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Hot Sauce And Panko Leaving Neighborhood Building To Be Demolished

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Hot Sauce and Panko at 1545 Clement

We got the sad news yesterday that Hot Sauce and Panko, a quirky but popular hot wings spot at 1545 Clement near 16th Avenue will be leaving the neighborhood.

The typical reason for small businesses closing these days is escalating rent, but that is not the cause this time. Instead, the building in which Hot Sauce and Panko is located is set to be demolished.

The tiny outpost for Korean-American comfort food, waffle sandwiches and shelf after shelf of hot sauces posted a letter from the city on their yesterday, notifying them of the planned demolition.

The building, which houses 1545 and 1547 Clement , is currently one story. After demolition, there are plans to build a 2 story residential building at an estimated cost of $748,000.

We called Hot Sauce and Panko today and they informed us they will be moving to a new location at Hyde and Jackson in the next couple of months . They think they will remain open on Clement through part or most of January. Keep an eye on their website for updates on their move.

We know a lot of you #chickengangsters are big fans of this tiny shops spicy fare, so be sure to stop in and get your last bites, and say your goodbyes.

Thanks to Matt M. for the tip.

Sarah B.

Hot Sauce And Panko Menu Prices

Item Soy Sauce, Garlic, a little Ginger and Honey. $7.59 Honey salty crispy black pepper. 5 wings. No Customization. $7.59 House hot sauce. 5 wings. No Customization.Choose Flavor House gochujang hot pepper. 5 wings. No Customization. $7.59 Al Pastor Wings with CremaMiddle Eastern and Mexican Spiced Wings $7.59 Garlic bacon parmesan hot sauce. 5 pc. wings. No Customization. $7.59 Crunch. 5 wings. No Customization. $7.59 Pepper garlic cheese. 5 wings. No Customization. $7.59 Sweet chili. 5 wings. No Customization. $7.59 Habanero. 5 wings. No Customization. $7.59 Caramelized fish sauce lime chilies. 5 wings. No Customization. $7.59 Mix of chris’s and hot or double hot sauce. 5 pieces. No Customization.Choose Flavor Salt and Sichuan Pepper WingsDry . 5 wings. No Customization. $7.59 Cilantro, jalapeno, ginger, sesame oil spice mix. 5 wings. No Customization. $7.59 House hot sauce and BBQ. 5 wings. No Customization. $7.59 Contains peanuts. 5 wings. No Customization. $7.59 Dry Rub Jamaican Jerk. No Customization. $7.59 Bourbon molasses. Hot or double hot house hot sauce. 5 pieces. No Customization.Choose Sauce Sriracha caramel. 5 wings. No Customization. $7.59 Fire Wings with Nori FurikakeKorean Buldak Sauce with Nori Furikake $7.59 HOT WET Lemon Pepper Wings 0Leedroooo’s Lemon Pepper DRY 0Hot 0 Nuggets with One Dipping SauceChicken Nuggets with a choice of saucesChoose Sauce

Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Sauce And Panko

Is Hot Sauce and Panko currently offering delivery or takeout?

Yes, Hot Sauce and Panko offers both delivery and takeout.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Hot Sauce and Panko accepts credit cards.

How is Hot Sauce and Panko rated?

Hot Sauce and Panko has 4.5 stars.

What days are Hot Sauce and Panko open?

Hot Sauce and Panko is open , Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun.

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Review Of Hot Sauce And Panko

Hot Sauce and Panko, San Francisco

Restaurant detailsNeighborhood:Description:

We ordered the Chriss and the Chases wings with waffles. The wings were perfect. Waffles were great, too, but Id suggest doing away with them and just getting the wings.You can thank me later. )

711 of 16 reviews

I very rarely visit the Bay, but make it an absolute necessity to stop here at least once during my stay. To start, this is a take-out restaurant, so don’t go expecting to seat a party, and good luck finding parking… With that said I recommend you CALL AHEAD . I’ve only ordered the wings, and frankly I feel you might be doing yourself a disservice by not getting any. Hands down some of the best wings I’ve had in my life. To be fair I’m not a wing person , but the folks here make it worth sacrificing a baby tree worth of napkins. I always get the Korean Gochujang, Thai Sweet Chili and Panko Parmesan and they have never disappointed. This place should get a hidden gem or best local eats award. I definitely recommend!Never driven here, but parking looks like a nightmare, so I’d recommend other means of transportation.

