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The Birth Of The Big Mac

McDonalds Secret Burger Sauce Recipe – The BBQ Chef

The Big Mac was first cooked back in 1967 by a franchisee in Pittsburgh named Jim Delligatti. At first, he only served the creation at his restaurants, but the burgers popularity quickly grew.

Within a year, the Big Mac began popping up on McDonalds menu boards across the region and then the country.

In the early days, the Big Mac sauce recipe varied amongst different parts of the US, and it wasnt until 1972 that McDonalds standardized the recipe.

Two years later, the famous jingle was first released, and the rest is the stuff of fast-food legend.

Expert Tips And Tricks

  • Use sweet relish. This balances out the tanginess of the other ingredients.
  • Prep it ahead. This extra time gives the flavors a chance to meld together.
  • Add a little heat. Include some sriracha or a pinch of cayenne pepper to spice things up.
  • Limit the dishes. Mix up the sauce in the bowl you plan on storing it in.
  • Make some extra. This stuff will go FAST, so you may want to consider doubling the batch!

Meal Prep And Storage

  • To Prep-Ahead: This sauce is best when prepped ahead since the ingredients have a chance to meld together. Make it at least two hours in advance for the best taste.
  • To Store: Keep secret sauce in an airtight container in the refrigerator. If fresh garlic is used the sauce will last for up to 2 weeks. If you use garlic powder it can last for up to a month, if you can resist eating it all up before then!
  • To Freeze: This is not recommended as the mayo will separate.

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Is Big Mac Sauce The Same As Thousand Island Dressing

I spent most of my life believing McDonald’s Special Sauce was simply Thousand Island dressing. Big Mac Sauce is not Thousand Island dressing. Thousand Island dressing requires tomatoes, which isn’t actually an ingredient in authentic Big Mac Sauce.

For this same reason, I also make my Big Mac Sauce without French dressing. You will find 95% of the Big Mac Sauce recipes on the web call for French dressing. Don’t be fooled. Though, I will admit the flavor is in the right ballpark, but, *spoiler alert*, it still tastes like French dressing.

How To Make Mcdonalds Bbq Sauce

Pin by CopyKat on Food

If youve been to the supermarket, youll no doubt be aware that there are a lot of BBQ sauces already out there, bottled and ready to go. And whilst they taste similar, they still miss that certain something that makes McDonalds BBQ sauce one of the best. So weve decided to come up with this recipe so you can get your sauce to taste the same, every single time.

You dont need much equipment, or too many ingredients. The secret to making an exact copy of McDonalds BBQ sauce is mostly about getting the proportions correct. Too much of any one ingredient and you are going to overwhelm your sauce with a different flavour, and whilst it will probably still be quite delicious, it wont be exactly the same as McDonalds BBQ sauce.

With this recipe there is absolutely minimal cooking. Whilst some other BBQ sauce recipes will ask you to spend a long time cooking, simmering and mixing, you can have a batch of McDonalds BBQ dip whipped up in about 2 minutes!

You will need a measuring cup, a teaspoon, a mixing bowl and a microwave. This recipe for this copycat McDonalds BBQ sauce requires you to have a couple of other sauces and some corn syrup.

Its important that you mix the ingredients really well. Otherwise youll end up with a BBQ sauce that tastes slightly different with every dip and we want it to taste exactly like McDonalds BBQ sauce every time!

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The Big Mac Special Sauce: Are These The Ingredients

Soybean Oil, Pickle Relish , Spice Extractives, Polysorbate 80), Distilled Vinegar, Water, Egg Yolks, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Onion Powder, Mustard Seed, Salt, Spices, Propylene Glycol Alginate, Sodium Benzoate , Mustard Bran, Sugar, Garlic Powder, Vegetable Protein , Caramel Colour, Extractives of Paprika, Soy Lecithin, Turmeric , Calcium Disodium EDTA .

The list is long and includes soybean oil, a pickle relish, vinegar, egg yolks, onion powder and mustard seed.

The Sun Online has contacted McDonalds about the authenticity of the condiment ingredients.

