How Do You Make Mcdonald’s Big Mac Sauce

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How To Make Big Mac Sauce

How To Make Big Mac Sauce

This sauce contains only a few ingredients: Mayonnaise, pickle relish, onion, mustard, white vinegar, sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and paprika. Optional: For some added flavor I also like to add some ketchup. For another delicious, smoky flavor variation you can add some barbecue sauce.

To make this sauce simply combine all of the ingredients in a bowl, cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving, preferably overnight to allow the flavors enough time to meld.

Store your sauce covered in the fridge where it will keep for up to 2 weeks. Give it a shake before serving.


Mcdonalds Big Mac Sauce Recipe

Big Mac Sauce is a recipe that every household should learn. It goes well with a lot of dishes and kids love it.

This world-class condiment is even so easy to make. You only need a handful of ingredients and youll have this appetizing dressing ready for drizzling.

Its so fun to see my guests faces when they taste this sauce. Hearing compliments on how similar it is to the real thing just makes me want to share it with you.

So, you should try to make this recipe with your family. It is quite addicting, and you can easily find the ingredients right in your pantry.

Big Mac Sauce Copycat Recipe

This Big Mac Sauce Recipe is a copycat of the popular burger from McDonalds! Made from scratch with pantry ingredients, its even better than the original.

Use it with burgers, chicken nuggets, fries, even salads! Its the sauce that will take them to a new level of flavor.

When it comes to burgers or sandwiches, its not all about the patty. Toppings can make a big difference! Like this Big Mac Sauce. Its a copycat of the famous sauce from McDonalds that has fans all over the world. But you can make it in your own kitchen, with ingredients that are probably already in your pantry and fridge! The sauce is creamy, tangy with the perfect amount of pickles and onion for texture. Next time you are grilling burgers, toast the bun first, then spread a generous amount of this sauce before placing the beef patty. Follow with your usual toppings and enjoy!

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How To Make Mcdonalds Big Mac Recipe

Make the sauce a day ahead. Combine all of the ingredients and mix well. Cover and place in the refrigerator.

Divide your ground beef into 12 evenly sized balls and shape them into thin, large patties. Season them on both sides and place in a hot pan. Fry for about 3-5 minutes per side or until fully cooked. Before removing them from the heat, add a cheese slice and allow it to melt.

Butter your buns on the inside and toast them in a pan until they start becoming golden.

To assemble the Big Mac, place the sauce on the buttered sides of all the buns. On all the bottom halves, layer the onions, pickles, lettuce and lastly the patties. Place the two halves on top of each other and finish off by placing a lid on the stack.

Serve with hot French fries and enjoy!

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Can You Buy Big Mac Sauce

Copy Cat Big Mac Sauce

Despite its global popularity, actual bottles of Big Mac sauce are notoriously difficult to find. This is not least because McDonald’s doesn’t believe the sauce works as a solo condiment.

In a statement on the McDonald’s website, the brand writes: “We know it’s good. Really good. But the Big Mac® sauce was developed to be used solely within the Big Mac®, so we dont think it would quite work as a dip.”

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Last year, the chain sent British fast food fans into meltdown, releasing limited edition pots of its signature sauce. However, offers like this are few and far between.

The fact that Big Mac sauce is not available on a regular basis means that fans are forced to think creatively. As a result, some surprising alternatives to the real thing have emerged onto the market.

For instance, back in 2020, German supermarket Aldi shocked everyone with the introduction of an all-new Big Mac-style sauce.

According to fans, Chunky Burger Sauce by Just Good Sauce Co. is almost identical to ordinary Big Mac sauce, making it a great replacement.

Fans on the popular Extreme Couponing and Bargaining Facebook group claim that “it tastes almost exactly like the Big Mac sauce.” Plus, at 79p per bottle, it certainly won’t break the bank.

The lack of legit Big Mac sauce bottles in British supermarkets is obviously frustrating. However, it’s good to know that there are options available if you’re feeling peckish.

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What Is The Origin Of The Big Mac

The earliest advertisements didn’t refer to the sauce as we now know it, but rather, called it “secret sauce”. However, in 1974 a new advertising campaign came up with the famous jingle “Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.” It has been known as “special sauce” ever since!

How To Make Copycat Big Mac Sauce:

This recipe really couldnt get any easier. This is exactly how I like to prepare it. I measure out all of the ingredients and add them to a bowl. Then, I whisk everything together its smooth and creamy.

Transfer the entire lot to a food safe bowl with a tight fitting lid. Place in the refrigerator for at least two hours before using. This gives all of the ingredients time to blend well and produce a uniform, delicious sauce.

Use as you see fit. Sauce will keep just fine in the fridge for up to two weeks. I guarantee you though, theres no way it will last that long, because youll want to put it on everything!

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How To Use Big Mac Sauce:

Beyond its classic application you can use this versatile sauce in many other ways. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Slathered hamburgers and hot dogs
  • Use as a sandwich spread
  • Add it to your pasta and potato salads
  • Drizzle it over your lettuce wraps
  • Heap it onto your baked potatoes
  • Use it as a salad dressing
  • Serve it as a dipping sauce for your French fries, potato wedges, onions rings and veggies

However you choose to use this sauce youll love how quick and easy it is to throw together.

