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Benefits Of Using Low Carb Sauces

The Best Sugar Free BBQ Sauce On The Market

You might be wondering about the benefits of using low carb sauce. So here are some benefits of using one.

First, if youre following a specific diet, such as keto diets, youll need to follow a strict feeding plan that cuts down on carbs.

Such weight loss programs are highly effective and yield excellent results. However, its pretty difficult to stick to if you cant eat any food.

On the other hand, if you enjoy what youre eating, youll easily stick to the diet. This method is one of the reasons Custom Keto Diet programs are highly effective in controlling weights

These programs create a tailor-made diet for you that includes the foods that you enjoy, which improves your diet discipline and help you lose weight without starving yourself or craving your cheat meal all week!

Thats where low carb sauces hop in for the rescue! With a low carb alternative, youll be able to enjoy the taste of food without triggering the glycemic response that promotes gaining weight in your body.

Low carb sauces are also an extremely healthier alternative for general health. Also, theyre ideal for people suffering from diabetes!

Tangy And Bold Keto Bbq Sauce


Summer is here grilling and smoking season is on! Going low carb doesnt mean you cant enjoy your favorite grilled meats and burgers. Just be smart and avoid overly processed store bought barbecue sauces which are often full of sugars and NOT keto friendly.

Enjoy your killer burgers, juicy smoked chicken leg quarters, and pulled pork with this sugar-free BBQ sauce. Its so delicious youll want to mop every last drop of it up with a piece of low carb cornbread.

And since its not sugar based, this low carb barbecue sauce adds great flavor to grilled meats without burning. Expect a bold tangy-sweet taste up front bolstered with onion and garlic, finishing with a gentle heat on the back of the tongue.

Prepare The Bbq Sauce

Yields 2 2 and 1/2 cups

  • Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil and then lower flame. Stir occasionally and cook until the sauce thickens.

  • This sauce is great on anything grilled. My personal favorites include drummets, chicken cutlets, boneless dark chicken, ribs and flanken.

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    The Best Keto Bbq Sauce: Primal Kitchen

    The reviews are in and Primal Kitchen has one of the best keto BBQ sauces available on Amazon. This three-pack includes their Classic BBQ Sauce, Golden BBQ Sauce, and Steak Sauce. These bbq sauces are Whole30 Approved, Paleo, Primal & Keto Friendly. These are unsweetened and sugar-free. This is our pick for the best keto BBQ sauce.

    • Includes: Classic BBQ Sauce, Golden BBQ Sauce, and Steak Sauce
    • USDA Organic Ingredients
    • Whole30 Approved, Paleo, Primal & Keto Friendly
    • Steak Sauce: Sugar Free
    • Classic & Golden BBQ Sauce: Unsweetend – No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Agave, Honey, Dates, Maple Syrup or Cane Sugar

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    G Hughes Sugar Free Bbq Sauce

    G Hughes Smokehouse

    G Hughes offers a line of 7 different varieties of sugar free BBQ sauce, all gluten-free and guilt-free.

    G Hughes might be the most well-known sugar-free bbq sauce on this list. Mesquite, Maple Brown Sugar Flavored, Hickory, Honey Flavored, Carolina Style Sweet Heat, and Sweet and Spicy, comprise the family of signature sauces from G Hughes. But its their original bbq sauce that got it all started. Flavored with a unique blend of sweetness and spices, and completely free of sugar and gluten! Whether you want to cut back on sugar or not. Whether you have celiac disease or diabetes. Or you just love BBQ flat out.

    All sauces are sweetened with sucralose.

    Nutrition Facts

    • Sweetened with: Sucralose

    Whats in it?

    Crushed tomatoes, cider vinegar, white vinegar, modified cornstarch, salt, lemon juice concentrate, spices, dehydrated onion, caramel color, hickory smoke, garlic powder, xanthan gum, sucralose

    My Take

    Whether you like your sauce sweet and spicy, hickory-smoked, or honey-based, G Hughes has something for everyonethis one gets my vote.

