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May Increase Bone Density

-THE SAUCE!! – Quick easy home made tartar sauce

Tartar sauce is a good source of vitamin K, an essential vitamin that plays a key role in bone health.

Your body needs vitamin K in order to produce certain proteins involved in bone metabolism, such as osteocalcin .

Some research associates vitamin K deficiency with a higher risk of fractures and osteoporosis, as well as decreased bone density (

Easy Vegan Tartar Sauce

Say hello to the ultimate vegan tartar sauce! Its tangy, sweet, saucy, creamy, and begging to be served with anything crispy and breaded! After a bit of experimentation, we feel confident we cracked the code for the best method. Bonus? Just 7 ingredients and 15 minutes required! Let us show you how its done!

Why Make Homemade Tartar Sauce

This homemade tartar sauce can be whipped together at the last minute and you’ll have the perfect condiment to serve with any fish or shrimp dish.

I never could seem to find a perfect jar of tartar sauce at the store. I kept trying different brands with the hopes of finding one that I loved. I finally gave up and made my own. This is what I’d been looking for the whole time!

This tartar sauce is made up of simple ingredients mayo, dill pickles, onion, fresh lemon juice and fresh parsley and it take less than 10 minutes to whip up a batch.

No need to buy a jar of tartar sauce any longer, when you’ve got this tasty and easy recipe!

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How To Cook With Tartar Sauce

Tartar sauce is almost always associated with some kind of seafood. Yellow Bliss Road notes that a good tartar sauce recipe “can really enhance all kinds of seafood dishes,” specifically breaded and fried fish, noting that the sauce is “a must for classic fish and chips.” Essentially, it’s a great sauce for dipping crispy bits into, or as a condiment on some kind of fish patty or fried sandwich.

Of course, since tartar sauce originated as a sauce for steak tartare, it is used in that dish as well. However, a good steak tartare is a work of art meant to stand on its own, so again: be careful not to add too much tartar sauce so as to overpower any other flavors. Tartar sauce is nearly always recommended to be served cold. If you have just finished making your own tartar sauce and don’t have to serve it immediately, consider AllRecipes‘ tip to refrigerate it for several hours before using.

Homemade Tartar Sauce Recipe With Capers

Lump Crab Cakes with Homemade Tartar Sauce

How to make perfect homemade tartar sauce recipe with capers, Davide illini / stocksy this tomato sauce recipe is by far the best tomato sauce recipe i have ever made. It’s a must with roast lamb and pairs well with other meats, too. The very best i have ever tried.

Homemade Tartar Sauce Recipe with Capers | Life’s Ambrosia from www.lifesambrosia.com

My 10 siblings and i were practically raised on catfish, so mom made this tartar sauce often, writes ruby williams, bogalusa, louisiana. The very best i have ever tried! Homedishes & beveragespasta dishespasta sauces to me that’s totally pathetic. For a change of pace, i add ground beef or italian sausage. The spruce / julia hartbeck dating back to the 1600s in england, mint sauce was originally serv. This is a quick and easy tartar sauce made with mayonnaise and other ingredients. You’ll love it, too, since it’s super quick and easy to throw together. Davide illini / stocksy this tomato sauce recipe is by far the best tomato sauce recipe i have ever made.

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What Mayo Is Best For Tartar Sauce

It’s important to start with a great tasting mayo for this recipe. I suggest Hellmans Real Mayo, Best Foods or Heinz Mayo for the tastiest result. As Mayo is the base of this recipe, the flavor is very important. Some mayos aren’t creamy and taste too vinegar-y. I’ve made this recipe with Japanese Mayo as well, and that was delicious!

The other main ingredient is dill pickles. I use either my homemade Dill Pickles and usually have a jar in the fridge. The hardest part of this recipe is chopping the dill pickle pieces into small diced pieces, but it’s worth it!

Can I Use Pickles Instead Of Relish

If you do not have any relish on hand then you can add pickles to a food processor and pulse them until they are chopped finely. The great thing about making homemade tartar sauce is that you can use what you have on hand. I use pickles or relish depending on what I have on hand. You can use dill pickles, sweet pickles, kosher dills

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May Support Heart Health

The vitamin K in tartar sauce may also support heart health.

Thats because this vitamin is necessary for the function of a specific compound called matrix Gla protein , which blocks the buildup of calcium in your blood vessels .

One study in more than 53,000 people linked an increased intake of vitamin K to a lower risk of atherosclerosis, a buildup of plaque in your arteries that can lead to heart disease .

Tartar sauce is also a good source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, a type of fat that may aid heart health. In fact, some research suggests that replacing saturated fats or refined carbs in your diet with polyunsaturated fats may decrease your risk of heart disease .


Tartar sauce is high in nutrients like vitamin K and polyunsaturated fats, which may support bone and heart health.

