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Peppered Turkey W/ Cheese & Pretzels

Buc-ee’s Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Review

This peppered turkey cup, or redneck charcuterie, maybe the best $7 spent at Buc-ees. The turkey is good. The white cheese is a little spicy, the cheddar is medium sharpness and the pretzels in the lid are pain to open and close without spilling or crushing, but they make a perfectly edible tiny tray for the turkey.

Eat this if:

  • You want something mostly real. After consuming copious amounts of all this manufactured garbage, you feel like a redneck charcuterie would hit the spot real nice. Im here to say, it does.

*Pro Tip: Buy some Bravado Spice Pineapple & Habanero or Ghost Pepper & Blueberry hot sauce at Buc-ees and mix it into some BBQ sauce for a killer turky dip sauce. White meat was basically invented to be a backdrop to the fruity heat of these sauces.

What Is More Texas Than Sugar Roasted Pecans

Imagine walking into a convenience store and smelling freshly roasted nuts

Not something youve ever seen, right? Well, at Buc-ees, one of the best things you can buy are their sugar roasted pecans! There are a few different nuts available, but I recommend you get pecans. Pecans are grown in Texas, and we may as well be authentic on this road trip!

The nuts are sweet, crunchy, and warm, which makes them extra delicious on a chillier day. Grab a bag of these and some coffee for a tasty pick-me-up!

Munch On Some Beaver Nuggets

Arguably the most famous snack available at Buc-ees is beaver nuggets. There are traditional beaver nuggets, salted caramel beaver nuggets, and savory beaver nuggets, as well.

Go for the OG traditional beaver nuggets. They are basically caramel coated corn puffs .

Buy two bags because you wont be able to control yourself around this tasty treat.

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Tru Chopped Bbq Beef Brisket Sandwich

I keep expecting some of this food to be bad, but its all decent-as in better than a high school cafeteria. This chopped beef sandwich is no different. Its a nice and serviceable sammy that despite its use of ketchup and liquid smoke, remains tasty and perfectly capable gas station roadway fare. Bless the Alpin family for packaging these with onions and pickles as thats the only way to eat a bbq sandwich. Bless them for adding plenty of pepper and even getting what appears to be a bark on the brisket theyll serve at a convenience store where lots of people wouldnt notice if they had scooped it out of a freezer bag from Costco. The brisket isnt cooked onsite, so they may do this, but the fact that theyre willing to chop it in front of us should mean something. God bless Buc-ees for only taking inconsequential shortcuts and not participating in any grand-scale half-assery. Youve denied cheats that bring shame to your fellow statesmen who extol the virtues of Texas BBQ above all else.

Eat This If:

Take A Break From Junk Food With Some Fresh Fruit & Veggies


Thankfully Buc-ees sells much more than just junk food! If you want fresh fruit or veggies, Buc-ees has tons of super convenient options. All their foods are pre-cut and packaged for easy eating so you wont have to worry about making a mess in your car.

As you can see in the photo above, bright and crisp salads are available alongside parfaits, fresh fruit, and even super convenient vegetables. These look tasty even amongst all the sweet treats!

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Sausage & Cheese Kolache

This kolache is actually a klobasnik, but I dont want to split hairs. Its actually better than most kolaches you can find in Lubbock. The bread is sweet and light. They use a white and yellow cheese mix, maybe Monterrey jack, that works really well here. The biggest surprise is that they actually use a sausage as indicated by the coarse grind of the meat. When you can see pepper, spices, and fat morsels you know youre not dealing with an emulsified meat product, e.g., a hot dog wiener.

Eat This If:

  • Youre looking for breakfast and you dont mind eating almost a hot dog. Call me bourgeoisie but Im against it.
  • Youre in central and east Texas and youve somehow ended up at a gas station looking for Polish baked goods, while also being in a region thick with actual Polish people who have actual non-convenience store bakeries. I feel almost as bad for you as I feel for the ones who are eating the Buc-ees chopped beef BBQ sandwich in the middle of Hill Country .

Bacon Egg & Cheese Taco

First of all, this is not a blog about the simple and unmistakable difference between a taco and a burrito. Getting into that is like getting into the difference between a klobasniky and a kolache and its not the kind of witless commentary this blog engages in, or is known for. Leave that to the regional rags that clog up your social media feeds with their self-important and tedious hot takes. The Buc-ees breakfast taco is actually pretty good. It has some texture problems: waxy tortilla, over-cheesing thats prone to end up gelatinous or chalky, and soft bacon. However, they nail the eggs and the flavor is perfect. They put more bacon on than all my local burrito joints. For $2.49, its another steal.