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    Keto Bbq Sauce Ingredients

    The ingredients for this sugar free bbq sauce are all keto-friendly. You are more than likely to have all of them at home right now. Here is just a little about some of the key ingredients, what I use, brand and why.

    I use Grove Avocado Oil for flavour. Any extra virgin olive oil can be used if preferred.

    There is a link to my sugar free ketchup that is used in the recipe however, any sugar free or reduced sugar shop-bought ketchup/tomato sauce can be used.

    The yellow mustardis the American-type you use on a hotdog not powdered mustard.

    I use 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in this recipe it does add a good amount of tanginess to the sauce and helps to cut the sweetness and fat when used on ribs etc. You can reduce the amount if preferred, but this sauce is perfectly balanced to me.

    Sugar-free Worcerstershire is available in specialty stores. Honestly, it is there for more of a traditional flavour in barbecue sauce. I have used gluten-free tamari many times and love the sauce as is, so choose what you would prefer. To be honest though, if you use the tamari, coconut aminos or even gluten free soy sauce with the ingredients in this keto bbq sauce you will not notice any difference.

    I use Sukrin Gold granular sweetener in this recipe. To me it is important to use a gold/brown sweetener to get a more caramel brown barbecue sauce flavour. Other brands that would suit are Natvia or SoNourished.

    Can You Modify The Flavor Of Your Sugar

    You can definitely modify the flavor of your BBQ sauce, and its actually pretty easy! The most important thing to take into consideration is whether or not the additional ingredients will pair well with the rest of the recipe.

    You dont want to make your sauce spicier if you are going to use it in a spicy dish. There are hundreds of tips and tricks on the internet to help you easily adapt store-bought BBQ sauces.

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    What Sugar Substitute Is Best

    I have experimented with different low carb sugar substitutes, and can now say that Sukrin brown sugar is my favorite, especially for this BBQ sauce. The brown sugar substitute is soft and pack-able, and has that molasses flavor we all love. It does not have that strange erythritol flavor or make you mouth cool and numb. The brown sugar substitute measure 1:1, which makes it an easy replacement for sugar.

    Last week I made the keto ketchup with monk fruit sweetener, which I really like too, but its lacking that depth of flavor that the brown sugar has.

    How To Serve It

    The Best Sugar Free BBQ Sauce Recipe | Easy, Quick, and Vegan BBQ Sauce

    You can use this mustard BBQ sauce in the same way that youd use a tomato-based barbecue sauce! Here are a few ways that we recommend:

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    Easy Keto Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

    Its the perfect keto tomato sauce for Fathead Pizza, or to serve with zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash when you need a keto pasta fix! Im posting this really easy low carb marinara sauce recipe because Ill be including two recipes that call for keto marinara sauce in next weeks 7 Day Keto Missing:walmartMust include:walmart

    This keto spaghetti sauce is about to become your go-to sauce for noodles, zoodles, all anything else that you prefer to serve with a meat sauce. We are combining all of the Italian flavors you love like garlic, basil, and oregano , to a simple base of canned tomatoes and ground beef to create a homemade low-carb red sauce that will delight any plate you add it to.

    Actually, tomato sauce is a typical base for a spaghetti sauce and the transformation occurs when additional ingredients are incorporated. In fact, it is completely acceptable to use tomato sauce as your spaghetti sauce. The fun part is mixing in whatever ingredients you choose. Alternatives to Adding Sugar to Keto Spaghetti SauceMissing:walmartMust include:walmart

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    Primal Kitchen Classic Organic Unsweetened Bbq Sauce

    Primal Kitchen, makers of popular paleo products and condiments, has a BBQ sauce that is completely unsweetened, making it the first savory option in this list.

