super fun limited flavors like strawberry ice cream cone, cookies and cream, pumpkin spice, and birthday cake.

    Not only do they look terrific standing tall on top of a peanut butter cookie, but they also give you the best pop of chocolatey goodness when you mix them into cake or brownie batter.

    Im pretty sure we all have some Hershey Kisses in the pantry, so why not make the most of them and bake something delicious?

    Between the chewy almond and coconut cookie and the tasty dark chocolate in the middle, these taste just like an Almond Joy.

    Of course, these are much easier to whip up and dont require any messy chocolate work.

    Just be careful with the almond extract because it can be quite overpowering.

    How To Make Chocolate Syrup


    When I found this recipe for homemade chocolate sauce, it was almost too simple to believe. No fancy ingredients, no dairy, just sugar, cocoa powder, and water. A pinch of salt and a tiny splash of vanilla finish it off perfectly.

    This sauce tastes like Hersheys syrup, only better. The fact its so incredibly easy to make means there is almost always a jar of this chocolate syrup in my refrigerator.

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    Hershey S Hot Fudge Sauce Recipe With Evaporated Milk

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    How To Make Chocolate Sauce With Cocoa Powder

    To make chocolate with sauce with cocoa powder, you simply mix sugar, cocoa powder and heavy cream, and stir and heat until combined. Butter is then added for richness, along with a dash of vanilla and pinch of salt to bring the fudge-y flavour together.

    Many hot fudge recipes call for melted chocolate and corn syrup.

    I find the cocoa powder-based version has a thicker texture and better flavour.

    As it cools, it becomes almost chewy. And you dont have to worry about tempering chocolate or having it seize. Easy peasy.

    Also, you wanna talk about making a killer ice cream cake? Just spread a layer of softened ice cream in the bottom of a springform pan. Freeze. Make cocoa hot fudge sauce, cool slightly, and spread on frozen ice cream layer. Top with crushed chocolate wafers and another layer of softened ice cream, in a complementing flavour. Freeze again.

    Or just pour it all over chocolate and bananas.

    • 1/2cupheavy cream or milk
    • 4tbspbutter

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    Chocolate Ganache Vs Syrup

    Chocolate ganache is generally thicker and shinier than chocolate syrup. It is also usually just made with two ingredientsheavy cream and chocolate. The longer you let chocolate ganache rest, the thicker it will be, which makes it great for cake filling, truffles, and frosting that hardens as it cools.

    Chocolate Syrup will also harden a bit as you let it cool, so it could be used as a dairy-free ganache. It would be an excellent frosting, although I would not recommend making truffles with this recipe.

    Trail Mix Recipe With Fruit Seeds & Chocolate

    Homemade Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup Recipe in 5 minutes by Cooking with Smita | Chocolate Sauce

    I love trail mix, and I use it in so many great recipes.

    It works as a quick and healthy snack, baked into oatmeal, mixed into cookie dough, and even over salad .

    The trick is to use a few different chewy components, such as golden raisins and dried blueberries, along with a few crunch options.

    I think nuts are the best because they give you a boost of protein, but seeds will work too, or crispy chickpeas are super yummy and extra tasty with a bit of spice.

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    Homemade Chocolate Syrup Recipe + Video

    Once you make this Hershey Chocolate Recipe youll NEVER waste money on the store-bought stuff again. This is a great Homemade Chocolate Syrup Recipe that is ideal for substituting in any of your recipes or drinks!

    And if you like this easy no bake dessert recipe, you are gonna love my Eggless Cookie Dough Recipe!

    Simple Chocolate Syrup Recipe + Homemade Chocolate Milk

    Last Modified: Oct 27, 2021 by Faith VanderMolen · As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases · 682 words. · About 4 minutes to read this article.

    This homemade chocolate syrup recipe is great to have on hand during the summer months when you want to make a quick and delicious glass of chocolate milk!

    In case you didn’t know, Kuala Lumpur is hot. As in, it’s summer all year round. I’ve worn pants one time since we moved here and I’m constantly wearing workout clothes because of how quickly I break a sweat. Not only is the heat affecting my wardrobe, it’s also affecting my diet.

    I’ve found myself drawn towards eating more salads, overnight oats and iced beverages. While I still love a cup of hot tea when I’m in my house and the A/C is blowing on me, I always order a cold drink whenever I’m out and about. Things like cold brew coffee or iced tea.

    I wanted to switch things up one day and decided on making some iced chocolate or chocolate milk…whichever name you prefer!

    I don’t know about you, but I definitely remember the days of squeezing way too much Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup into my milk growing up. Well, I guess it was way too much for my mom, but I loved it! The more chocolate the better for this chocolate addict.

    But what even is Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup? Is it real chocolate?

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    Cocoa Hot Fudge Sauce

    Cocoa Hot Fudge Sauce-just simple ingredients make this family favorite topping.

    I dont always have chocolate in the house. Did I really just say that? Its like butter, sugar, and flour, I try to stay stocked up. I buy Butter 10 pounds at a time. Just today I ran out of powdered sugar. I buy that two 7 pound bags at a time. So it does happen. No good sales happening or I just go on a baking spree and before I know it, the last bag is gone.

    Sure I might have other flavors of chips like peanut butter or butterscotch. Those just wont do when you want hot fudge though. Thats not to say you cant make a yummy topping with those chips, it just wont be chocolate.

    In case of an emergency, I wanted to have a good recipe to make Hot Fudge Sauce using cocoa. No baking chocolate, no chocolate chips, no fancy ingredients someone might not have on hand. Well, maybe you wouldnt have heavy cream on hand but whole milk works just fine for this recipe. Ive made this with all three, the cream, half and half and the milk. I honestly couldnt tell the difference. So use what you have.

    Connect with Chocolate Chocolate and More!

    • 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
    • 1 cup heavy cream, half and half or whole milk
    • 1/2 cup butter
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt

    Recipe Faqs And Expert Tips


    Is there a difference in chocolate syrup and chocolate sauce?

    Yes and no, I use the terms interchangeably but technically, syrup is thinner and made with cocoa powder, sugar and water. Chocolate sauce is thicker and made from sugar, cream and melted chocolate. You could however make this a sauce by swapping out ½ of the water for ½ cup Heavy Cream. It must be heavy cream though otherwise your sauce will break.

    Will this harden?

    No, this is a syrup or sauce, but not a magic shell. Chef in Training has a greatMagic Shell Recipe you could check out if that’s what you’re looking for.

    How do I store this simple sauce?

    I find the easiest way to store this syrup is in a glass mason jar. You can pour it in the jar hot without worry of the jar melting or breaking. You can easily reheat it in the microwave in the jar. This syrup should be stored in the fridge which the jar also fits in the fridge better I think.

    What ice creams can I serve this on?

    Ice cream! Ice cream! And more ice cream! Check out this Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream! It’s a must try! This Cherry Vanilla Ice Creamwould give you that delicious cherry chocolate combo! And for something a little different…Oat Milk Ice Cream!!! Psst…it’s dark chocolate!!!

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