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Hot Ones – Hot Sauce Box

Recently, Heatonist announced an all-new rewards program for hot sauce enthusiasts. When you shop through our unique link and spend $40 or more on your first order, youll receive a $10 discount!

Once you click the link, you will get a unique discount promo code to use at checkout. Once you sign up and create an account, you can also create your own link and share it with your friends who love hot sauce.

Hot Ones Rewards Program Options

When you have an account, you also earn rewards points when you buy anything on For every $1 spent , you receive 1 reward point.

This means that every time your monthly subscription box renews, youll earn 30 points toward other Heatonist purchases. For every friend you refer who spends $40+ on their first order, you get another 100 points .

Where Do Hot Ones Ship

The current shipping locations include the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This means that unfortunately, you may not be able to get this subscription just yet, which may disappoint UK or European fans. However, there is a silver lining, as you can ship individual bottles of sauce worldwide. This is a little pricey and doesnt come with the additional extras the subscription package does but at least fans can get their hands on some of the sauces if they are desperate to try them.

Heatonist The Hot Ones Box

Experience the noteworthy sauces featured on the last six seasons of The Hot Ones TV Show with this subscription box from Heatonist. Each month, this auto-renewing subscription service which can be paused or canceled at any time sends out a trio of hot sauces with varying levels of heat, from mild to ultra-fiery. A must-have for any diehard fan of the show, the Hot Ones Box also lets you get your hands on exclusive sauces used on the show before anyone else. And, just like on the program, this subscription services offerings run the gambit, from insanely-hot varieties to unusual flavored hot sauces.

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Product Disclaimer For Extremely Hot Sauces



I hereby agree and affirm that in exchange for the purchase of The challenge pack, or ANY product deemed As Extremely Hot or containing capsaicin Extract or Oleoresin capsicum from Saucenation, it’s affiliates, it’s employees, it’s suppliers, distributors or manufacturers, that certain conditions are implied and required. They are as follows:

Due to the extreme heat levels of these products, I agree that they shall only be used as a food additive. These products can cause serious injury if directly consumed, ingested and/or applied to the skin, eyes or any other bodily organs.

Any of these products are to be used at my own risk, and I fully understand the potential danger if handled improperly.

If I give any of these products as a gift/to others, I will make the recipient fully aware of the potential danger if handled improperly or if directly consumed.

I hereby release, disclaim Saucenation and it’s affiliates, it’s employees, it’s suppliers, distributors and/or manufacturers of any and all claims, actions and/or lawsuits that I, or any of my dependents, heirs or family members may have relating to any damage and/or injury that results, or is alleged to have resulted, from the use, consumption, ingestion, and/or contact of any bodily part or organ of or from any of these products.

I am not inebriated or impaired in any way, and I am fully able to make a sound decision about the purchase of these products.

I am aged eighteen years or older.

Cratejoy Hot Sauce Of The Month Club

Hot Ones: Hot Sauce Box

Cratejoys Hot Sauce Of The Month Club is another subscription offering that lets you select the level of heat, and frequency and amount shipped. Often shipped with a variety of supplementary sample packets, the clubs boxes come in one- or three-bottle allotments ranging from $14 to $29. On the first of each month, Cratejoy ships your choice of a box containing sauces that fall under Mild/Medium, Classic, and Extra Hot the latter of which is something of this outfits specialty. This also includes other items that hot sauces aficionados are sure to appreciate, such as has unique sauces, curry pastes, habanero sauces, and Mexican verde-style hot sauces.

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Hot Ones: The Game Show

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On February 18, 2020, a spin-off titled Hot Ones: The Game Show premiered on truTV. Hosted by Evans, the series pits two pairs of players against one another for a chance to win up to $25,000. The main game is played in three rounds, using wings that have been cooked in hot sauces whose Scoville ratings increase from one round to the next. Players are not provided with any water or milk to reduce the effects of the wings but are given buckets in which to vomit if necessary.

In each of the first two rounds, the players begin by eating one wing apiece and the host asks three toss-up questions open to all. The first team to buzz in has five seconds to respond a correct answer awards them money, while a miss gives it to the opposing team. Questions are worth $100/$200/$300 in the first round, and these values double to $200/$400/$600 for the second.

In the third round, the players begin by eating one bite of a wing. The host reads a series of clues, and players may buzz in at any time to identify the subject being described. Three puzzles are played, worth $1,000/$2,000/$3,000 the team that scores on each puzzle must then take another bite. In this round, if a team misses, the opponents must give the correct answer in order to score. Both teams keep their accumulated winnings.

How Much Is It

Keep in mind that the sauces included in this subscription box are all gourmet quality , and are usually exclusive access.

For this reason, the box costs $30 per month plus shipping. Shipping costs depend on where you are in the world, but USA costs an additional $6 per box.

