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Aunt May’s Bajan Pepper Sauce Hot

How To Make Keto Hot Garlic Fat Wings | Keto Hot Wing Recipe

Is Aunt May’s Bajan Pepper hot sauce keto-friendly? Aunt May’s Bajan hot sauce is keto-friendly with only 1 gram of net carbs per one teaspoon serving.

Net carbs: 1 gram per teaspoon

Ingredients: Mustard, Glacial Acetic Acid, Water, Onions, Peppers, Salt, Sugar, Corn Starch, Tumeric

Franks Redhot Original Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce

Franks is one of the leaders in the hot sauce world. The Original Cayenne is made with a premium blend of aged cayenne peppers. There is no added sugar, which makes this an excellent no carb hot sauce. Franks Redhot goes great with chicken wings.

Ingredients: Aged Cayenne Red Peppers, Distilled Vinegar, Water, Salt, and Garlic Powder.

Calories: 0, Fat: 0, Carb: 0, Protein: 0, Sugar: 0

Is Franks Red Hot Keto? Yes, Franks Redhot is Keto-friendly with 0g grams of net carbs per serving.

Heat: Low

Shop: Franks Redhot® Original Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce

Peppers Are Your Friend Most Of The Time

Peppers by themselves are fairly low in carbs, but as with all things, moderation is the way to go. Jalapeño peppers for example have .5g net carbs per pepper, while ghost peppers measure at 3.3g net carbs per pepper. Dont get too nervous though, in most cases the amount of the full pepper in the sauce serving is going to be small. Red bell peppers are also fairly high in sweetness with 2.3g sugar and 3.6g net carbs per pepper. Peppers are in fact your friend, so as long as youre not pounding 10 peppers at a time, youre good to go.

As mentioned above, if youre concerned, read the label. Each hot sauce sold on a shelf has to go through a rigorous testing process to be able to put a nutrition label on the bottle. The main takeaway is that yes, hot sauce is keto friendly, just dont drink an entire bottle. In most cases, the carb risk will be in what you are putting the hot sauce on.

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Franks Red Hot Sauce Keto Recipe


  • 2 teaspoons cayenne pepper sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes, optional


  • Melt butter in a small saucepan over low heat.
  • Stir in Franks Red Hot Sauce and crushed red pepper flakes.
  • Remove from heat and let cool.
  • Transfer to a covered container and store in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Kumana Avocado Hot Sauce

Is Hot Sauce Keto

This is a different twist on the keto hot sauce that you might like. This hot sauce comes in at 1g of carbohydrates per serving and is made with delicious avocados, mango, and habanero chili peppers. This is a medium heat keto hot sauce that goes great with your favorite meats, wraps, or eggs. Low in net carbs and with no added sugar. This is our second pick for the best keto hot sauce.

  • ALL NATURAL: NON GMO – GLUTEN FREE – KETO FRIENDLY – 0 Calories – 0 Fat – 0 Carbs – 0 Sugar.
  • HEAT LEVEL: Medium DâElidas Hot Sauce Habanero Chombo is a flavorful sauce made in Panama from ancient recipes originated by the Antillean-Panamanian Colony established since 1904.
  • ONLY THE BEST INGREDIENTS: We use only the best ingredients for our ancient recipe, and our pepper crops are supervised by technicians in agronomy specializing in pepper. White Wine Vinegar, Roasted Tomatoes, Habanero Peppers, Onion, Prepared Mustard, Water, Non-Iodized Salt, Herbs and Spices.
  • BEST FLAVOR â A unique exquisite hot sauces made with flavorful habanero peppers and roasted tomatoes. Youll want to use it on everything, so be careful if you only get one bottle.

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Can You Have Hot Sauce On Keto

The answer is yes. You absolutely can use hot sauce on keto. My addicted condiment is hot sauce too. Lets discuss this for a bit.

Like as we all know that it is not necessary to include spicy foods in your keto meals.

However, many people find that these hot spices help them maintain their ketosis. They have an easily recognizable sense of whether or not they are about to engage in carbohydrate overconsumption.

This is due to the added dietary fiber, which provides a feeling of being full more quickly. The ketone-producing medium-chain fatty acids help regain blood sugar stability after overeating.

So yes, hot sauce can be on keto! But dont go overboard with it! Consider adding it sparingly so that you dont eat too many carbs.

Is Franks Hot Sauce Keto Friendly

Franks RedHot Original sauce contains zero calories and zero carbs, which makes it perfectly keto-friendly!

It is one of the most famous hot sauces in the keto community. Its ingredients include cayenne red peppers, distilled vinegar, water, salt, and garlic powder.

One may argue that garlic has a significant amount of carbs! While this is true, the amount of garlic you get per serving is negligible.

Franks RedHot Original is just one out of the many hot sauces they offer.