Although tartar sauce may offer a few health benefits, there are several downsides to consider.

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This Classic Tartar Sauce was a version of all three of them that I sort of randomly came up with and it makes for the PERFECT tartar sauce replacement. I havent bought another jar of tartar sauce since.

The recipe, if you can even call it one, is so simple that the only thing I want to warn you about is that you really want to give it a bit of time to rest so the flavors can really come together. If you dont you basically just have pickle mayo, which is fine, but it wont taste like tartar sauce.

Ive seen a few other variations of Classic Tartar Sauce on the web which you can totally incorporate into your recipe:

  • Instead of dill pickles you can chop up bread and butter pickles.
  • Instead of pickles, you can use sweet relish.
  • Instead of pickle juice you can use ½ the amount of lemon juice.
  • Instead of minced onion, use ½ teaspoon of onion powder.
  • If you really still dont want to make your own, this is the prepared one I loved.

Were going to serve this tartar sauce on all the delicious seafood we can eat this summer including Coconut Shrimp and more.

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How Long Does Tartar Sauce Last

Once you’ve made your perfectly customized tartar sauce, you may be wondering how much of a shelf life you can get out of your batch. If you store your tartar sauce in an airtight plastic container , “it lasts for 5-7 days” in the refrigerator, says McDermott.

In order to ensure freshness, McDermott says to ” scrape down the sides of the storage container before placing it in the refrigerator.” This quick extra step allows you to “incorporate all of the sauce together so that portions of it don’t dry out on the sides of the storage container,” as those dried-out bits of tartar sauce could negatively affect the sauce’s overall flavor.

How Is Tartar Sauce Made

Luckily, tartar sauce is pretty easy to make yourself. Grab your favorite brand of mayonnaise, and you’re already a good percentage of the way there. For a very basic form of tartar sauce, you can combine the mayonnaise with your preferred brand of sweet relish, which covers your chopped pickles and likely your chopped onions as well . This McDonald’s copycat tartar sauce requires only five ingredients, making it quick, easy, and just as delicious as a more complex variety. Our Red Lobster copycat tartar sauce is similarly simple, but mixes things up with the addition of minced shredded carrots.

If you want to tweak tartar sauce to fit your specific tastes, there are a ton of ways to do that, too. For example, if you’re looking for a vegan-friendly recipe, use your favorite brand of vegan mayonnaise! If you want fresher, crunchier pickles, buy dill pickles and chop them yourself .

Inspired Taste offers a few different suggestions for switching up your tartar sauce ingredients, including using bread and butter pickles, fresh lemon juice, or Dijon mustard. You can also get super do-it-yourself and even make your own mayonnaise.

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Be Aware Of Artificial Additives

Most tartar sauces on the market contain artificial ingredients, additives, and preservatives such as corn syrup or xanthan gum. These ingredients are generally considered to be safe ingredients if consumed in a small amount.

However, some people are more sensitive than others and can have reactions to additives even in only a small amount. Thus, we suggest you look for organic tartar sauce that contains natural ingredients.

Whether its an organic or non-organic product, we suggest you always read all the listed ingredients before buying.

Tartar Sauce Isn’t Just For Fish Sandwiches

His and Her Hobbies: His and Her What

While tartar sauce is de rigueur for fish sandwiches, that isn’t the only thing you can do with this copycat McDonald’s condiment. You can also use it for fish and chips, fish fingers, fried shrimp, fried clams … in fact, the entire spectrum of deep-fried seafood goes well with a side of tartar sauce. You can also use it with non-fried seafood, as well.

If you don’t eat seafood, though, this doesn’t mean that tartar sauce isn’t for you. Hahn says, “You could also use it as a condiment on a hamburger or veggie burger or a dip for fries or onion rings,” while some enjoy it with ham, chicken, and baked potatoes, or even as a dip for chips or raw veggies. In fact, it could be said that anything ranch dressing can do, tartar sauce can do better … Well, that’s a topic that’s open for debate, but we’ll let Hahn have the last word on her recipe. She says it can last for three to five days in an airtight container and adds: “If you are a McDonald’s fan, this is a fun way to enjoy a homemade version .”

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Best Homemade Tartar Sauce Recipe

Posted on Last updated:

Homemade tartar sauce is super easy to make, which is why I rarely purchase it already made. You only need a few ingredients that you probably already have.

This classic tartar sauce recipe is delicious as-is, but you can always substitute or leave out ingredients you dont want. However, try it this way first because its delicious.

Making And Tweaking The Tartar Sauce

The directions for making the sauce could not be simpler: Put all of the ingredients in a bowl. Stir. You’re done.