Skip This If:

  • If youre looking for a taco. You will be sorely disappointed to unwrap this foil because in it will definitely be a yolky-eyed burrito staring back at you. Im talking a fully wrapped and tucked, pinch-ended 10-inch tortilla.
  • You have an aversion to heat and need a mild salsa. You can get a pretty good pulse on the taco-shopping demographic at Buc-ees by looking at the salsas. They had about 3 red salsas left and about 60 greens . Id classify the green as safe for the stomach, but on the flaming side of medium.

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Purchase A Car Wash And Enjoy Your Shiny Car

The closest Buc-ees to me is in Katy, TX, which is about 30 minutes west of downtown Houston. This location has the worlds longest car wash!

The car wash is very efficiently ran. There are multiple lines so that traffic continues flowing. When its your turn to go, drive towards the car wash. An attendant will direct you to drive on to the conveyer, put your car in neutral, and enjoy the ride.

The car wash is even a rainbow car wash so Im sure your kids will love it!

Snag Some Delicious Cheap & Filling Breakfast Tacos

“7-Pot Primo Pepper” Hot Sauce from Buc-ee’s | ChunnTV

Breakfast tacos may not be a thing where youre from, but they are a staple in Texas dining. Because you can get literally anything at Buc-ees, of course you should expect breakfast tacos, too.

Look at these mouthwatering breakfast tacos! Sausage, egg, and cheese bacon, egg, and cheese something called a Hippo Taco , a Breakfast Beast taco , and not pictured is a brisket taco.


They are always warm & plenty cheesy. Sauces are available next to the case. For just a few dollars, you can have a super filling breakfast.

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Hill Country Brand Bohemian Recipe Garlic Beef Jerky

When I told the Buc-ees Nug-ees sample evangelist I got this jerky she told me it was the number one seller. This either truly is their best seller or Buc-ees employees are trained to say that about anything you chose as a marketing ploy to up your level of delightment. Buc-ees is such a well-oiled machine I wouldnt put the later statement past them. Im not sure whats bohemian about this because it really just tastes like a teriyaki style jerky with heavy garlic and pepper. I think they just know that BOHO is having a moment so they went with it. Its ok, but honestly a little ho-hum. I do prefer the thick, gnarled chunkiness of this versus the cardboard-like meat slates everyone else deals in these days.

Eat This If:

  • You wish Jack Link would just stop already.

Load Up On Some Jerky To Enjoy Later

You cant visit Texas without enjoying some beef jerky! I think beef jerky is the best road trip snack because its filing, high in protein, and delicious.

Buc-ees has a ton of different kinds of fancy jerky available for purchase. This isnt some Jack Link jerky you can get at any old grocery store this stuff is freshly made with tons of really unique but delicious flavors available.

I certainly havent tried all the jerky varieties but my favorite so far is the cherry maple beef jerky. Sweet, savory, and totally delicious!

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Tru Small Beaver Chips

Ive spent enough time in Burnet county to know that cow chips are sun-dried manure patties perfectly shaped and airy-crisp weaponized, theyre ideal for frisbee-ing into the back of your younger brothers head when hes not looking. Conversely, I dont think Beaver Chips are in any way related to nocturnal rodent excrement. What these house-cut and fried taters are: the perfect road food. Theyre mostly crispy and hot, despite a few lesser fried slices that serve as a perfect reminder of their freshness. They could use extra flavor, but serve as the perfect crunchy, savory treat for junk-fooders who go for salty.

Skip This If:

  • Youre looking to throw something light and poopy, while still relatively safe and non-infective, at someone who didnt know that was a thing.

*Pro Tip: Get a handful of these and smash em into a Buc-ees Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad Croissant if you want to know what life is about.

Tru Sausage W/ Tortilla On A Stick


Sure theres some crap in this. Garlic powder and nitrates, but remember, were in junk food land. For $2.99, these have plenty of heft to serve as a full meal. The tortilla is decent and the sausage is actually good. Its not the kind of sausage thats casing is strangely somehow impenetrable by teeth. You know when you take a bite of sausage and you get a mouthful of sausage but somehow the skin is still hanging together and you end up raking the meat out in a repulsive maneuver that leaves the casing stretched out and translucent? That doesnt happen with Buc-ees Sausage with Tortilla On A Stick.

Eat This If:

  • Youre short on change because you and your boys spend all your travel funds on beer, gas for your jacked-up RAM dually, and expensive cigars for the lake.
  • Superfluous packaging doesnt bother you. Why you would need a tortilla AND a stick is a mystery to me.

*Pro Tip: Pull the stick out before you leave the store and use it to skewer and carry extra bags of Beaver Nuggets.