The Special Sauce was created by franchise owner Jim Delligatti, who invented the Big Mac in 1968.

The top-secret formula was tweaked over the years, but the original recipe remained until 1991.

However it was changed back to the original recipe in 2004.

How To Make A Homemade Big Mac

Once you craft your own Special Sauce, you are well on your way to earning your children’s undying love and affection by making them homemade Big Macs! You will want to brush up on my fast food burger recipe to really hit these out of the park. Though I have been known to slather this sauce on larger homemade burger patties too!

To make McDonald’s Big Mac, lightly toast a sesame seed bun, and grab an extra bottom bun to use as the middle piece. Spread the special sauce on the bottom bun, sprinkle with diced onion, shredded lettuce, and top with a slice of American cheese. Place one burger patty on the cheese, then add the middle bun, top with more sauce, lettuce, and add pickles. Finally add the second burger patty, top with the crown of the bun and enjoy!

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How Do You Make Big Mac Sauce From Scratch

Obviously, most of us don’t have many spare packets of xanthan gum lying around the kitchen. Nevertheless, it is possible to make a delicious Big Mac sauce from scratch with everyday ingredients.

At Twisted, we have plenty of experience creating different spins on the classic Big Mac burger. As a result, we have a pretty good understanding of what it takes to make your own sauce.

For example, our delicious Big Mac gyoza recipe features a sauce made from the following ingredients:

  • 3/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons sweet pickle relish
  • 2 teaspoons granulated sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon white wine vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon onion powder

While there are plenty of alternatives available, we believe that this sauce delivers the perfect flavour balance. Simply combine all the ingredients together in a bowl and enjoy!

Classic Big Mac sauce is not vegan

Big Mac Sauce Ingredients

How to Make McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce – Easy Homemade Big Mac Special Sauce Recipe

This is all you need to make McDonalds Big Mac sauce:

  • Mayonnaise I recommend Hellmans or Dukes
  • India Relish Heinz makes a variety found in most grocery stores
  • Sugar we need a little sugar to balance the flavors
  • Thousand Island Dressing this is giving you color without too much tomato flavor

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The Story Of The Big Mac Special Sauce

When McDonalds franchise owner Jim Delligatti first came up with his double patty, triple bun creation in 1967, he needed the perfect sauce to top it off. By 1968, the Big Mac® was launched nationally, and featured this delicious, creamy signature Big Mac® Special Sauce.

Over the next few years, the Big Mac Sauce ingredients were fine-tuned, and there were two different versions of the McDonalds Special Sauce being used. To eliminate inconsistency, a single recipe was developed that satisfied customers who had a taste for either one. This became Big Mac® Sauce recipe 72.

In 1974, the name Special Sauce was used in the famous advertising campaign: “Two all-beef patties, Special Sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

The recipe was again tweaked in 1991 and remained that way until 2004 when Fred Turner, who had worked alongside founder Ray Kroc, wanted it changed back.

After tracking down the original formula in the McDonalds archives, Turner contacted the supplier who had helped develop the McDonalds Special Sauce years ago, and the McDonalds Special Sauce recipe was returned.

More Ways To Enjoy This Sauce

Serving McDonald’s Special Sauce on savory homemade burgers isn’t the only way it can be enjoyed. Try these new ideas as well:

  • Chicken sandwich – In India Mcdonald’s sells a Chicken Maharaja Mac, which is essentially a chicken Big Mac. Use this sauce on your own chicken burger, or even chicken patties.
  • Burger bowls Skip the sesame seed bun and whip of these delicious low-carb creations.
  • Salads – This makes a great salad dressing to enjoy your own Big Mac Salad.
  • Cheeseburger Sloppy Joes These sloppy Joes are great without sauce, but can certainly be enjoyed with it as well!
  • Fries – Use this as a dip for French fries, onion rings, and steak fries
  • Potato Salad – This would add an exciting twist to any potato salad!

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Mcdonalds Signature Sauce Recipe

The McDonalds signature sauce recipe, once a closely guarded secret, is now in high demand. And due to its popularity, some of us have figured out how to make it.