That comes out to $12 per bottle of hot sauce, which in some cases works out to be a good deal. In one of our boxes, we received the Last Dab Triple X , FiyaFiya and Small Axe Peppers Jalapeno .

If you were to buy these individually on Heatonist, the price would work out to $44 plus shipping, making the box a great deal.

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Whats Included In The Subscription

The subscription itself includes a surprising abundance of sauce that will challenge even the greediest spice fiend. Every month three bottles of hot sauce are included in the package along with an information sheet that gives a rundown of each sauce and a message from the founder of the Heatonist team which adds a nice personal touch.

Each package also includes a unique sticker created by Hot Ones, and theyre honestly pretty cool if youre someone who likes adding a bit of personality to your space or spreading the good word about Hot Ones!

The bottles of sauce themselves change every month and are typically 5oz in size, which is honestly a pretty good size when you consider the fact there are 3 bottles in each package. Theres enough that you can really enjoy the sauce but it also prevents you from getting overwhelmed by one sauce in particular.

The sauces are usually taken from the current array of sauces used on the actual Hot Ones show, however, packages quite frequently include exclusive previews and tasters for new sauces that arent available either on the show or to the general public. This can give true fans a sneak peek into what guests have in store for them, and get access to flavors that very few people in the world will have access to.

Honest Foods Hot Sauce Of The Month

UNBOXING! Hot Ones Hot Sauce Box August 2020 – Taste Test the Heatonist Hot Sauce Subscription Box

A more playful take on the hot sauce subscription box, rather than offerings catering towards more serious connoisseurs, Honest Foods Hot Sauce Of The Month is a one-time, quarterly subscription service that sends out a different hot sauce each month for three months. Shipped out in the first week of each month, he selection from this service include Maison Louisiannes Creole Pepper Sauce, 1849 Campfire Sauce, Betty Boop Hot Sauce, Sonny Bargers Hellfire sauce, and Elvis All Shook Up Hot Sauce. One the three-months are up, the service automatically ends.

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Why Get The Box

Some of the benefits are obvious. You get to try the latest and most exclusive sauces, first. Many sauces arrive before they are available for purchase anywhere else on the internet. This is exciting for us at PepperGeek since we tend to geek out about new hot sauces.

You also get a unique sticker in each box. They can be pretty cool, especially if you have a good place to show off your collection of stickers. We loved the Sauceaholic sticker that we recently got. Seems fitting.

Hot Ones Exclusive Stickers

Lastly, you get a card with each box, explaining the origin and uses for each of the sauces that you are receiving. This is a nice personalized touch that makes the box feel like it has truly been catered to hot sauce lovers.

Hot Ones Box Info Cards

We are big fans of the Hot Ones collection of hot sauces, and we look forward to what else they will bring us in the future. As they would say, Stay Spicy!

Does It Ship To My Country

Unfortunately, the subscription boxes do not ship to every country. Currently, the box can be sent to USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This means that there is currently no shipping option for the UK for the Hot Ones subscription box.

However, if you order your sauces individually, you can get shipping worldwide. It isnt cheap , but you can get Heatonist and Hot Ones sauces if you want them.

This means that the unique stickers and exclusive access to hot sauces are currently limited to the four countries listed above.

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A Complete List Of Hot Ones Hot Sauces

  • 19 September 2021

Hot Ones is a YouTube sensation that has taken the internet by storm. It is produced by First We Feast and Complex Media and is hosted by Sean Evans.

First debuting in March 2015 the shows format consists of host Sean Evans interviewing a celebrity guest while both eat 10 chicken wings, each served with a progressively hotter hot sauce and culminating in The Last Dab, a sauce produced by Hot Ones themselves with a Scoville rating of 2,000,000+ units. The Last Dab was developed by legendary chilehead Smokin Ed Currie of PuckerButt Pepper Co., the creator of the infamous Carolina Reaper, the worlds hottest pepper.

The shows tagline, stated by Evans at the beginning of each episode, is The show with hot questions, and even hotter wings.

As of 19 September 2021 there have been fifteen seasons of Hot Ones produced with a total of 228 episodes. In 2018 Hot Ones won Best Non-Fiction Series at the Streamy Awards and the episodes on YouTube have been viewed more than 50 million times in total.

The Season 16 Lineup of Hot Ones hot sauces was announced by Sean Evans on 17 September 2021 with the first episode of Hot Ones Season 16 scheduled to premiere on Thursday, 23 September.

You can check out all the Hot Ones episodes on YouTube here: Hot Ones on YouTube

In November 2019 Hot Ones: The Game Show, also hosted by Sean Evans, was announced by WarnerMedias TruTV with a release date scheduled for early 2020. The first episode was broadcast on 18 February 2020.