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Hot Sauce Scoville Scale

The Hot Sauce Scoville Scale lists numerous hot sauces sorted by their pungency and their amount of capsaicin in Scoville Heat Units . A hot sauce, also known as chili pepper sauce is a spicy seasoning sauce made from chili peppers and other ingredients such as various fruit and vegetables, vinegar and spices. In addition to changing the degree of spiciness, hot sauce is also used to alter the actual taste of a dish. The production of hot sauces can be done by cooking, fermentation, but also by using only raw ingredients.

Is It Closer To Lunch Or Dinner Snag Some Hot & Fresh Bbq Sandwiches

Ill be honest, I could eat a breakfast taco any time of day.

But I could also eat a BBQ sandwich any time of day, too.

Buc-ees has both available hot and fresh! so good luck making your decision.

Available sandwiches include chopped brisket, chopped brisket with onions and pickles, the signature Club , and a sliced brisket sandwich.

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Houston Area Hot Sauce Brand Now In All Buc

Today Boerne Brand Hot Sauce announced to its growing legion of fans that it is now being stocked in all 17 Buc-ees Travel Center locations in Texas. Their current line includes two hot sauce products, Original Jalapeno, and Smokin Red. Both are now available at Buc-ees locations throughout the Lone Star State.

Boerne Brand was founded with three ingredients, Hard work, a team efforts and a whole lot of peppers. Their developement process involved not only the founders, but chefs, a food scientist, and a munufacturer. The goal was to cteate a suace with a kick that compliments the food withot overpowering it. One unique aspect of their process, is that they ferment theor peppers. This among other things tempers down the vinegar taste found in so many other sauces.

As excited as Boerne Brand is to be in Buc-ees Texas travel centers, this is not their firts exposure in retail. In Houston they can be found at Phoenicia Specialty Foods, Simply Texas Gourmet Foods, Stone Cold Meats, and Ace Hardware-Woodlands among other outlets. Further afield, you can find them atBoerne Epicure, Rustlin Robs Texas Gourmet, and Olivos Market and ten some.

Their early colaboration with Chefs has also paid big dividends. You can find their products featured in dishes at Bretts BBQ, and Daddy Duncans BBQ in Katy. Other restaurants doing the same include, Texadelphia, Doziers BBQ, Fire Ant Brewery, The West End Marina in Galveston.

Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad Croissant

Buc-ee’s Hot Sauce Challenge | Potluck Nuggets S1E6

You should judge gas station food off the outcomes from consuming items that can make you sick or kill you, e.g. chicken salad, sushi, or pasta with blowfish dried mullet roe. Not only do I love croissants and croissanwiches, but I also needed to see if this chicken will make us sick. Not only did it not make me sick, it made me pretty dang happy. The chicken salad is chunky and not overly mayo-ed. Its slightly sweet from the cranberries and there is a nice crunch from time to time from the pecans. The croissant is buttery and light. However, Im not sure why only half of the croissant is being used, but Ive never been mad at a bread flap before. I wonder if the breakfast burrito roller also makes the sandwiches and is practicing the empty-end crimp on various mediums. Kinda like how Rocky punches cow carcasses in preparation for the real thing.

Eat This If:

  • And only after you have purchased Buc-ees Beaver Chips and youre ready to load a solid handful into this chicken sandwich. Get ready to crunch your face off.

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The Best Things To Buy At Buc

If youre not from Texas, you probably arent familiar with Buc-ees. I had never heard of it prior to moving here but it didnt take long to hear about it: Buc-ees is as much a Texas thing as college football, Whataburger, and rodeos.

If you are from Texas, Im sure youre nodding in agreement. Buc-ee the Beaver is an icon. His toothy smile towers over Texas highways, inviting you to stop for clean bathrooms, tons of fueling stations, and snacks & gifts galore.

If youre taking a road trip through Texas, Buc-ees is a stop you just cannot miss. Read on to find out what Buc-ees is and what things to buy when you get there.

Please note: this post may contain affiliate links. What that means is, if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a commission at no additional cost to you. For more information, please see my Affiliate Disclosure.

What Is Buc

Buc-ees is a gas station and convenience store chain. But make no mistake, Buc-ees is like no other gas station that youve ever been to, I promise.

In fact, whenever friends and family visit, I drag them to Buc-ees. They think Im crazy for driving half an hour to go to a gas station. Once they get inside, however, they understand: Buc-ees is an experience.

In fact, Buc-ees holds two world records: one for the worlds largest convenience store and another for the worlds largest car wash

So, Ill modify my original statement:

Buc-ees is:

  • A rest stop that has the cleanest restrooms in the US
  • A convenience store where you can purchase snacks & drinks, along with hot foods
  • A gift shop that sells everything from kitchen serving platters to hunting knives to pet accessories

Are you intrigued yet?

Seriously, you need to stop at Buc-ees if youre driving through Texas. If you want to avoid getting overwhelmed in their massive stores, find out the best things to do and buy at Buc-ees here.

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