If youre a fan of this delicious sauce, youve probably noticed how similar it is to thousand island dressing. In fact, many people say thats exactly what it is. And although I concur, I make it slightly different.

However, if you want to use the homemade version of thousand island dressing thats left over from the salad you had the night before, go right ahead. You might not be able to tell the difference between this sauce and the real thing.

As is the case with all of my recipes, please feel free to adjust the ingredients of this homemade Big Mac sauce to suit your personal taste.

Copycat Mcdonald’s Hot Mustard Sauce


Published on January 2, 2020 – Updated on October 1, 2021 by Chef Rodney – – This post may contain affiliate links.

McDonald’s is one of America’s favorite fast-food restaurants. I loved eating there as a kid. Get a happy meal with some cool little toy. Over the years their menu has changed and so have my tastes. Whenever I would order their Chicken McNuggets I would always for extra dipping sauce. Now you can make this Copycat McDonald’s Hot Mustard Sauce in your kitchen!

This Hot Mustard recipe from McDonald’s is super easy to make and requires a handful of ingredients. The only one you may not have handy is the Heinz 57 Sauce. I usually don’t keep that on hand so I had to make a trip to the local grocery store for this recipe.

Heinz 57 Sauce

This Hot Mustard Sauce is not just for chicken tenders. I recently used this sauce with some leftover ham I had in the fridge. Next time I make a batch of this Hot Mustard Sauce, I might try it on a turkey sandwich.

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Mcdonalds Big Mac Special Flavor

There is no more iconic burger in the world than McDonalds Big Mac. Immortalized with its own jingle and seared into the memories of hundreds of millions of people worldwide, the Big Mac is a symbol of Americana that is equally recognizable whether you are in Philadelphia or The Philippines.

There is no doubt that what elevates the Big Mac from just a double burger with cheese to the ultimate quick-serve burger is the Big Mac secret sauce. The Big Mac sauce is creamy with just a bit of tang and spice that works well with the richness of the meat and cheese.

Believe it or not, you can purchase Big Mac sauce on its own, but it will cost you. McDonalds is making limited quantities available to consumers, but when they are gone, they are gone.

Bottles of the sauce are fetching ridiculous prices of up to 10,000 dollars on sites such as eBay.

The good news is that you dont have to take out a loan to enjoy Big Mac sauce at home. This quick and easy recipe will show you how to make homemade Big Mac sauce just as good as the original.

Whats In The Big Mac Sauce Recipe

Not surprisingly, many people assume its an off-the-shelf salad dressing since the pinkish-orange color and creamy texture bear a strong resemblance to Thousand Island dressing. But even Thousand Island is hard to pin down, since there are dozens of variations, including some with chopped olives and hard-cooked eggs.

Though Big Mac Sauce and Thousand Island dressing have ingredients in common, McDonalds sauce is their own, unique balance of sweet and savory ingredients. The sweetness comes from ketchup and sweet pickle relish the savory from yellow mustard, fresh onion and a little vinegar. The ingredients are blended with mayonnaise to create a creamy, piquant sauce that is really delicious on burgers.

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It Just Wouldn’t Be A Big Mac Without That Special Sauce Here’s A Big Mac Sauce Recipe That Tastes Just Like The Real Deal

Cmon! Sing it with me: Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

Thats the classic McDonalds Big Mac! But back up for a secondspecial sauce? What does that mean? Lets take a closer look at the Big Mac sauce recipe to find out how to make it at home.

How To Make Big Mac Sauce:

McDonald’s Special Sauce Recipe

**scroll all the way down for full ingredient list and printable directions**

  • Add mayonnaise, relish, mustard, apple cider vinegar, and seasonings. Whisk to combine well.
  • Place covered in the fridge for at least an hour to let the flavors meld.
  • Serve as desired, shaking/stirring before using, and store covered in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Shake or stir before using.

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How To Use Big Mac Sauce:

Beyond its classic application you can use this versatile sauce in many other ways. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Slathered hamburgers and hot dogs
  • Use as a sandwich spread
  • Add it to your pasta and potato salads
  • Drizzle it over your lettuce wraps
  • Heap it onto your baked potatoes
  • Use it as a salad dressing
  • Serve it as a dipping sauce for your French fries, potato wedges, onions rings and veggies

However you choose to use this sauce youll love how quick and easy it is to throw together.