While this is a copycat recipe, it is permissible to make a few tweaks if you’re willing to put in a little extra work and you want something that isn’t identical, but superior, to the sauce that comes with your Filet-O-Fish. For starters, you could always make your own dill pickle relish by just chopping up some whole or sliced dill pickles, although one Quora user suggests also thickening the pickle brine by mixing in a little cornstarch and then bringing the brine to a boil. You could even, if you really want to get fancy, try making your own dill pickles from scratch. Homemade mayo is also a surprisingly easy condiment to DIY, at least if you use a blender.

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Ingredients For Tartar Sauce

These are the basic ingredients needed to make tartar sauce at home:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Dill pickles
  • Fresh dill
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Black Pepper

Tartar sauce is a mayo-based condiment, but Ive also used half mayo, half sour cream to lighten it up a bit. It still has that creamy texture that goes so well with seafood!

How To Make Tartar Sauce:

Homemade Salmon Patties Recipe with Tartar Sauce

Youll need some mayonnaise, pickles, dill, lemon juice, and onion powder for the perfect tartar sauce.

Just mince your pickles and toss them in with the rest of the ingredients and give it all a stir.

This tastes best if you can let it chill in the fridge for an hour or two before serving, but if youre in a rush, go ahead and dig in.

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Your Best Bet: Homemade Tartar Sauce

A basic tartar sauce recipe requires only a few ingredients: mayonnaise, chopped sweet pickles or relish, and lemon juice. Optional ingredients include onion, mustard, and capers. Some recipes also call for herbs like dill and parsley. The combination of these ingredients will give you the flavor profile, consistency, and appearance that you want from tartar sauce.

If you want a healthier option, you can substitute nonfat Greek yogurt for all or part of the mayonnaise component. Greek yogurt has a similar texture and appearance to mayonnaise and has a mildly tart taste that can replace mayonnaises acidic tang.

To make tartar sauce, simply measure out the ingredients and combine them, no cooking required.

How To Store Tartar Sauce

The homemade tartar sauce will stay good in the fridge for 5-7 days. Keep it covered in an airtight container. If it separates a bit such that its watery on top, simply pour off any water that you can and then stir it well before serving.

I have honestly not tried freezing it. I only ever make a small batch and it never makes sense to try it. Also, since dairy in general doesnt freeze great, I figure it wouldnt be ideal. It would probably separate badly and not look very nice.

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This Copycat Recipe Has Only Five Simple Ingredients

According to McDonald’s website, the ingredients for the actual tartar sauce that goes on the Filet-O-Fish include soybean oil, pickle relish, calcium chloride, spice extractives, polysorbate 80, egg yolks, water, onions, distilled vinegar, sugar, spice, salt, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, and parsley. Okay, not really easy to duplicate based on that “recipe,” especially as no proportions are provided and they’re a bit vague on the general subject of “spices.” Not to mention, where do you even find polysorbate 80 and potassium sorbate, and what do you even do with them when you’ve got them?

You’ll be glad to know Hahn’s ingredient list is quite a bit shorter. To make her copycat tartar sauce, all you’ll need is mayonnaise, white onion, dill pickle relish, fresh lemon juice, and sugar. As the McDonald’s recipe just calls for “pickle relish” without specifying whether it’s sweet or dill and sweet relish does seem to be more common, we asked Hahn why she chose to go with dill pickle relish here. She told us, “Sometimes, for copycat recipes, the ingredients are available online … do use … dill pickle relish.” She suggests one potential addition that McDonald’s tartar sauce does not include: “Some people might like it with more of a kick, so you could add in some Tabasco or sriracha.”

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What To Serve With Tartar Sauce

Skip store-bought sauce and serve it next to these easy homemade fish sticks, easy baked popcorn chicken, these perfectly roasted shrimp, or oven-baked salmon.

Tartar sauce is a must when making our .

I love to serve tartar sauce with roasted vegetables. I especially love dunking baked sweet potato fries or these oven-baked potato wedges into the sauce. Roasted cauliflower is also delicious.

Easy Old Fashioned Tartar Sauce For Fish And Other Seafood

Tartar sauce is delicious on seafood, such as this pecan-crusted fish that I make or these tasty salmon cakes, also known as salmon patties or salmon croquettes.

Or if you like fish sticks, this tartar sauce makes them even better. Its also good on crab cakes, fried fish fillets, or any of your favorite fish or seafood.

The sauce adds a creamy texture along with great flavor to whatever you put it on. So you never have to eat boring fish. After you make it the first time, you can adjust the ingredients to suit your own taste.

Although you can purchase it already made, there is no need since its so easy to make from scratch. This easy tartar sauce recipe will make you a believer in making all of your own dipping sauce.

It doesnt take a long time to make, and you can whip it up while the fish cooks. Or you can prepare it in advance and stick it in the fridge to chill for a while.

You may also enjoy this flavorful cocktail sauce thats also good on any kind of fish. I always make it homemade cocktail sauce for shrimp, oysters, and other shellfish. Its truly a delicious condiment.

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