    Primal Kitchen Classic BBQ Sauce is packed with a bold, smoky taste! This robust flavor profile is so versatile: marinate meat, dip fries, or slather on a BBQ chicken pizza. Seasoned with organic cumin, organic chipotle powder, and organic dijon mustard. With USDA organic ingredients, like organic tomato paste and organic balsamic vinegar, we made this savory sauce. This unsweetened BBQ Sauce is uncompromisingly delicious, as is Certified Paleo, Keto Certified, and Whole30 Approved, made without high-fructose corn syrup, agave, honey, dates, maple syrup, or cane sugar.

    Nutrition Facts

    • Unsweetened

    Whats in it?

    Water, organic crushed tomatoes, organic balsamic vinegar,organic apple cider vinegar, organic Dijon mustard, sea salt, tapioca starch, organic spices , natural smoke flavor.

    My Take

    Seasoned with unique ingredients like cumin, chipotle pepper, and organic dijon mustard, this is a versatile sauce thatll please grill masters and sauce enthusiasts alike.

    Use it as a dipping sauce for veggies like cauliflower, on a pulled pork sandwich, or smothered over a rack of ribs.

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    Primal Kitchen Classic Bbq Sauce $479 From Target

    Primal Kitchen

    A cult favorite, Primal Kitchen has been on the cutting edge of healthy living for years. Its classic barbecue sauce has the bold flavor that those on keto may be missing from their lives, thanks in part to cumin and chipotle powder. It can be used as a and dipping sauce for all sorts of meat, as well as added to ribs and chicken wings in the last few minutes of grilling for a flavor boost. The product is organic, too.Buy Now

    Homemade Sugar Free Barbecue Sauce

    62 best Everything G Hughes Sugar Free! images on ...

    Homemade Sugar Free Barbecue Sauce: Whether youre planning a summer barbecue or having the gang over to watch the game. This amazing sauce will be a hit at any occasion. one will know the sauce is sugar freeI PROMISE! You can never go wrong with a thick rich and creamy sauce. The perfect Low Carb Keto BBQ Sauce for barbecue beef sandwiches or slathered on chicken, steaks or pork chops.

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    Why Make A Keto Bbq Sauce Recipe

    This unique sauce can use all year.

    It is worth noting that this recipe has no added sugar or fillers.

    Another advantage is that you can tailor the low-carb BBQ sauce to your taste. Barbecue sauce is one of the things that is very specific to everyones taste.

    So whether you like the Texas-style, the Carolina style, or something else, you can thoroughly cook this sauce the way you want it!

    Guy’s Award Winning Sugar Free Bbq Sauce 18 Oz

    A sugar free BBQ sauce that will please even the most opinionated palate. A BBQ sauce that has the same great taste as Guy's Award Winning BBQ Sauce. It is truly one of a kind. If it didn't say sugar free on the bottle you wouldn't know that it was sugar free in the bottle. Thousands have enjoyed Guy's mouthwatering BBQs all over the country-his legendary braised meats, poultry and fish cooked with bursts of flavor, vegetables and side dishes of baked beans and chili, always included Guy's family BBQ sauce. This coveted recipe eventually gained award winning status. Year after year, Guy's Award Winning BBQ Sauce retains its unique distinction with the perfect blend of natural ingredients and imported spices-no assembly required, no more doctoring up the sauce. Over the years food and flavors change, diets change. Guy responds to customer demands through his new product line of Sugar Free and always Gluten Free BBQ sauces

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    Can You Eat Bbq Sauce On A Keto Diet Will It Kick You Out Of Ketosis

    No it wont kick you out of ketosis, its on your Keto diet, so enjoy.

    This recipe is good for people who want or need to be on a low carb or Keto diet because 2 of the main ingredients are the no-sugar ketchup and the swerve brown sugar. Both these ingredients are designed to be eaten by people on Low Carb or Keto diets.

    For example, we found 2 good choices for no sugar ketchup, one is by Heinz which is 1 carb per Tablespoon, and the other one is by Primal and is 2 carbs per tablespoon. And the swerve products have zero net carbs so also a good choice for keeping carbs at a bare minimum.