Heres the carb breakdown of each of the other variants:

  • Franks RedHot Xtra Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce: 0 Carbs
  • Franks RedHot Buffalo Wings Sauce: 0 Carbs
  • Franks RedHot Chili n Lime Hot Sauce: 0 Carbs
  • Franks RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce: 17g carbs

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Other Low Carb Hot Sauce Options

There are many hot sauce options and Sure Keto is a great site to check to confirm if a hot sauce youre considering is keto-friendly. Both Sure Keto and have lists of more keto-friendly hot sauces like Nandos Hot PERI-PERI Sauce, Organic Harvest Sauces, Mezzetta products, and many more.

You can also make your own sauces The Wicked Noodle has a great recipe for keto buffalo sauce and Hot has several hot sauce recipes, beginning with one for Louisiana Hot Sauce guaranteed keto-friendly

Vegan Keto Diet Recipes

KETO FOOD – Affordable keto ketchup and hot sauce

Being a vegan keto dieter doesnt have to limit you to salads and smoothies. It is possible to enjoy more gourmet fare by getting a little creative with how you prepare food. Liz MacDowell, a holistic nutrition consultant, and longtime keto dieter herself, offers up the following recipes, also available on her site

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Thoughts On Keto Hot Chocolate

  • Vera Roncellisays:
  • This turned out amazing! First keto hot chocolate I actually loveeeeee! Added some my protein toffee flavour drops in the whipped cream I made and it is banging!Thank you so much!

  • Omg this taste soooooo good. Thank you so much

  • I just made this but cut the recipe in half to only make one cup and I didn’t do the hwc as a topping because I have a new frother that I’m currently in love with so that nice froth is now the topping lol. Delicious cup of hot chocolate

  • Your Way Weight Loss
  • Keto Hot Dog Onion Sauce New York Style

    Have you been looking for an authentic hot dog onion sauce recipe that is not loaded with sugar? One that can safely be eaten on a low carb keto diet?

    Well, stick around because my keto hot dog onion sauce is going to give you a sweet taste of New York, minus all the sugar.

    Some food memories can take us back to our childhood in a nano-second. For me, that is the smell of hot dogs. One whiff of hot dogs being cooked and I am immediately transported back to the street corner vendors in New York.

    You should know that although I was raised in Florida, this girl was born in Brooklyn, New York. Even though our family moved to Florida when I was just eight years old, New York still made an impact on me.

    I carry many beautiful memories of my hometown with me and can see its influences even to this day.

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    What Sauces Can I Have On Keto

    The best keto hot sauce is usually self-made from scratch. To make your own, simply blend fresh or roasted red chilies with garlic, salt, and water to form a sauce. To cut back on the heat of the chili peppers, add some vinegar or lime juice.

    Dont have time? Several brands manufacture premade keto hot sauces like Cholula Hot Sauce , Tabasco Wing Sauce, Changs Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, La Tourangelle Peanut Butter-Chipotle Franks RedHot Sauce, and several more options.

    You could check my top 5 best keto hot sauces that I love the most to find you one!

    Ghost Truffle Hot Sauce & Spicy Deviled Eggs

    Is Hot Sauce Okay on the Ketogenic Diet (With images ...

    Eggs are always a good choice when youre following the Keto diet. Naturally high in protein, theyre amazing in a wide range of recipes. Before your next barbecue or family event, consider making these Easy Classic Deviled Eggs from Drive Me Hungry. Except, were going to add a twist. Add a bit of our Ghost Truffle Hot Sauce to the yolk mixture until you reach your desired level of heat. The combination of the creamy yolks, subtle heat, and flavorful truffle oil come together to create a sinfully delicious flavor profile that even Satan himself wouldnt be able to resist.

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    What Is The Keto Diet

    Keto is a very low carbohydrate, high fat diet that consists of restricting daily intake of things like bread, potatoes, sugars, and starches and replacing them with fats. The result is a metabolic state called ketosis, which then starts to burn fat on the body for fuel.

    While weight loss is generally the most common benefit, many diehard fans of the Ketogenic diet report feeling less brain fog, having a better overall sense of wellness, sleeping better, and increased energy throughout the day.

    Fans of the Keto diet generally lump themselves into two categories: strict and dirty. Strict Keto often means keeping daily logs and counting individual macros, while Dirty Keto devotees try to keep consumption of carbohydrates in a moderate range and usually dont track meals.

    May Reduce The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

    Hot sauce contains capsaicin, which is an active component found in chili peppers. In one study, regular consumption of a chili containing meals helped to prevent hyperinsulinemia. 1

    Hyperinsulinemia is when there is more insulin in your blood than what is considered normal.

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    Ketogenic Diet Hot Sauces Closing Thoughts

    Remember, the biggest carb risk in any hot sauce, whether ones mentioned here or others, is in what you put the hot sauce on. A great hot sauce on a baked potato wont cut it for a keto diet. Also, note that there are well over 100 brands of popular hot sauces available on the market

    Given the variety of hot sauces, work your way down the list suggested here and see which ones you like the best. At the very least, that adventure will introduce you to some great new hot sauces guaranteed to spice up any keto diet.