And it keeps for up to 2 weeks in the fridge so you can have it on hand whenever that McDonalds Special Sauce craving comes a-calling!

Lets get started!

Copycat Mcdonalds Big Mac Sauce Ingredients

This sauce recipe can be made in a cinch! Just mix well and sauce up your meal. You will need:

Wet ingredients: mayonnaise, creamy French dressing, and sweet pickle relish.

Dry ingredients: sugar, paprika, garlic powder, and turmeric.

*For a detailed list of ingredients and measurements, please reference the recipe card down below.

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Follow These Easy Steps To Make Mcdonalds Special Sauce And Create Your Own Delicious Big Mac In Your Own Kitchen

One of the best parts about going to McDonalds is getting the creamy, sweet and sour sauce on a Big Mac burger. Despite what many people think, the recipe actually isnt a secret. You can buy the ingredients to make McDonalds special sauce at home from your local grocery store. These are the other secrets McDonalds employees arent telling you either.

There are lots of variations of the recipe out there, but McDonalds Executive Chef, Dan Coudreaut, suggests the simple recipe below. This burger topping can easily be whipped up in less than five minutes.

What Is Big Mac Sauce Made Of

Better Than Drive Thru Big Mac Recipe

According to the McDonald’s website, Big Mac sauce is a carefully balanced concoction of at least 17 ingredients.

In addition to delicious morsels such as propylene glycol alginate, xanthan gum and soy lecithin, the sauce features several components found in many kitchens.

These include egg yolks, vinegar, onion powder, paprika, turmeric and garlic powder. However, the website does not reveal the precise quantities of each ingredient, ensuring that Big Mac sauce remains mysterious.

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Interestingly, when Big Mac sauce first appeared in the sixties, McDonald’s did not actually use one consistent recipe. As the restaurant group’s website explains, “there were two different versions of the McDonalds Special Sauce being used.

McDonald’s adds: “To eliminate inconsistency, a single recipe was developed that satisfied customers who had a taste for either one.”

This single recipe was actually changed again in 1991, before the version we know and love today took over in 2004. The fact that Big Mac sauce has survived all these tweaks and changes is a testament to its status as a stone-cold classic.

Big Mac sauce is relatively easy to recreate at home

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Big Mac Secret Sauce Video Tutorial

via Low Carb Life

Are you ready to learn how to make the famous Big Mac Secret Sauce? As mentioned earlier, this is a great alternative to the store-bought version and will save you calories.

Whilst still not an everyday food but when you are feeling the need for a Maccas hit, this is the recipe to reach for. In order to get the best result, we highly recommend that you view the video. To watch, click Play above ^

Big Mac Secret Sauce Copycat Recipe

Take that great Big Mac sauce and make it at home. So good on homemade grilled burgers, sandwiches and even a panini!

I remember going to McDonalds as a kid. Like all kids, I loved going there to get the Happy Meal. It was great to open up that little box and see what was inside. More than anything, I loved the toy. I still remember the McDonalds Changeables Transformers that turn into burgers, fries, drinks and more. How cool is that?

It is crazy now as the parent and seeing my own kids respond the very same way. The first thing they do go straight to the Happy Meal Toy. The toys have improved a lot since the days I was a kid.

As a parent, I am not overly excited now about going to McDs. We go there on occasion when we are driving somewhere and looking for a quick bite to eat. The kids are always first to shout it out when we are discussing where we will go, but I prefer other burger joints much more.

The one thing about McDonalds that I do like though, is the Big Mac. It is not so much the burger that I like, because those patties are crazy small and there are almost no toppings. What I love about the Big Mac is that secret sauce! Some people say that the sauce is just Thousand Island salad dressing. It is close, but does not match it exactly.

Here is my recipe that come pretty close to perfectly matching the flavor of that sauce. I love making it at home and spreading it on a quality burger with lots of toppings!

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