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    Traditional Bbq Sauce Recipes

    Best Sugar Free BBQ Sauce | BBQ Sauce Review | Flexible Dieting

    Traditional barbecue sauce varies from region to region. Most recipes include tomato paste, vinegar, or mayonnaise. Some recipes include a combination of the three. In addition to a tomato paste, vinegar, or mayonnaise base, barbecue sauces rely on a blend of spices to flavor them.

    Common spices found in BBQ sauce include garlic, onion powder, mustard, liquid smoke and black pepper. Theres also a lot of sugar. Youll find white or brown sugar, coconut sugar, honey, molasses, maple syrup, and jams in nearly every bbq sauce recipe. None of these ingredients are low carb or keto friendly.

    This bold and tangy keto BBQ sauce is a cross between the tomato paste and vinegar barbecue sauces popular in western North Carolina and the bolder, thicker Kansas City style. Unlike either of these styles, my barbecue sauce recipe has no added sugar except whats naturally in the tomato, onion, and garlic.

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    What To Use This Amazing Barbecue Sauce With

    This sugar free barbecue sauce is very versatile. While I love it basted on smoked pork ribs and as a finishing sauce there is so many ways to use it. Recently I pressure cooked a whole brisket in the sauce ingredients in an Instant Pot. The brisket came out amazing and then I just reduced the sauce to use as a sauce as well as accompany the brisket.

    It is perfect for anything you would use a barbecue sauce for.

    As I have mentioned in the recipe it is a little tangy with the use of the apple cider vinegar. This in my opinion is key in the best keto barbecue sauce recipes. Why? That would be that when you use this sauce with barbecue, roast or smoked meats it helps cut the fat! Trust me on this one and enjoy this sauce with everything!

    Bbq Sauce Without Added Sugars

    QUESTION: How can I get that big sweet and spicy barbecue sauce taste without any sugar?

    ANSWER: Use a natural low carb sweetener like erythritol, xylitol, stevia, monk fruit or a combination of any of the above. Many commercial barbecue sauces use liquid Sucralose to sweeten their products. If thats okay with you, look for EZ-Sweetz liquid drops, but avoid aspartame which changes chemical composition when it heats up and loses sweetness.

    I use a low carb erythritol/stevia based sweetener. Erythritol has zero calories. The body doesnt process it so it leaves the body in the same chemical composition as it arrived. This means it contributes zero carbs to your dietary intake.

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    Simple Girl Variety Organic Bbq Sauces

    This BBQ sauce variety pack from Simple Girl includes three delicious flavors.

    These include Carolina Kick, Southern Blend, and their Original Country Sweet BBQ sauce.

    All of the ingredients used are organic and of the highest quality.

    The Carolina Kick will add some smokiness, spiciness, and a touch of sweetness to your meals.

    It makes a fantastic gluten-free dipping sauce but can also be used in other ways.

    The Organic Southern Blend is a great all-around sauce that can be used to flavor chicken, beef, virtually any vegetable, and even vegan ingredients like tofu.

    It is a well-balanced tomato-based BBQ sauce and it has the perfect balance of spice and sweetness.

    And finally, the Organic Country Sweet sauce is just the sauce for those not wanting to sacrifice sweetness. It goes great with beef, chicken, pork, and much more!

    Best Keto Bbq Sauces To Buy On Amazon Right Now

    Top 22 G Hughes Smokehouse Sugar Free Bbq Sauce

    Is BBQ sauce keto-friendly?

    It is! And there are at least 13 amazing keto bbq sauces, going by my count. Now you can enjoy your sweet smokey BBQ sauce guilt-free and sugar-free.

    Keep reading and discover the 13 best keto bbq sauces to buy on Amazon.

    If youre looking for a bbq sauce to fill that Sweet Baby Rays-sized hole in your heart, youre in luck all of these bbq sauces are sugar free, dairy-free, and perfect for a low carb, low sugar, keto, or just a low-calorie diet.

    Yee-haw, were cookin now boy-o!

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