    Id love to hear what you think! Be sure to comment below if I missed any of your favorite keto-friendly hot sauces. What keto recipes do you like to pair with hot sauce?

    Need some easy peasy throw together keto recipe ideas? Check these out:

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    Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce

    Is Mad Dog 357 hot sauce keto-friendly? Mad Dog 357 hot sauce is keto-friendly with 0 grams of net carbs per serving.

    Net carbs: 0 grams

    Ingredients: vinegar, chile extract, evaporated cane juice, habanero peppers, garlic, onion, 160,000 Scoville cayenne peppers, spices, xanthan gum.

    Tomatoes Fruits And Maple Syrup

    Basic hot sauce recipes fit well with keto, but once you start getting into high sugar ingredients like maple syrup, any fruits and even tomatoes, the likelihood of sugar increases. As with all diets, its best to check the nutrition label, read through the carbs section and even double-check the ingredients list . Honey is another common ingredient that could increase the carb count in hot sauces.

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    How To Reboost Your Keto Diet Sample 3 Day Keto Diet Keto Diet Hot Sauce. Can You Eat Beef Hot Dogs On The Keto Diet Keto Diet Goal Calculator. Diet Doctor Keto Lasagna The Ultimate Comfort Food Diet Snapple On Keto. Keto Diet And Ahc Food You Cannot Eat On Keto Diet.

    How To Transition Off 21 Day Keto Diet Tomatoes Good On Keto Diet. Can You Have Hellman S Mayonnaise On The Keto Diet Keto Diet And Arthritis You Tube Keto Diet 60 Capsules. Site Www Berkeleywellness Com Keto Diet Best Time To Take Apple Cider Vinegar On Keto Diet.

    Hot Sauce Is Ok On A Keto Diet

    4 Clean Keto

    Most traditional hot sauces will be ok on a keto diet because they do not have any carbs or any unwanted fats. Traditional hot sauces with simple ingredients of hot peppers and vinegar will have the fewest carbs, therefore, making them the best sauces for keto diets. Gourmet and artisan sauces will often contain exotic ingredients and sugars that will raise the level of carbohydrates and shouldnt be consumed if you want to follow a keto diet.

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    Is Sriracha Healthy

    Along with its contagious and irreplaceable taste, sriracha hot sauce has quite a few health benefits. The red chili peppers, which are the main component in traditional sriracha, have a compound called capsaicin.

    Capsaicin is a chemical that is common in spicy food. When consumed, it can boost your metabolism up to an astonishing 8%. There has also been evidence that capsaicin helps with suppressing appetite and minimizing the number of fat cells in the body, which makes weight loss easier and faster.

    The chili peppers in sriracha also have a lot of vitamin A and vitamin C. These vitamins are known to play a role in the production of white blood cells, which leads to a healthier immune system. The combination of vitamin A, vitamin C and capsaicin has shown results in treating symptoms of rhinitis.

    Sriracha is not sriracha without the strong notes of garlic. Garlic serves as an ingredient that connects all the flavors, but it also has a purpose health-wise. Garlic is known for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and it stimulates immunity.

    That being said, sriracha hot sauce is not recommended for people who have or have had digestive issues such as ulcers, gastritis and other conditions that ask for lighter diets, as well as those who cant tolerate spicy food.

    What Is A Keto Diet

    Similar to other diets in recent history the keto diet involves drastically reducing foods that are high in carbs and replacing them with foods high in fat. While many hot sauces are low in carbohydrates due to their ingredients, they are usually not high in fats and if they do contain the necessary fats they are usually not in large quantities. You probably wouldnt consume hot sauce solely as providing what is needed for the diet but understand that most of them are OK.

    Just because a hot sauce advertises or is labeled that it is keto-friendly does not mean that you NEED it in your diet. A condiment is an added sauce or dressing to compliment the main meal. Consult your dietitian before consuming a hot sauce and have them help you pick one out that is right for you.

    Also, a standard keto diet would meet goals of 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbohydrates. Finding a sauce that meets these aspirations on the nutritional label would make it the ultimate keto condiment. However, generally speaking, most hot sauce will get pretty close to proving some protein and carbs but lack the healthy fats needed and this is what makes hot sauce become just shy of the ultimate keto condiment.

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    Cholula Original Hot Sauce

    Cholula Original Hot Sauce is crafted from a generations-old recipe that features arbol and piquin peppers, plus signature spices. Its one of our favorite Mexican hot sauce options. It goes perfectly on the Machaca Con Huevos Egg Bites, a great Keto snack recipe.

    Ingredients: Water, Peppers , Salt, Vinegar, Garlic Powder, Spices, Xanthan Gum.

    Calories: 0, Fat: 0, Carb: 0, Protein: 0, Sugar: 0

    Is Cholula Keto? Yes, Cholula is Keto-friendly with 0g grams of net carbs per serving.

    Heat: Moderate

    Shop: Cholula Original Hot Sauce

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