And it keeps for up to 2 weeks in the fridge so you can have it on hand whenever that McDonalds Special Sauce craving comes a-calling!

Lets get started!

Expert Tips And Tricks

How To Make McDonalds BIG MAC & SAUCE
  • Use sweet relish. This balances out the tanginess of the other ingredients.
  • Prep it ahead. This extra time gives the flavors a chance to meld together.
  • Add a little heat. Include some sriracha or a pinch of cayenne pepper to spice things up.
  • Limit the dishes. Mix up the sauce in the bowl you plan on storing it in.
  • Make some extra. This stuff will go FAST, so you may want to consider doubling the batch!

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Copycat Mcdonalds Big Mac Sauce Ingredients

This sauce recipe can be made in a cinch! Just mix well and sauce up your meal. You will need:

Wet ingredients: mayonnaise, creamy French dressing, and sweet pickle relish.

Dry ingredients: sugar, paprika, garlic powder, and turmeric.

*For a detailed list of ingredients and measurements, please reference the recipe card down below.

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How Do You Make Big Mac Sauce From Scratch

Obviously, most of us dont have many spare packets of xanthan gum lying around the kitchen. Nevertheless, it is possible to make a delicious Big Mac sauce from scratch with everyday ingredients.

At Twisted, we have plenty of experience creating different spins on the classic Big Mac burger. As a result, we have a pretty good understanding of what it takes to make your own sauce.

For example, our delicious Big Mac gyoza recipe features a sauce made from the following ingredients:

  • 3/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon onion powder

While there are plenty of alternatives available, we believe that this sauce delivers the perfect flavour balance. Simply combine all the ingredients together in a bowl and enjoy!

Classic Big Mac sauce is not vegan

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The Big Mac Special Sauce: Are These The Ingredients

Soybean Oil, Pickle Relish , Spice Extractives, Polysorbate 80), Distilled Vinegar, Water, Egg Yolks, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Onion Powder, Mustard Seed, Salt, Spices, Propylene Glycol Alginate, Sodium Benzoate , Mustard Bran, Sugar, Garlic Powder, Vegetable Protein , Caramel Colour, Extractives of Paprika, Soy Lecithin, Turmeric , Calcium Disodium EDTA .

The list is long and includes soybean oil, a pickle relish, vinegar, egg yolks, onion powder and mustard seed.

The Sun Online has contacted McDonalds about the authenticity of the condiment ingredients.

The Special Sauce was created by franchise owner Jim Delligatti, who invented the Big Mac in 1968.

The top-secret formula was tweaked over the years, but the original recipe remained until 1991.

However it was changed back to the original recipe in 2004.

How To Serve Big Mac Sauce


Big Mac sauce is a taste that goes well with hamburgers. In addition, you can use this sauce in many recipes. This sauce can be consumed with steak or chicken sandwiches, salads, pastas, dip fries, boiled or fried vegetables.

Here are Our Delicious Recipes You Can Serve With Big Mac Sauce:

It’s also a delicious dip sauce for french fries, onion rings, or boiled vegetables.

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Big Mac Secret Sauce Video Tutorial

via Low Carb Life

Are you ready to learn how to make the famous Big Mac Secret Sauce? As mentioned earlier, this is a great alternative to the store-bought version and will save you calories.

Whilst still not an everyday food but when you are feeling the need for a Maccas hit, this is the recipe to reach for. In order to get the best result, we highly recommend that you view the video. To watch, click Play above ^

How To Store It:

Storing dressings are pretty easy. Although it consists of organic ingredients, when stored properly, it can last for a long time.

In this recipe, mayonnaise is the fastest expiring recipe which is up to a week. To make sure it lasts for that time, store it in a glass jar.

Unlike plastics, glass is better in keeping liquid items. Make sure to seal the lid tightly and refrigerate it.

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Fast Food At Home With Mcdonalds Signature Sauce Recipe

Whether you cook your hamburger on the grill, fry it in the pan, or bring one home from a different fast food restaurant, you can still enjoy this delicious sauce to make your own Big Macs. Or if you like the flavor but want something a little smaller, add it to a quarter pounder.

The original Big Mac was served with two all beef patties on a sesame seed bun with lettuce and cheese nestled inside and the sauce drizzled liberally over all of it. You can copy this McDonalds signature sauce recipe, or you can add whatever you like to your hamburger.

Copycat recipes free you up to use them however you like. Although its made to put on burgers, it also makes a delicious dipping sauce.

Serve your homemade Big Mac with delicious French fries or waffle fries. Or if you prefer, serve potato chips to add crunch to the meal.

Putting Your Sauce To Use

McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce Easy Recipe – Big Mac Sauce Ingredients

The most obvious choice is a homemade burger, but you can use this sauce in other ways too. Because of the fact that Big Mac Sauce is very similar to a Thousand Island salad dressing, you can use your Big Mac Sauce on a salad.

The 1980s classic Tossed Salad or Garden Salad would be perfect. You dont want a salad thats complicated and full of ingredients, because it will distract from the sauce. I suggest a simple salad consisting of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and cheese.