The Classic Pepper X Edition


One of the exciting experiments from from Hot Ones, The Classic Pepper X edition spices up the relatively tame Classic using the Pepper X peppers from the Last Dab. We have finally tried it thanks to the Hot Ones subscription box! Check out our in-depth analysis and taste test here.

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Personalized Hot Sauce Subscription Box

We’re on a mission to help you find your forever hot sauce. Get matched to hot sauces after taking our quiz and receiving personalized hot sauce recommendations from the Craft Hot Sauce team.

  • Each box contains 3 hot sauces
  • Delivery every two months
  • Shipping is included in the cost
  • Pay as you go, Cancel anytime
    • Takes four minutes, but it gives us the info we need to pick out three bottles perfect for you
  • Your feedback over time
    • A couple weeks after you get your box, we’ll get your feedback on the three hot sauces so we can further personalize your next box

Our Philosophy for Hot Sauce Match Making

  • You need your favorite everyday hot sauces, but you also need to explore. With every box, we like to give you two hot sauces that will be right up your ally, but as we get to know you we like to give you a bottle that is something new or a little different from your day to day.
  • We think the best tasting sauces are made by hand with local ingredients, so we do our best to share those same hot sauces with you.
  • There’s a story behind each sauce. With every bottle you get you’ll learn the story behind the maker and hot sauce. You’ll get a postcard with the maker story, but you can always read up on all our maker stories here.

Overall Review Is It Worth It

In general, we love the Hot Ones subscription box. We love trying new hot sauce flavors and heat levels, and the idea that you never know what youre going to get is exciting.

Its like getting a little present in the mail every month. Thats why this box would make for an amazing gift for the spicy food nut in your life.

Our Growing Hot Ones Collection

However, if you are not a fanatic about hot sauces, youll end up with way too many hot sauces. If that is the case, or if you arent one of the 8 million+ followers of the Hot Ones show , you may just want to shop for individual sauces on Heatonist.

The only other drawback is that it is somewhat pricey for hot sauces, especially if you live outside of the USA. If you like treating yourself, and you have a little extra space in the fridge, we highly recommend the Hot Ones Hot Sauce box!

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How Do I Skip A Month

Over the last several months, we have been collecting the new sauces and using as many as we could. But three bottles a month is a lot, even for a PepperGeek, and Hot Ones knows that.

Thankfully, they make it super easy to edit your subscription and skip a month at any time before the boxes ship. They even send out a reminder email letting you know that the box will ship soon and that you can skip this month with a few clicks.

To skip a box, you can navigate to your account, click edit your subscription, then delivery schedule, and finally skip the month to skip the box and not get charged. The box will then be resumed the following month.

We love this feature and just how easy Hot Ones makes it to skip a month. It can be overwhelming to have dozens of unfinished hot sauces in the fridge, and skipping a month or two can give you time to finish up what you have left!

Hot Ones Hot Sauce Subscription Box Review

UNBOXING! Hot Ones Hot Sauce Box January 2021 – Taste Test the Heatonist Hot Sauce Subscription Box

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Subscription boxes have become incredibly popular and varied. From ready-to-cook meal services like Sun Basket to custom wardrobe curators like Stitch Fix.

But more importantly, you can now get hot sauces delivered right to your door, every month. Heatonist and Hot Ones work together to bring us their monthly hot sauce box.

Thanks to this awesome subscription service, our fridge is happily full of exotic and interesting hot sauces. Today, were going to share our experience thus far and give our Hot Ones Hot Sauce Box review.

Our unique referral links to Heatonist found in this article will save you $10 on any purchase of $40 or greater. We also receive an incentive if you make a purchase. This in no way affects our opinions of the hot sauce box service.

In This Article:

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Last Dab Chile De Arbol Special Edition

The final new Hot Ones hot sauce is a mild version of the Last Dab using Chile De Arbol peppers. This sauce allows us to enjoy more of the delicious flavor of the Last Dab without having to have a glass of milk on standby.

The Chile De Arbol peppers in this sauce are chopped roughly, giving this sauce a new level of chunkiness. The flavor is also very much different from the Reduxx version but still has that savory mustard profile. This sauce is great for Indian food and will not make your tongue catch fire.

Referrals Discounts And Rewards Schemes

Hot Ones do have a rewards scheme to give a little something back to their regular patrons. If you have an account with them, you earn reward points based on your purchases and are broadly accumulated as 1 reward point per $1 dollar spent. There are also rewards for new purchases and for having an existing subscription.

For example, if you have a monthly subscription that costs $30 dollars, you will earn 30 points in the reward scheme which equates to $3. These points will accumulate quite quickly over the course of a few months and can be used on other purchases on the Heatonist website, whether it be sauces or other products available there.

There is also a referral scheme, which gives you 100 points for each friend you refer who makes a $40+ purchase on their first order. This means you get rewarded for bringing the warm glow of hot sauce to your friends lives!

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