  • Value

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Hot Sauce & Panko Menu Prices

Serg’s GBP $6.89
Leedroooo’s Lemon Pepper $6.89
Salt & Pepper $6.89
Duck $8.29
Joce’s Sin $6.89
Serg’s GBP $6.89
One order with a waffle. $10.99
Fried chicken cabbage mayo sriracha caramel sauce. $7.99
Toasted brioche bun cabbage pickles cheddar cheese. Regular or Barbeque or hot. $7.29
Mandy_sf & What’s His Name Fish SandwichCod fish pickles special sauce. $7.99
3 cod fillets tartar sauce. $8.99
$0.25 – –


Hot Sauce And Panko San Francisco

I found this place while using google reviews to search for restaurants in SF . I got the chicken wings on a…waffle and my boyfriend got the chicken sandwich with fries. While I have no complaints about the wings Ill admit I preferred my bfs chicken sandwich because it was spectacular. This was our first food stop after 9 hours of flights and layovers, and it instantly cured my jet lag. Like others said its a small hole in the wall with no seating but you can stand at the counter by the window or take your hot sauce treasure outside. Quick service, awesome food, and CHEAP. Id come back here on another trip to SF, no question.More

So ” you can call me Ray or Jay , just call me ” I’m calling this place the best place for chicken wings done 26 ways and that does not include the Waffel specials with wings.The place is about as big as a…chicken wing, so it is my quickie takeout . limited open days and times so call first. I’ve tried it 4 times , each time I included the same combination as I had on my first visit, I also would try a new one . What I have found so far is that my initial wing order is not consistent so I guess it depends on who is cooking that day. Score 2 on 2 off.More

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Hot Sauce & Panko Menu And Prices

cilantro jalapeno ginger sesame oil house spice mixMORE
house gochujang korean hot pepper pasteMORE
caramelized fish sauce lime garlic roasted chiliesMORE
panko crusted parmesan with house remouladeMORE
chicken karaage cabbage kewpie mayo sriracha caram e lMORE
Black Forest Ham Mac N Cheese 0
Blueberry Waffle Or Raisinet Waffle 0
with chocolate chips dusted cocoa powderMORE
chicken karaage cabbage fried onions kewpie mayo house saucesMORE
Angelas Panko Cod Fish 0 cabbage tomato kewpie mayo remouladeMORE
0 $4.49

DISCLAIMER: Information shown on the website may not cover recentchanges. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

Chloe’s Golden Glow Fried Chicken

Baked Mussels (Garlic, Butter, Cheese) (Sriracha Hot Sauce, Mayonnaise, Garlic, Panko Crumbs)

Chloe’s Golden Glow Fried Chicken4 pc Fried Chicken Dinner $12.99 Chloe’s Golden Glow Quarter Chicken Choice Of Meat Order of 5 wings and a waffle. No Customization.Choose SauceHOT WET Lemon Pepper Wings 0Leedroooo’s Lemon Pepper DRY 0Hot 0 Nuggets with Wing Sauce and WaffleChoose SauceHOT WET Lemon Pepper Wings 0Leedroooo’s Lemon Pepper DRY 0Hot 0 Not customizable. House Coleslaw. Bread-N-Butter PicklesChoose Sauce +$0.49+6.72% Hamburger4 oz Sirloin with steamed onions, spice dust, kewpie mayo, bread-n-butter pickles, brioche bun *NO CUSTOMIZATION* $6.67 Chicken kara-age, cabbage, sriracha-caramel, sushi sauce. Not customizable. $8.49 Panko Fried Cod Fish with Jalapeno Coleslaw and Tartar Sauce $7.99 Spiced Panko Crusted Chicken Breast with House Vodka Sauce, Parmesan Cheese on a Briche Bun $7.99 Three panko cod fish fillets, Tempura Wedge fries, and tartar sauce. No Customization. $9.99 Shredded Cabbage etc with Jalapeno $1.50

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