I will use this sauce in my tuna salad. I will use it to dip fries into instead of just plain ketchup. Its a delicious dip for pizza crust. And, it works very well with onion rings too!

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Big Mac Burger And Assembly Instructions

Step 1 Make The Dressing

Mix mayo, diced pickles, mustard, vinegar, onion, paprika, and Swerve. Set aside while you get the other ingredients together. Set aside while you get the other ingredients together.

Burger Instructions

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, season with salt, and chill until ready to use.

To make patties, season the mince with salt and pepper and form into 4 balls using about 1/3 cup mince each.

Place each on baking paper and flatten to form four x 15cm circles. Heat bbq or oil in a large frypan over high heat.

In 2 batches, cook beef patties for 1-2 minutes on each side until lightly charred and cooked through. Remove from heat and keep warm. Repeat with the remaining two patties.

Carefully slice each burger bun into three sections, then lightly toast.

To assemble the burgers, spread Big Mac sauce over the bottom bun. Top with some chopped onion, shredded lettuce, a slice of cheese, beef patty, and some pickle slices.

Top with the middle bun layer. Next, spread with more Big Mac sauce, onion, lettuce, pickles, beef patty, and finish with more sauce. Top with burger lid and serve immediately.

How To Make Mcdonald’s Big Mac Sauce

Watch The Youtube Video

If you are searching for how to make McDonald’s Big Mac sauce, you will find there are many many different ideas and some down right amazing concoctions. An interesting fact that you will find when you search for how to make McDonald’s Big Mac sauce, is that a lot of folks think that there is thousand island dressing in the Big Mac recipe. Well believe it or not, there is no Thousand Island dressing or French dressing for that matter in McDonald’s Big Mac sauce. And there certainly is no Miracle Whip in McDonald’s Big Mac sauce. How do we know that? Well we got the information directly from a McDonald’s corporate chef. We watched a video of one of McDonald’s corporate chef as he created the McDonald’s Big Mac sauce.Yep you heard it right, the McDonald’s secret sauce was revealed by a McDonald’s corporate chef. And that’s because the McDonald’s Big Mac sauce recipe has never been a secret. In fact, McDonald’s is required by U.S. federal law to publish the actual ingredients so that folks with allergies or other issues can see for themselves exactly what they are eating.

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The Birth Of The Big Mac

The Big Mac was first cooked back in 1967 by a franchisee in Pittsburgh named Jim Delligatti. At first, he only served the creation at his restaurants, but the burgers popularity quickly grew. Within a year, the Big Mac began popping up on McDonalds menu boards across the region and then the country. In the early days, the Big Mac sauce recipe varied amongst different parts of the US, and it wasnt until 1972 that McDonalds standardized the recipe. Two years later, the famous jingle was first released, and the rest is the stuff of fast-food legend.

The Story Of The Big Mac Special Sauce


When McDonalds franchise owner Jim Delligatti first came up with his double patty, triple bun creation in 1967, he needed the perfect sauce to top it off. By 1968, the Big Mac® was launched nationally, and featured this delicious, creamy signature Big Mac® Special Sauce.

Over the next few years, the Big Mac Sauce ingredients were fine-tuned, and there were two different versions of the McDonalds Special Sauce being used. To eliminate inconsistency, a single recipe was developed that satisfied customers who had a taste for either one. This became Big Mac® Sauce recipe 72.

In 1974, the name Special Sauce was used in the famous advertising campaign: Two all-beef patties, Special Sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

The recipe was again tweaked in 1991 and remained that way until 2004 when Fred Turner, who had worked alongside founder Ray Kroc, wanted it changed back.

After tracking down the original formula in the McDonalds archives, Turner contacted the supplier who had helped develop the McDonalds Special Sauce years ago, and the McDonalds Special Sauce recipe was returned.

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Is Big Mac Sauce Vegan

Sadly for most plant-based McDonald’s fans, OG Big Mac sauce is not vegan.

This has less to do with the fact that it’s usually served slathered on top of a beef patty, and more to do with the inclusion of egg yolks on the ingredients list.

However, just because traditional Big Mac sauce isn’t vegan friendly, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t veggie alternatives available.

For instance, for our hugely popular giant vegan Big Mac dish made for X-Factor star James Arthur we made a Big Mac sauce with the following ingredients:

  • ½ cup vegan mayonnaise
  • 2 tbsp finely chopped white onions
  • 2 tsp white vinegar
  • Salt and pepper to taste

If you don’t want to go plant-based, you can simply substitute in regular mayo. However, whatever your preference, this recipe is a surefire way to recreate the classic Big Mac flavour.

Getting hold of official Big Mac sauce is not easy

Meal Prep And Storage

  • To Prep-Ahead: This sauce is best when prepped ahead since the ingredients have a chance to meld together. Make it at least two hours in advance for the best taste.
  • To Store: Keep secret sauce in an airtight container in the refrigerator. If fresh garlic is used the sauce will last for up to 2 weeks. If you use garlic powder it can last for up to a month, if you can resist eating it all up before then!
  • To Freeze: This is not recommended as the mayo will separate.

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